: Bad at shipping? Please. There's no fault to be found in ships like Sonakaiser
I can respect Sonakaiser. I can't respect Quinn X J4 or Zac X Riven. Hell I've seen some folks ship Sona with Thresh as opposed to Mordekaiser. Not the worst ship ever but really?
: Why is Jarvan often paired with Quinn?
Because people are bad at shipping and don't ship the obvious, like J4 and Shyvana.
Bultz (NA)
: maybe, but zyra doesn't have sneks ?
Zyra has vines that curl around her arms in a manner similar to those snakes.
: Might be, but the seed/egg seems rather scaly
: Hey wait, a new Zyra skin???? There's hope for Cass, Urgot, Swain and Yorick then. #NeverForget
Well Urgot's got a VGU to wait for, but he's being worked on as we speak so yeah. #**HopeForTheForgotten**#
: Dragon skin for Zyra... not excited.
Dragon? I assumed Void from the colour scheme.
Akenero (NA)
: Yep. That's a zyra skin. If it's not I'll eat my shoes
I was hesitant to put Zyra in the title because it's not 100% clear, but come on. Look at those arm tentacles jaw things. They're so much like her vines it's not even subtle.
Rioter Comments
: Theory about Kindred, Tahm and Aatrox and how they relate to each other
The thing is Flamewing9, the four horsmen of the apocalypse are like the seven deadly sins in how much people try to apply them to things that don't actually relate to each other. It probably doesn't factor in to these characters. If anything Tahm Kench would be AGAINST an apocalypse since he'd potential starve to death; he needs despair to sustain himself. Plus where does that leave other entities? Kindred are spirits, Tahm Kench is a demon and Aatrox is a darkin, and while they are unique among those beings they aren't alone; Janna, Maokai and Bard are all spirits, there's a case to be made that some of League's champs are demons or influenced by demonic power, and there are four other darkin out there that, as far as we know, aren't being horsemen. Also you're missing pestilence. I'm not trying to come in here and be like "you're shit and your theory's shit", it's just that if I had a penny for every time someone came around these parts having tried to connect champions via a concept like the deadly sins or four horsemen, I'd be able to pay Riot enough money to make their entire dev cycle for the next year be skins for Sona, and I'd still have enough left over to bribe Jaredan in to letting me see all of the internal lore. An unlikely theory, but the effort's appreciated none the less. Keep on theorizing and stuff! Just...stay away from horsemen. Or sins.
: Then they need to fix the Lore :(((((( We have three champs at least that have summoners in them...
Not on the site where the lore is actually up to date: http://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/
Ralanr (NA)
: Probably during the Demacian lore update.
Providing such an event's actually gonna happen. Nothing's set in stone as far as any of us know.
Who cares? Well, just about everyone here except you. Why did you decided to give your opinion to the people who would be vehemently against it? What was the thought process here? That any of us were actually gonna say "yeah you're right, fuck the story we care about. This guy's right"? You're a confusing individual NaCItyIrelia.
: One of the lore updates I am most excited about
: Sona's lore is extremely outdated @riot
Sona's got a lot they need to figure for her, since currently she's a magical immigrant noblewoman in a fairly closed off culture that's not so keen on magic. She also moved there from basically the other side of the world, which could be an epic saga in its own right.
: Taliyah did travel Valoran and does for some reason have a specific interraction quote with Ekko. [Did the earth move for you too? Did I just say that out loud?](http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/a/a7/Taliyah.tauntEkko01.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20160507154042) So Idk, probably just something random thrown in, that never really happens. But yeah he may have never met them, and just knows of them. I think the idea Ekko met Jinx at some point comes from during his release there was a video showing him standing by a mural that he may have painted which depicted various Zaunite kids one of them being some blue haired girl and iirc a pink haired girl, but the lore never went beyond that.
Taliyah went from Ionia to the Freljord to Bel'Zhun, which means she pretty much missed Zaun by a huge distance since she probably went via a Freljordian port like Glaserport. The whole point of her long journey was to avoid Noxian controlled areas, so there's no way she'd traipse anywhere near Piltover/Zaun. Taunts and interactions are always "what ifs" more than actual "this happened" between them anyway.
