: Wukong nerfs?
He has 0 built in sustain and whatever he commits to, he stays committed. He is all or nothing. He virtually has no passive unlike the 100+ other champions whose passives read like advanced math story problems.
: *Goes to Jhin meme post*
I upvoted to 7. 7 is the perfect number, not 4!
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: Morello was perfectly right on why Soraka should not exist
A champion will never be 100% erased from the game. A champion may be reworked to the point that their appearance, their history, and ALL of their abilities are entirely replaced and the original champion itself is virtually lost to time. But they will retain their name and whatever Riot defines as the champion's supposed identity. Soraka's identity, from my point of understanding, is that she is a force for good who dedicates her existence to the aid of mortals and wishes no harm to befall anyone. Her place, therefore, is a field medic. Why is it that she goes around damaging enemies just to restore her own health? That isn't a "medic". That is a life-sucking vampire. She's no angel. Soraka, from what I have seen, is just a succubus. Silencing enemies and holding them still while she literally drains the life out of them and invites her allies to partake in some sadistic orgy.
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Zac x Me (NA)
: Autofill and Primary Support
People would abuse it by having their duo queue up as support just to be guaranteed their primary role.
: At what point do you change course?
Top is nightmare mode for ranked play. You have minimal to no team presence. Your job in top is to farm up as much as possible while praying your team doesn't feed their brains out. If the enemy top screws up and you can get fed off them, neat, but don't expect that to happen consistently. And even if you do get ahead in top, three times out of five (at the very least) enemy jungle or mid will start camping the ever living crap out of you just to put you down. Most other times your lane feels like ghost town, it's probably because the enemy is winning other lanes hard while you can do nothing but cry in your own little corner. And during those miracle games in which your ally jungle does pay attention to your lane and camps it to try and get you fed, it's no guarantee that you will be able to carry your other allies. The enemy can just as easily pay as much or more attention to top as your jungle can and can often result in a 2 v 3+!
: Veigar Ult Skill Shot??
Veigar's kit already has counter play in it. He's in a sub-par place right now because most of what he does IS a skill shot. If he gets close enough to erase your ADC with one hit then. one or more of the following happened. A. Your ADC is out of position. B. Your Support is not peeling for the ADC properly. C. Your Mid did not lock Veigar down. D. Your Jungle did not help your Mid lock Veigar down. E. Your team did not close the game in time before Veigar reached late game monster status.
: 150 IP first win of the day?
The IP bonus for your first win does not change. It is merely tacked onto whatever IP your earned from other modes of play. You could go Intro Bots for your first win bonus and it would stay the same. Bonus+Normal Gains=IP Earned
: what if RIFT is 6v6, treeline 2v2 and Abyss 4v4 ?
Treeline is 3v3 to enable a jungle on both sides of the map. The lanes are, in fact, intended for solo play. Abyss is just a fast-paced mode of play meant for fun and is not meant to be taken seriously. People who do are just try-hards who try to ruin the experience for everyone else. People who play top or mid rarely, if ever, enjoy sharing their experience and gold with other players on Rift. A change that would force this to happen would, in all likelihood, result in an immediate backlash from the community and an increase in toxicity among players who will then argue with each other on whether mid or top should have the second champion.
: "Shyvana is a juggernaut who's ult lets her sometimes be a diver" -Riot
Riot just makes up words and then attaches meaningless definitions to them. Watch, I can do it too. Antagonist: A champion who antagonizes enemy players into flaming one another to the point of "tilting" and losing the game. Their functions otherwise vary and the list is somewhat extensive. {{champion:84}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} More will be added to this new class of champions and others may be removed as we observe player interactions with these champions over the season.
: Best Junglers For An EARLY drag.
{{champion:72}} can solo it at level 4 as long as you have {{item:2032}}
: broken champs
Champions should never be nerfed to the point they become unplayable . Whenever that happens, they go unplayed and receive no attention for months or even years until Riot has no alternative other than rework the champions entirely.
Toshiai (NA)
: these for jungle
Vayne, Quinn, and Graves have been known to jungle. Another "adc" jungle is Kindred. That does not remove the importance of having an adc bot side. Unlike other champions, an ADC does not rely so heavily on experience to thrive. They merely require gold and lots of it to build their core faster than the opposing bot. The attack damage inherent in the ADC enables them to last hit from a distance more effectively than any other type of champion. Relinquishing that role to a less efficient farmer who can hardly afford to share experience with another champion in lane is inefficient and makes for a sub-par team.
: Heimerdinger stated roles are wrong for how is plays. Why?
He relies entirely on the game's AI. A champion that can't win unless players lose to the game's built-in spaghetti code AI is useless. He DOES, in fact, need a rework. I want to see a heim whose kit is centered around the player and NOT the game's unreliable AI.
: New dmg type (poison)
Tanks are already at a disadvantage at the moment against the damage creep that's transpired over the years. This would just ruin the game altogether.
: Who is your go to in ranked?
{{champion:62}} I'm not good at ranked though, but I am only at my best when I play Wu. I've so much experience with him that everything I do with him is second nature to me. He truly is an extension of my very fingertips whenever I'm serious about winning and truly focused.
: especially with a build that includes {{item:3151}} + {{item:3116}} LUL god I love {{champion:1}}
> [{quoted}](name=ILittle IMonster,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EWcKe1kV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-13T22:45:29.001+0000) > > especially with a build that includes {{item:3151}} + {{item:3116}} LUL god I love {{champion:1}} {{summoner:11}} god I love jungle
: Why do divers have anti-tank mechanics if they're supposed to be jumping on squishy champions?
