: It is important yes, but that is important for EVERY adc, and to an extent every champion. She doesn't stand out much besides the persmaslow.
Permaslow, global vision, impressive effective range, global stun, AoE slow, spectacular late game DPS. All stand out as Ashe.
: Ashe Kit Update
I don't like the term "hidden power". We have way too much visible power these days.
: Varus Jhin or Jhin Varus.
Basically Jhin, Varus, Miss Fortune and an occasional Caitlyn.
: I just can't play League anymore....
S2 fans unite. I'm glad you made this post Rubick. Tbh, if you could convince a bunch of your Diamond-Challenger friends to go on open strike on the boards/reddit. Maybe it would make Rito see their best players are just refusing to play on their terms. Iunno. I use to be addicted to this game. Lethality I guess was the final step in my program lol. I no longer care to play very much. Discussing how bad the game is is more fun than playing.
: congrat friend, you realised that the game is shit now
I made the "League, then vs now" post that reached 350+ upvotes. I think I have known for a while.
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: "ADC in 2k17 lul"
Lethality abusers are Lethality abusers. Now look at the winrates of champions such as Ashe, Jinx, Sivir, Lucian, Trist, etc... you know, the standard DPS ADCs who cannot abuse the currently overbuffed stat?
: The one complaint I have about baron is the range the cannon minion gets from it. It can demolish turrets from outside the turret's range and your team can hunker down around the turret, but if anyone DARES attacking it, they get collapsed upon by the enemy.
I know, I didn't know this was fucking Nexus Siege, Why the fuck can a cannon minion siege my turret from the fucking Crystal Scar, over TT, through Howling Abyss, Across Murder Bridge and down my Nexus Throat!?!!?
Skyphic (NA)
: i think baron needs to be nerfed. if my adc decides to suicide 30 minutes in id like to know that i wont lose the entire game because they just got a free baron and can pretty much end the game off that.
Baron, Dragon, Zz'Rot and Neutral camp value in my opinion are more responsible for the snowball meta than anything else. There is no value in defending anymore. Making being behind completely hopeless unless the enemies are potatoes and screw their lead.
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: I agree, but make the jg champ {{champion:11}} instead of {{champion:19}} , ever since his rework he's become a lot harder to play mechanically.
Warwick has a much higher skillcap now, that said he is still really easy to pick up initially and is meant to be the noob jungler. His Q needs some work, but other than that he is doing his job well. He also has healthy gameplay and is actually fun. Yi is in bad shape for both balance and design. This is why I picked Warwick.
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: 7.2 in a nutshell
Meme theft is meme theft
: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/3/3b/Atma%27s_Impaler_item.png/revision/latest?cb=20130319090010 x {{champion:86}} x http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/a/a8/Deathfire_Grasp_item.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/64?cb=20170217035245 {{item:3070}} {{champion:86}} {{item:3070}}
My old Garen build from S2 {{champion:86}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/3/3b/Atma%27s_Impaler_item.png/revision/latest?cb=20130319090010
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Because people are bad at shipping and don't ship the obvious, like J4 and Shyvana.
Still a better love story than Twilight.
: I play mid because {{champion:4}} does best there. I like last-hitting and 1v1 laning (so I also like top). I'm considering practicing TF ADC so I can play him well in two roles. I would change main roles if my friends asked me to. I like to play League with my friends.
I love TF, I suck at him, but love him. Also never felt TF was unfair or OP, ever... like at all.
FIuffCow (NA)
: Mr primary role is Support, since I feel as if Support is the only role where you can play the game in a relaxed manner; unconcerned with being the best, but still determined to help your teammates through thick and thin. Despite the fact that you do not get thanked for your assistance occasionally, and maybe some people give you shit for saving another teammate instead of them, the idea of being the "backbone" of one's team is inexplicably blissful. The only other role I play is ADC, and for similar reasons. When your primary goal is to farm (which is rather basic), it makes the game much more fun for me. Not that I don't enjoy try-harding from time-to-time, but after a long day, I'm typically too exhausted to perform well in any other roles honestly, despite how fun they can be. I would gladly play other roles/positions, it's just much easier for me to do that when I have spare time on my hands and I'm not exhausted 24/7 (like during the summer or on a break). <3 A {{champion:43}} main
: But a mid's best friend is a jungler. Poor mids.
See, the thing is. Junglers like to like mids. But there is that *ping "Blue"!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"* that some mids give us... so depends on the mid.
: ADC first, Mid second. I've started queing up as Mid first and ADC second because Marksmen are very unrewarding to play and doesn't feel as fun as it used too. I play those two because those are the strongest my baby Kog'Maw preforms in. As long as I can play him I have fun. I like the fast pacedness of him and I especially love orb walking his autos at around 1.5 - 2.0 attack speed (Normally I have this much at full build, I rarely get to 2.5 attack speed).
