Nekusen (NA)
: How to explain a friend....
M8... he rushes {{item:3146}} on Malzahar. Some people just play this game for fun, and your friend is clearly someone who doesn't care about being competitive or playing good. Just let him play what he wants and try to have fun together.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Why is taric allowed to 1v3 with just a heart of gold and a bunch of wards?
Taric can 1v3 w/o items and win games by himself? Better nerf Irelia!
: All gp5 items need to be gutted. Literally no thought goes into buying or using this item. In fact, I wouldn't mind to see them removed from the game entirely.
Dealth (NA)
: (Poll) Who Still Uses the Old Client?
I hate it that you cannot close the friends list and how chats aren't at the bottom in tabs. I hope they change these 2 things but it looks intended so I don't think it'll happen. Feels bad man.
Mig89 (NA)
: I want to hear morgan freeman voice all of Bards lines and sound effects XD Morgan Freeman: "Boop" "BWOOONG" "ting"
[Hmmm. That's hilarious.]( +1
DarianEX (NA)
: Thinking about quitting league :Thinking:
> [{quoted}](name=DarianEX,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4RkBEW0u,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-19T15:10:59.103+0000) > > 4. THeres no way of earning a perma banned account back that means 1200-1500$ I spent on this game is gone also the time I spent on my account earning the champs m7's gone. Just because someone can find one thing toxic and another cant. IMO permabanning should be reserved for cheaters. If you have a bad day 4 times, you're out. That absolutely sucks.
: I can see it if they were to professionally talk it over with each other come up with a deal like some of the profit is given back to Disney since i believe Disney has now taken over George Lucas company. You did bring up a point of not taking the original characters or anything so yeah it might be more possible if you put it that way. There has to be some high up Riot employee that can reach out to the company and just ask or i imagine they know what boundaries they can work around already without engaging into a lawsuit.
As I said it's an **exclusive** deal (the one with EA). I don't think there's a lot of room there for negotiations. The deal probably costed EA hundreds of millions, if not billions, so if Disney were to give an ok to Riot to create a Star Wars skin lineup there'd a be an extraordinarily expensive lawsuit just around Disney's corner. As I said, they even go after fan projects that wouldn't generate any revenue, just because they could take away from the spotlight of EA's games. Again, highly unlikely. Keep in mind that EA is not stupid. The contract is most likely 100% with no room for "working around boundaries". EA expects to make billions off of that deal, which is precisely as much as Disney would have to pay them if they were to break the contact. I'm sure Riot already tried talking to them, as much as I am sure that they got shut down or confronted with an unreasonable offer. These companies don't fool around when there's literally billions on the field, so unless Riot hands over a fortune of the revenue (and probably a lot upfront as well) it won't happen.
: But Riot makes money off of it wouldn't any of the two companies be upset?
I used fan projects as an example for leniency of the companies. Maybe Chosen Yi is vague enough to not rustle any jimmies. As I said Lucasfilm and Disney are usually very tolerant with this (as long as you don't use any original characters at least). Also, as I said, Chosen Yi is from 2010. Riot Games in 2010 was a very small indie developer with barely any business experience. In other words, maybe they created Chosen Yi without thinking too much about the potential aftermath. Today's Riot Games is A LOT more professional in every way imaginable, so risks when tampering with other company's intellectual property will be taken into consideration a lot more. Also, there's a big difference between having 1 (one) "Easter Egg" in your game compared to having a full line up of skins whose whole identity as well as selling point it is being Star Wars-y. I don't have any behind the scene's knowledge by the way, these are all just assumptions mixed with a little knowledge. I want these skins as much as the next person, I just don't see them happening.
: Well there had to be copyright stuff behind the scenes when chosen yi came out. Maybe Riot got special permissions with the company like they sat down and talked it over before the decision was made.
