Quepha (NA)
: if it could make teemo mid viable that's pretty solid evidence it was too strong.
It wasnt ''viable'' It even would have been an super easy lane for the enemy if he JUST had a jungler that camps me to kill the Zzrot because its the only thing that keeps the lane alive.
: I dont understand how someone loses to a teemo mid going zzrot first. You have such low damage output
Nah i still did decent damage, it wasnt the 1v1 fighting, which i always tried to avoid since like every midlaner counters me Just put zzrot behind your tower and dont die 'til you have more damage Zzrot was awesome for safe cs'ing and forceing the enemy to stay in lane if he doesnt wants to lose his turrets Permanent pushing won me the lane, not the fighting, i was always tanky enough to survive the poke and i had super much sustain because of the stats, sadly its pretty useless now...
: Really it doesn't even reach the enemy tower now? I skimmed over that part of the notes as I've never used it but wow they made it useless if it can't even siege the closest tower.
You have to place it like in front of the tower to reach the enemy tower but even then- in the whole laning phase not even 1 void touched the enemy turret because they have barely health left, they cant push the minions anymore, they just get oneshotted Also, putting ZZrot in front of the tower feels....bad Because you have to fear the enemy instantly kills it if you leave the lane for 1 second... We all know its much more scary to clear a zzrot thats behind the enemy turret thats why it never got cleared AND i was able to put the old zzrot behind my turret and it STILL reached the second enemy turret.. It felt so good... I felt useful as teemo...forcing the enemy to stay in lane if he doesnt want to lose his turrets, afk cs'ing, super defensive, and i still did enough damage, old Zzrot was a dream Xd
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: These changes would not make him useless. They would merely make him less annoying to play against. If you actually bothered to read what I wrote you would notice that I didn't make any adjustments to the damage on his Q, I left the blind on the Q, and I didn't touch the poison damage on his E. This should still be plenty to allow him to outplay opponents like he usually does.
Being less annoying is a nerf in my opinion. Especially in Teemo's chase. So no. It would ruin him.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Teemo counters him in general :P
No he doesn't. stop being so ignorant Its been since ages that Teemo is not a nasus counter anymore.
Taizuki (NA)
: Went hexdrinker/mercs and he couldnt kill me but I couldnt kill him and he just zoned me. The problem is... 1) Teemos Q CD is WAY TOO LOW. 2) Fiora's W CD is WAY TOO HIGH. Riot just loves teemo so much I dont understand it. Having to rush MR puts you so far behind in damage as Fiora you cant do anything mid game at all. He is worse then old Yorrick in the anti-fun department and riot reworked him because he was so annoying. Teemo is known for being the most annoying champ in the game. Yet they still give him buffs... SMH.
> [{quoted}](name=Taizuki,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NV1B6EhO,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-12-07T13:33:04.842+0000) > > Riot just loves teemo so much > Yet they still give him buffs... SMH. LMAO ARE YOU ACTUALLY SERIOUS? THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE
: So Teemo is donzo with these control wards
It's a huge nerf actually, not only control wards, the whole patch. New items that counter teemos shrooms.. A shimmer that makes his passive useless.. buffed assassins.. control wards... everything actually... He WILL be unplayable in diamond+... ''Teemo still dominates in Bronze so he doesnt needs to be buffed'' -Riot Logic.
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: I Can't Wait For The New Teemo Skin....
{{champion:17}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3139}} {{item:1057}} {{item:3211}} {{item:3091}} ???? wat noob Teemos are u playing against if they arent building one of these vs a rumble? xd
Wuks (NA)
: It's done. Full AP Teemo to Diamond.
+1 for full yolomode on Teemo without boots
: Your name is now the name of your main
{{champion:17}} https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CaThiIBXEAAf3FY.jpg
: Oh noooo, the splash art that only appears on the loading screen has been changed, now the model in-game will- Oh wait. No it won't, the skin itself is still the same. Huh. Isn't that weird?
This splash changes the whole story behind the Cottontail skin. At the loading screen: In the current one, he wears a cute costume to hide the evil inside. the enemy fears him. your team has the ultimade weapon. The new one actually says: ''Hey look, i'm retarded! 420 blaze it! hisssss'' Then the enemy laughs at you... and your team is just like: http://www.geledes.org.br/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/facepalm-got.gif
: What the hell is this Riot?
It was my favorite skin :( http://replygif.net/i/759.gif
Forever (NA)
: If your main was a Pokemon trainer
{{champion:17}} : https://picload.org/preview/wwcawoi/pika.jpg
Sciela (NA)
: Hey Riot, when's the next happy champion coming?
I'm really hyped for the next yordle {{champion:17}}
: "dude build rabadon's on teemo" dude shut the fuck up he has low-ass ratios and needs magic pen.
100% right My personal favorite items on Teemo are prob Liandrys and Gunblade {{champion:17}} something like {{item:3151}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3020}} or {{item:3111}} Even if AP Teemo is pretty dead in s6, i just love this build so much....and i suck at Onhit/AD/Tank teemo :(


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