Rasalas (OCE)
: A Query as to Universe Page Region Emblems
It's likely due to the fact that aside from Bandle City and the Void, everywhere else is essentially nailed down internally at Riot. That's also possibly why their Universe pages lack very clear art or information about anything aside from that intro paragraph. It's also indicative that Bandle City and the Void will be the last regions Riot'll want to tackle with these regional updates. Runeterra's in a similar boat because even if its nations are firmly established, there's more to Runeterra than that, so there's still some internal questions about things.
: So far for Ekko we got: {{champion:126}} {{champion:112}} want Ekko's Z-Drive. Probably not canon: {{champion:163}} might have a crush on Ekko (interaction quote). {{champion:254}} {{champion:222}} Ekko knew these girls, used to have a crush on Jinx before finding out she crazy, and used to be friends with Vi before she went Piltover.
Taliyah and Ekko have never met. Ekko might've heard about Vi and Jinx, but it's unlikely he ever actually interacted with them.
: The Lore of Jinx and Related Characters
Current hints indicate a connection more so between Warwick, Jinx and VI rather than Ekko. Ekko's more connected to Viktor and Jayce at the moment.
: Yes, they totally could make a magic spell that seems to destroy algae, and go up mountains. Why this is silly, is because neither of these things would be necessary if the river was just described like a normal river. Something like this: The magic river coming from the mountains are being irrigated to distribute the waters to run through the city of Shurima. These waters were pooled into a large underground well by the early mages who designed the city. And done, the water now has all the benefits that it currently has, uses the proper terminology, and makes physical sense.
Not really because in this case the water comes from the mountain and not the pools, so it's in no way magical. The reason I even came to make this thread in the first place is because the capital city is so god damn weird in that not only is it just strange in terms of features, but it's also a shit capital considering it looks virtually uninhabitable for anything more than a few hundred nobles and the emperors, when you'd expect a capital city to be teeming with people. It almost feels like the city was never meant to be a city, but became so later when people decided to live in it. The entire premise of the capital being so strange as a capital is omitted if it was never meant to be so by whoever originally made it, which I stipulated to be Targon because...well I imagine you've read at least some of my diatribe on it, and then Shurimans shacked up there eons later. I mean there can be a bunch of reasons, contrived probably but at least workable to explain why the city wasn't built on a mountain or anywhere high, in that you have a Blessed Isles situation where you've got access too one one source of water and that's it. There's no where else you can find it and trying to force another such pool to appear would take exponentially more effort than just using what's already there. I mean really I should stop here because our discussion won't go anywhere; you and I have different ways of looking at things, considering I'm here trying to pull out a whole bunch of narrative threads to come up with explanations because it's mystical and magical enough to be inherently interesting for me, where as you're seemingly put off by the weirdness to the point it's immersion breaking and makes you question the writing and thought behind the story itself. Apologies if I'm assuming incorrectly there, that's just the vibes I'm getting from our discourse at the moment.
: Why would healing waters stop algae growth? They're not pollutants they're living organisms, if anything wouldn't healing waters make them grow more? Oh, sure, magic solves everything is probably the right answer, I just enjoy poking fun at poorly explained nonsense magic. Especially for silly things that could have been fixed in about 1 sentence and bothering to do a minute of research. Also, aren't oasis' formed by underground rivers? If the rivers are overground isn't it just a lake?
Well I mean considering that the waters of the Oasis are likely similar to those of the Blessed Isles then producing algae's probably not really the biggest concern since growing plantlife and revitalising the land's also a big incentive to distribute that water. Plus if they have the ability to make these rivers flow up bloody mountains they probably have the means to get rid of any algae or anything else in the water such that it's safe to drink. The Oasis itself is basically underground in the bowels of the city of Shurima and likely finds its source from even deeper within the earth. Since we don't know what was there before the city the Oasis could've been above ground at one point or it was always underground and was unearthed by whoever made the city.
: Now you're describing an aqueduct or canal system of water distribution, which sure, people did that all the time. I wouldn't really call that water flowing toward the mountain though. As to the second bit, that goes back to the "unless you get a really weird case where between the city and the mountains there is some sort of lake that then empties out into the ocean." part of my first post.
