: Why does it feel like DIver's are just more mobile Juggernauts nowadays?
Arakadia (NA)
: > TL'DR. EVERY champion with a dash can do this bug Stop spreading false information because a riven rekt you. Sincerely a challenger player. I dunno if this part was necessary. The majority of your post was informative, but this seemed unneeded. If you want to communicate with someone, you don't piss em off, and alot of people might just get uspet at this part. I think alot of people got upset over this because in the past, Riven has been seen as a favorite of Riot's. Especially with an originally unintended mechanic like animation canceling, people can easily began to think that Riot will give her another unintended mechanic. Good post over all, if anyone understands the topic completely, you most definitely do.
Well maybe players are sick of sensitive little babies posting about favoritism and how "OP QQ x champion keeping me out of challenger Rito" Actually I'm glad he put that in there. Because after being a team leader for a customer service center for years. I know that a large portion of the population needs a good slap in the face and kick in the ass to shut up their entitled whining and lack of drive to learn or understand anything.
: Why isn't Vi nerfed yet?
Because people are too busy complaining about a "Riven" ~~all dashes~~ bug and why there is so much favoritism because a "Riven" ~~all dashes~~ bug that is nearly impossible to exploit by challenger players hasn't been fixed instantly.
: "Nami is unbalanced because her heal bounces and can hit enemies" I'm waiting for it.
Already seen in shortly after she released.
: Wasn't wow basically dead from a veteran perspective before the recent expansion? Just because many people are still playing it doesn't mean it is a good game anymore. WoW lost a huge chunk of it's playerbase and fluctuated heavily up and down. Without blizzard and the big name this game would be dead since a long time imo. In my defence i'm no wow player i can just say what i read and hear from current and ex player
Wow is by millions of subs the most subscribed MMO in the world. And they shot up this last expansion. "WoW is pretty much dead" is spewed by the same bullshitters that say it about League. Meanwhile in reality League will probably be around another decade minimum.
Moetaro (EUW)
: WoW is practically dead. People thought it was immortal, that there would never be a wow killer. And there wasnt, the game killed itself, from the inside, with stupid game design decisions. Isnt it, ghostcrawler? They thought the same way you do in your post, now, they dont know what to do with half of their servers, because they lack of players to fill them. With lol will happen the same. If they continue ghostcrawling, they will soon have no idea about what to do with their unused hardware.
Wow is by millions of subs the most subscribed MMO in the world. And they shot up this last expansion. "WoW is pretty much dead" is spewed by the same bullshitters that say it about League. Meanwhile in reality League will probably be around another decade minimum.
: My money's on Mordekaiser needing buffs.
Pffffff. He needs nerfs. Mace man OP. Shreds HP bars like heavy metal. About as slow as somebody who ate heavy metal too.
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: Not overnight, so much is certain. Such is a slow but steady process. Every year it gets a bit worse, every year more people jump off, go play something else, etc. Even I, who has months worth of playtime in this game, simply paused for several weeks at times because I was just not enjoying the game anymore - only to get occasionally hooked back in by lore events. I can only imagine how this goes for less passionate players...
Just like WoWs downfall 13 years ago. Oh wait...
: A person's rank doesn't invalidate or validate their opinion
Don't try to tell that to players in Diamond lol. 10/10 most likely to rank call because they know challenger and master players are unlikely to come on the boards and smash them.
: can i know how kat is a moderate mobility? she has a rating of mobility like 14/10 how the fuck, and i repeat, HOW THE FUCK DOES SHE HAVE MODERATE MOBILITY
: attacking a portion of the player base is not something that someone has to do
No. And I really like Malicious metal and my friend Crazy Jenkins who briefly peaked in diamond. But I am noticing a trend of Diamond players acting like they are challenger and claimibg Riot is out to get them personally. It is quite annoying.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=s8oLta2l,comment-id=0004000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-19T15:28:15.718+0000) > I swear Diamond specifically is home to the most entitled players. When really they are neither the best, nor the majority. you can swear it doesn't change anything, your garbage will remain garbage Diamonds aren't the majority, Diamonds aren't the best but they are better than you or other players. Does that change something? i don't think it changes something because in the end it doesn't matter games end too quickly and this is an absolute truth "i swear diamond specifically" no, you described how everyone works in their mind, diamonds aren't an exception. stop being jealous and shut the fuck up about diamond players
Mhm. Diamonds are better at the game. Probably because I have a total 2200 games since 2011. So I don't really expect to be better than them. But I also don't bake up delusional stories about Riot conspiring against diamond players. And expect them to fix a massive mess of coding and balance in less time than it takes to sort out a new system in my store. That is entitlement. If you ever watched Willy Wonka, it sounds like the little girl. "I DOOOON'T CARE! I WANT IT NOOOOOOOOOW!" Which regardless of what everyone does or doesn't think in their head. Is what self control exists to prevent.
