Ralanr (NA)
: So are Skarner's spires never getting removed?
They were already removed from Crystal scar! . . . I'm sad now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Orangesilk,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=A7dokUKm,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-20T20:57:24.839+0000) > > To be fair, Blood Moon Diana is so redundant. > > Like, Void {{champion:31}} > Battlecast {{champion:53}} > Noxus {{champion:122}} Freljord {{champion:22}} No, wait :v
Draven {{champion:119}} (Yes, I know the joke.)
: Talking about these? http://pre14.deviantart.net/fa78/th/pre/i/2013/070/a/d/league_of_legends__eclipse_diana_by_gisalmeida-d5g53ca.jpg http://pre03.deviantart.net/8f37/th/pre/f/2013/164/2/5/eclipse_leona_by_sunnykoda-d60dj2t.jpg
I remember Leona having more concept art. But yes, that's them.
: Brave of you posting this with the tank circlejerk here. +1
There's a circle-jerk for everything around here.
: Remember when Cait actually took some glimpse of skill to play?
Remember when her niche as an ADC was *only* her safety?
xelaker (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Waffletimewarp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PEVxAKTG,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-20T17:32:53.624+0000) > > Their gameplay essentially counter each other even more now. Warwick is now a god of chasing people down and that's all Singed has. It's also exactly what he wants and if Warwick jumps in front of him with Q, Singed can send him right the fuck back from whence he came. > > Folks we are about to see some Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner crap in the near future. ww was always the chaser, nothing new here...
Except now he can actually chase. (>_>)
: -looks at downvotes- Gameplay boards, everyone.
-Looks at cringe-worthy joke- Not M&G's, everyone.
: I think it's considered skilled play of the Singed player by this point, but I agree with you. They should make it visible (when it's not in the fog of war obviously), and just buff Singed up a bit to make up for it. Maybe they could increase its damage or give it some new effect as compensation.
>and just buff Singed up a bit to make up for it. He can turn it off. (>_>)
bbQ s (EUW)
: Damage is disgusting
BoS is incredibly useful! . . . For the ADC. ------------------------ ***Forums:*** Damage is too high. ***Riot:*** We nerfed Lee's ult damage. ***Forums:*** Um . . . Thanks?
DaNinad (NA)
: Here comes the tank meta
Still better than assassin meta, in my opinion.
: It's not different enough from her base model to warrant a skin. Like how we don't have Nurse Soraka or Dark Star Aurelion Sol. I'd rather see a Blood Moon Leona skin before seeing a Blood Moon Diana one; an alternate reality where Leona worships the moon? Yes, please.
Eclipse Leona and Diana? Those were fan art concepts produced back when Diana was released. I'm sure somebody probably has the pictures floating around here somewhere. Riot even spotlighted the Leona one.
khorney (NA)
: so pray tell has a ziggs ever built ad ?
Has Azir or Mord? Both of them have been played "ADC". At one point, Riot even referred to them as ADC's. Hell, Mord even had it as a tag (to make searching him easier after rework). In this context, "ADC" is simply referring to "An objective siege role played from the bot lane with a support." You're basically making the "support - "support" - Support" argument when it's not entirely relevant.
: You think that's bad? I once had a TTT game where, I shit you not, the other 5 players were all bots. I can't even make that up. I'll look for the game for proof.
Riot as putting less and less attention into TT *officially*. So I expect the problem will only get worse until they finish Dominioning it.
khorney (NA)
: so your willign to die then for a little extra damage? seeing merc scimitar will do nothign agasint zed lb talon rengar shyt mostly any assassin
Hourglass isn't as generically strong as people make it out to be. It screws up Zed pretty hard due to his ult delay. Any other assassin will just insta-gib him as soon as stasis ends. He also has no effects that persist purposefully during stasis (such as morg/fiddle ult). Nor are his abilities face-roll enough that 2.5 seconds of cooldown time will make any difference. So the bonus MS+cleanse and life steal are generically more useful. That having been said. Some ADC's have effective AP builds that would favor hourglass *for the AP*. And for those, it is perfectly valid. And all of this is off-topic. My original point was that AD doesn't get hourglass for the same reason AP doesn't get Mercurial.
: Singed is a full on mad scientist now. He is responsible for Warwicks creation.
Making monsters is different from making slaves. Bah. I'll read the new lore later. . .
khorney (NA)
: what does the term adc stands for? what does the term apc stands for?