The thing is given the Oasis itself is filled with magical restorative waters the rivers flowing out from it likely carry similar properties, preventing them from being easily polluted or being affected by things that would otherwise make water undrinkable. I know falling back to the idea of "It's magic so I ain't gotta explain shit" isn't the most satisfying, but it's exactly what's happening here. Magical water and a magical city that distributes it out to the rest of Shurima. I mean if we wanna get super technical then it could be that where the rivers flowed up in to the mountains new rivers then flowed back down out towards the sea. Either way the Shurimans had a system set up to distribute water across their lands that defied normal conventions of physics, and it stemmed from them having access to pontent magic that likely fuelled the whole process.
: But... why? That'd require water to move against gravity and topography, and even then, if said river doesn't empty into the ocean in some way the water will stagnate, become ovregrown with algae and just be useless. I get that Shurima is weird, but that's just self defeating if some mage did that.
It's useful in a land which is very barren and needs water distributed. It's also water from a magical pool of life giving waters, so not just ordinary water. Also it stands to reason at least some of these rivers flow back to the sea.
: Just, in general, rivers don't really flow towards mountains, unless you get a really weird case where between the city and the mountains there is some sort of lake that then empties out into the ocean.
Well they do in Shurima, because their capital city is god damn weird.
: I understand that, but there's also such a thing as going too far. Like I said, one disclaimer at the top of the post should be enough. If you're constantly apologizing about making a theory it comes across as if you didn't believe it was worth thinking about in the first place, in which case why am I bothering if the person that is writing this stuff in the first place believes it's BS?
This all just stems from me having a distinct lack of self confidence. I wanna talk about stuff, but I'm careful to assume because I've been very, very wrong in the past.
: 1. There's nothing that leads us to think that the God-Willow was a font of natural energy. It's way more likely it was just a nature spirit, similar to Maokai before the Ruination. 2. I'm pretty sure Sivir wasn't a corpse when Azir found her: she had received a mortal wound and she was bleeding to death, but she was still alive. 3. Who says that the revived Azir was made of sand and wasn't truly a living being? In the cinematic "Rise of the Ascended", Nasus, the narrator, explicitly says that the blood magic "snatched Azir's mind **and body** from oblivion" and, when the emperor is shown in his human form, he looks like a normal human being. I think this heavily implies that Azir was made of blood and flesh before achieving his ascended form. Anyways, I think that your theory on the connection between Targon and Shurima is too far-fetched. Even though both societies share the concept of "ascension", there's really nothing that links them together, especially if you consider the fact that they draw power from very different sources (Shurima from the sun and the life-giving waters, Targon from interplanetary symbionts/parasites).
1. While you're correct in that the God-Willow hasn't been stated to be a font of natural energy, the power and knowledge granted to Ivern by it implies it to have been a source of incredibly potent power, and given Ivern's own abilities to allow plants to grow and mature at a rapid rate, it's connection to natural, life giving energies is evident. Ivern does to a degree what Maokai once did, and in a very similar way, indicating a connection between the God-Willow and those bodies of water found on the Blessed Isles, which is in itself similar to the Oasis of the Dawn. The God-Willow was likely an integral part of Runeterra's ecosystem on a global scale, especially considering FauxShizzle, Ivern's writer, already indicated that its death was not a good thing for Runeterra. 2. Sivir was described as a corpse in Azir's bio: > Gradually resuming his corporeal form, Azir stumbled through the ruins and came across the** corpse** of a woman with a treacherous knife wound in her back. He did not know her, but saw in her features the distant echo of his bloodline. Sivir's bio doesn't explicitly state death, but heavily implies it: > Taking advantage of Sivir’s distraction, Cassiopeia stepped in close and rammed a blade through her back. Sivir collapsed in agony, her lifeblood soaking into the sand. Cassiopeia pried Sivir’s crossblade from her grasp as her senses dimmed like a guttering candle. **As warmth faded from her body, death closed in.** Sivir also considered herself dead at the time, something she stated at least twice in the short story Water: > I was dead. I must make that mean something. > That Noxian bitch sunk a blade in my back. I died. That should mean something. 3. Once again, Azir's bio indicates his ressurection was tenuous and he was made of sand: > Azir was reborn, but was yet incomplete; his body little more than animate dust given form, held together by the last vestiges of his indomitable will. This is also reflected in his death animation in game too, where as Nasus and Renekton both die and leave behind corpses, Azir dissipates in to sand upon death.