: I'd agree that using it as a means to understand the bug's impact is important, but if the bug is discovered (which I'd assume it is usually discovered by the champion's mains, since they play the champion the most often compared to the average player) and can be replicated if practiced, it seems like a very abusable condition in higher play. As a side note, do you feel like the way players report bugs is outdated or awkward to use? It seems like many bug reports go unnoticed (from our perspective) unless they gain publicity on boards, what with there being a multitude of small bugs that stay for multiple patches.
According to Adrian Riven he shamefully admits trying to abuse the bug has lead to more deaths than benefits. And it is useful about 1 game in 300.
: idc about what board does, your thread is still inaccurate, the game has to be fixed and riot for now isn't fixing it watch meddler answering to every questions. He deleted a question about rengar by a diamond rengar main, and he didn't answer to the question we all asked **is anything being done to reduce the pace of the game**? no answer at all and don't tell me it's hard to do, fixing masteries giving potentially +20% bonus damage or more, fixing keystones power or first blood tower isn't hard to do especially first blood tower that has 72% win rate
Whatever you vs meddler conspiracies are going on xD I am not interested. Meanwhile yes. It is. They first have to make large decisions on how to change or remove keystones and rebalance the entire game around them being change or gone. In addition to other mastery changes. Then there is all the coding and tuning. Combined that could take weeks, only for the end result to be too shitty to put on pbe, and then back to the drawing board. And this also goes for how to manage lane importance and tower issues. That is like walking up to a contractor and bitching "Why isn't my sink running! You have been remodeling the kitchen for one whole hour! Don't tell me it's hard because laying a couple pipes. See I said it so it is easy!" Sounds entitled and snobbish. Considering it takes days or weeks to take apart a kitchen, all the old shit, pipes and wires, and restructure it. Riot got back from their holiday break, which they are entitled to, only about 2 weeks ago. Fixing the house the kids set on fire while they were gone. Takes longer than that. I swear Diamond specifically is home to the most entitled players. When really they are neither the best, nor the majority.
: nice challenger Jpeg. Makes your post look powerful.
: immobile champions still get played often. its a matter of reliability that determines soloQ performance Viktor, lux, Annie maintain high play rates because they're simple and they feel rewarding to land abilities with Darius is a staple top lane across all ranks because he's straightforward and reliable outside of pro play and a few hard counters mobility in league is pretty much one sided out play potential. mobile champs are played often because what are they gonna do if they aren't poppy or Cass
Meanwhile I watch Boxbox get his ass handed to him by Darius, Illoai, Trynd and even Morde once. But nope. Only mobile champions have agency.
: If WoW told the guy to leave because he was shitty at his job....why did rito hire him? That doesn't make much sense lol. It's like when Rex Ryan sucks at coaching the Jets, so the Bills hire him and he sucks there too.
Iunno. I am not Riot. But if my job fired me. I am pretty sure other ones would still hire me.
: Yes? so? i'm making threads asking riot to fixe the game that's all and they have to fixe it "I love how everyone insists the game is broken and Riot doesn't care" i got riot sotere answering to my thread saying that the pace of the game is too quick, what did he say? "you're playing early game champions, this is normal that you're managing to close the game by 18 min, additionally you're doing suspeciouly well for someone arriving at gold last season" tell me more mister captain obvious
The boards don't ask for problems to be fixed 99% of the time. They flame Riot while asking for "problems" to be fixed. Just because you posted a meaningful post and it got a reply. Doesn't change the general bitchy state of these boards. But again I've seen it in WoW for 13 years "This game is dead, greedy devs only want money, I quit!" Comes back a month later among millions of other subs.