"ADC" used to stand for "Attack Damage Carry." Then Azir happened. Then Mord rework happened. Then "Marksman" became a term. So... crap shoot? ;p
: Woah Ariel you're not allowed to get upvotes? What happened? ######Mods this is a joke. I don't like the fact that I have to say this but I've had a bit too many of my posts deleted because of this
Probably a roaming band of "that guys." XD
khorney (NA)
: You can get hourglass on certain adcs that have a ap scaling. Varus ez, mf, kog for example instead of getting GA
: I just got Cucked the hardest I've ever been Cucked in my life by a Tryndamere
>and late game are basically almost completely useless. Late game, you are supposed to protect them.
: How often to people actually get Autofilled?
Three factors to consider: 1. Sample size Bronze/silver contain some 60-70% of the [ranked] player-base. During placements, you float ambiguously in that range. Meaning there are more people to pull from for each role than in higher elo. 2. Selective memory People are more prone to remembering negative experiences than positive ones. Riot did a demonstration of this back on the old forums for toxicity. People who posted as consistently getting trolls/feeders/afk's/etc. in their games got a free 30 game review. On average, only 2-3 of those games exhibited any *noteworthy* level of toxicity. Safe to assume the same thing is happening with people who don't want to be auto-filled. 3. Vocal minority Not everyone has a problem with auto-fill. People who have nothing to complain about, have no reason to speak out. Conversely, unhappy people generally have something to be unhappy about and a vested interest in speaking out against it. Actually. These factors apply to just about anything you read on the forums. XD ------------------- ***EDIT:*** Not relevant, but given the topic. . . I personally have never been auto-filled. I also rarely see mention about being auto-filled. But, as a support main, I rarely lose auto-fill protection either. So hard for me to empathize. (>_>)
igopro (NA)
: Honestly I dont understand why theres still no AD hourglass equivalent? can someone education me the reason behind this?
{{item:3139}} Riot addressed this a while back. They want itemization characteristics to be different between types. For example: AP is characterized by getting a lot of health for their defense and reaching really high values late game, while AD gets resists and crit, tanks get health+resists and supplemental damage boosts (Such as Sunfire, Deadman's, and thorn), and supports get sustain + strong team effects. That's why AD doesn't get stasis. And before "that guy" shows up, this post is *not* about the current state of itemization.
Zaryelle (NA)
: Yeah I'm not saying it's a bad item to get first, just that most people I see doing it are actually bots and they never place it. I get it too on support often as one of first items with 1/3 of the gold items, but I usually get flamed for it. But somehow I'm usually the only one on my team who notices the player who got pink ward at beginning of game and never placed it even 20-30 minutes in the game still has the same pink ward, and they are always the ones who are obvious bots like running into turret when no enemies are even around.
That just means LoL hasn't finished eating your brain cells yet. You should really get out while you still have a chance. ;p
: this is assuming they retcon Urgot to be another one of Singed's deranged experiments
Singed never came off as having so much of an ego as to create servants. That is more of Viktor's thing. Then again, it's hard to tell how riot is going to butcher the lore next. (I haven't even read all of the new lore yet.)
: That was always so stupid. Why would anyone be grumpy about skilled players the whole point is to NOT FUCKING DIE.
The claim was the skilled players advanced by hoarding information and resources, killing others by proxy.
xxChuckxx (EUNE)
: Soraka the ultimate healer has no "nurse skin" ?
Akali, Shen, and Kennen in a song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=notKtAgfwDA (Remember, they *are* assassins.)
éeveè (EUW)
: Bots in Arams
Don't worry. The more Riot admits they're not paying attention to TT, the more botters will go there. Until they eventually delete it. Then ***ALL*** of them will go to ARAM until it gets Dominioned also.
Zaryelle (NA)
: I used to get this one ALLLLL the time too. Now I'm always super paranoid when someone buys pink ward first.
I buy {{item:1056}} {{item:2055}} all the time when I play mages. (>_>)
Lazy cat (NA)
: Whoa... We could be talking other games too!
You don't know fear until you've seen my demitras in action. All hail Vapid Deathblow!
: I got it! They are a playtester for super early champion concepts!
Playtesters are master tier and above. Still should be concerned.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Grey Warwick was NEVER Purchasable. It was linked to the old Refer a Friend system, and will only return in a fashion where is is linked to some kind of social media as Riot has said. Both skins they have also said are in the process of returning but the plans are not set in stone. So may or may not happen.
