: Still waiting for dragontamer {{champion:50}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: The tides' a little salt, aye?
My blood is 65% salt. That's not a reference to me playing League of Legends, I just eat really badly.
Ralanr (NA)
: Time of the month Vladimir!
Those types of jokes arent funny. Period.
: New Blood Moon skins coming, guess who won't get one
How come nobody considers Vladimir as a candidate for a Blood Moon skin? Blood **Moon** Diana. **Blood** Moon Vladimir.
: Why aren't Lucian and Vayne friends?
Vayne's too edgy to have friends. I'd love to have hot chocolate with Lucian though. ~~or Lucian's hot chocolate~~
: Can Janna's title be changed to something besides "The Storm's Fury"?
Janna: The Storms Fucking of Melee Champions. A little wordy, but I think it fits.
: It is the future, heed my warning.
If Vladimir ever gets a Hextech Crafting skin I will lose so much money.
: "suddenly new yorick skin that cost 20 gemstones."
Don't you even fucking start with that fucking gemstone bullshit.
SlownD (NA)
: Skin Idea - Dreadnova Jhin
Rioter Comments
: When you lane against Caitlyn as Darius
That's playing against Caitlyn in general. Just afk if they have a Zyra too.
Rioter Comments
: Champions that are bad top lane as long as Jayce is allowed to be good
Vlad's not on that list. Friend, you're very mistaken.
Wind234 (NA)
: I know a lot of people don't like Camille, but....
Other than her moniker being the incredibly uninspired "Steel Shadow", I love everything about her.
Sciela (NA)
: She already has a really weak early game. Her damage is dependent on her Q, which adds a VERY small amount of damage to her auto, and makes a portion of it turn into true damage (starting a 40%, working up to 80 based on level). So, early game she has next to no damage, and until she finishes Titanic and Sheen, she's not going to do a whole ton either. Sure, she's incredibly mobile, but she needs to be to be functional. One, tiny bit of CC will totally throw off her combo and make her do nothing, and she can't fight more than one person reliably (unless you're stupidly fed). So, if she can't zip around and stay on top of the person she's trying to kill (assuming no one is there to body block or peel), she really can't kill anything -- and that's her job, to jump on people and kill them if she isn't peeled off them. If it's her mobility you have an issue with, we should also call for nerfs on Lee's mobility, Irelia's, Diana's, Zac's, Riven's, Quinn's, Win Nhao's, and a lot of other champs, since their success is largely based on their mobility.
Early game yeah, Q is barely enough to win a trade. It's super powerful lategame with nearly 700 true damage procs, but I agree. You don't need to defend her to me, I adore her design. I think she's one of the coolest recent Champions, along with Kled and Jhin. She might be a tad overtuned or overloaded, but again, I could be wrong. > If it's her mobility you have an issue with, we should also call for nerfs on Lee's mobility, Irelia's, Diana's, Zac's, Riven's, Quinn's, Win Nhao's So, it's not so much her mobility I have an issue with (maybe her rank 5 CD is a bit too short given that she gets at least 20% CDR from items, but that's it). Basically everyone you mentioned other than Zac and Diana, I would be 110% happy with nerfing their mobility, but that's another discussion. Though, given how you've presented yourself, I'd love to discuss that - and more - with you.
Sciela (NA)
: If it did, she may as well not even have the ability. If you skip maxing Q, you do very low damage. If you skip maxing W, you can't really go for extended trades, since everyone outruns you. With this change, Camille wouldn't be able to really do anything except maybe auto someone once -- if they let her walk up to that range since you can't max E. That would make Camille not even worth playing. She doesn't need more nerfs -- she can't duel a good portion of the roster as is, and only really excels at picking people (and even then, anyone with any amount of sustain just ruins her day, and she can't do anything to them). Just [go read this ](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/AoPFVwIP-how-to-play-against-camille-for-all-the-whiners-out-there)if you're having so many issues. I could explain how to specifically play Vlad against her, if you want. Rank 7 on both champs.
The idea was to crutch her early game a little. Gangplank's barrels don't get the 0.5 tick until level 13, to prevent him from being an early game menace. I'm personally not having any troubles against her since I have a pretty good idea of how she works. I actually like her a lot, I just don't get a chance to play her often because of banned/someone else picked her/there's a better pick for my team. I havent actually _laned_ against one as Vlad yet, though I imagine it's one of those lanes I'd have to max Pool second. The thread wasnt a "I want her nerfed because I struggle against her", I just personally still think she's on the strong side and it might have something to do with how mobile she can be. I could be wrong.
