: Now, I can get behind this. 18 minute inhibs is fucking stupid.
: As they should... I'm just saying but Boards is a minority.. A OUT spoken minority. There's millions of League players, how many do you think are on boards.
Well, your money and your presence on the boards/LoLReddit are the best ways to make your opinions known to Riot. It's like voting, where the people who play but don't post on the boards ever are the ones who don't get their vote counted each election cycle. If you're fine with never using your board account, then you shouldn't complain about not being counted when you never voiced an opinion in the first place. Riot can take all the data they want about "the majority of players do x or y", but they still won't completely understand the player's opinion that way. At least us voicing opinions on the boards and LoLReddit gives them direct insight.
: huh....implant means putting something in, right? And lobotomy is destroying the brain?
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Just because the Market has a voice, doesn't mean it should be listened to. People detested Radio when it first came out, simply because it was new and different. People think Vaccines cause Autism. People think Fluoride in the water is going to turn our children into Nazi Zombies who are bad at math.
So what? Riot just continues to largely ignore the player base and our suggestions and ends up with a dead game in 5 years? Listening to the market should be a given if you want to have a healthy product that lasts.
: I don't know about that man. I saw what it did to WOW.
Just curious, but could you elaborate on that? I don't play WoW, so I'm not sure what you're referring to.
Rioter Comments
: You know whats horrendous? The fact that people can't farm and stall out the game instead of dying over and over... A shit load of my losses have very low scorelines because I refuse to participate in feeding the enemy more instead of trying to farm and be useful later on. Climbing would be so much easier if people could understand this. Also if you think im flat out blaming others, trust me I have my fair share of games where I fuck up and become that boosted bonobo.
I can't even count the number of games where my team's only treamfight strategy seems to be "aram midlane" (silver elo). It makes it super annoying to try and carry losing games when all they'll do is group as 4 mid and fight the fed enemy team, even while I'm trying to push out top or bot and let them know by pinging caution and saying "Don't fight yet, I'm pushing out x lane". Next thing you know, you hear "Enemy triple kill!" followed by question mark pings on you from your dead allies. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
DJ Lucio (NA)
: What do people do on your main that "trigger" you?
**_My Jax pet peeves (in order of their annoyance to me, from most to least annoying)_**: {{champion:24}} players who forget they have an ult... {{champion:24}} players who waste their E (dodge/stun ability) in clear sight of an auto attack reliant enemy such as {{champion:122}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:23}}{{champion:17}}{{champion:10}} , and then try to all in 2 seconds later and die {{champion:24}} players who **won't** ward hop for whatever reason, even if it could save them {{champion:24}} players who don't use their {{item:3153}} or {{item:3146}} actives ever {{champion:24}} players in low elo who are fed, but put more stock in grouping with a losing team (one often making bad calls, hence why they're losing) than splitting to take objectives {{champion:24}} players who go into a game high or drunk and feed (you give the rest of us a bad name >_> , and it happens more often than you think)
: LCS has 0 to do with SoloQ balance
On a related note, I feel that if Riot separated low elo from high elo in SoloQ it could do a world of wonders for both SoloQ and league balance. For example, they could cut SoloQ into 2 queues of players that range from say, Bronze V to Platinum I and another for Diamond V to Challenger. Then they can just balance the two groups separately in patches to make both groups of players happy without infringing on the other group. Perhaps there could be crossovers between the two queues for things like **placements** (i.e. Challenger players can still be placed in Platinum I at the season start), **rank drops/promotions** (Diamond V player loses several games and drops to Platinum I again), **cases where a player's MMR is lower/higher than their rank suggests** (Platinum I player gets put into a Diamond III MMR game because their MMR is quite a bit higher than their current rank), or **to alleviate longer queue times at the higher elos** (matchmaking can't find a suitable player to start the match after 10 mins of searching for a Diamond V MMR game, so it begins looking for Platinum I players with Diamond V MMR) but there wouldn't be much interaction besides those cases. Also, this change would allow autofill to be enabled only for high elo players, _who are the ones that asked for it in the first place anyway_. Queue times are low enough from Bronze to Platinum that we don't really need autofill for "shorter queue times".
Tsukic (EUNE)
: Champions that should be getting skins next year
{{champion:24}} already has like 8 skins besides pax , and he got the warden skin added semi recently.
: You forgot the last and most confusing type of ranked game: It's silver, so scenario one happens, but they throw at a ton, get aced, flame each other, and lose.