: Mid/Support and I wouldn't change them. Went through too many seasons trying to change roles and I settled into what I like. I have a handful of champions that I enjoy and that's who I play and will always play. Too stubborn to change. Mid for the 1v1 pressure. Unlike top, it's not a farm fest as action is much closer and easier to get to. Support for keeping the team alive and helping out where I can. Not just limited to the adc, wards also help jungle and mid depends on gametime and placement. No better feeling than keeping your team up in a huge fight and walking away with all 5 people alive.
: I live in a southern state and wear a hat so Tahm Kench speaks to me on a cultural level
Born in Florida, lived in TN, back in Florida again, I have visited a lot of stats on a long roadtrip that involved hiking. But I do love the south, I missed Sweet Tea, Okra and Gravy while in the north.
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LankPants (OCE)
: I've considered Jhin to be problematic for quite a while. IMO he has major design flaws. His R and W just should have never been allowed to exist as abilities.
He has been top tier since release. But I got called bias because he counters Ashe, by a guy who plays GP and complains about Riven and other GP counters.
: Galio is well designed just aged Aatrox is poorly designed, so is Morde and Urgot. Ahri is popular but her kit is toxic and anti-fun, so is Jhin. Malz has a cool thematic but lackluster gameplay, same with Vlad. By virtue of how GP works he is encouraged to be a pussy in lane and farm and then scale into a disgusting AD caster with absurd damage. otherwise, yeah
Nice to see somebody else who isn't in the champion hipster cult where they think nothing can ever be bad about these champions. We are the few but friendly. By-chance, are you from the south o-River King?
LankPants (OCE)
: They're both absurd.
Most the boards either don't think Jhin is a problem, or just are baaing at whatever certain people tell them too.
: https://cdn.meme.am/cache/instances/folder968/56319968.jpg
Valve balancing wouldn't work in LoL as champions in LoL are more often than not redundant with several other champions of the same class/role. Unlike in DOTA 2 Where champions better fill specific niches so everything being OP is fine everyone always has a role.
: Rylais was nerfed because it offered too much durability/utility for how much damage it provided
I put up a vote to disable it until they can patch and fix/remove it. Got plenty of upvotes. Rito won't listen.
LankPants (OCE)
: >Boards "We need an AP upgrade for QSS" Oh goodie, just what AP Ez, Kassadin, Katarina, LeBlanc, Fizz, Ekko, Ahri and Teemo need, the ability to break CC. We haven't even finished dealing with the current game breaking items and people want more. Can we fix the current problems before adding more? I've always took the exact opposite stance on this. We need to not have an AD upgrade for QSS. There's no good reason for a Zed, Talon, Irelia or any ADC to be able to break a CC with no real tradeoffs. What needs to be done IMO is remove Merc Scim and make QSS cost ~1700 gold and give 50 MR. That way it's a more neutral item with a huge tradeoff for anyone who wants it.
I could back this. Better yet, make it have 25 armor and 25 mr. So it is even more neutral.
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Penns (EUW)
: I mean, I feel like qss is a tool that everyone should be able to use and upgrade except for tanks, not just AD champs. Every class is gonna get WW or Malz ulted or just ccd.
Maybe, maybe not. But let's fix all the shitty item, mastery and balance mess currently in the game before adding new factors.
: jhin aatrox and who else.....? shyv? malz?
Jhin, Aatrox, Ahri, Malz, Morde, Gangplank, Urgot, Galio and Vlad. My mistake, more than 5. I have found saying anything negative about these champions = downvotes and screaming ~redditors~ ~hipsters~ players who think they are the best, most well designed and unique things to ever grace the universe. Mind you, that is considering I actually like Malz and Vlad. But I am not some hipster cultist. Heck, even I say negative things about Shyvana... my main champion.
Rioter Comments
Please do nerf this shit. It is so busted and overloaded I take it in jungle and top.
Nostormo (EUNE)
: A true meta slave uses the new client, for it is the new meta of technology and design.
META = Most Effective TActic. The old client is far more effective.
: I have my name because i play all the outplaying champions like morde, darius and gangplank _~~**NastyMcOutplay**~~_
Morde and GP, Watch out, those are 2 of the 5 holy champions you aren't allowed to talk bad about on the boards.
Lugg (NA)
: Posts like this wouldn't even appear on the boards if Riot actually did some balancing. I can understand if it takes them 2-3 patches to fix something, but when it's 2-3 years, there's a big problem.
Yes, Lee Sin is absurd https://na.op.gg/champion/leesin/statistics/jungle Meanwhile "Jhin is fine!!!" https://na.op.gg/champion/jhin/statistics/adc
: What you reffer to as a 'healthy and balanced meta' is what most people call a 'tank meta', as people for some reason start screaming tank meta as soon as more than 1 tank per team can be seen eventually. Also, just because people want tanks to be more viable/dominant/whatever doesn't mean that they can't dislike a particular tank.
Tank meta was very clearly a period when we would see teams like Alistar, Shyvana, Zac, Swain, Vayne vs Sej, Mundo, Nautilus, Vlad, Twitch It was a disgusting meta just like this one. And I main Shyvana.
: Lee Sin's greatest weakness is that he can only be picked once per team. Else we'd see pro teams with 2-3 Lees per side. He's just that well rounded.