Chosen Yi was released in 2010, when Star Wars was still in the hands of Lucasfilm, which got acquired by Disney in 2012. Neither of them should be a problem since Disney as well as Lucasfilm are known for being very tolerant of fan projects and such. It's just since 2013, when EA got the exclusive rights that Disney and Lucasfilm are suing everyone eyeballing with Star Wars to protect their deal with EA. If they wouldn't sue them, EA could see this as a deal breaker and sue Disney and Lucasfilm for fantastillions.
: List some Voice Actors who haven't voiced Champions yet, and need to do so in the future
: Will there ever be another star wars skin like "Chosen Yi" ?
Absolutely not, at least nothing too obvious. EA has an exclusive deal on anything Star Wars video game related since 2013. Since then multiple Star Wars fan projects already have had to be shut down, and remade without anything Star Wars-y inside them. The deal will last until 2023, and I HIGHLY doubt that Riot Games will even look in Star Wars' general direction until then.
: Why rank means relatively nothing, and why there is such a thing as elo hell:
That's not my experience. I'm playing multiple accounts, and so far I've always climbed up to my skill level with ease.
: I honestly thought Athene's unholy grail was referring to the god Athena because like..some connection to the holy grail??
Exactly. No one gives a damn about who some item names may refer to. Did you know that Ohmwrecker was also named after some player? OFC you didn't because it's just an item name for players. Only those that already know about the person it's referring to get it. It's like an in joke.
azraiell (NA)
: There's a difference between not liking someone and someone who's a known scammer/con artist and offensive blasphemer getting publicity in game. He also didnt refer most of those people, he got existing players to level new accounts in many cases.
Now that's just slander.
azraiell (NA)
: Its promoting him in a way. If someone who didn't know about him, googled him and went to his Youtube page or Twitch and saw all his werido cult stuff they may think Riot endorses this. To claim you're god and scam people out of money is something most compainies wouldnt want to be associated with and its indirectly helping him.
So you're saying you don't need to keep your promises to people you don't like? Then you're an idiot.
azraiell (NA)
: Rename Athene's Unholy Grail
And you should be ashamed to write such BS. The Item got named after Athene because he referred a lot of players through the refer a friend program. It was the perk for referring 5000 players or more. It was **NEVER** an endorsement of **ANYTHING** Athene related, it was simply Riot keeping their promise and rewarding Athene for reaching the 5000 referrals perk. /Facepalm
: The Reasons why you're never get out of bronze.
I agree with all except for 2: 1. Warding. No one in bronze has any map awareness at all anyways, so going out of your way to ward or even purchase a Pink Ward for 75g will set you behind for literally no reason at all. No one will pay any attention to the wards anyways, and you're better off investing that time in farming or walking to an objective. 2. Kill hogs. Let's be real, in bronze no one can play. So the only person you can (and should) REALLY trust in, is yourself. So grabbing all the resources for yourself and making yourself as powerful as possible should be your main objective. Giving that Ashe a kill would make her feel good, but ultimately only increase the shut down gold she'll feed once she inevitably dies again. My guide would be: Mute everyone and only play for yourself. But that's only how I would play in Bronze. Climb to somewhere where your teammates aren't brain dead and your points make a lot of sense.
: should I just free boost people since riot sticks me with inters/afks?
54% winrate, gold 1. """"""""""boosting""""""""""
: The Korean and Chinese teams going were both at the bottom of their divisions leaving only the EU teams and FW as the real competition. I think they would rather try to win this split then go to MSI to face the best teams, but from what I have heard the main issue is that they are dealing with is visa issues and it is going to be difficult for them to get the full team there. Not sure if the last part is true but if it is then it makes sense why they would not want to go play with half of a roster.
Why though? Can't think of any reason why a team from North America should have any trouble playing in a tournament hosted in the EU.
: Riot: We don't want to force a play style or meta by forcing sightstone on supports
I think Riot kissed that "we don't want to enforce a meta" mentality goodbye a long time ago. Teambuilder in ranked was the first step.