Rioter Comments
: Why does it feel like DIver's are just more mobile Juggernauts nowadays?
Ralanr (NA)
: I personally don't, only because I hated how powerful his Pool+R combo actually was because it combined the power of two different abilities while now it's one ability and considerably weaker. Though I will admit he does feel weak now. I tried him out and (granted I don't play mages) and I couldn't land his damn Q at all and his ult didn't feel very impactful (course I was behind). Also, did you know that if you constantly hit Malz, the cooldown on his passive resets? Cause I didn't and it sure felt like it.
Yeah, his passive works like that. It's not about how strong he is gameplay wise or even about game health, I just much preferred the old Malzahar in terms of how he felt and who he was. Old Malz was a lockdown mage who punished poor positioning, with a bit of AoE and a bit of DoT to help him do things. New Malz is a minionmancer/DoT mage/AoE mage/CC mage/Spellshield asshole. Too much about him is in his Voidlings.
: Me saying Malz Support is Freelo let to you making this thread? http://www.troll.me/images/snape-dafuq/god-damn-.jpg
It just reminded me about how much I hate the new one.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Trelania (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tides of Blood,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=3hEdGEGe,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-01-18T03:28:51.972+0000) > > _Ahem._ > > Vlad main. Tides of Blood is Vladimir's E. > > I'll also put forth a name for Tidal Tyrant, Gangplank main/OTP. Tidal refers to Gangplank being a seaman, and Tyrant refers to him being a cruel ruler to his **seamen**. I read that wrong. Oops.
: How to play Vladimir from a Mordekaiser main, feat. a Vlad main
> When purchasing the literally best item on Vlad {{item:3152}} https://i.imgur.com/TUbPc.gifv And hey. Placements are a magical place where no one can predict what happens. My 24% winrate is only slightly my own fault. https://i.imgur.com/XGxd6hf.png I'm getting there. And you took out the part about making puns and replaced it with edge-quotes!? Sacrilege. Go play your desperately outdated Morde**Cry**ser. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/8/86/Sanguine_Pool.png/revision/latest?cb=20160616212644&format=webp I'm out.
: Back in Business!
> Back in business No you fool, you're in Diamond.
: PSA: ADC are NOT mandatory
Wow that Soraka and Warwick were really good gee I'd love to meet them and shake their hand clearly they were the true carry.
: i think its a vlad quote or he says pitful creatures
"Pitiful Creatures." is a Blood Lord Vladimir quote.
: Everyone with their username relating to their main, come here.
_Ahem._ Vlad main. Tides of Blood is Vladimir's E. I'll also put forth a name for Tidal Tyrant, Gangplank main/OTP. Tidal refers to Gangplank being a seaman, and Tyrant refers to him being a cruel ruler to his seamen.
: CR Q lasts for less than a second. Veigar is more mobile than him for over 75%, considering base movement speed and Luden's.
I'd argue Syndra is more mobile in a pseudo sense, given that she can cast a lot of her stuff without pausing to stop moving and that makes her remarkably slippery.
: I don't, I don't wanna see anymore circle jerk posts about it. (see name)
I was referring to "There's not enough blood". There's never enough blood.
: Your not wrong. It's just...... There's not enough Blood
: When you panic pool as Vladimir during an enemy gank
With all the grace and sexual appeal of a real Vladimir player.
: My experience so far playing AGAINST the new Warwick on the PBE
https://media.tenor.co/images/808e7a803e210a8112f4756f54ba91b6/raw Ain't got shit on my boy Omnimon.
Rioter Comments
: Tides of Blood, apply cold water to burned area.
: Inb4 Tides comes and sees this. Hue.
: My relationship with every single one of my enslaved Ghost...
Don't forget the AI on dragon. http://25.media.tumblr.com/0ac1fd3d81cfa8eb662fafa566813e8d/tumblr_mr0lssV2nH1s18vh3o1_400.gif
: When every enemy champion is low and you can't decide which blood trail to follow
GigglesO (NA)
: What I hear when Riot says "Takes Skill"
GreenLore (EUW)
: Yeah I think that is more likely. {{champion:432}} & {{champion:223}} could get their lore updates,when they do a spirit related event(as Shens lore makes it clear that demons are spirits too) {{champion:203}} and {{champion:40}} would also fall into this category,but they got already a bio and color text {{champion:63}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:56}} and {{champion:35}} might be retconned into spirits/demons.