: mobility has become commonplace and comes with very little if no trade-off now. at worst they're single target immobile champions (only immobile mages) have been needing to get stronger and stronger as a direct response. strong CC, damage, range, aoe all of that. edit: mobility creep is real but of anything immobile champions have gotten more obnoxious as a result of it
Because if Riot adds 5 mobile champs and 5 immobile champions. People are more likely to play the mobile ones. For example. Vel'Koz was released. He is newer but Ahri who is old is still more popular. With 134 champions even if only 20 they would be the most commonly popular. And none of these new champions compare with old Kassadin.
: Because destroying half of the champions that are supposed to scale into late game is sure fun yeah dude, do you know how painful it is to never get level 16 as Sona? because the enemies are already at your inhib by 12 min, the pace of the game is cancer now and a lot of high elo players agree with me now me and them not liking the direction of the game =/=destroying the game, however to not destroy the game you have to take all late game champs and make them relevant at by 15 min into the game hence why adc are garbage right now but people still pick them, i stopped picking an adc and only play adc darius and win by 20 min everytime (except against cait and sometime ezreal)
The game has been in this state for one month... one month. That is it.
: I didn't think anyone played WoW anymore lol? Didn't it's popularity die when the guy that now does League things did things there?
WoW essentially told Ghostcrawler to leave. He had a lot of issues regarding game balance and favoritism of mages until it became a meme. WoW is still by far the most popular MMO in the world. And the latest expansion is doing rather well.
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VulDread (NA)
: Bug-ridden Mobility and Dmg creep champ is still toxic.
Mobility/Damage creep would imply she was new and thus creating a creep in a certain direction that did not previously exist. Lee Sin, Vayne, Kassadin, Ahri, Riven, Trynd and Katarina all existed in S1. Dmg creep was created by masteries. Mobility was always high in LoL.
Sovekz (EUNE)
: How do I know everything beyond point 1 is true? You're a Riven main, currently never met one who wouldn't defend her to death even if she was OP beyond comprehension?
Been playing LoL since 2011 and watching dashes and blinks overright displacements occasionally.
: A person's rank doesn't invalidate or validate their opinion
Somebody is mad that Adrian Riven took the time to come on the boards and pimp slap the retarded Riven posts into place. :^)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=s8oLta2l,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-19T08:46:23.814+0000) > Meanwhile btw. If you watch the highest high tier play. You'll notice *most* of the time in *most* seasons, who the fuck cares about most seasons? because i care about season fucking 7, not 3 5 or 6, i'm playing the game right now in season 7 i don't care that previous seasons were good
Every expansion is the new worst expansion and the game is dying - WoW players bitching for thirteen years that the devs killed the game. Still the most popular and well designed MMO on the market.
: Really getting tired of people saying "but anyone can do it!!" When that simply isn't the case. Why wouldn't they fix it on everyone if that really were the case?
Ezreal and Trist have done this since I started League in 2011
: Actually people knew this bug way before you,and in regardless people hate it on Riven specifically because of her braindead EQ resourceless mobility spam-Moreno opportunities to do the trick
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CppL (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hethalean,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VZinEAbl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-17T16:46:19.650+0000) > > tldr; She doesn't cancel CC anymore than any other champion with cast times on their dash/teleport. For instance, it works the exact same way for Ezreal and Tristana if cast at the same time. She is still CC'd for the duration of the CC stun or pull. Ez still gets cc after his teleport.Riven totally remove any cc.
: So Teemo get's disabled for quicker stealth in bushes, but Riven can cancel Hard CC and doesn't?
: apply the same logic to every other overpowered champs why are we nerfing them? not everyone can abuse them they must be balanced
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/IAMgGh2u-riven-cc-cancels-discussion-and-ignorance-lack-of-knowledge-of-a-specific-bug rekt
: > [{quoted}](name=regaline,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LjX1bWNy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-17T13:11:07.577+0000) > > because it's hard to do I laughed because cancels are not hard to do.
