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: They're not updating visuals for individual skins. Skin updates will only occur with VGUs. Galio is so far going to be the first champion who has a remotely advanced legendary skin who's getting updated. All the old ones like for Annie, Trist, TF, etc weren't true legendary skins because they were ancient, ancient relics from a time when a new particles effect was considered 1820 work. Galio actually has a different model, a different VO, and different particles in Gatekeeper, and it's not so outdated that it's not retired, making it the first mildly advanced skin to get updated in a VGU. At present, Rioters have said that they are actually investing a lot of effort into Gatekeeper to make it worthy of it's price tag, and giving it a unique new VO as well as other things. We'll see how involved they are with Gatekeeper, and use this as a gauge for how they'll approach future VGU champs with high cost skins.
Thanks for the info but I still would like to see some updates on them. I have firefighter tristana and red baron corki and they're nice skins just not as cool as other legendarys
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Eedat (NA)
: That honestly sounds like something on your end.
I said that everything was fine for 2 days and then I just played another match after that and it was fine. It was just one match.
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Aqamdax (NA)
: Stuck in bronze
I'm telling you right now the only way to get out of bronze this season is by hard carrying every game. That's how I got out last season and that took effort. But this season? It feels almost impossible. I'm a mid lane main and it feels like it doesn't matter how well you do every single game but bot or jungle or top will find a way to feed 20 kills in 5 minutes. This season just sucks for bronze. Good luck.
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: If you're a jungler and you decide "I won't gank this lane for whatever reason" then don't jungle
You clearly don't understand how jungling works. Maybe play it for 2 weeks and see how difficult it is to just do what you're saying here?
: Stop Assuming The Skill Level of Unranked Players
I started playing at the beginning of season 6 and didn't play ranked till the last 3 months or so. I had to hard carry my way to silver where I was happy staying till the start of this season. When Flex queue was completely broken I had the opportunity to play against gold and even some platinum players and some of them are worse than teammates I had in bronze. No joke when I say I had a platinum caitlyn that didn't understand the concept of playing safe and kept going back in to fight whenever she was in lane. You never know who you're gonna get honestly.
: Just watched TSM vs. C9
I actually liked watching pro play in season 6. Worlds was really good for most of the matches with the exception of SKT winning so hard in some or Splyce losing so bad in almost every single game. But this was just pathetic. You enjoying the faster games Riot?
: Camille Nerfs Are Now Obviously Essential
I honestly can't fathom why they let a champion do 721 true damage to me in one auto on top of 300 more being physical damage. It's a garen ultimate that you have to wait 3 seconds for. I think her q should only convert up to 50% as true damage and anything above that is just ridiculous
LankPants (OCE)
: I heavily disagree. A logical strength of a tank is to be able to take tower damage, currently they do that. The tower will deal a fair bit of damage to the tank, it's probably on the low side but it's on the low side for everyone, not just tanks. The single biggest offender in tower dives right now is Lee Sin, historically champs like Fizz, Elise and Ekko have been up there. What makes a champion an insane tower diver is the ability to tank a couple of shots then drop agro, being able to tank a couple more on top of that when absolutely needed.
And I disagree with your list. If those champions don't build armor they aren't going to be tanking multiple tower shots. They can tank 2 or 3 at the most and then they'll have 100 health left if even. The reason those champions are good divers isn't because of any weakness or fault of the turret. It is simply because of what those champions have in their kits.
: Armor pen is more damage though
Yeah technically I should've put bonus armor pen and not armor pen. Either way it's more damage but the problem isn't from non-tank champions diving you. it's the bruiser/tanks
: Just swap Tower Damage to true damage.
yes because when I tower dive as an assassin I want to die instantly from a single tower hit
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dominusx (EUNE)
: So the only way assasins become viable is if they abuse bruiser items ?
I disagree on khazix. I've played a lot of khazix and I'd say that he got a substantial buff during the rework. His q being on a 2 second cooldown for isolated targets but still doing the same amount of damage is ridiculous and he snowballs the early game almost every game. If you're playing khazix right, then you don't need to worry about grouping because you'll do enough damage to kill someone in the middle of their team.
: I've been maining Akali for roughly 2 years now and I agree that currenty she's not the strongest. However, she has gotten a steady amount of buffs (7th straight buff is on pbe rn) to make her at least playable as something other than tank or a troll pick. She may not deal as much damage as quickly, but she certainly is healthier with more counter play. Before she used to be feast or famine, now you can get behind early and still be valuable late. Tbh I really doubt they're going to buff her again for a while because she's not strong but she's not weak anymore either. If you really don't like this mini rework she got then idk what you should do, maybe wait for her full VGU in 2018.
