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: The wonder above Taken from the wiki, read the first paragraph under the stats
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
Really riot, two champions in under a month, how about you instead try to fix the servers
: It should definitely not be called "Enemy Pentakill." Maybe Super Life Heal or something that's the opposite of a pentakill. A pop group though... That'd be a pretty interesting avenue to explore. I mean {{champion:103}} already has a Pop Star skin so that's one pop star. Throw in {{champion:222}} because of her music video. Who else? {{champion:16}} ? {{champion:22}} ? I agree that the name, like DireWolf97 said, should reference the game and/or have tie in skins.
i saw one comment that said it should be {{champion:103}} , {{champion:114}} , {{champion:15}} , {{champion:99}} , and {{champion:4}} to represent 4 styles of Pop (Asian/Korean, European, Latin, American respectively) and a random guy. there was also one that included 4 girls and a guy- featuring {{champion:103}} , {{champion:81}} , and {{champion:4}} as the guy but {{champion:222}} would be cool inclusion as well,
bbbbates (NA)
: Rival pop group called "Enemy Pentakill"
maybe, or something thats referenced in the game lore or is a skin
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Arcy (NA)
: Popstar Team: Sivir (Latin Pop), Lux (American Pop), Ahri (Korean Pop), Vi (Pop/Rock) and Fiora (European Pop). Sivir's the closest to Latina I could find... Oh yeah... Boyband Team: Ezreal (the cute one), Garen (the sexy one), Taric (the gay one), Twisted Fate (the bad boy) and Tryndamere (the one everyone forgets).


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