: Who are those champions that you never see?
{{champion:266}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:19}} These are all ones that I rarely/never see.
Rioter Comments
ursachio (EUNE)
: Why ranked games are soo hard at the begining of the season?
All the ranks got shifted down approximately one entire tier (besides masters+ players) because of the reset. Give it another month or so for people to get closer to where they belong and ranked will be back to normal.
Rebonack (NA)
: Why doesn't Xin's horse in the Commando splash have shades?
Because -2 dmg instead of -1 from {{summoner:14}} and {{champion:89}} spells would be too over the top.
: what am i supposed to understand with this? that around 8 min in the game jax can push faster than 5 people~~ and against a tower that has damage reduction?~~
Yes, that was the joke that apparently flew over your head.
: first blood tower in toplane against a tower that has damage reduction and 5 enemies hitting botlane tower after killing 2 people seems legit
Xysle (EUW)
: aww this is hard but i wanna give it a try (: So my passive make me stronger by being tanky My q is a aoe slow with high base damage When my w is up you can't do anything since hitting me would just heal me My e make my allies run faster (but only in one direction that wouldn't be funny otherwise) My r will stop anyone near me to do anything during 2s while doing 800 damage if i'm playing tanky and way more if not
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=matadoc,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QNk5W30j,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-11T17:20:26.160+0000) > > F*CK THIS HORSE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCNYK_9hKDk
I'm too scared to click on this video after what you just quoted above...
: Thanks, I definitely will. Also, I play kayle a lot :D
Cool! I know he has at least a couple Kayle top videos on youtube, but truth be told almost any of his coaching/review videos from the toplane perspective should give you some better general knowledge about carrying from top via trading favorably, wave management, roaming, splitpushing etc. The other important aspects like CSing properly, knowing when and where to ward, cultivating good map awareness etc. will come with time as you make mistakes and gain more experience with League. Practice each of these different aspects in normals before going into ranked with them (especially CSing and map awareness!) and watch videos from league educators and coaches (like N3ac3y) and you'll be out of bronze in no time!
: How Do I Get Better At This Game?!
I'd recommend watching some of N3ac3y's videos on youtube in your spare time: https://www.youtube.com/user/bingegamingdottv/videos. He's a Master level player that has some great advice (and dozens of coaching/gameplay review videos) about climbing ranked from pretty much every role. I've been watching his videos (specifically the ones about top lane) for a bit now, and taking his advice has already helped me improve my gameplay. I think if you watch his videos with an open mind you can learn a lot and improve rather quickly. Since you mentioned that you prefer top, I'd recommend learning champs that can duel and splitpush well and playing those in ranked ({{champion:24}} , {{champion:41}} , {{champion:23}} , {{champion:10}}), because as N3ac3y mentions, a lot of times at low elo your team will be a bunch of monkeys you can't rely on to make the right decisions. Using them as distractions to take objectives elsewhere is usually the best strategy. Hope this helps!
: Question for all the "one tricks" out there.
The trick is to find that one champ you really enjoy playing and click with, then playing them to the point where you even feel comfortable picking them into counterpicks, because 9/10 times you've played this champ much more than the person counterpicking you has played theirs. It also helps that each game of league is somewhat different from the last.