I like most of the rework but like I said I think the passive being switched and the shroud being put at the location she blinks to are just changes that should be happening. They both make sense and are within reason
: She wasn't weak before the rework. She was in kinda a bad spot, but she was still playable and her mains could make her work really well if they invested time into her. Now she's just really all around bad for everyone.
Yeah I agree with this. She feels even more feast or famine now than before. On top of there being some clunkiness with her w and passive that messes with the enjoyment of playing the character.
: > [{quoted}](name=AKATzkiDEIDARA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M6jWydKn,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-01-20T08:45:42.257+0000) > > Boi heard the name Apdo? If a Korean challenger player who surpassed Faker said that Yasuo is op, then yasuo is probably pretty damn op. How does that explain his winrate in high elo
because winrates are a culmination of any game played on that champion and not all of the people that main that champion. Yasuo is up there with one of the most mained mid laners and people that put time into him have ridiculous winrates.
bbQ s (EUW)
: His Q doing ridiculous amounts of damage? Are we playing the same game? Shen's damage is laughable compared to other top lane tanks such as poppy, maokai and nautilus.
I wasn't comparing him to other laners. I didn't say other laners weren't problems or that shen was better than them. I simply said a jungle shane eing into me and autoing me three times before i could retaliate doing half my 2/3 of my health in damage is in fact ridiculous
: > [{quoted}](name=AKATzkiDEIDARA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ArzdgPEw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-01-20T08:37:53.036+0000) > > I personally despise shen. I hate when I feel like I'm doing well to be slapped in the face by a 800 point shield on a 100 health enemy that I used everything to kill only to be taunted and murdered in seconds. I hate his q doing ridiculous amounts of damage. Shens one of those champions that will be overly oppressive the moment he receives any kind of buff. One mr item and you negate pretty much everything.
You don't negate his taunt or his ability to block autos or his giant AS FUCK shield that stops all of my damage.
: Why doesn't yasuo have a high winrate in high elo? Oh right, he's not OP.
Boi heard the name Apdo? If a Korean challenger player who surpassed Faker said that Yasuo is op, then yasuo is probably pretty damn op.
Essembie (OCE)
: Rylai 6.24 changes - who does it punish / benefit
I really hate mages but even I think rylais was hit with too large of a nerf. They should've nerfed it in smaller segments instead of cutting the slow by half. What it really hurt is champions that rylai on it so heavily in their kit like Vladimir.
: Really wish Shen was strong
I personally despise shen. I hate when I feel like I'm doing well to be slapped in the face by a 800 point shield on a 100 health enemy that I used everything to kill only to be taunted and murdered in seconds. I hate his q doing ridiculous amounts of damage. Shens one of those champions that will be overly oppressive the moment he receives any kind of buff.
: Why Marksmen feel weak
This is similar to what I said about towers. People are discussing buffing tower damage or true damage or whatever. I think they need a little armor pen but the real reason isn't their damage, it's their lack of defense.
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Lock On (NA)
: The current state of the game is the worst it has been in a long time
I think what most people don't realize is that the jungle only really works for 1/3 of the jungle champions. Those are the champions that have strong aoe damage and are semi or really tanky. You can't possibly say that jungle is "the easiest role" because it's only easy for the above mentioned characters. Champions that even used to be strong in jungle are significantly weaker now like Nidalee or Diana. Most of the junglers don't even clear to the point where they're on level with solo laners where they should be especially if they spend all of their time farming. Main point is that the Jungle role is incredibly unbalanced as most of the champions are weak. It's only the few problem champions that riot refuses to do anything about.
: worst part about being a mid laner
I was akali vs kat one game ( kind of a skill match up ) and I wasn't even level 6 when kat roamed down bot. Me following up as a level 5 akali wouldn't have accomplished anything. I instead opted to ping mia AND danger 7 or so times towards bot lane. Took the opportunity to hit six before kat for an advantage because I didn't think she would yield anything after all the warnings. We even had a fucking ward in the bush by dragon pit and kat walked right by it. About 5 seconds after I here "Enemy double kill" and look down bot to find that kat had killed my half health jinx, who was farming, and the half health braum that tried to save her. I just stared at the chat as the adc typed their message: "WTF mid no MIA???" To which I responded how many times I pinged and the fact that kat walked over a ward which resulted in the reply: "Oh I don't look at pings" I fucking hate low elo so much sometimes.
