Toshiai (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Sona x Rubick,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EMwMIiQu,comment-id=00010000000000020000,timestamp=2017-02-21T15:31:04.671+0000) > > {{champion:62}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:5}}
: if he's that strong whats up with his winrate and the amount of play he sees
Kinkoh (NA)
: Thanks you Matchmaking, I really needed golds in my D4 game
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: 150% bonus damage with 20% chance balances out to 30% bonus every auto, compared to Deathcap's +35% AP every spell. However very few spells have 100% AP Ratios to take full advantage of the +35% AP, usually having around 70% ratios, resulting in 25% bonus damage for that ability, making IE's bonus larger on average than Deathcap's. The advantage Deathcap has over IE is that it's consistent, which is what pushes IE ahead late game as the player gets more and more Crit Chance items. Instead of 1/5 chance it gets bumped up to a 1/2 chance with as little as one other item, making it an average 75% damage boost per auto. > Just when I thought I've seen it all people actually ate attempting to say IE is the same as deathcap holy shit. Same, no, but it is the equivalent in the same way that Last Whisper's upgrades are the equivalent of Void Staff or that Mercurial Semiter is equivalent of Zhonya's Hourglass. > +80 AD > +35% Total AD > 3800g If you want a *real* comparison, all other AD items would drop down to 55 AD, it would only work with Bonus AD (no free AP per level, no free AD per level), it would cost more than a second BF Sword to combine, and it wouldn't help your Auto attacks without purchasing another item.
> 150% bonus damage with 20% chance balances out to 30% bonus every auto Literally absolute bullshit. It not +150%. It increases the crit damage from +100% on crits (+200% total) to +150% (+250% total) which means its a 20% chance to increase your damage by 25% (the extra bonus 50% from IE over the original 200%). It's not +150% because crit is NOT unique to IE. Thats it. The passive from IE makes your crits (and ***only*** your crits) do 25% more damage This is exactly what I'm talking about. #YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO CLUE AS TO HOW I.E. WORKS YET YOU'RE TRYING TO DO A COMPARISON? WHAT? The boards in a nutshell. Some guy who is so clueless that he doesn't even know **basic principles of the game** lists out his bullshit made up math and other people upvote him because it agrees with the current circlejerk
: Why is it a load of crap? Deathcap doesn't enhance auto attacks, Infinity Edge doesn't enhance spells. Two complimentary items.
Because IE is dependant on RNG crit. By itself is digit because it only adds 25% damage (200% to 250%) 20% of the time. IE is complete dog shit on its own which it why you need to build two more crit items *which give zero AD* to get even a favorable crit percentage for 25% extra game on your autos. This is also why crit builds are complete trash until late game Just when I thought I've seen it all people actually ate attempting to say IE is the same as deathcap holy shit. You want an accurate comparison? It would look like this. > +80 AD > +35% Total AD > 3800g
: > How would any of you guys like to see an AD version of Rabadon's deathcap? {{item:3031}}
Thats a load of crap. Infinity edge only multiplies crit damage on auto attacks. All the popular QQ AD champions are AD casters which don't even touch that item
I see you take exhaust every single game. Tell me more about how this isnt biased
: Didn't know schools in NA didn't teach you to read properly. My bad.
Can you tell me which region didn't beat NA or Korea in a *single game* at worlds last year? Hint: it was EUW hahaha
: No but if you would use the brain you hopefully have you'd understand. NA
Sorry, going to have to take your trash arguement elsewhere. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go buy my third rabadons ({{item:3001}}) and fourth rabadons ({{item:3135}})
: Where the hell did all this mage circlejerk come from?
Well AD has been stronger for a patch which automatically means mages must be garbage. Dont you know?
Iron Wu (NA)
: When is Kassadin gonna get to Shine again?
When he gets a full VGU. Until then he can stay guttered
: But the problem is LDR's synergy with lethality. ONE lethality item and dominik's regards equals 3-shotting tanks at any point in the game. That is extremely unsatisfying as a tank player, and i feel it will push the game into a "damage rush" meta.
> You want to make a thread about ***stacking armor pen***, not lethality.