: How Exactly Do You Climb
_**Disclaimer:**_ You can take my advice with a grain of salt as I'm also in Silver, and not a support main, but I thought I'd post this anyway in the hope that it helps. I haven't really ended up playing support a lot in my ranked games (I main top), but of the ones I have played as support and done well with, I did a few specific things. One of these is if I do end up as support, I'll pick a support that can solo carry the lane if I get ahead, such as {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:143}} . All 4 of these supports can carry the lane if you get a gold lead over the enemy bot lane. What I usually do is build either {{item:2301}} or {{item:3092}} + {{item:2045}} (if you don't want to lose the ghost active) and an AP tank type of build afterwards (or straight AP if you have a tank top/jg). Also, if you get support and notice that your ADC is absolutely clueless about positioning/CSing/dodging skillshots etc. and goes 1-7-2 in lane, then during teamfights I'll shift my focus from peeling for them to peeling for my teammates who actually have shown that they have some basic game knowledge and could potentially carry with some help. If you find yourself in the position of "my ADC is garbage, and I don't think I can solo carry this game" pay attention during teamfights and see who on your team is making good plays and leading the team, then be their support instead of your ADC who is feeding. At lower elos, I notice that a lot of the time supports will hold out on their abilities in favor of letting their ADC take the kill. While this is fine if your ADC is in no danger of dying, if it's a closer fight don't be afraid to use your abilities if it could save the ADC from dying or prevent the enemy from getting away with 10 HP. Taking the kill from your ADC is always worth them not dying or letting the enemy escape (even if they may flame you for it, in which case just mute them). If you do manage to kill the enemy botlane and your jungler is nearby, ping dragon or the turret for assistance and try to snowball that good play even more. Don't simply get a double kill bot and immediately base unless you are both low and don't see the enemy jungler/midlaner on the minimap. Additionally, if you are winning botlane try to avoid keeping your lead in botlane only. When possible, try to roam to mid or even toplane and get that lane ahead also. While a good botlane can certainly carry a game, it makes it much easier if you can help your mid and top catch up to their laners or extend their lead. Since you aren't actively trying to CS as support, you have a lot more time to watch the map. You can use this to your advantage by being the "global eye" and pinging warnings around the map where needed. See the enemy jungler taking top scuttle with full HP, but your top is still pushing with half HP? Ping a warning symbol at scuttle and type "jg topside" so they can back off in time. Is your midlaner under turret with 1/4 HP and no summs, and then you see their jungler go into the brush between blue buff and midlane? Use a warning ping on that bush and say "jg in bush" so they can back before the dive comes. If all else fails, try to find an ADC main (of the non-toxic variety) near your skill level you can duo with. Play several normal games with them, then see how they play and try to get used to it. If you become confident in your combined skills and playstyles, it shouldn't be too hard to carry. You can even use a free VoIP service such as Skype or Discord to enhance your communication even more. Good luck! Edit: Feel free to chime in if you think any of my advice is wrong, as I mentioned above I don't main support and am Silver currently.
ItzSwane (OCE)
: Is Team Communication Ignorance Considered a Reportable Offense?
In my opinion, pinging is usually good enough communication for most situations. In ranked especially, I'll usually just end up muting my teammates and focus on doing my best and winning. I finished the season in Silver, so quite often my teammates won't have a good knowledge of when to group, when to stall, when to take baron/dragon etc. Due to this, I'll usually pick a strong split-pusher/duelist such as {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:75}}{{champion:83}} and try to snowball my lane then split-push the enemy to death if our team is losing. In a lot of games this strategy has led to frustrated teammates ("This stupid Nasus never leaves top", "Jax why are you split pushing? Group with us" etc.) If I feel like my team is actually making a decent call, then I'm happy to group with them briefly to secure objectives. At my current elo, I feel like communication between teammates (ranked especially) can be solved with just pings, as more often than not trying to communicate via chat just ends up in extended flame wars that decrease team morale or you dying to the fed {{champion:67}} you couldn't react in time to, because you were mid-sentence explaining to your 1/8/3 ADC why you're split-pushing instead of grouping.
dboss345 (NA)
: Use a Gif to Describe Your Main's Q
{{champion:24}} https://67.media.tumblr.com/8937e0175bf4b9b48cf8915f2b1a1f1d/tumblr_nuwab7T9VB1rjxyrgo1_500.gif
: "Impersonating a Moderator."
I'd say you rolled a nat 20 for that performance check. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Whoops forgot to mention {{champion:420}} lol yes i also love playing her especially when you take someones soul
{{champion:122}} is another option, as much as I hate that champ because of his bleed and ultimate lol
{{champion:420}} can be pretty nasty in lane and team fights (quite easy to farm with using her Q also). Getting those ultis where you E someone and get 2+ others caught in your ult during a team fight is quite satisfying.
KJ33KJ33 (NA)
: Poll please help its for a school project
Mallecke (NA)
: yes
Fixed it for you, you had -3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Lag spikes without ping (ms) increase since patch 6.1
This is the first time I've logged in to comment on a thread. Pretty sad that this problem doesn't have a fix, or even a single red post 10 months later. I've also been having this problem with lag and low responsiveness to commands, while my FPS and ping remain stable. Nearly every game I'll have slight (.5-1 second or so) delays in between casting spells or moving, even though my FPS stays at 60 and ping is around 70 (normal for me). Hope this problem gets fixed before Season 7 or Riot may start seeing people leaving for good once they find out league is nearly unplayable for them. It's hard enough trying to climb without having to deal with things beyond your control that should have been fixed by now.

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