: Riot has been putting way too much emphasis on the jungler over the last few seasons
The problem is that people are just labeling it "The Jungle" when in reality it's only about 1/3 of the jungle roster that's causing such a big issue. I don't think anyone can legitimately explain that the mid season 6 jungle was too overbearing or unbalanced, but this current one certainly is.
: Anybody else think there should be Katarina nerfs?
I agree. I have tried so hard to deal with new kat and every single time I avoid her daggers. But somehow she's still destroying me in lane. How can I dodge the most essential part of her kit and still die to her in seconds? Throwing the q at me and then just eing on top of me to auto takes half my health and that's before she even thinks about picking up the dagger
Vanic998 (NA)
: Marksmen aren't weak in damage. They're weak in that they need to build full damage to do their job right so that means that they'll be very squishy. That's why people usually focus Botlane since marksmen are typically the squishiest Champions in the game. That's why they abused Steraks Gage a long time ago.
That's not true though. Two items lets jinx and caitlyn walk all over enemy teams with their ridiculous damage. People don't have to build more than 3 damage items they just do so they can bitch about how quickly they die.
nep2une (NA)
: *makes a change to a champion* *breaks or guts said champion* *makes more changes instead of revert*
usually stops with the second one like it did with vlad. Only people that play them want more changes but most don't care or want the champion to be unplayable
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} All disagree, they can/could Blow you up (ONE-shotting) You. Mages can oneshot from range.
: {{champion:268}}? Still fits into your specifications. Not to mention, ranged autoing carries are called marksmen, which is a class that is distinct from all the others _for a reason_.
His soldiers aren't autos dumbass. And marksmen are only distinct in that they're ranged but steal the purpose of ASSASSINS by having burst and sustained damage.
: > Only role that two shots people Seriously? 1. {{champion:103}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:101}} all of these champs are completely capable of erasing you without you even comprehending what happened until a few seconds later, most from a longer range than the adcs 2. You let the adc get fed, so now they will kill you. Adc is weak because they don't spike until 3-4 items when they go crit(which is usual), if you let them get kills or farm unhindered they **_will_** get to 6 items and delete you in short order(with 5-10 autos, nowhere near 2 shot...) 3. Build resistances. If you only have armor from lvls, and you are dying to an ad source of damage, why are you not buying something to counter it? 4. **Any champ can kill you with 6 damage items!** {{champion:16}}? If she goes full ap or crit/ad she can(and will) destroy you if you are not careful. Considering champs like {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:1}} have kill pressure starting at lvl 2-3, and others like {{champion:45}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:101}} have almost guaranteed kills lvl 6, the fact that you are complaining about an adc killing you quickly at min ~30-40 is rather stupid. tl'dr You didn't stop them, nor take actions to prevent their rise, so you are paying for it.
The only role that two shots people FROM RANGE and I shouldve put with auto attacks but like below those are all burst champions. That's their intention. Adcs are supposed to be sustained damage and they burst just like other champions.
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MrWasjig (EUW)
: Taking bets that Draven will be nerfed next patch
This is what they did with vayne. Buffs for no reason, sees mistake, reverts buff.
: Or we could rid the problem at its roots... ~~EVERYONE GRAB A GUN WE'RE HEADING TO RIOT HQ AND WE'RE GONNA START A RIOT~~ kappa jkjk don't take it seriously
Nipsahoy (NA)
: Caitlyn is fine. It amazes me people can complain about Caitlyn but not Jhin who is so much more obnoxious.
I dislike jhin for other reasons but jhin isn't the topic of this post. If I wanted discussion about jhin I would've mentioned jhin.
: Oh, I agree with that sentiment completely. All the extra monsters/damage in the jungle makes it incredibly difficult to play a jungler that doesn't have innate sustain/aoe damage. Same number of camps, but more monsters that provide individually less xp and gold. That's why you only see junglers that have really great clear speeds like Vi. Even junglers with good sustain like WW don't perform that well because it takes them comparably longer to clear than junglers like Vi who can shred a whole camp in 1 Q and W. Not sure what they are going for with the jg this season, but it's pretty bad. The only real viable junglers are super oppressive so they tone back jg xp to lessen that effect, but it doesn't make the jungle healthy for any champions except for the ones who could already perform well in it.
I really disliked when they announced what they were going to do to the jungle. I could already see the outcome. What I didn't expect was for them to nerf the entire jungle roster to try to fix a few champions. It doesn't make sense to me. Why not just nerf lee, hec, vi, zac, etc. and be done with it? What I want is for them to revert the changes. I think the season 6 jungle was arguably fine in most aspects. It was certainly more healthy than the current jungle.