Because MORE flat armor penetration would only make exploding squishy targets that much easier.
: Things that tilt your jungler
Top laners mostly. I've had so many rage and tilt all because they feed and it is somehow my fault it's happening. I'm not one to throw around stereotypes, but there are some top who fit the bill. They think the game revolves around them and that they, and they alone are our lord and savior and that theirs is the word of law. I've had even some real nasty pieces of work who literally and intentionally fed all because I didn't gank their lane after they spammed pings at me to do so.
: should i even play top lane in ranked
For me, personally, top lane is just hell. I have no team presence unless the team is top with me. If I leave lane, I fall behind the enemy top. If I do well in top, the enemy camps the ever living crap out of me. If I do poorly then the enemy top snowballs hard and no one can help me. I'd rather play my worst role (ADC) than go on attempting to play top.
: PSA: Glass Cannon Builds are SQUISHY
Which is why lifesteal items are important for ADC's (and annoying).
: Do you crush your opponent mercilessly, or ease up once its obvious you're going to win?
If you are winning hard early then finish early. Take what you can and give nothing back. There is no mercy to be had or given in ranked play. Take advantage of your opponent's mistakes and make them suffer for them.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Suggestion: You need to have atleast Mastery level 4 on a champ to play them in Ranked.
Champion Masteries are meaningless. Their only purpose is to allow players to spam an emote in an attempt to tilt their enemies. They are not an accurate indication of a player's skill at the game or at any given champion.
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Escheton (EUW)
: You have a better idea when either {{champion:2}} or {{champion:14}} comes barreling at you? You burn everything and hope it's enough, then you flash and hope it's enough.
I do, actually. Know when you cannot survive and allow your champion to die, conserving your summoner spells and your ultimate so that when you respawn, you aren't some crippled turd with nothing to offer as the enemy tears your base apart.
: {{item:3102}} {{item:3814}} veigar has an ult? what is this ult you speak of?
Highly visible spell shields. What idiot would burn their ult on a champion with either of them active?
: How about you pay the hell attention when you are picking your champion/role and grab smite. If you forgot to bring smite, you deserve to lose.
The player who forgot smite might deserve to lose.... But the 4 other players who repeated "Smite, Smite, Smite, Smite, Smite!" in lobby to try and remind the jungle to grab it do not deserve to lose because of that one player.
xelaker (NA)
: instead of a free win at promos...
If I wasn't supposed to eat crayons then they shouldn't make them sound or look so yummy!
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: With CotC being nerfed into the dirt, it is time to address Grasp of the Undying
What makes CotC so oppressive is the fact it stacks on other shields and makes certain champions so much harder to kill. Champions with built in shields are champions who already have the CC too proc it. The entire concept of CotC was flawed to begin with.
: Psa: please don't go into someones lane without reason and stay there when they ask you to leave
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Arcyyy (NA)
: Slight Kled Buffs Riot?
I do enjoy it when his W activates on wards, but not on plants. And I hate it when it activates on a last hit on a minion. Perhaps the buff he could use is that the cooldown on his W resets whenever the first strike kills a unit including plants. And reducing the CD by that amount on an ultimate seems excessive. What about reducing it to 145/130/115 instead?
Hasboob (NA)
: Explain to me this
For the same reason that champions who fly cannot simply "walk" over terrain.
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: it makes no sense to autofill people who waited longer, they're the ones who waited longer. if anything it should be the reverse, you will get your role if you wait past a limit.
Neither way makes sense to be honest. People who wait longer could be rewarded for their patience by not being auto-filled...but then... People who don't queue up during those invisible and unknown windows of not being auto-filled end up filled after less than 2 minutes. Could you imagine what it would be like if queuing up most likely resulted in you being filled shortly after doing so?
: Would it be such a bad idea to lower all sources of damage by a small amount?
I think the problems have already been pointed out that this would cause. Tanks would have more presence in fights as they would become harder to ignore or eliminate. Jungle would have a harder time clearing the jungle and their progress overall would suffer as a result. Assassins and burst mages who rely on ability chains to eliminate single targets would not be able to perform their job. And another point to include. ADC's who are already incredibly squishy with few to no reliable escapes built into their kits would die even faster than they do now to champions with greater sustain. Their defenses of life steal and kiting rely on their damage output, after all. So, yes, reducing ALL damage would be a bad thing.
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Meito (EUW)
: About Quasus
A champion with minimal enemy interaction. Capable of building tank while still having damage and forcing enemies to build MR to survive it. Dive and kill potential with his ultimate. Now who does that remind me of... Oh, yes. {{champion:27}} This freak.
: You Hate It but Autofill Forces You to Be a More Complete Player
No it doesn't. I dodge whenever filled. It's called choice. And I choose not to participate in autofill.
: How do i get an S
S and higher is easy as long as enemies don't focus you or you are hard countered. 105+ CS by 20 in 210+ CS by 30 in Close the game before 45 in. Drop a ward whenever off CD. Purchase at least one Control Ward and put it in a brush enemies may visit, but usually don't. Die fewer times than you obtain kills. Die less than 9 times regardless of a kill count exceeding 10.
hugemike (NA)
: Make towers deal damage late game...
Stop relying on turrets to do your job. The turrets' job isn't defending you. You're supposed to defend them.
SnowFall (NA)
: S+ for a Carry is largely biased
I received 5 solid S today just for farming, staying in my own lane, killing the occasional enemy, taking farm from my jungle, warding every time my trinket came off CD, and ignoring all my allies' requests to help them. The grading system places too much emphasis on farm.
: ban her {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I can't always ban her because I don't always have a ban.
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