xScarfy (EUW)
: I thought that most recall animations have a shorter version for the shorter recall (eg Baron Buff, recall on dominion). They don't have a new animation but their normal animation is shortened (for example Vel'Koz: in his normal recall animation he starts spinning for 7 seconds before flying out of the screen in the last second of the recall and with baron buff he only spins for 3 seconds, before flying out of the screen).
As I was watching Blood Moon Jhin recall through the stream, I got the feeling that it was incomplete. Now that you say this I'm doubtful if I saw that correctly.
Rioter Comments
: i think riot should allow people to change their summoner spells and mastery pages when the game starts (like a 2 minute window to change your stuff) in case someone forgets to change on accident they can do it in game
But the reason people have wrong spells/masteries/runes is mostly they went to the toilet, eating, or doing anything that's not League related, because they already locked in. Game starts, and they say "shit, I was ordering food dude". If there was a 2 minute window, people would abuse that and join the game a little later. And you have to put a system like once you use a summoner, you can't change it. Otherwise people would drop wards on red and blue, and just 5-man TP invade enemy jungle, get first blood and change the spells back to what they should be. Would be interesting, but not from the jungler's point of view.
jmp231 (NA)
: That plant ai made her so weak in my opinion and I'm an ad carry minion that used to get dumpstered by her plants auto locking on to me
If you can land your skillshots (which is not a hard task in low elo because people don't try to dodge), they still lock onto you. AI did help farming against a Zyra, but the damage is still OP with only Spellthief's Edge and Sightstone.
: You should try out AP / thunder lord thresh
I played against one as Lulu. It is obnoxious I give you that, but way below Zyra with no real items.
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: Three traps for the moon, one man for the star.
The background is red, too. Are you describing turkish flag?
: You can tell who is an old school player and who isn't by how much they hate autofill
The post is almost over and I have not checked all the comments if somebody already said this but: Complaining about autofill here in the boards is not bad nor is it unnecessary. I main support, so it doesn't affect me at all. But sometimes I queue for other roles that I do objectively worse in, or sometimes other people ask for support role and I switch with them. Never have I cried in any game nor in champ select about the autofill. But I hate the damn thing, and I openly write my opinion here on boards with the hopes that it gets removed soon. It reduces the fun you get from the game, as well as your chances of winning. And role select was an improvement, just because the status quo before season 6 was chaos doesn't mean those were the better times. Autofill is not an improvement, it is a band-aid on a scar that nobody was complaining about anyway. For 2 years I'm reading posts here, so very seldom have I seen people complain about queue times. But there is overwhelming opposition against autofill. Which makes Riot's insistance to keep it childish, just like the dyn q of season 6. So you might still bash on people who are not equally good with all 5 roles, but I'm an invaluable support player in any team comp, and I should be able to play ranked and get some validation for my skills. The problem you are describing has nothing to do with autofill, it is a human factor. Even with 1-role select only, there would be douchebags filling and violently asking for others' roles in champ select, because they are challenger smurf rivens. My stance on the situation? Cast out those pricks, and keep a healthy player base. But that is too much effort and -from a business perspective- cutting your own veins, so that's not happening. The most effective solution that remains is removing autofill. Tell me your ideas and let's converse on the matter if you like.
Echo545 (NA)
: Yes. How else is the support supposed to steal kills from that far away?
From a 2-season support main, if a support is stealing kills on purpose, there is a chance that they are doing it for a good cause. You are joking here with a little bit of serious criticism, and you are right if they are doing it just for the stats or getting an S. But don't judge all of us for a couple of assholes. I am sorry for your inconvenience on their behalf.
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: I used it so much rofl. Revive+tp top <3
Do you remember the shame of dying one more time as soon as you tp? I used to ask my team to report me when that happened.
: I had mercs because they had a lux binding a ww ult a ren stun and a ori ult... lots of cc means mercs. plus they was mostly magic damage with ori lux and ww
And it looks like you made somebody angry, everything here is downvoted.
: just had a idea about swain and tried it out
Can't say much about other items, never tried this build before, but the boots seem incorrect. You have a deficit in armor, and buying Ninja Tabi's would help you cover more grounds overall.
: Bring back the "Report for Unskilled".
It would also be the correct venue to vent, apart from the benefits you gave above.
xelaker (NA)
: Should the summoner spell Fortify return?
Not the genius we deserve, but the genius we need.
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FF HopSin (EUW)
: i was thinking about a "pre-loaded" champs roaster, where we could switch from X champ to Y, without having to exit and enter the practice mode again. that would be dope imo
Make a seperate post on this. You've already got an upvote at the ready.
