Let's take a loading screen idea from Payback 2!

Riot hear me out! In Payback 2 for PC during the pre-game where you decide what items you will bring to a mission(very similar to our champ select) the game starts the loading phase of the game and doesn't let you "ready up" until your game has been loaded, then as soon as your team is all ready the game starts INSTANTLY. I'm not concerned for the loading times but more concerned that this would help to eliminate loading problems, the game doesn't start until everyone has connected and if you can't connect then you will get a queue dodge, combine this with a more lenient dodge timer system like in the past, maybe add a couple of tiers to ranked such as 6 lp at second dodge, 9 at 3rd dodge inside of a 12 hour window. I think the community at large would agree that disconnects pre-game and just flat out failures to load is possibly the biggest problem league of legends solo queue has, normal games don't hurt so much because there is nothing to lose but this creates a tremendous amount of toxicity when you have a player show up at the 5 minute mark because of client problems. Even when it isnt the players fault that the client wasn't loading they get a tremendous amount of grief the entire game and basically everything is pinned on that player until the games over, clearly this is one of the biggest problems our game has! TL;DR Pre-load the game during champ select, help identify who is having client loading issues and could even be used like the match accept/decline, when player clicks accept his game starts trying to load the game, if he can't connect then he gets a decline match.

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