Rioter Comments
Twiggers (NA)
: Riot, it was banter!
Your story tilts me so fcking hard... Let's hope he gets his account back.
: dang I'm 4 wins away from dia 3. I need to escape the animal island
Good luck, I never managed to do that. ;)
GemCrash (NA)
: from my personal experience, any rank below diamond is heavily decided by pure luck. and a shit ton of diamonds are boosted. That's from a player who played league for 6 years and experienced all of silver, gold, and plat for two seasons.
IMO it's all below Diamond 3, because low Diamond is full of boosted animals.
: You're playing mostly top lane and jungle. Try playing ADC and see how much you can carry.
I suck at ADC, but if I were a good ADC I'd probably win a lot of games, since currently the most important position. Note that I said important, the positions with the most impact have to be mid and jungle, since they're the guys that will make or break the botlane.
: Message to all players gold and lower
That just means you aren't playing good. I have multiple account and even those that initially ranked on the lower side eventually made it to wherever I wanted them (usually around Plat 5). This season I also made it to Plat 5 in Flex queue where I started in silver 4 with a 63% win rate, despite this being the season I ditched my long time main champion. It's not the system, or elo hell. It's you. Elo hell doesn't exist.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Yeah that's the stupid way of doing it, but Tracer's wasn't done that way since, y'know, she was revealed as gay by kissing her girlfriend at christmas time, which is a pretty perfect setting to present such a concept. The context of the tweet is this: And the context of that image is this: Which is a pretty natural way of showing such a relationship in my book. Mr. Chu was stating a fact because the question had been asked and the proper context existed such that there is no issue with him speaking about it. And it's not her defining characteristic. It's a facet of her character like any other detail.
Sharjo (EUW)
: The point of people coming around and being like "I hate diversity for the sake of diversity" is so perplexing to me. We're humans. We're varied and strange. Why the sod shouldn't the characters within a fictional medium be representative of that? Is it so wrong for folks to ask for representation in games? Be it from the point of view of race and ethnicity, political views or sexuallity? The norm within most mediums in the west for characters is white and straight, which isn't really great because that's not the default for humanity itself. And you can make the argument that it adds nothing to the character, but that's not true. Every facet of someone's personality is critical in discerning how they interact with the world and other characters. If sexuallity is something relevant to that person's existence, then it informs how they live their life. Tracer being a lesbian is critical to her as a character because she has a girlfriend that she interacts with regularly and is intimate with. If the statement "Tracer is a lesbian" was fact without any narrative context to back it up, then yes it would serve no purpose, but hers DOES. And as I statred before, Riot has at the very least implied the sexuallity of champions before. Illaoi, Gangplank, Azir, Camille, Varus, Kassadin, Lucian, Ezreal and Lux come to mind. All implied to be straight but never outright stated. If Riot can do it with folks who're implied to be straight, then why not with folks who could be gay, bi, pan, a, trans or whatever? Diversity is the default for humanity and by asking for less of it feels like you're actively asking for the things people make to be more boring for a lack of varied characters. I seriously don't get this argument. Sure having it someone's sexuallity shoved in there with no narrative context is perplexing in and of itself, but when it's done properlly, has narrative context and works, then what's the issue? The hell's wrong with diversity?
I don't care if a character - isn't white - isn't straight - isn't whatever But, here's the problem. No one in real life goes around and tells people: "Hi, I'm a lesbian, half Chinese half Afro-American, Republican, whatever...". These things come up when they come up. So why does it absolutely have to be one of a character's defining characteristics in fiction? Answer: It doesn't. It especially annoys me when they mention it in 1 sentence, just outright state that fact without any context just to shove it out there. I think I'm not doing a particularly good job at bringing my points across, so here's an example: Supposed lesbianism... Done right: Life is Strange. Done wrong: Tracer.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Myrmiron,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=E7IkEoFt,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-02-04T18:55:04.338+0000) > > I always hate it when people give so much of a f*ck about anyone's sexuality, and yes, this also goes for fictional characters. > It literally adds nothing to the champion, and whenever someone forces this garbage it feels like it's just there so someone can tick a box on their diversity check list. > "Tracer identifies as a lesbian", so what? Like, what now? Does this add to her story in any way, shape or form? Does this have any impact on her back ground? > Such a meaningless phrase, thrown in there just to collect diversity points, it sickens me. Not every detail should add something, please. Gangplank's oranges add nothing, Graves' cigar adds nothing, Camille's tea adds nothing. Actually, half of details in fiction adds nothing, but It makes it interesting, which is the important one.
