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> **Story** Are you interested in talking about the League of Legends story? Here you can discuss the existing story, or speculate about new events that could be transpiring. If you want more in depth information about how to discuss the story, click here! ***DO*** talk or speculate about existing stories in the League of Legends universe ***DO*** vote on discussions based on their relevancy to the community (use your heart) ***DO NOT*** post fan-fiction or roleplaying discussions ***DO NOT*** violate the [Universal Rules]( > **Art** If you're interested in talking about League of Legends art, you've found a great board? Here you can discuss the art in League from a number of different facets. You can find more information about what kind of art discussions we want to have in this post by Ironstylus. ***DO*** talk about your favorite art in League of Legends ***DO*** ask questions about how something was made ***DO*** provide feedback and tell us what you want more of ***DO NOT*** post fan art or champion/skin concepts ***DO NOT*** violate the [Universal Rules](
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