: Good theory, I liked it! Just one piece of advise: don't be so apologetic about it. If you feel like you really must, add a disclaimer that it's just a theory at the beginning of the post and then stop worrying about it. It gets really tiring to see you apologize constantly for making a connection. As far as theories go, it's not even so outlandish that it warrants such a level of self-depreciation, both places do have a lot in common: both worship celestial objects, both use circular motifs and golden ornaments a lot, and Ancient Egypt already has a lot of ancient astronaut theories around itself that it wouldn't be surprising for its League equivalent to have actually been built by aliens.
Honestly I prefer being apologetic to ne sure I don't come across as being standoff-ish and an arse. I'd rather be down on my own theory to invite in other discourse than potentially shut it down by putting the wrong step forward, if that makes sense.
: Sharjo, do you think that scratched bit is really the 'Sai or is it Icathia? I seem to have my headcannon in a bit of a jumble right now.^^" I would appreciate a critique of the map I added ~~above~~below (how'd it end up there...).
Scratched region's probably Icathia. Sai's in the north. Bloodline helped refresh my memory there.
Neddoreo (NA)
: {{champion:163}} This... is... amazing! One more thing that I think maybe bears mentioning is this: that we're looking at the only two civilizations in the history of Runeterra known to regularly deal with the Void, which the Targonians are actively fighting and presumably have been for some time. Kinda makes me wonder if there's anything similar to guard Icathia? It's interesting to see all these connections between these two places that already carried similar burdens as the only known points of ingress for the Void. I have a handful of half-formed ideas about it overall, but it's _way_ too late for me to make any real sense of them, never mind express them coherently. I'll try to form them into something useful and hopefully contribute a little more than "btw void" to this discussion. >.>
We know very little about Icathia, but if we wanna go in to more outlandish theorising, then perhaps the Icathians learned of the Void from Mount Targon, or Icathia had a city like Shurima, built for some purpose, and that purpose was studying or containing the Void? Perhaps outlandish theories, but fun theories none the less!
: Maybe Setaka
Maybe, though there were hundreds of Ascended, so possibly not.
: Not sure I like connecting Targon and Shurima. Granted, this makes sense from a lore perspective, but from a storytelling one, I find it... disconcerting to try and tie the Targonians and Shurimans together like this. The point of retconning the Institute of War out of existence (well, one of the points) was to provide some separation between the various areas of Runeterra and its champions. I don't remember where this was said or the exact wording, but someone at Riot pointed out that if all of the game's champions knew each other and had personal relationships with people across the planet, it would make the world feel incredibly small. Connecting Targon and Shurima in this manner has a very similar effect, albeit not to the same degree. Although come to think of it, the Ascended of Shurima are mortals turned into god-like beings with magic... very similar to the Aspects of Targon, eh? ... in short, I don't like the idea but it is a cool one
The thing I'll always draw back to, as I stated in the post, is the simple idea of Targon being the vast, space trecking nation it was before even meeting Aurelion Sol, was probably pretty advanced back then, and for them to only leave behind evidence of their existence in the form of Mount Targon just seems unrealistic to me, especially considering Mount Targon and Shurima in particular are on the same continent. It'd be like if the Titans in WoW made one titan facility and left no other traces of their existence on Azeroth. Just seems odd to me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Whyte Lyon,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=0yMqvxPg,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-17T05:03:26.451+0000) > > Speaking of that confusing map, to this day I dont know for sure what the information depicted in it is actually showing. > > All I can make out or at least what I think it's showing, is that Shurima (the desert) is surrounded my vague mountain rangers, with an extremly high one in the South and i assume rivers flowing from the center moving out towards the East & West. Oh and that you can barely make out what looks like the city of Shurima above the middle emblem. > > http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/2/2e/Shurima_map.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150227214027 https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kK1iiSxXDmE/WBSLcYEMceI/AAAAAAAAXC8/3NZ0B3trVo4jP4xJCoq5_4YUhwwPthJlACLcB/s1600/29.png > > > > But no other visable cities, no distinction of different regions (like Icathia, Sai'Khaleek or Crystal Scar) and no higher quality image to see all the detail that is there. Maybe one day I'll be able to go back, fix that map (because there are several things wrong with it) and release it high res with annotations. Sigh. Short version, though - the mountain to the bottom should be on the left, the scratches on the bottom left (damnatio memoriae) should be on the bottom right, and the geometric-shaped chasm to the top right should be on the top left.