: people in flex are baddies lmao, just play malphite support, ping for gank and stomp. repeat in every lane until victory. got me from b5 to b4. (obviously solid advice)
You know what, that _is_ a solid advice. In fact you might say, it's Rock Solid.
: what, i play some games in flex queue solo :(
I do it as Fill. Join the club. Joke aside, I think I should be able to get out since flex q was all we had last year.
: But you can, actually. Play solo que and you'll be all right. Also in NA you still have normal draft... so why torturing yourself with flex que? If you hate it, leave it. I used to rage as 6yr old spoiled kid, when playing Hearthstone and getting owned by RNG cards. Then I realized it's 20% skill, 80% RNG (aka Pavel sport) and just quited. Games are meant to be fun. No point playing something that is not fun but makes you sad/angry. For me, flex que mean jack sht, because I don't have enough time to make a team and practice with them regularly. Also flex que is just a fancy name for last year's dynamic que which is known as being full of elo boosters and smurfs carrying bronze IRL friends up the ranks. So for me personaly there is no point playing that. I openly said many times that I will get 2-4 of my high elo friends together and let them carry me to gold 5 in flex que, for better end-of-the-season- rewards, that Riot promised. After that I will never play flex que again till the end of the season. And I will focus on solo que. In my opinion that is the real ranked so that is what am I focusing on and practicing for. Flex Que is really meant to be for premades, so entering it solo puts you in huge disadvantage and losing is always frustrating. I still remember playing solo in flex, against premade bot+jungle. Or bot lane gangbang because mid and jungle were premades with support... :-D I hated it and decided not to play flex as solo player ever again :-D
I didn't specify what makes me sad in the previous comment, and that's on me. I wasn't necessarily complaining on flex q. It's the people factor of the game, what you said in the second part of your original comment. And your Hearthstone example fits exactly to this situation here. The RNG of League is the people you get in your team, and that is valid for solo q as well. I will quote you on that, as I cannot explain it more eloquently myself: > But these palyers are good. Not good.. GREAT! The jungler is an idiot, bot lane is feeding, and all the trolls and AFKs are always on their team. That is why this 1/8/0 Udyr is gonna 1v1 that 9/0/0 Pantheon, because Panth is noob champ played by noob kid, while this Udyr is a god who saw one Trick2g video and now know all about playing Udyr and is a challenger btw. This is what you may have to deal with every time you queue up. So in the meantime I'm just trying to get better and carry myself in spite of that probability. Although I'm not doing a smart thing considering I main support.
: You know someone's truly hurt when they reply back LOL
I would point something out now, but I doubt you'd get the irony LOL
: How is this shit even cute? Like wtf? Holy shit I've never thought so many tards gather at on time at one place I was wrong to thought that Downvote away I know you're hurt now
Yea, sure dude, I'm so very hurt. In a 130+ upvote, one day old post, your downvote just hurt me so much I will cry. Salty-edgy kiddo :)
: I hope you don't get too much offended, but I can't help it: only an idiot plays FlexQ alone. And that is the reason why you are bronze. I did my placement matches in flexQ solo and I ended up in Bronze 4. Then played one or two more games realizing, it is unwinnable if you paly alone. Because What you get is team of: 3 + 1 + 1 which is retarded since 3 ppl are on skype, being coordinated and not watching chat, while you are typing to them like crazy, not watching the game. And that other solo idiot doing the same, and blaming premades. Ofc - you get matched against 5 man premades or 2+3 team where 2 ppl and 3 ppl are coordinated so your elo is fckd. Wanna leave FlexQ bronze? Get at least 2 friends to play with you. Now about that "death notifications"... it won't help. It is the mentality of those players that would block any of these notifications to take effect. Last thing a feeding low elo player wanna hear, is the game mocking him for being bad and worst of all - telling them what to do! But these palyers are good. Not good.. GREAT! The jungler is an idiot, bot lane is feeding, and all the trolls and AFKs are always on their team. That is why this 1/8/0 Udyr is gonna 1v1 that 9/0/0 Pantheon, because Panth is noob champ played by noob kid, while this Udyr is a god who saw one Trick2g video and now know all about playing Udyr and is a challenger btw. And that is imprinted deeply in their mind. Some orange sentence in chat that they can easily ignore, is not gonna fix that. They have to learn the hard way.. or will eventually stop playing. Nothing we can do about that. :(
Although I don't want to admit it, you are probably right, and it makes me sad that I cannot enjoy this game I love because of this.
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GinkoG (NA)
: I was just joking along with what the title of your thread was is all.
Yea I got that, but is it a naturally meaningful phrase for you, a native speaker? I first heard it on Garen's taunt to Darius, and eversince it has bugged me.