Always with the social media. Not everyone wants to advertise themselves to the world. :/
: I love the kindred one XD
{{champion:6}} I shall bless you with death. XD
: {{champion:222}} Another Zaunite experiment tossed aside {{champion:30}} Paranormal activity detected. Transitioning to ecto-suppression ammunition. {{champion:30}} Paranormal threat eliminated..... gathering data for next confrontation {{champion:203}} YOU!..I remem....memory...error...r-...remember...back up sequence initiated. System rebooting. {{champion:83}} Multiple adversaries detected.Weapon inhibitors removed. Full-auto elimination sequence initialized. {{champion:83}} Error. Subject is niether dead nor alive without use of augmentation. Thorough post-mordem scan recommended. {{champion:19}} I am here to apprehend you subject. Force will be used if necessary {{champion:19}} Master requires your audience and I obey. you have 30 seconds to comply. {{champion:19}} Your augmentations are incomplete. I am here to apprehend you so the master may complete them. {{champion:14}} Error.Construct shows no signs of bio-signatures yet exhibits human behavior. Recommended procedure: Bisection and Data collection.
Project Ur***god*** confirmed! Though the "master" references are a tad out of place. ;p
: To be fair, you also have to predict movement with gragas ult since it is not point and click. So if you don't get an e knock-up its more difficult to land, especially if the enemies have their movement summoners up. Lee ult while it is single target and melee range, it is point and click and locks the enemy in unless they flash frame perfect/cc cancel/buy a qss. And don't forget that while gragas has e and flash to set up the ult, lee sin has q, w, and flash. -salty former gragas main-
>And don't forget that while gragas has e and flash to set up the ult, lee sin has q, w, and flash. As a whole, Lee's kit makes him far worse than Gragas. We're only looking at the displacement power in their ults. That said, Lee's mini-stun -> auto-hit is a fair point. But that still leaves them 3-1.
: Indeed. After those gold gen item nerfs (which arrived _very_ quickly), supports just couldn't get the money together for those big ticket AP items. Compensation buffs? Riot probably laughed that suggestion out of the balance team meeting room. In fact, I remember when {{item:3302}} gave so much gold and HP that players were starting to experiment with having a duo top with two relics and no jungler team comp. That potential exciting change in the meta was sadly cut short by nerfs to the item, and the Rioter that was in charge of the game health of that item was a self-admitted jungle main. You can imagine how suspicious that appeared back then. An unfortunate situation.
The irony being that Riot [at the time] wanted jungling to be an *option*. They weren't opposed to duo-tops, just to anything that made it viable. (>_>)
: my god.. i've been playing league for far too long because i remember that. Riot has always been like this though i don't understand. It's just like Syndra when she first released, her passive gave her like 15% extra damage on her Q when it was at max level, however the ability felt really weak in trades because the Q damage before the Passive buff was really weak so it was like what is the point in having that Passive buff on the Q if they are just gonna nerf the regular Q damage to compensate? and they do this so many times where they give a champion a utility to help them but nerf the crap out of something else affecting said utility to compensate, leaving the champion vulnerable or playing for their life to catch up to the utility just so they can be even and hopefully start to take advantage.
In this case, their methods match their goal. Supports had a set power at early game and remained there until the game ended 30-40 minutes later. They were the only role/class that never had an opportunity to get stronger. So they gave them that ability. Unfortunately, they didn't count on champions *already* designed to do that taking over. Good intentions, good idea, execution back-fired horribly.
: The gragas nerf was that it always takes the same time for the ult to go off instead of going off when the barrel reaches the target. Nothing about his ult was changed at range
The OP is asking why Grag's ult was stronger than Lee's (in terms of the displacement). Not how it was nerfed. In that respect, the differences are: -Targetability Lee hits one person, Gragas hits an area. - AoE Lee displaces 1 person and maybe knock-up one or two more, Gragas' displaces entire teams. - safety Lee has to touch noses with his target, Gragas does it from 1000 range.
: Lee Sin: single target Gragas: can displace the entire enemy team ?
Gragas ult is also ranged. Lee has to face-check the target.
Windoges (NA)
: Surrender vote reduced to 15 minutes?
Let's just simplify this to it's most basic element: If a bot tower falls in the first 10 minutes, the team that destroys it automatically wins. Since the mob seems to think that's what ends the game anyways.