Oh ok, so Icathia's in the south east, Crystal Scar (if it's even still named that) in the north west, and Mount Targon to the west. Cool. I dig it.
: Came because Shurima and Sharjo. Wasn't disappointed. If this was actually a real thing you stumbled upon, this would be the very first time that two nations (well, one nation and a mountain) are intrinsically linked, with one being the fore-bearer of the other. As Shaper noted, the magic used for Ascension is quite similar to Aurelion's, indeed they practically worship the power of a star. While it is entirely possible for humans to learn to harness the magical energy of a star, it's even more likely that a race already well versed in harnessing that kind of magic (the original Targonians), built this place first, then left it to Shurima's emperors. However, I would like to suggest that Shurima was in fact a thriving city without the need to break apart or pull itself back together. As it was protected by Ascended in its prime, I doubt such a feature was necessary. What I feel is more likely is that the only reason Shurima fell into the sands was because of Xerath and his errant Ascension, the intense explosion of magical energy shattering the Sundisk, whose power was likely what kept the city together, because the way it is constructed, it can't stay together without magic. However some of the Sundisk survived the cataclysm, and was just enough to keep the city's lifegiving waters alive, and was able to, with proper coaxing, able to resurrect someone capable of bringing the city back to it's prime. Azir. I believe that the shard of the sundisk not only resurrected Azir and Ascended him, but also imbued him with the very essence of the Sun disk, and _he_ pulled the city back from sands. So to support my theory, Exhibit A: Azir's design/armor. http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Azir_0.jpg So my first observation is why Azir out of the other three ascended beings we see {{champion:75}}, {{champion:58}}, {{champion:101}}, his armor and staff are not only nearly completely gold, but also decked out with Sun Disk symbolism? It may just be because Gold is considered a royal color, but another factor to consider is the animal he assumed the appearance of. The half-animal Ascended have an underlying reason for their forms. For Nasus, the Jackal in Ancient Egyptian culture was a sacred animal, so much so that Anubis, the god of the dead, was a man with a jackal head. This is referenced by Nasus in his abilities and lore. His Spirit Fire, Wither, and Siphoning Strike all reference death or the withering or drawing out of spirits. In lore Nasus was a scholar that was suffering from an illness that made him slowly wither away. Renekton is rather self-explanatory, so I'll be brief. Crocodiles are ferocious beasts, Renekton was a very capable warrior, known as the Butcher of the Sands even before his Ascension. Now for Azir. He is part falcon/hawk. In ancient Egypt this references the god Horus, from whom Pharaoh was said to be incarnated from. He was the god of the sky, and the symbol and protector of Pharaoh. In LoL this makes sense because Azir is a ruler, but two more things should be known: Horus was later known as the _uniter_ of Ancient Egypt, and is represented by a _winged sun disk._ One more piece of evidence. Azir's staff, the upper portion, looks like half of a sun disk. This is why I believe that after the ancient piece of the sun disk revived Azir, he was imbued with the power of the sun disk itself, which is why unlike any other Ascendant known, he is able to bring others back to life through sand, and is able to pull the ancient city out of the sands single-handedly. He has the power to create, much like the sun disk. I hope this makes sense, a thank you if you made it through my rambling.