: Make sure you dont buy {{item:3110}} against him
GinkoG (NA)
: "Eat your heart out"
As a person for whom English is a second language, that phrase never comes natural to me. I don't think I can ever use it in a sentence with casual fluency.
Nidalee, the only pussycat you need. Although there are others as well: {{champion:107}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:55}} (Kitty Cat skin)
: His Q still does %HP damage. "On release, deals [120% total AD] plus 6/7/8/9/10% of your target's maximum health as magic damage (applies On Hit effects). Heal 30/40/50/60/70% of damage dealt." http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/01/110-pbe-update.html The numbers are still up to change, but I doubt he'd get his %HP removed.
I blissfully missed that, and I refuse to get any wiser on the situation.
: Tbh, rather than swapping it automatically, I'd like it more if they gave more incentive to keep {{item:3341}}, like there is with the trade-offs between {{item:3340}} and {{item:3363}}
Like a drastic cd reduction on Lens maybe.
: {{champion:75}} : No. I will not fetch the ball. {{champion:19}} : Aight, if you don't. I will. Bork bork.
{{item:3153}} {{item:3153}}
: > [{quoted}](name=snarin,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=FwdnJ6Eq,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-11T15:21:29.231+0000) > > I would certainlyT let him chew my hand off for petting him a little. Fixed that for you.
Jokes aside, no percent health/true damage, CertainlyT has outdone himself with this one.
Reiyalin (NA)
: ... Can't... Resist... The cute
I would certainly let him chew my hand off for petting him a little.
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deathgod5 (EUW)
: Repeat of earlier comment in earlier post from you. Sad to see you go, I hate it that people ruin the game like that for other people. I hope you find fun in this or another game again. Have a nice day
Thank you man, I hope the best for you as well.
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: > [{quoted}](name=snarin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=llWiA9hl,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-06T18:24:26.657+0000) > > Let&amp;#039;s switch the Drake pit and Baron pit, so when 5-man bot cheese happens, the team cannot snowball any more than the First Turret. Camping bot will be less worth, sneaking a Drake will be harder, and the jungler will have ample reason to be Top-side, the side that is pretty much irrelevant at the moment. yesssssssssssss. Although, what's to stop bot from switching to top?
If they do, they get the fortified turret this time. This is just to make sure that the easy turret is not at the same side as Drake.
La Spork (NA)
: The whole point of dragon was to be an early game objective that needs DPS to complete, hence the AD carry gets involved. The whole point of rift herald was to be an early game objective that needs tankiness to complete (as DPS is already provided by hitting his eye), hence the toplaner gets involved. Switching them seems counterproductive to me.
It is either this or switching the turret defenses of Top and Bot that will fix the huge snowball problem. What I am proposing probably has many reasons to not happen, but let's see if any idea's can come from here.
: This would actually make sneaking drakes easier, as the Supports would be across the map, and there would be a much higher probability that the pit would be un-warded until after the laning phase breaks down.
That is right, it would add an extra responsibility to Top laners or Junglers to keep vision up there. But it would be a small sacrifice to fix a bigger problem in my opinion.
: actually not a bad idea, but there are reasons that I don't know that will prevent riot from doing this
It doesn't conflict with their snowball interest: the bot turret will still be weaker and the First Turret bonus will not go anywhere. Adding Drake to that equation just makes that snowball ridiculous.
Rioter Comments
snarin (EUW)
: Rant
Here's an update. This shit is getting old real fast. I am supposed to be the support of the team, yet check my team's damage. It's really fun watch, too, almost feels like being buried alive. http://i.imgur.com/kQLBX23.png?noredirect Fıx this goddamn matchmaking, I want to play with humanbeings for a change, instead of vegetables.
: Bronze is the place to be!
I'm in the same server as you are, having a different experience. It is either OK teams, or you get absoletly awful players.
: Why am I losing every single game?
Had the same shit in 4 hours. Matchmaking is very very bad right now.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Ugluk (NA)
: We've asked before
I think it should give a neutral outcome for the losing side just like in remake. But if there is anyone premade with the AFK, then they should get the LP reduction.
: I don't think that the Ruby should have extended ward range - I would just prefer if the damned wards recharged in the field. In late game, you don't have reasons to constantly back anymore, so you're often left in moments where you're out of wards. If they recharged, even as slowly as the yellow trinkets, this would be immensely helpful.
Both OP's and your ideas are very very good. Maybe there can be two seperate items to achieve two seperate goals.
Rioter Comments
: Do you even need an Ohmwrecker to towerdive?
You are very right. But this doesn't make Ohmwrecker bad directly, it is just unnecessary because of how turrets are.
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