Wrong. GP's oranges fit thematically because he's a pirate (Hello scurvy!). Camille's tea adds something to her character because she's theme'd like an old English lady. Grave's cigar adds something because it's a symbol of Riot censoring themselves for their target audience, kids. Apart from that, these are all observable facts. None of this is just an empty statement thrown out there to appease anyone. The characters got designed with these characteristics in mind. Where as "Tracer identifies as a lesbian" is any empty statement that doesn't add anything to the character and is just there, just because.
: Is there any chance you will reveal a particular Champion's sexual orientation? Overwatch did it.
I always hate it when people give so much of a f*ck about anyone's sexuality, and yes, this also goes for fictional characters. It literally adds nothing to the champion, and whenever someone forces this garbage it feels like it's just there so someone can tick a box on their diversity check list. "Tracer identifies as a lesbian", so what? Like, what now? Does this add to her story in any way, shape or form? Does this have any impact on her back ground? Such a meaningless phrase, thrown in there just to collect diversity points, it sickens me.
Moortin (NA)
: If you were to change or delete something Riot has created what would it be?
Step 1) Delete {{champion:157}}. Step 2) Collect Nobel Price for curing cancer across the world. Step 3) ? Step 4) Profit.
Rioter Comments
: Gameplay doesn't understand even the most obvious of satire unless you mark it out with big, flashing letters.
Maybe because "Gameplay" isn't a may-may circlejerk like certain other boards.
: I Love Warwick.
Furry alert!
Bultz (NA)
: Can we get a Superhero Champion?
: better than it is today. can't even get to the meat with the game effectively ending so early.
So you'd rather hope no one of your dumb ass teammates gets caught than have the potential to carry games with the lead you have accumulated? What kind of defeatist attitude is that?
: can this be league again?
Yeah, let's make every league game a 30 minutes farm fest again, with people only having control over losing the game rather than winning it.
ItsOrval (NA)
: Dear These Types Of Players
At least he isn't lying, I mean, that must be worth **something**, right?
Juice (EUNE)
I expected something like "if you want to carry from toplane, don't. Just play a position with impact on the game, like support!". But yours works too.
: this thread is only for players with sub-40% winrates
Am I allowed for my solo queue or does my flex queue disqualify me? Also pardon my German, fcking won't give me the English version for some reason. (I hate websites that do this.) **Edit**: My bad, didn't even notice that I climbed above 40%... lol
dynikus (NA)
: I'm confused what they're trying to achieve with that. What would putting laners behind for helping their jungler _help_? Are they trying to dissuade laners from helping their jungler? are they trying to make the jungle role even more influential? Like even if you can still leash and not miss any creeps, what was the intended goal?
The intended goal was to make junglers use their smite on first buff (because the laners supposedly are now unable to give a smiteless leash) so they will have a harder time clearing the rest of the jungle in 1 go. This effect is only archieved though if the jungler or the laners have very bad early damage, and these champions aren't currently viable anyways... So champions that are in a bad spot right now got nerfed even more.
