: A person's rank doesn't invalidate or validate their opinion
It's funny how I have never seen a high elo player say that low elo player's opinions are just as valid as theirs. It's always low elo players that cry about their opinion being disregarded because they suck at the game. Here's a question for you. Would you also say that your opinion on how to play chess should be taken just as seriously as Magnus Carlsen's? I mean, he's just higher elo than you. Even if his opinion is completely different from yours, that doesn't mean that his should be automatically valued higher than yours, right? Of course his opinion should be valued more than yours (or anyone's). Just like a challenger player's opinion on League of Legends should be valued more, than a low elo player's opinion on League of Legends.
: Get to Gold This Season. Season 6 Diamond Coach Looking for Silver Team
20+ hours a week League of Legends. For gold 5. Maybe recruit bronze players or you'll be done within 3 days, lol. Anyways, nice one. Have a free bump.
: Demotion After a WIN
... and then Riot was like "fck that guy in particular!".
: The best solution is to just remove the grinding already and give players the option to skip leveling. _That_ is what is creating the problems that would drive new players away like bots, restricted summoners, stat-disadvantaged champions, etc.
This. Leveling and working for unlocking champions sucks. That's why people buy unranked level 30 accounts with tons of - by a bot - farmed IP for cheap money. If Riot would abolish this leveling crap, and make new champions way more obtainable for new accounts, bots would go away in no time. But as long as this garbage exists, bots will also exist, no matter the hurdles you throw their way.
Saphixia (OCE)
: I discovered a new meta warwick build just before his rework ;-;
I personally prefer rushing {{item:3165}} and {{item:3115}} for maxed out CDR and DPS while you wait for your Q cooldown. After that I either go into tank-ish items or if the lane phase isn't over yet, a {{item:3285}} . Also, I play it toplane. http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170116/7o89wjjh.jpg
: How's Your F****** Bronze Life Going?
I'm a challenger player, but my teammates keep me from climbing out of Platinum... :/
: Let me think of a joke
I know a better one: NA at worlds
: A Voice to HIGH ELO players from a LOW ELO player
I think it's more of a meme because the whole game currently revolves around ADCs. That's why you see a lot of attention on botlane, and a lot of champions that can deal with ADCs. Basically, the more freedom you leave the enemy ADC, the more likely it is that you'll lose the game. So everyone is playing Hecarim, Vi, Syndra, and hardcore tanks with high base damage that can easily deal with ADCs. ADCs are basically dying left and right because everyone is out to get them. So when your adc gets oneshot by that enemy full tank Poppy, it usually ends in a meme circlejerk of >adc in 2k17 >lul Aka, the problem imo isn't that ADCs are bad, but that they're too important for the team's success. That's why you read about botlanes getting first turret and then taking over the game in the same thread as someone complaining about how he feels like ADCs have no impact because they get oneshot by pretty much everything. At least, that's my impression.
xelaker (NA)
: Should the summoner spell Fortify return?
Fortify also made turrets deal AOE damage if I remember correctly.
: weird, open a support ticket
You mean it's different for you?
: Riot have retard alert system man, they show retards' names as « ??????????????? »
: user got a name change? or was banned I think causes that
No, it's literally all "??????????", no names at all. Edited the OP with an image.
Rioter Comments
ybuR (NA)
: Or stop playing like animals Cant take you people seriously when youguys play like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47I1NX4BKEg&feature=youtu.be
Dayumn, >100k views on a 13 subscriber channel with no prior uploads. Good for him. :D Also thanks for sharing it, that was the best play I have ever seen, and I used to watch a lot of SaltyTeemo.
: Never said auto fill made me a worse player. It makes my games worse. I can play ever role, that is something I improved on. I do improve at this game, but I am talking about the rest of the team here.
Who the fck cares about his teammates? Sorry for the "strong" language, but seriously. Just /mute your teammates and try your best. You're the only person who you can improve, trying to make your team play better or even cooperate in an utter waste of time, and shouldn't even appear on your to do list. Back in season 2 I climbed from Bronze 3 to Gold 5 by maining support. I didn't carry 1 game, all I did was consistently play my game of "protect that retarded a$$ adc" as good as I can, and that was enough to climb. If you do good, you will climb. Screw your teammates, you won't ever meet them again. Just play your own game, and consistently play it as good as you can. If someone cries, instant mute. Don't talk, don't argue, just Shia LaBeouf it.
Baerito (NA)
: Ranked is a complete waste of time.
Agreed. I also preferred league when you could carry alone. But sadly, most of the community - including Riot - hate snowballing and want League to be more team oriented. Just spend a couple of days on the boards, you'll see countless threads crying about how X champion is too snowbally, or how tower first blood is too snowbally, etc... People hate it when they get the power to solocarry but someone else "abuses" it.
: I voice from a silver 5 player
Honestly making autofill responsible for your rank is a just a lame excuse. I'm queueing for the highly contested jungle position as primary role and then toplane as secondary, and I maybe get autofill in about 1 in 15 games if at all. All I can see in your OP are excuses. - "boosted golds" - "semi high elos in silver" - "autofill" Have you ever actually tried to get better at the game?