Bard's not a spirit though, he's the cosmic janitor.
Reav3 (NA)
: There is a thematic reason. We thought it would be kind of absurd for a instinct driven bestial hunter to have a conversation with the shopkeepers.
Does that technically mean that you're more likely to have a fluid, coherent game of chess with Sion than Warwick? I would love to play chess with Sion.
: His E is very useful for the attack speed slow though.
It is, but there's a very short list of Champions who you can reasonably expect to use it against, given that the class based around high attack speed is ranged and you'll only get on top of them with your ultimate. Although it is funny watching Mordekaiser hit 0.3 AS because you pressed E and you have Frozen Heart.
: Marksman: {{champion:22}} Juggernauts: {{champion:122}} Divers: {{champion:254}} Skirmishers: {{champion:92}} Assassins: {{champion:55}} Vanguards: {{champion:113}} Wardens: {{champion:201}} Enchanters: {{champion:117}} Disruptors: {{champion:61}} Battlemage {{champion:8}} Artillery: {{champion:101}} Burst Mage: {{champion:1}} Spellsword: N/A
> Spellsword: N/A I would love a dedicated Spellsword Champion. You could put a case down for Diana, considering she's an AP-scaling, spell-user that's incentivized to use AA's within her combo and stay melee range.
: A few parts of Ghostcrawler's list don't sit right with me... Cait? Janna? Their entire premise is currently the cancer of bot lane. Let's not even get started on when they're together... ___________ Also, Sion is a juggernaut (last I remember at least), not a vanguard. Someone like Poppy, Skarner (was changed from jug to van), Maokai, etc should be there. Someone have an explanation of why a few people are referring to Sion as vanguard now?
Sion's definitely a Vanguard, at least according to their official list - because of his offensive-tank nature. Poppy and Maokai are Wardens, since they're more defensive tanks than offensive. Cait and Janna are cancerous, but that's not why I disagree with Ghostcrawlers personal listings. Caitlyn's kit warps the game in a way a single Marksman (or Champion) shouldnt, and Janna is half Disruptor (zone control) as she is Enchanter, whereas Nami is (imo) much more fitting of the title Enchanter.
Ralanr (NA)
: IMO Sion would be the best representation of the Vanguard class if Malphites ult wasn't better (faster, no warning, no need to engage across the map). Sure Sion's ult has its strengths, but Malphite's is much more reliable. If I didn't find him boring as hell I'd probably abuse it.
The other issue is that Malphite is basically an ult-bot. His basic abilities are so low impact it's sad.
Rioter Comments
: TFW your jungler has x2.607 your farm
Clearly we know who really carried that game.
Crewx (NA)
: I don't think movement speed is the answer for Mordekaiser, simply because he's meant to be a Juggernaut. He just needs another rework, and not one that tries to hamfist him into bot. If they find a way to make him naturally work bot, like Ziggs does currently, then great. I'd love for Morde bot on an all Pentakill team. But they can't force it with things like the xp passive. His Creeping Death is sorta nonsensical, too. He's a cruel, heartless undead warlord, so a support-ish or cooperative spell doesn't belong in his kit. It also goes against the idea of him being a Juggernaut; they should be fairly selfish without much team-based utility. If they changed it to be a self-only spell, or one like it used to be, and also buffed it, that would be good.
> I don't think movement speed is the answer for Mordekaiser, simply because he's meant to be a Juggernaut. Darius gets to have 345 movement speed, a massive slow, a hook + slow, and basically permanent bonus movespeed once he gets Phage but Mordekaiser gets nothing?
: The first one is "Tear---last 2 letters of mechanic." Some people pronounce it tar instead of tear, so that one might've been confusing. The third one is "Your---first 2 letters of ichor."
: I've actually never played that champion. In fact, I started playing only recently. The only reworks that I've personally witnessed have been pullorripsomethingapartortopieceswithforcelasttwolettersoftheprofessionindicatingapersonwhorepairsandmaintainsmachinery's, movefromalowerpointinspacetoahigherone's, and belongingtoorassociatedwiththepersonorpeoplethatthespeakerisaddressingfirsttwolettersofthefluidthatflowslikebloodintheveinsofthegods's. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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