Yes, Lee Sin is absurd https://na.op.gg/champion/leesin/statistics/jungle Meanwhile "Jhin is fine!!!" https://na.op.gg/champion/jhin/statistics/adc
Leonerdo (NA)
: Nope. Perfectly balanced. http://lolalytics.com/champion/LeeSin/
Yes, Lee Sin is absurd https://na.op.gg/champion/leesin/statistics/jungle Meanwhile "Jhin is fine!!!" https://na.op.gg/champion/jhin/statistics/adc
Lugg (NA)
: Lee Sin needs a major nerf
Yes, Lee Sin is absurd https://na.op.gg/champion/leesin/statistics/jungle Meanwhile "Jhin is fine!!!" https://na.op.gg/champion/jhin/statistics/adc
: How do you know it is the same people?
I've seen the exact same people on the boards complain about both. And they complained about Zac when he was viable lol. And about Sion when he was strong.
: It makes sense. It seems that you're fine with armor pen, you just want it to work like this. You want armor pen? Cool, buy this. No you won't get any extra features, the armor pen is what you paid for, you shouldn't need any more incentive to get the item.
Basically. Like S2 last whisper. It wad considered crap as a full item but was purchased against armor stacking. Basically like void staff.
: I imagine the large variety of armor pen is becuase unlike Magic Pen, its primary resistance universally increases among all champions. However the issue with Armor pen is that there are infinitely more ways to apply armor pen than Magic Pen becuase one applies on abilites while the other applies on abilities AND autoattacks. Do you think that if Armor pen/lethality was reworked to only apply on abilites like magic pen it would be helathier?
I feel this might make it too strong on casters and too weak on AA champions. I feel the big thing is, % armor/magic pen needs to exist to counter tanks, that said it needs to otherwise be slot inefficient and only for that purpose. Flat pen needs to be rare and just optional to counter when a squishy gets a GA or something or to make Squishies a tiny bit Squishier. Shred needs to be a utility champions bring to their team. BC should be bought because Darius can bleed the armor out of his enemies for his team, not just because x champion wants a free pass on beating all tanks and squishies into a pulp. These are my opinions at least.
: Also that the LW item upgrades into slot efficient items doing bonus damage just cos you have less health is retarded
That too indeed. The reason Void Staff is usually okay is the lower %(yes it applies to base MR but you know) plus Void Staff doesn't really offer much, only pen and a mediocre amount of AP. Meanwhile LW upgrades offer either GW or % damage amp based on HP.
: % pen still skews the value of armor. Far more than lethality, actually the best way to balance assassins around lack of pen would probably be to give some of them hybrid damage, which is strong early and mid but falls off late game, fitting for an assassins power curve.
The thing about % pen is it shouldn't be a huge %, and it should only apply to a % of bonus defenses, with the upcoming rebalanced tank stats this would let % pen counter massive resistance stacking without countering tanks entirely.
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: Anyone else on the EDGE with this game?
I have played Less League in the past 3 months than I did when I was officially on break. So...
: one tank in each game is a tank meta for me, cause playing without a tank brings the following things: -game is unplayable for juggernauts, damage is too high anyway and you don't have cc. played a game of darius that made me stopped wanting to get chal until riot fixes the game, and in this game i went 3/10/7 because they had 4 ranged champs (gangplank is basically ranged+ori+ww+malz+ziggs) and we had 4 ranged champs(graves+ryze+mf+jhin)+ no cc due to graves in the jungle -teamfights are short it's the worst meta i ever saw in league, 5 man carry lmfao
Tank meta was clearly when we would have teams that had... Blue side; Sej, Shyvana and Nautilus Red side; Alistar, Mundo and Zac That was a terrible meta, just like EoN meta is.
Crett (NA)
: I'm not sure when that definition of meta came into play, but I didn't get the memo lol. I would describe that as champs that dominate the meta; they don't necessarily make the meta all on their own. It is true that in this ADC meta, it's leaning heavily towards the champs that can abuse lethality. In the cinderhulk meta, it's also true that some tanks in particular were quite powerful ({{champion:113}}), but there were MANY tank picks that were powerful in that time because of cinderhulk's very accessible raw power, so I feel like it's a case by case deal. I digress, however. I didn't actually like the Cinderhulk meta, because all it REALLY did was load tanks with a bunch of damage and mid-game tankiness. I want to be tanky in the LATE game (and they were a LITTLE tankier, especially in Sion's case but it wasn't the right paradigm in my opinion). When tanks succeed, it shouldn't be because they did a heck ton of damage. That's always been my beef lmao Tanks are and always will be valuable, my issue was always an issue of the WAY that they're powerful. EDIT: I misunderstood your post lmao.
The 'tank meta' was when you would have teams that consisted of 2 tanks and a juggernaut building pure tank on both sides. For example, Sej, Mundo and Zac on one side with Leona, Nautilus and Shyvana on the other side. It was no less cancer than the meta where marksman were in 3 roles per team, or the BC stacking meta(thankfully short lived), the EoN meta(hopefully short lived) or any of the other 'PTSD' inducing metas we have had.
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