: Watching a Kassadin vs Malzahar lane is sad now
On the bright side, it means that no one picked LeBlanc or Katarina and that makes me happy. But I share your sentiment deeply. Revert Malzahar.
: in b4 Janna identity for 6 got damn years. Seriously. Janna has been the top win rate support for over half a decade but we will never ban her because she doesn't FEEL like she is OP, unless you are playing against her and cant kill anyone ever.
More like we never ban her because there's usually more cancerous shit to ban at almost any given time. But yeah, Janna needs nerfs and a rework.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: Feb 16
Wanted to ask about Vladimir, in regards to someone previously referring to him (and Swain) as Juggermages. Since you're doing some stuff with the bases of Juggernauts and Tanks, would Vladimir (who even prior to the introduction of the Juggernaut concept was very much though of as a tank/mage mage/tank) be a part of that at all?
: most confusing read ever
Jhin is so well designed that even when he's bullshit pick/ban OP broken he doesnt feel bullshit pick/ban OP broken and he's still an absolute pleasure to play against. Does this help?
: Why are autofill supports good at Jax?
You know it's a fact that if you spill a Vlad mains blood, it naturally lines up to spell "shitty puns".
: Jhin 54% PICK RATE 52% Winrate
The nice thing about Jhin is that even when he's too strong - which he is, don't get me wrong. I think he's in need of some nerfs - he's still not even broken. His design is just that good.
: Glad you like it! I forgot to put this in the main post, will add it later when I'm on my laptop, but the Vlad segment is meant to be a gift for you in the same manner the Morde one was for MM.
I loved it! Especially the whole "High School culture" where Vlad is both reputed and pariahed for his puns. ~~In no way do I empathize with that at all~~
: The League of Legends Valentine Holiday Special
Popped in earlier to upvote. Saw your notification about more stories. I can't upvote this enough. Vladimir and Diana are just _moon_ t for each other.
Skelenth (EUW)
: When my teammates complain about enemy midlanes damage
: Item balancing should be extra cautionary compared to champ balance
: So is anyone else sick of Quinn
I'm always sick of Quinn.
: Amon was such a cool and influential villain. Shame his defeat didn't do him justice. P.S. Quick question, what are your top 3 Vlad ships, if you have them? I assure you this has nothing to do with Valentine's day coming up.
_suspicion +1_ VladimirxJhin, VladimirxElise, VladimirxDiana. Blood/Art, Black Rose, and Blood Moon.
: Plot armor saved the day imo
: When Nocturne Ults Right as You Ult as TF
Rewatched the season earlier today. Man, Amon deserved to win.
: And that's why you hang out with MM right? So Tidal and Co would hang out with him, and by proxy hang out with you? :P
MM hangs out with me because he feeds off misery.
: Jayce has a cool _aesthetic_. His **design** is "ha ha if I can't beat you at range I'll just faceroll all over you at level 3, because that's when I have 6 damage spells". And because _that's_ his design, he's either a lolworthy faceroll lane bully or Jayce mains are crying for buffs. This applies to **every** two-form champ with a free transformation. Nidalee, Rek'sai, Elise, and Jayce are all superpowerful early game bullies who can't be allowed to scale well due to the fact that they have 6 spells at level 3 with which to ruin everybody's day. And remember your whole idea of "Kindred should be an exponentially scaling champ"? That is _fundamentally at odds_ with being a free transformation champ. Kled and Gnar have other issues, mostly unrelated to being transformation champs and more due to the design of one of their forms.
It could be argued that two-form Champions have their place in the game, but if you have the power to freely change form you should be relegated to the jungle. I agree in that Jayce is stupid because he has double the abilities of every other standard laner in the game at level 3 and that makes him unfair, so he _should _also have lower numbers on average. Jayce having 6 damage spells isnt a problem, it's that he has 6 damage spells and they all do too much damage with not enough cost to make Jayce players think carefully about trading. Jungling dual-form Champs are less obnoxious because you arent constantly having to fight someone with double your options pre-6. They also trade their versatility for a stronger ability. As annoying as an Elise might be, she'll never be able to jump on you with the same power as something like Nocturne or have the lockdown of Nautilus.
Sozan5 (EUNE)
: Okay, now answer me this: What is kindred's weakness? One form covers the weaknesses of the other and those can be changed at will. Sorry, but it won't work. Also, having %damage on everything is how you get Tank Kindred (dealing a lot of damage, while being hard to kill - I'm sure you know the drill by now), especially with that bonus % resistance on Lamb E. That said, I do agree there is a lot of wasted potential on Kindred.
Lamb is squishy and DPS based. Wolf is melee and single target. Neither are exceptional in teamfights. Other than Wolf's slows and the tethers (both things are single-target) they have no utility to provide to their team. Wolf isnt that tanky unless you get the 20 stack buff, which means you'd need to be involved in a huge amount of kills as well as being active in objective control.
: That burn though
The only burns I feel are Grievous Wounds. And the searing pain of perpetual loneliness and self-loathing.