: It didn't work back then either, mostly because Riot wouldn't allow the scaling to reach the point where it was >equal, or even stronger, than it had been before often enough. Let me give an example. X champion has a 30% slow. Utility scaling is added, and that is changed to 10% + 10% for every 100 AP. In order to get back to a 30% slow, X would have to have 200 AP. That's not even remotely close to fair for several reasons. But yet that's what happened. Riot made the scalings so slow that supports would often need 150+ AP **just to equal the utility that they had before**. This was "justified" in that now supports could scale their utility above what they had before... if they invested significant amounts of gold into big ticket AP items. When Riot approached us with promises of utility scaling and giving supports the feeling of power and growth from items, we were expecting something like X getting a 25% + 10% for every 100 AP scaling slow. Start off with a similar level of utility, but only get stronger. We expected late game supports to turn slows into near roots, and give such powerful MS buffs that champs became Sonic the Hedgehog, and give out shields that doubled your HP bar. We expected late game supports to be more powerful in utility, and they weren't. They ended up with nearly the same amount of utility they had before, only with utility scaling they didn't have it all game and had to invest gold to get it back. All utility scaling ended up doing was handicapping supports. All the other classes got to keep their utility right from level 1, but supports had to buy theirs. A complete dick move to do that to a group of champions who have the worst gold flow in the game. And remember, this was Riot's idea of _helping_ supports. Breaking their kneecaps and hobbling them at the start of a match for a small chance at running slightly faster at the end than they could before they had their legs broken. With friends like that, who needs enemies?
Keep in mind, Riot released the support changes with near laner level gold income. So they *could* reach those values. Problem was everyone *except* support was crowding into bot lane to abuse the new income. So Riot re-nerfed the income but left support scaling as-is.
: Everyone with their username relating to their main, come here.
Here is a set of rules. ***1. You must have some sort of reference in your name.*** I main support. ***2. It must be a VERY obvious reference.*** Dive my ADC. You'll understand. . . . Or my ADC will face-tank you at lvl 3 and make me completely useless. (Normally the latter.) ***3. You must main that champion (obviously)*** I. . . Don't main a champion. Curse you and your narrow mindedness!
: {{champion:222}} I suppose talking too much is part of the job? {{champion:30}} I hear nothing but the howl of a banshee. {{champion:203}} Took the words right out of my mouth. Now, stand still. {{champion:83}} Yes. Now stop crying so I can stop suffering. {{champion:19}} The answer is the one who hides in the shadows. {{champion:14}} Oh, look. Someone has a tummy ache. {{champion:14}} You are the shield. I am the weapon.
: The one you posted was a joke Karthus can say (his only joke towards another champion". The taunt is this: "Abomination, you have cheated death too long."
Ah, now I found it. Still kinda... Meh. But I'll add it too.
: Jayce is number 1 this patch and they're buffing lethality items next patch with no Jayce nerfs yet
Look at the bright side: They just buffed Lucian to compensate for lethality being weak. So maybe Jayce will get some company soon? (>_>)
Bombardox (EUW)
: How to make ennemy ivern ragequit as morde in 4 easy steps
Add another Mord bug to the list? Or are we just lumping this with the Jhin one?
: Are we ever going to see Janna nerfs?
The thing with Janna is that she's hyper specialized. And she specializes in one of the games most significant support aspects: Peel. Safety is the reason she's always been strong. It's the same reason Cait has always been strong (The damage amp after update she could live without). Safety is one of the game's strongest strategies. As long as that's the case, Janna will continue to be strong unless Riot out-right invalidates her.
: I just ban this annoying champion. I hate playing against her, and I am pretty sure people who play her don't actually enjoy playing her but want elo.
I enjoy playing her. I have no problem playing against her. I don't care about elo. I don't even play ranked.
: The problem is with the amount of mages bot lane, you'd expect {{champion:40}} not to be doing well, because her weakness is supposedly poking her down as she has no sustain. However, that isn't the case as you mentioned. This is indicative that her weakness isn't working as intended. Therefore, I'd propose either making her shield a 12 second CD (it's still the strongest shield on a basic ability in the game, and the difference becomes negligible with CDR) and/or decreasing her mana pool/mana per/lvl (she has the greatest amount of mana at lvl 1 and the second most at lvl 18).
>because her weakness is supposedly poking her down as she has no sustain. Incidentally, she's been considered a sustain support for a *long* time. (>_>)
: This has always been how the community has seen Urgot as a whole. Soon the tables shall turn. Also Karthus has another and so does Mecha Sion. (I know you knew that but just saying it).
The mecha-Sion was kinda, meh. But I added it anyways. I don't remember or see a second one from Karthus.
: All i want is Star Guardian Urgot skin....
One of the skin team rioters said they keep the picture on their desk. Hope springs eternal!
: My relationship with every single one of my enslaved Ghost...
{{champion:36}} Mundo go where ***he*** pleases!
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