: "It's your own fault if you step on a trap hidden under your own tower. It's also your fault if she places it under you when you get CC'd by anything else or if she lines up 5 in front of your tower."
"it's your fault she two shotted your jungler and now takes half your health whenever you even think about walking in lane"
: See, as a person who played ADC all of season 6 and is trying to in season 7, Ill say this: ADC`s are the weakest role right now. They are easily killed, and with tanks being ever so much more present, they dont do the damage they used to. Also, assassins exist, and cc is at an all time high. Cait is annoying, yes, but not enough to complain a ton on the boards about her. Shes doing decent in the meta, which is saying something for a marksman
Well based on perspective I'm willing to say that as of patch 7.1 jungle is actually the weakest role in the game. A larger majority of the jungle champions can't clear their jungle fast enough to stay up to level with the solo laners and some even fall a level behind bot lane. Tanks really aren't that big of a deal for some adcs, namely ashe, ezreal, vayne, caitlyn, tristana. As someone that mains assassins I can assure you they are weak in the current meta. The tanks you mentioned coupled with the outrageous amount of shields and healing makes it significantly harder to burst adcs in the first place. Also ap assassins in particular are weaker than marksmen because they get access to MAW which makes them almost unburstable unless the ap assassin is significantly fed. As the marksmen role is currently, most of the adcs perform on similar levels which makes ADC more balanced of a role than Jungle.
: They are toning back jungle camp xp so that junglers aren't so powerful so early. The problem isn't necessarily the number of their ganks, its' the strength of them. It's annoying when a level 6 junglers comes and ganks you bot lane when you're just barely level 4.
I agree that SOME junglers were problems but that's only about 1/3 of the jungle roster. Most of the jungle champions are underperforming in their main role. I say this as someone who used to main jungle. I can't clear at a remotely reasonable speed with half the jungle champions and even if I do, I'll now be 3 levels behind the other solo laners. If you search "jungle" and look at recent I made a post explaining more of what I mean.
: Caitlyn opinions aside (because I think she needs a nerf too): Just because these boards complain about something a lot doesn't mean their opinions are valid and that Riot should listen just because it's their forums users.
No it doesn't but a large majority of posts on the boards discussing a topic should at least merit some form of recognition. Riot listens to some of the topics but not everything. The vayne boards are a good example. They know caits strong, like vayne, but don't acknowledge it.
: Why is caitlyn still this strong? This is ridiculous at this point come on riot
Oh lord i finally got on the trending page... so many notifications... I can't respond to them all... Well to any new people coming in: Cait is an adc, and adcs may be considered weak, and people may say that I'm bad at laning because I don't avoid her traps, HOWEVER 1. IMO there's only a few adcs that are actually weak and cait sure as hell isn't one of them 2. A weak or even a fair adc isn't going to lose lane and then take half my health the moment she finishes one item 3. I don't lane against her, I just deal with the repercussions of her 1v2ing my bot lane at level 4 for a free double and not being able to do anything about it because she kills me in 3 autos mid dash as akali that only covered like half the comments holy shit
: {{champion:119}} I agree.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: What we need, is better variety of magic pen items -- suiting both aa based and spell based mages. Ad champs have tons of armor pen/lethality options for all stages of the game, while ap mages have few options many of which are specific to certain kits and do not do well on other kits. {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} I think the point I am trying to communicate is that ad champs can get a mix of mr/damage, lifesteal, and penetration items so that champs like kha can 1v3 3 enemy carries with equal items to him while some ap assassin like ahri or akali cannot say the same about trying to 1v3 3 ad carries at equal items to her. This is a manifestation of poor selection of magic pen items -- they may have good magic pen but don't all fit with a champs kit to provide the same overall synergy that you can get with armor pen items and certain champs. And the second factor is too many overly good options for mr+damage items on ad champs.
that's similar to what I would like. I play ap assassins alot and there's nothing that differentiates an assassin from a mage
: That's because that's ADC's playstyle. They do a bunch of damage and their team protects them. The problem is is that they're at a shitty spot right now (When I say ADC I'm referring to marksmen) given that they are getting 1v1'ed by the supports. In a 1v1 they die a lot. (Except the OP ones which is only a couple).
Adcs shouldn't be 1v1ing then. That's probably what it is is that adcs are running into fed assassins and complaining that they can't win. And it depends on the support and adc. Supports would probably win early because they have some form of cc and adcs don't have all that much early damage.
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