: Post in this thread and i'll tell you why I hate you
If you reply to me to tell me why you hate me...we'd have something in common.
: "Two-form champion" Stop right there, criminal scum. You and I and absolutely everybody knows that transformation champs are unbalanceable cancer. Why would you ever want to add another one?
Transformation champs arent innately unbalance-able by any stretch of the imagination. Jayce is something I'd call cool design, he just happens to be overtuned as all hell right now. Gnar is interesting to say the least, and if there's a core problem with him it's more to do with Frozen Mallet existing. Kled is arguably the best two-form Champ we have, because of the way it works in his kit. There's no bad ideas, just bad execution.
Ralanr (NA)
: I imagine this kindred would build more like Gnar to empower Wolf's melee fighting. Which may have an unintended effect of making Lamb both mobile and durable.
Lamb's scalings are off bonus AD, and Wolf doesnt scale off any tank stats other than his own sustain or 20 stacks. We imagine Kindred would still be built primarily AS/AD/on-hit.
: Lamb seems a bit op, what's her auto range? are you planning some type of armor mr reduction to that form?
Currently Lamb's AA range is 500. The only way Lamb would be AR/MR reduction was if Kindred swapped forms immediately after Wolf's tether broke.
: That's a Bibarel. It's got "barrel" in its name. Like Gangplank's barrel ability. Iz funny.
Rioter Comments
: how do you best utilize vlads pool ability?
Treat it as nothing more than an escape tool early-mid game. It's too valuable to be used as anything else. Lategame and during teamfights, use it as a tool to wait out Haemoplague pops and CDs, coupling it with Zhonyas. If you get Liandrys, lategame Pool can put out some nasty damage if you position yourself under your enemy.
Skelenth (EUW)
: [http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/430/877/271.gif](http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/430/877/271.gif)
: Hey tides, Unrelated but I always wanted to ask what do you usually run for runes on vlad? I like MS quints and 10% CDR. Then my build usually turns into this: {{item:3158}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3285}} > {{item:3151}} /{{item:3135}} >{{item:3089}} I don't use {{item:3116}} anymore so I want to know what people do these days.
I run MPen Reds, HP/level yellows, 15% scaling CDR blues, one 5% CDR scaling quint, and two MS quints. No AR/MR means you have to play well early, really well, but the scaling is worth it. My build is almost always: {{item:3151}}-{{item:3089}}-{{item:3157}}-{{item:3135}}-{{item:3001}} or {{item:3065}} and for boots I can choose between {{item:3020}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3047}} . I still hit 45% CDR lategame, which I think is important. I try to rush Liandrys when I can for the damage, but if I need AR I get an early Armguard and MR I get an early Cowl. Rylais is a gimped item and the only Champs who still build it are equally gimped Champs who require it to function. {{champion:82}} Feel free to ask me anything else!
Rioter Comments
: ADC feels super binary now. Your either good or your not. If your not good, you can do literally nothing all game with no chance of coming back. If you are good, then you still have to put in ridiculous amounts of effort to keep any lead you had in order to hopefully hit your late-game fantasy (If Late-game even happens). No matter how far ahead you are... that 0/5 Poppy/Maokai/Etc. will always be a potential threat that can ruin all your hopes of winning and good luck to you if they are actually fed.
It's as though an entire class designed around point-click damage and outstatting is super binary. Huh. Who would have thought.
: As an adc main, I've never felt more useless than I have now. It is like putting in twice the effort for half the reward. If you want to carry, you have to be GOOD. It only takes one misstep and the enemy tank is going to kill you in about 2 seconds. A lost lane means you will be doing almost no damage to anyone and you end turning into nothing more than a target to pad the enemies KDA... I actually miss the juggernaut update now, can we go back to those days?
Jhin's my secondary main and my second highest mastery, Ashe is my fourth and she's my backup ADC. I love these champs, but god damn it the role feels so lacking in agency. I'm basically a walking ward that has to be protected until I get my items. And we've got these bullshit Lethality ADCs running rampant. As much as I'd rather play against Varus than Vayne, I still hate it, it removes the whole scaling curve of the class.
: She did get a pretty huge nerf this patch
That 10 extra mana is going to gut her.
: I'm over this meta and I'm taking a break from the game. I'm tired of crushing my lane for 6+ minutes, only to lose first tower to a 4/5 man dive. I'm tired of teams being able to get away with all AD champs (again). I'm tired of the support role being devoid of high skill-cap champs. I'm tired of seeing every other role get champs with overloaded kits like Ekko and Camille, while we get champs like Braum and TK. I'm tired of Riot ignoring this problem. If only 10% of your players are willing to main support, while the other 90% have a negative experience whenever they are forced to auto-fill, I would consider that a priority issue to remedy. Especially when support mains like myself are starting to take a break from the game.
I don't mind getting autofilled supp every once in a while. I can bust out the Kench or something else tanky. Wait, no I can't. Brand and Zyra will destroy me.