Rioter Comments
Owyn (EUNE)
: > So if you ever feel the need to say stuff like "x9 this guy" or "report X pls", don't. Ok, I'll just say "Hey guys, I'm reporting this guy for X, just saying" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
> [{quoted}](name=Owyn,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=wHdNPEVk,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2017-01-26T01:36:18.034+0000) > > Ok, I&#x27;ll just say &quot;Hey guys, I&#x27;m reporting this **guy **for X, just saying&quot; {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} That's called gendering and is rewarded with a permban. [You can't just assume xer's gender, god damnit!](
: > [{quoted}](name=Myrmiron,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=MKcfOqyq,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-01-24T17:56:19.210+0000) > > Wait what? Is this actually a thing in the US? XD Cashews or playing league drunk
> [{quoted}](name=Ijaat Piroc,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=MKcfOqyq,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-01-24T18:14:27.150+0000) > > Cashews or playing league drunk Not being allowed to consent to sex when drunk.
: Then how come drunks aren't allowed to consent for sex?
Wait what? Is this actually a thing in the US? XD
SatomiKun (EUW)
: No, but since I describe the experience fighting against her, I don't know why that really matters. Granted, I exaggerated about the lack of strategic value of her kit. There are tricks to pull off for Irelia like preparing minions for the Q reset and stuff like that. But if you fight against her, there is no way for you to deny a part of her kit. If I play against Fiora, I can deny her hitting my vitals with right positioning and I can deny her stun by baiting her parry out and use my own cc when it is down. Playing against Poppy I can deny her her shield by walking over it and I can deny her stun by position myself that way she isn't able to hit me against a wall. Meanwhile there is Irelia. I can't deny her her Q reset since I have no way to execute my own minions. I can deny her her stun.... by letting her outdamage me. That's not an attractive option for me. You see what I mean? There is not much in her kit I can play around.
Now that sounds more reasonable. You're half right. More often than not Irelia - simply put - can't fight you. As Irelia it's crucial that you know the windows where you can fight your opponents, and these usually rely on levels. For example, you can fight Rumble very early, but not after his level 4 anymore - until somewhere around level 7. Contrary to that, you have to fight Jax early on because past level 11 you will lose every time. -> It's really just knowledge about Irelia if you want to beat her. **Edit:** Here's why knowing this is important. Irelia **HAS** to snowball. In the current meta, where everyone deals ZOMFG-amounts of damage, you - as a toplaner that's not a tank - cannot afford to just lean back and farm it up. If you don't get 3 kills during laning phase and proceed to stomp your enemy, you'll be useless during teamfights. Which is why I don't even play Irelia anymore. And I used to play her a lot.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Irelia is unfun to play against for many people because she is stat checky. It doesn't require much strategic thought to play Irelia. Her goal is to jump on you with her point&click gapcloser and stay on top of your model while punching you in the face all the time. She has no need to position herself to land a skillshot. No need to create distance between her and her enemy (Riot gave examples like: Darius Q, Camille W and Poppy Passive are all reasons for these fighters to consider creating distance to the enemy to receive their benefit). She jumps on you and hits you with all she got. If your numbers are overwhelming her, she can use a stun to change the tides of all the battle. That is literally the only strategic piece in her kit: does it seem like my enemy is dealing more damage than me? Stun him and outdamage him in that time. That (along with that Irelia's kit doesn't match her fantasy of controlling blades with her will) is the reason why Irelia is considered for a VGU. Her kit is outdated and statchecky. No one wants to play against a champion who is basically just looking if he has bigger numbers than you or not. There should be strategy and counterplay. never actually played Irelia, did you?
: You can tell who is an old school player and who isn't by how much they hate autofill
I'm fine as long as I don't get filled to adc. FFFFFFFF@CK adc.
: I'd like her to stop nuking me from 600+ range away without being able to do anything about it instead, tbh. Doesn't even matter if she gets the stun or the slow half the time. In a lot of cases, you still lose if you get slowed.
Don't worry, Riot heard you. That's why they made Camille, so it can happen to you from 2000 range. ;)
: Legitimately got two-shot by a warwick in this game at level 8.
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