: dont fret, nidalee is getting a buff. she went from being op to unplayable in the new jungle.
Honestly Nidalee getting a buff might just be enough of a nerf to Hecarim to make him look reasonable.
: Firefox Ahri or Challenger Ahri?
Definitely Firefox. Midnight is my #2.
Sciraen (NA)
: Lux? I'm not beating her in lane as much as I would like to be.
Lux's waveclear is actually not all that good. So if everything else fails, take a champ that can destroy minionwaves. Other than that, Azir does pretty well against her, because he can zone her so hard from the minions. Lux's e only destroy caster minions if she's somewhat ahead!
ItsOrval (NA)
: {{champion:102}} Shes so tanky, has fast attack speed and does tons of damage because of {{item:3153}}. Any advice?
As soon as her W times out she's about as scary as a full AP Janna. Have 1 cc ready for when she jumps in and then kite her.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: {{champion:39}}
Just play a tank and don't die. Irelia is currently so bad, it's actually sad. As long as you don't feed her she won't ever become relevant.
: {{champion:99}} I main Karthus, and this chick is so annoying to fight. Super bursty, super hard for me to dodge her abilities due to being immobile, and has a much better early game to snowball in lane. Any advice against her will be greatly appreciated since she is one of the few champions that will make me tear my hair out.
Lux counters Karthus, but what you can try is take Movespeed Quints and build Mercs early on or even take Cleanse. Zhonyas also works wonders, though it may be quite inefficient to rush.
qqpp (NA)
: {{champion:28}} When playing {{champion:203}} , I always get surprised-counterjungled by Evelynn when getting my marks. Any help?
Basically keep track of Evelynn by warding her camps. Also maybe just not play Kindred right now. Pretty weak at the moment.
PitchBlack4 (EUNE)
: Gp way too safe early with exhaust and barrels. Can get free kills/assists with r, one shots the sqishies late game. Get out of jail free card and gold generator.
Play an all in champion like Riven and Irelia. The problem is that those champs suck at the moment, but versus GP they're still a good pick. You can also play a ranged champ and always lasthit his barrels. You should be fine as long as you can keep the barrel population in your lane low.
JVP15 (NA)
: How do we beat {{champion:427}} ? Late game, he just becomes a CC and shielding monster that, in the right hands, can do so much for a team.
While that's true his damage is actually pitiful, "so just ignore him" and burst the carries as hard as you can and hope they die. He also has no real escape, so catching him out of position by roaming as a team is fairly easy.
: {{champion:75}} and {{champion:420}} how do you beat them? tell me your secrets please!
I have actually never won versus a Nasus, but I have been beaten as Nasus. The way it worked was that my lane opponent dove my botlane, and then their Vayne completely shat on me later. As for Illaoi, well, it's basically her lane to lose, and your lane to put all the work in. You need to dodge those tentacles and her grab like a boss, take fights after she wasted the grab, and basically run as soon as she presses r.
: {{champion:134}} i dont think shes necessarily op but i just have a hard time laning against her every time
Take exhaust. Her ultimate is actually dealing damage quite slowly, so exhausting that is really not very hard. But other than that you probably want to ban her at the moment.
St0rmln (NA)
: But what if I'm bad at CS. Can I still lane? No!
That's like saying "Damn I love to play Counter Strike, I just wish it wasn't such a necessity to aim"... If you choose to ignore cs-ing, you can do that. Works best as support or jungle, but if you don't care for elo then I suppose you can make it work on any position.
: To all yi mains
Oh god yes, this sounds amazing! Finally I can show off my rank 6 Yi again.
[LGBT? What are you? A homophobic racist alt right Trump voter? It's LGBTT2QQIIAAP+ you misogynist!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgCjIP0BZXA)
Squey (NA)
: Her damage while building pure tank was insane as was a 5 sec shield. Her triforce first item build was even more cancer since you where 100% dead b4 the cc lifted. Both builds needed an early game nerf and thats why base damage on ult and shield duration was nerfed. Personally i still think her q does way to much damage for how reliable it is. She will still be the Go TO tank after {{champion:111}}
I just wish they kept the nerfing to the base damage of her skills, that's all.
: why dont we perm mute accounts first?(discussion)
I still think words shouldn't EVER result in a permanent ban, so I'm all in favor of your idea. In my opinion permabans should be reserved for cheaters, boosters and their like. Just for the record, I have never even gotten a warning/chat restriction. So I don't say that because I'm salty or anything, it's just my humble opinion. Punish them all you want, but don't permaban them.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: About the Poppy nerfs
LOL! I just noticed that there are COTC nerfs on the PBE... We could have a textbook {{champion:113}} at our hands here folks!
duckarp (EUNE)
: At the start of each season there's only a soft reset (unless explicitly specified), so if you waited till now with your placements when everyone climbed higher, it's perfectly normal.
... I don't get it. Why would I get ranked lower if I did them at the start of the season???