It makes a whole lot of sense Tyrek. I feel more than willing to concede to you on this point, considering we already know to at least a small extent of the power and forces behind the Sun Disc. I would question as to how the powers of the Sun Disc would work in regards to making all the rivers flow out from the Oasis, and I think I will continue too, as though yes the Sun Disc's power was probably what brought Azir back, it doesn't explain how the city worked before the Sun Disc's construction, if it even even anything like it does now back in those days. I'll always draw back to the point that Shurima doesn't even look like a city, considering there's very few places where people actually look like they could live. I mean where would they? In the big crevasses where the rivers flow? Those go so deep and far underground they're likely blocked from sunlight for long portions of the day, and the only obvious place to live is the palace of ten thousand pillars at the city's centre. So if it's poor at being a city, why does it exist? As a facility to draw from the Oasis? I feel that's most likely, and given that I'd say there's a likelihood that the city itself does have at least some power with which to distribute the waters across the lands.
: Super interesting read, Sharjo. I see Shaper pointed out the Aurelion Sol story - the only example we have of a 'first hand' account of the building of the Sun Disk. There is a question I have, and maybe (as the master of references) you can help me out? Where is it said that the rivers flow towards (the city of) Shurima? Maybe I got confused (it happens) but I thought that the river flowed _out_ of the capital - even towards the mountains to the West. Otherwise, this thread is magical. TyrekGoldenspear's thoughts on the armor and symbology of Azir is great too. Random aside, while I love many of the Shuriman cities (including the capital) I admit that the capital itself is almost too weird for me to wrap my head around. The sheer scale of it beggars belief, and when I try to imagine myself walking the marketplaces at the bottom of some of those artificial chasms, my imagination just fails. Would there be, at that depth, just minutes of sunlight reaching them? Do they reflect sunlight down there? Do they keep the lowest levels for things other than trivial marketplaces and living areas? It's almost Kowloon Walled City like in its verticality, which sets it as the third highly vertical living space in Runeterra that I know of - but certainly the most lavish and palacial in its heyday (and maybe again?) For reals, though - Nashramae is my favourite. I also know it as the Palace of Flowers, but I'm not sure they ever made that (very ancient Shuriman) name canon, so please don't take it as such. >Hold your tears another day >‘Til we can bathe in flowers >At Nashrimae we’ll wash your feet and >Sleep in cooler hours”
The main area I got the "flow towards Shurima" from comes from Taliyah's short story "The Bird and the Branch", where the following occurs: > “It’s a bit more common now that your people’s lost city has risen.” Taliyah looked up. “What?” “Word has it the rivers flow backward too.” The merchant waved a hand in the air, poking fun at the mysteries of a far-off people he considered simple. “All because your bird-god has returned from the grave.” Though I'm likely misremembering it as in Taliyah's other short story, since there it states: > The people of her tribe had followed the seasonal waters for hundreds of years. The best chance of finding her family was to follow the water, and to Taliyah’s dismay, the water in Shurima now flowed from a single source as it had in ages past. So yeah, that's a fo par on my part, as I assumed from the "backwards" wording that the implication was the rivers flowed inland towards the capital, as opposed to outward, going across the land and up any which way they chose. I'm dumb. I wouldn't care I've read One Piece and that manga has an example just like this, where waters flows up from all four seas, _up_ the reverse mountain, before dropping off in to the Grand Line. So yeah, sorry about that; I messed up, the rivers are weird, I just screwed up on why they are weird. Though there's still the implication of how the city does this in the first place and what kind of monumental power you need to bring forth those life giving waters from beneath the earth and then send them flowing out in to the lands of Shurima. Back to the city though, yeah it's mind boggling. It makes for a poor city at the end of the day as far as I can see, leading me to believe that it perhaps wasn't ever intended to be lived in by a great many people, but was made specifically to draw water from the Oasis; a facility for water distribution.
: As always it has been a wonderful read. I think your idea isn't all built in the air, it traces back to our own ancient Egyptian culture, which has a lot of mysteries bound to a knowledge and craftmanship that is hard to believe was acquired during those ancient times and "aliens" contacts always had a great presence in our imaginary. I also would like to add to your theory that the power that Shurimans use for Ascending is indeed closer to Aurelion Sol magic than anything experienced since now in Runeterra (as we know for now), the exact words being: _**"In a vast stretch of desert, I feel the twinge of familiar magic emanating from the seat of the premiere civilization amongst these savages"**_. Given that we are just talking about a huge focusing lens it's still the only attempt at cosmic magic that Runeterrans have done.