: Yes, so if in the itemless server a certain champion has a 45% win rate, and then in the real game he has a 54 percent win rate....but yet other champions in that champions class only move a little higher or lower in win rate, you can see which champions benefit the most from items. This info can be used to balance kits and items available
> so if in the itemless server a certain champion has a 45% win rate, and then in the real game he has a 54 percent win rate Dude this still makes absolutely zero sense. Why are we going to attempt to balance a champion in an insanely unrealistic scenario? That data proves nothing. Its no secret that certain champs are more item reliant than others. *Thats doesn't mean we balance them around not having them*.
: I don't know how many times I have to say this. **Before the nerf**! The item was good before the nerf then shit after it compared to other items, that is why people never built it anymore and led it its removal.
Holy hell you're digging REAL deep. That thing was changed back in Season 1 and remained the same until it got removed in pre-season 5. Season 1 items and builds are 100% completely irrelevant. Whether it was or wasn't strong in season 1 means absolutely nothing now. You're desparately clinging on to the first half of season 1 like it has any relevance what-so-ever. Who gives a shit what it was before it got nerfed in beta and S1? Season 1 was practically an entirely different game altogether
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: Riot said it was unhealthy to remain in the game(by your quote). Everyone can agree EoN is unhealthy to the game unless you are a meta whore.
> or being 'trap' items that are rarely (if ever) the correct strategic purchase Straight up call it a noob trap in the official patch notes xD
: You can't put two and two together can you... And I can pull out a bunch of quotes from Riot that contradicts their own quotes in the past. Side note, you play lethality champions.
> Side note, you play lethality champions. I'm playing Blood Moon hahahaha xD Either way, your entire thread is a 100% completely made up fabrication. Nobody EVER said it ws removed for being tanky and offensive. It was removed because the item was a garbage noob trap
: Atma's Impaler was nerfed then removed after no one used it. 2300 gold back when gold took a lot longer to get. I think the gold/sec was 1.2 back then, now its pushing 3 along with increased minion farm, first turret and so on. Also, you forget to mention damage creep and how it overshadowed Atma's.
Stop dude you're just lying at this point. Absolutely nobody built that item because it was trash. FFS even Riot called it a noob trap right in the official patch notes. You're straight up intentionally lying. Nowhere did Riot or the community ***EVER*** say it was removed for being too tanky and offensive. Straight up lie
: Remember why Riot removed Atma's Impaler?
Side note, it cost 2300 gold The item was removed because nobody ever used it. Not because "In other words, it was too tanky and too offensive." Where do people pull this stuff from? Where did Riot ever say they removed it because it was too tanky and offensive? Absolutely nowhere lol EDIT: Here is a quote from the actual patch notes > We realized in the case of each of these items that 'supporting' them or allowing them to continue to exist would simply cause more harm for game health than actual benefits. Either being abusable in edge cases (hello Sword of the Divine Rengar), or being 'trap' items that are rarely (if ever) the correct strategic purchase. Some may return at a later date! > REMOVED Sword of the Divine REMOVED Executioner's Calling REMOVED Atma's Impaler Where on here does it say it was removed for being too tanky and offensive? Thats literally just BS you made up to try to push your point
: There is no need to compromise, feel free to go full AD teams people, riot doesnt care
Why on earth did you build a {{item:3065}} against an all AD team?
: renekton doesn't bully anymore though?
: This is why, I hate playing support
> always troll when you get support from now on Hope you get banned. One less toxic baby in my games
: The saddest thing about the whole Malz support fiasco
If there were more supports like him this game would be terrible. I don't want supports that can chunk literally 80% of my HP at level 2 with a {{item:3303}}
: Sucks that non-assassin champions are making more use out of Lethality than assassins.
Thats because Flat Armor pen is *NOT* just an assassin stat. some of those champs you listed have always used flat armor pen {{champion:80}} {{champion:62}} have built {{item:3142}} for years. MF has always had armor pen builds. So has Jhin. This isnt new. Flat Armor Pen was never and still isnt an assassin only stat.
: Why is Shaco's late game winrate so high?