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/IAMgGh2u-riven-cc-cancels-discussion-and-ignorance-lack-of-knowledge-of-a-specific-bug bullshit get rekt.
: Riven CC cancels discussion and ignorance (lack of knowledge of a specific bug)
Wooooooooo! I posted about this three times in the past 2 days. Nobody would believe me. Lol Also huge fan. Let's get this upvoted over all the ignorant topics the boards constantly post.
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: In all my time of playing League of Legends, I have never experienced so many short games.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Everything has 45% winrate in bronze and 55% in chall though Because if you are bronze you are generaly around 45% winrate and its versa with chall...
Uhm... that isn't how it works. Challenger players face challenger players. It they were all 60% win rate who in challenger is losing the other 40% *facepalm*
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: No its not what community wants Make a Poll and you ll see
You don't seem to grasp the entirely sarcastic tone of this post. The boards are full of people bitching about animation cancelling. This is directed at them.
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: ok, but if were keeping rivens animation cancel in the game, give everyone equal treatment and let me animation cancel garens q too.
Animation cancels already work on all AAs and abilities without cast times. It is the very basis of effectively kiting and moving on ADC. I swear there are no real gamers in this community. Gamers figure things out. Canceling aninations and manipulating movements and combos are as old as modern gaming.
: Honestly, Riven is a bit strong with perfect cancels, she kinda needs some small nerfs to keep her {{champion:41}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} tier when done perfectly (admittedly she is tougher to pull off than all of those, but she also has more possibilities). There's a reason why there's 4-5 Riven mains in top 20 Challenger (I think). Champions should be balanced around being played at their full potential (Kindred), and should have a >50% winrate when played at their full potential, unless that's the exact same as playing them at their least potential ({{champion:1}} ), and then more of a ~55% win rate at low elo (simple champions are rarely played in higher elos).
In NA* just correcting. There are almost no high tier Riven one tricks in Kor. Riven has a 45% win rate in bronze. 55% in challenger.
: > [{quoted}](name=TyrekGoldenspear,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ttoKaYYX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-01-18T22:12:07.956+0000) > > Wha? I can do that? > > Here I was buying attack speed and resetting with Q to get around that. You can do it with anyone and anything... attack speed is still a good stat tho.
Attack speed is the delay between animations and animation speed. Hard resets are still strongest like Hydra titan
: All champions can animation cancel part of or most of AAs and certain spells animations.
Attack speed is the delay between animations. Hard resets are still strongest like Hydra titan
: > I even do it with Shyvana's dragon form AA animations since they are so damn long. AA-Move click ahead-AA. Wha? I can do that? Here I was buying attack speed and resetting with Q to get around that.
All champions can animation cancel part of or most of AAs and certain spells animations.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: If Riot removes animation canceling on riven. Watch 5% LoL players quit. Including me You can make same logic for every champion Garen is utter garbage shit Reportable if you pick it in high elo. So what we should add animation canceling to garen (Dont get me wrong I would accept any massive changes to that melee minion champ? If Riot should balance the game Around ceratin elo it should be high elo if anything. But Riot is balancing game around everything (Not working out good)
All champions can animation cancel AAs and certain spells. It just became a major facet of Riven. Which apparently makes people mad.
dominusx (EUNE)
: if they remove he cancels she will be buffed into hell and back. proper cancels make or break the game for riven in high elo if you remove it she will become sluggish and she will need dmg buffs to compensate for her slower combos. aka she will become another champ even a silver can play. talk about animation canceling beeing hard by the community thye havent played some tekken or generally fighting games having to memorise frames to do massive combos.... it's sad but w/e
Apparently that is what the community wants. Massive low tier Riven buffs at the expense of her high tier play.
: Increasing passive gold and decreasing kill gold sounds like rewarding passive play. Riot hates rewarding passive play in theory. You SHOULD be rewarded for outplaying your opponent early. You shouldn't _almost_ automatically win because of it. I'd like to see turret first blood removed and overall damage reduced. I think this would make early leads important, but not so huge that you can suddenly explode the enemy team and snowball out of control.
The advantage of killing your enemy is gold, exp, far denial, free farming, objectives, roaming and wave control.
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