Thanks for the kind words Shaper. Even if my theories about the capital are folly, it does stand to reason that if Shurima wanted to harness the power of the sun, they'd look to knowledge of the cosmos in an effort to learn just how to do it, potentially leading them to Mount Targon and knowledge of Targon itself. It had to be such a vast undertaking and given how long it took for human cultures to grasp the principle of magical technology, there had to be something else there for Shurima to get the Sun Disc made. Hell, maybe a Shuriman sought out Mount Targon's peak for answers about the cosmos, was chosen to be an Aspect, and returned home with knowledge that was critical to making the disc.
  Rioter Comments
: The Ionian one?
The one that changed the lives of just about every Ionian champion in the game.
: Kled has no affiliation with Noxian military does he
He has his own ideas about what Noxus is, and those soldiers weren't it. There's nothing official about his standing or what he does but he embodies Noxian ideology and has done since basically the nation's founding. He fights for Noxus because he wants to, not because of any military or national obligation. Make no mistake, Kled's been a part of every campaign waged by Noxus. Every campaign. Every single one. Yes even the invasion of Ionia.
: Rito make it a TV series!
Like Friends but with more yordles! Sion and Kled live in the house just across the border from Poppy and Galio. Riven's gone Awol and needs a place to stay, so Sion and Kled let her live with them. Meanwhile Shyvana's living with Poppy and Galio having problems about being a half dragon and her feelings for J4. The comedy gold writes itself!
Ralanr (NA)
: Personally? Poppy's journey to discover herself or Sion's journey to remember what he once was.
Coupled with the timeless friendship with Galio as they wander the verdant lands of Demacia? Or the eternally rivallry with Galio where one is a being of stone and magic, but more man than the human? Yeah that dynamic's got a lot of potential. Poppy, Sion, and hopefully Galio would make for such an interesting dynamic.
: Which champion do you feel has the strongest potential for the most engaging/exciting story?
{{champion:267}} because she's in the running along with Ryze to effectively be League's main character as she has a good enough excuse (saving her people by finding the moonstone) to be involved in any storyline concievable.
: Ok i didn't know it!
Karma, Sejuani and Maokai are up once Galio's done though so it's not in the very near future just yet.
: We could throw the Darkin in this as well. Perhaps Kayle and Morgana's race was at war with the Darkin, and now only a few of them are left.
Maybe, though I'm still running down the head canon track of the Darkin having ties to the Targonians before they became all celestial and stuff. A possibility though certainly.
: When talking about champion lore strength what do you guys consider important?
Personally I just put Bard as the defacto strongest because he's the one charged with protecting EVERYTHING in the universe. He also probably knows the most when it comes to how the universe works out of anybody. That's just how it foctors in for me.
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=aGeMEj49,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-02-11T17:33:55.022+0000) > > Soraka also counts for the moment since her lore hasn't been updated yet (though Reav3's said she's coming in the near future), and her home isn't of Runeterra. > > I'd say Kayle and Morgana are better suited for remaining otherworldly as well considering I can't think of a logical way to keep them in the current setting as angels without making them human at some point or kinda diminishing their power levels. Random crazy idea: What if Kayle and Morgana end up being two *actual* Targonians? We've been told that Sol's crown is losing power due to some unseen conflict among them, and what Kayle and Morg have got going on totally counts as a conflict.
I feel like Kayle and Morgana being their own thing is a better angle, at least from my own personal stance on things, though I could see a Targonian connection; their homeworld is one Targon encountered, tried to fight against or is in an alliance with? Different angles that could be pursued. Though I do like entertaining the idea that perhaps Soraka, Kayle and Morgana entered Runeterra via Mount Targon, considering it seems to be linked to a whole bunch of places in the cosmos, not just Targon itself. Either way the question of "If Kayle and Morgana stay otherworldly what's their deal with Targon?" is one that'll be important in the future.