: what's your lp gains now? maybe you start higher the later your placements are? I'm getting 26lp per win so the climb will be really fast... just no time to play right now.
Dunno can't play any games right now, will let you know about that in a couple of hours. But I expect them to be somewhat high, since that's usually the case right after finishing your placements.
: lucky i went from p2 to p5
I just wish I had a climb before me... So boring to start at where you ended.
Rioter Comments
: How does ad poppy work anyway? Do you build full ad, or go bruiser like? Riot is normally not against off builds if there's some tradeoff for it.
You build big AD items and slam enemies into walls, Q them and R them and dead them. The tradeoff is, you die fast. So, they die fast; you die fast; I don't see a problem there.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Uhhhh, no Offbuild literally means a lesser played build, hence the word "off". And you see see how fast AP Yi and AP Tryn got nerfed when they became unhealthy? They weren't just nerfed most the time, but straight up gutted in either reworks or nerfs. And you can't say that Riot doesn't support offbuilds either, because remember AP Trist? They kept the AP Ratio on her Ult, jump, and E because as long as they didn't ruin the actual build, which is AD. Poppy as a Tank was doing too much damage, and is generally, a b***h to kill due to her survivability. So they made her less tanky and lowered damage a bit, with no regards for an offbuild AD, because the Tank build is the most commonly built, and as such, is the one Poppy is balanced around.
Funny that you mention AP Tristana because they gutted her AP build in the champion update. And by your own definition AP Ezreal is an off build and shouldn't be balanced for.
Zedex (NA)
: Riots all like, "time for our new VGU champ to shine!" Here comes Warwick.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Neither of those are offbuilds. AP or AD, each is very popular in it's regard, so balancing is done for both (also read the Malzahar, since you can easily balance AD/AP Ezreal as he has both AP and AD ratios) Poppy is a Tank, and to balance her around Full AD (of Full AD-ish) would be the same as balancing AP Tryndamere.
Just because they're popular doesn't mean that they aren't off builds. See: AP Yi, AP Tryndamere for example. Both their builds became popular, and neither was intended to be played this way by Riot, and thus an off build. Same goes for Ezreal.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Offbuilds will never be considered when balancing for their true build. This is a fact, and we'll all be better off when people realize that.
Either AD or AP Ezreal used to be an off build, but Riot liked it so they started to maintain and balance it. Every nerf/buff made to Ezreal in the past has been made with his off build in mind.
: *goes 11/1 as her toplane the first game this season* What nerfs? I hardly noticed
The nerfs that are coming with Patch 7.1 http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-71-notes
Dauthau (NA)
: I don't understand why people down vote posts like this. You were tactful about everything you said. Kudos to you sir. And I agree, Poppy jungle may no longer be even worth playing (it was my main). Nerfing her tankiness AND her damage at the same time seems a little bit foolish, quite honestly. Letting her fall out of gameplay after spent so much effort on a great rework seems a shame.
Oh wow, I actually already left the thread because everyone seemed to hate it. Thank you. :)
: I got matched against my brother in a ranked game...
Just today I got randomly matched together with a buddy from my friend's list. I didn't notice it until another friend of mine who was in teamspeak with him made me aware of it.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Myrmiron,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tFZL3j9h,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-01-09T19:40:37.689+0000) > > Your mentality is the reason why you're low gold. > You need to fail to get better, but if you play every match conservatively you'll never learn anything, and only stagnate at your current rating. IDC what my score (read: e-penis) is, I'll try to make play happen and learn from those that didn't work and those that worked alike. > Meanwhile, you're still sitting at your turret missing EXP and CS. > Also, in the current meta it's extremely easy to get doven by champions with a little armor, so tower hugging is often times not an option if you're already far behind. But the thing is - if you're going even with your enemy, you likely won't get towerdove unless they are pushing you to turret and their jungler comes and helps to tank turret. By that point, you've already made several mistakes. People can't just straight dive you like they used to with Roaming Alistar meta unless you've already screwed up. And it's one thing to die when you're getting something out of it, i.e. protecting teammate, securing objective, getting bounty, but it's another to just be pants on head retarded and keep autoing the 5/0 Vayne as though YEP THIS TIME SHE'S GOING TO LAG AND IM GOING TO OUTTRADE HER YEP YEP which seems to be the thought going through the mind of my allies in most games.
Dieing for a teammate is NEVER worth it (unless you're very high elo). Also, if you just plan to go even, you're basically relying on your teammates to not go 0-11. So that means, before every game you're basically flipping a coin about whose teammates are better. Good luck with that.
: I agree we should remove all unique passives five sun fire poppy needs to hit the meta
6 Sunfire Cape Shaco standing next to you for 4 seconds invisible, and then doubles the damage by using his R. Easy.
dominusx (EUNE)
: remember the good old season 2 times?
Aka, things that never happened? In season 2 base movespeed was much lower than it is today, because Riot reworked movespeed somewhere in Season 3-4. Meaning that if you didn't build any boots you'd run around with 290-320 movespeed. Good luck dodging skillshots with that. And yes, lategame some champions would sell their boots sometimes.
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