: > a cancer that support Brand and Zyra introduced into the game. Whoa whoa now. Don't forget {{champion:161}}
At least Vel'Koz is skillshot based.
: You know I see you and Dominus alot, and everytime I do its you guys bitching about how your fighters, bruisers and tanks aren't op enough and to nerf/gut every other role.
Well, if the meta ever became super bruiser based, Darius would win basically every fight because Noxian Might was such a great idea. 200 AD for hitting someone 5 times. Good job Riot. As well as having a heal that scales off defensive stats rather than offensive stats. Remember when {{champion:8}} could build full HP and still heal a shit tonne?
: HEY! I'll have you know that a 1.75 second dodge zone on a 16 second cooldown with a 40 energy cost that you can't even control the location of fully is a very useful ability and is a defining part of Shen's kit!
It hurts to process this amount of sarcasm.
Ralanr (NA)
: If that's the case, maybe his zone shouldn't be tied to his ult. By which I mean, let him slowly corrupt the area around him. Sort of like that one Zerg in HoTS.
Old Malzahar's death pool wasnt tied to his Nether Grasp. Part of playing him well was getting your ult off while they were on top of it. His E did/does the slow-corruption thing by spreading from target to target, except it's shit right now and exists for no other purpose than aggroing cancer dogs and abusing Rylais.
Ralanr (NA)
: My heart goes out to those players, but I'm starting to wonder if Malz just has a design problem that needs more attention in his core. What is Malz supposed to be? A minion mancer? A lock down mage? A tank killer? Anti-assassin mage? Earlier in league he could have been multiple things, but as the pool gets bigger, previous occupants must get better defined. Basic question: What is the strategic reason for playing Malz?
Lockdown mage, at least if you ask me. He's a lockdown mage who deals damage with mixed AoE and DoTs, and has to rely on locking people down in his zones to hurt them.
Ralanr (NA)
: Or he just did it from a somewhat safe range under your top lane tower...
I get your position that Malzahar was a pain in the ass to lane against, because he was, but at least then the Malzahar player was having fun. Now, playing solo lane Malzahar is a joke, and bot lane Malzahar is a symptom of a cancer that support Brand and Zyra introduced into the game.
Ralanr (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tides of Blood,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nqA1klLo,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-02-08T12:56:24.552+0000) > > Pressing R on old Malzahar without your team would accomplish little. Part of the skill ceiling was being able to use all your basic abilities in quick succession, and using your ult to make them sit in your death pool and eat your space aids without them being able to get away. Imo it was basically "spam spells, press R, dead. No counterplay." I _hated_ old Malz's pool+R combo.
Yeah, but it also punished mispositioning and not warding properly. At least there was some kind of area for the enemy to fuck up and the Malz to punish that. Now it's just afk minion harass.
: Skill ceiling? Lol I figured out how to do that easy ass cheese back when I was still Bronze 5.
I didnt say it was an exceptionally high skill ceiling.
: TBH he was a 'press R champ' before. They should just give him a total VGU.
Pressing R on old Malzahar without your team would accomplish little. Part of the skill ceiling was being able to use all your basic abilities in quick succession, and using your ult to make them sit in your death pool and eat your space aids without them being able to get away.
: I left support for mid, tired of dealing with al of this every game, I still queue Mid/Supp tho, and I'm slowly being forced into the mage support meta, especially since my first main is a support now instead of a midlaner.... #revert6.23changes. #fixMalzahar #fixdamage #Bufftowers
Rioter Comments
: I guess Ezreal has friends now we can blame instead of just him every time.
Amusingly, Ezreal doesnt even abuse Lethality as much as others. He still wants his Sheen + Tear items first, and then (I think, I don't play Ezreal) you grab your Lifesteal and LW and whatnot.
: "Talon and Zed are struggling...let's buff Lethality!"
Way too often, Marksman are the reason we can't have nice things.
: You uhh...you making a cabinet of sorts for your gameplay director campaign? I uhh ahem, I could help in this endeavour and help pick out cabinet seats like uhh...Malicious Metal for secretary of reworks, or I dunno, somethin' like that. Eh, "Director WoonStruck?" Eh? _Eh?_
Dibs on being Executive of Grievous Wounds Whining.
: https://i.imgur.com/fbzUm1t.jpg
Honestly, that bothers me less than their favouritism and their stubbornness in defending badly designed shit. For starters: #revertMalz2017 makeMalzgreatagain
: How game Devs seem to balance
The problem with your metaphor, is it implies Riot wants to properly balance their game. So far, from all indicators, they have no desire to balance their game and want to just fuck shit up every so often so that the meta doesnt get stale.
: I made a list of every Champion’s unique thematic/archetype. Don’t ask me about Rumble’s.
{{champion:157}} https://i.ytimg.com/vi/n-BmKFgJJog/maxresdefault.jpg
: {{champion:266}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} management
Health costs and Energy still require management. To an extent, so does Rumbles heat.
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