: Soraka's universe page has her in Ionia interestingly. I wonder if they are going to connect her to the man-animal hybrids in the World Tree's grove in Ivern's lore. (Wukong and Ahri too)
Likely because of the strong connections she's always had to Ionia since that's where her grove is linked to in a traversing dimensional boundaries sense. Soraka doesn't really count as a chimeric being really since she's predominantly blue skinned, has the bottom half of her legs belonging to ungulates and a horn that doesn't seem to be made of traditional harm material. I could be wrong here but I feel they're definetly gonna keep her connected to the wider cosmos even if she is more conceptually, narratively and literally grounded than her contemporaries.
: Hilariously 'Edgelord', 'Weeb' and '[Reaper-esque](http://imgur.com/gallery/mA9pe)' are words that have made their way into general game design vocabulary in recent times. Personally I love it and carry the dark edgy flag in Riot Penguin's absence! Although admittedly I'm more of a Roadhog/Junkrat man just because I'm an Aussie. It makes sense that Sci-fi, even real world themes like Pool Party/Snowdown, are more popular than traditional fantasy because the game is _already_ set in a fantasy world. But this doesn't mean we won't keep doing them, just that I understand why the impact isn't as dramatic. I do have headcanon for Elderwood though and I hope we can return to that magical place. A lot of the artists really love it, which makes sense because _artists_. Whilst skin lines like Warring Kingdoms and PROJECT favour human champions I believe the Elderwood is a place where no human may tread. It's an enchanted forest of ancient and majestic power where creatures live in harmony protected by the Fae Queen and her court of living constructs. Sort of like the forest at the beginning of [Maleficent](https://youtu.be/TMrIaBK3evY), mixed with [Laputa](https://youtu.be/8ykEy-yPBFc) or the Eyrewood from PA.
> Hilariously 'Edgelord', 'Weeb' and 'Reaper-esque' are words that have made their way into general game design vocabulary in recent times. Personally I love it and carry the dark edgy flag in Riot Penguin's absence! Although admittedly I'm more of a Roadhog/Junkrat man just because I'm an Aussie. A man/woman/however you prefer after my own heart there. On Elderwood I personally drew up the idea of the Elderwood being a forest beyond the realm of the physical; a sort of natural plane of existence where life grows and takes on mysterious and powerful forms, which then find their way in to worlds, connecting every forest, jungle grove and place of strong natural energies. Beings of the Elderwood leave that realm at times to inhabit mortal worlds and guard their forests in their own ways, while also bringing out some of the unique natural beauty and powers of those locales. I suppose I liken the idea of Elderwood more to the idea of the Emerald Dream from WoW, where it's sort of a mirror or the realm world but untouched by mortal taint and connected to beings of immense power tasked with guarding both realms. You have Hecarim, who appears in forests threatened by mortals to decimate their ranks until the learn to either respect or fear nature. Then there's LeBlanc who lords over forests as she pleases, doing whenever a fae queen does with her time. Finally there's Bard, who acts as an overseer and a force of intervention, checking on all places connected to the Elderwood and, should the need arise, acting as a protector for these places if the threat is sufficient enough. Unlike Hecarim and LeBlanc who in some way reflect both the Elderwood and the forests they've visited before, Bard is true Elderwood and incomprehensible to beings not of the Elderwood. Course that's all just my bollocking so I dunno. Would love to know what other folks think about it because I like your angle on Elderwood Kindle.
Sunreach (NA)
: Bard is pretty otherworldly....or maybe he's more "everyworldly". Cosmic spirits of unimaginable power fall into that category, right?
Soraka also counts for the moment since her lore hasn't been updated yet (though Reav3's said she's coming in the near future), and her home isn't of Runeterra. I'd say Kayle and Morgana are better suited for remaining otherworldly as well considering I can't think of a logical way to keep them in the current setting as angels without making them human at some point or kinda diminishing their power levels.
: As I mentioned we are working on it :D
And I'm super eager to see the fruits of your labour!
: Huh. They put a lot more thought into this than I gave them credit for. Salt levels decreasing.
: Elderwood probably doesn't have that big of a chance to be expanded in depth. Pretty much all the popular skin lines are all sci-fi or close to it (Arcade). It sucks since I enjoy the more fantasy / lore-based skins way more.
If I was a crude person I'd say "edge sells" but eh, it's true. I do dig Elderwood though. Wouldn't stop me thinking on the potential story behind those skins even if little came for them in the future.
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