Because he needs 3 items then he one shots people {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3031}}
: Lethality is too strong
> I don't understand how you can have something be in the PBE and let it pass without understanding that it breaks the game. Lol. {{champion:5}}, {{champion:245}}, {{champion:164}}, the entire Juggernaut update, the entire mage update.... just some off the top of my head that made it through the PBE
: ...So why both? Why not less Armor options but more MPen options, or vice versa.
Because you need more armor pen just to get through base armor. Hence why there is more of it and hence why it scales with levels
: But also have fewer MPen options compared to ArPen options.
ApexCH (NA)
: We buff Lethality for assassins. We now have assassin jarvan
AD Jarvan has always been a thing. I used to play it top lane in season 5
: Why do Ad champs get 3 MR with AD options, and AP champs get 1 armor with AP option?
Because ranged squishy champs get 30 base MR at level 18. The get 70-80 base Armor at the same level
: Honestly if you really want to carry teams in low Elo, play Maokai. You will do more damage building full tank on that champion than any carry in the game. His damage and ratio's are extremely overtuned right now. Take advantage of it while you can.
Maokai is horrible in low ELO tbh. Way too team reliant
: Pantheon or wukong top for low elo
I'm a Wukong one trick. A warning: Wukong is absolute shit early. *Outstandingly bad* early. If you go into a top lane match thinking you win for free, you'll feed. For example. You're talking about Wu and Panth right? Panth absolutely destroys Wu in lane easily. Most top lane match ups are not in your favor
: Anyone Else Taking a Break from League until Edge of Night is Hotfixed?
Just you, see ya. Have a taste of what its like to have your kit invalidated by {{item:3157}}
: Thats only 1 item and after building it you still dont even have 100 armor. AD champs can easily stack MR items making them virtually immune to magic while not hampering their build. Also all those items have lethality further reducing the usefulness of {{item:3157}}
Then just get some levels. Most champions get 30 MR at level 18. In comparison, most champs average 70-80 armor at level 18
: We happened to have 5 AP on the same team. Either way in this game mode, that shouldnt be a problem.
Then they should also remove {{item:3157}} then
: Why is MR so easily accessible to AD champs?
I've seen practically nobody build {{item:3156}} in Blood Moon. Every single AD champ builds {{item:3814}} and every single AP champion builds {{item:3157}} though
Dude thats the 2016 re-released version. Literally anyone could buy that from the store for 975RP during Worlds last year
resumed (NA)
: dont play heroes of the storm 3 characters have permastealth and theres no way to counter them
But you can see them always. It doesn't function the same. They always have that slight distortion around them
Escheton (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iPolMqZt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-02-18T17:30:50.101+0000) > > {{champion:57}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:111}} all feel super tanky to me That is 3 champions out of 134. So while you are correct, it is still disheartening.
Thats because what we view as "tanks" in gaming doesnt actually exist in LoL. Actual "tanks" only really work in PvE
: why is warwick the only one able to feel tanky late game
{{champion:57}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:111}} all feel super tanky to me
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: So why xin is getting punish for build crit?
Brings up another point of why building crit on champions with guaranteed crit is counter-productive
: Behold! One of the infamous shitposters in action xD
Behold! Some guy posting on a level 20 account for obvious reasons xD
: Because Lucian has almost everything in his kit a typical ADC would need. He's a jack-of-all-trades rounded in everything. That's why his numbers can't be that high. Sure, Jhin's a little bit overtuned right now. But he has clear strengths and weaknesses both, allowing the focus to be more sharply accented both ways.
Akubyo (NA)
: Support Item - Torch (clears vision but dies out over time like a torch would..)
You mean like the old Oracle's? They got rid of that for a reason
Sciela (NA)
: So uh, how do you beat Pantheon?
Pick a champion with sustain and grab some pots. Your battle is against his mana bar
: For all of you ADC idiots who will not build Executioner's Calling vs a massive healing team
Mmm that feeling when you pick up a {{item:3123}} on {{champion:62}} when the enemy team has {{champion:50}} {{champion:16}} Spinning that GW onto their entire team. # Glorious.
: Something I'm genuinely confused about
Oh boy..... You mentioned {{champion:64}} without thoroughly bashing him a minimum of 10 times. RIP your thread
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