Sciela (NA)
: If I had any other game I could enjoy playing for more than an hour at a time, then I would have quit League a while ago. Unfortunately, the gaming industry is shit right now, and there really aren't any MMOs I can enjoy. I could go get some console game or steam game, but those last a max of 10 hours.
you finished witcher 3 yet? last real good game imo
: Huh. I'd come to expect well researched and reasoned posts from you malicious, not meme-ish whining. I would direct you to this thread by meddler: In which he said > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=1cwWmQWi,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-17T17:32:59.316+0000) > **Edge of Night** > > We're going to see if we can pull a nerf for Edge of Night forwards into 7.4, or at least do a low risk hotfix the same day 7.4 hits. Urgency on that feels high enough at this point we don't think we should wait another patch. Most likely changes (still being discussed) are increasing the CD again and lowering the AD on it. Possible whatever changes are made will be temporary as well if the conclusion during 7.5 development is a different nerf is better long term. So it is a pretty high priority for them to fix.
dont need to research {{item:3814}} is a busted asf item at first glance second glance it seems even more busted because of all the possibilities it provides.
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Anl0rian (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=agbudar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JdWEu0mv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-02-15T23:58:48.685+0000) > > they should because inevitably those people that leave are the comunity that dies out. > > take me for example i used to play 4-6 games a day at LEAST. i would not play anything but league > now i cant get myelf to play 1-3 games a week That's just part of the game. League is always changing, sometimes for better, sometimes not so much. Coming to the forums and unloading about how you are "so over it and fed up", isn't going to change anything. While the majority of people dislike lethality, it looks like it won't be leaving anytime soon. Things about League may suck, but some things about it are awesome.
its not JUST the lethality.... if it was JUST that it would not be such a big problem.
: Gather around, children, and listen.
i remember the times when you could stack items such as sunfire cape and gunblade back then morde with 5 gunblades was the highest rated build..... or the time when smite only had 1 charge longer cooldown and no real jungle items with only 5 camps for each side. no crab and your warwick could solo dragon no problem.. and nunu could solo baron at roughly lvl 9 with the right spellvamp build remember how that used to have full effect on aoe spells? and veigars would heal themselves on a minion wave for 1 k hp? fun times. ow and mundo could not be killed when he had warmogs.... which he would stack for a smacking 1350 hp per warmogs. (it had a stacking mechanic for minions and champ kills) you literally would have more effect trying to kill the fountain turret. spirit visage was complete shite on the rift too btw only had like 300 hp with a measly 40 ish mr and we had force of nature.... yea mundo would build that too. then {{champion:17}} came out... did you know that teemo was a COMMUNITY creation? i remember the thread to this day and the hundreds if not thousands of upvotes and posts demanding this .. riot loved the idea of getting assspounded and as a such through the unholy matrimony of riot and its comunity TEEMO WAS SPAWNED. it is rumored that the player who came up with the idea disappeared without a trace shortly after. It is rumored if one looks carefully you can see a glimpse of his ghost within the lantern of thresh sometimes.
Swarovsko (EUW)
: Instead of nerfing Jhin just nerf lethality
he hasnt been nerfed 4 times yet though.....
: i think yoricks Q heal could be upped a bit
it should really scale with the damage done instead.
Anl0rian (NA)
: To everyone that is "so done with League", I have one thing to say...
they should because inevitably those people that leave are the comunity that dies out. take me for example i used to play 4-6 games a day at LEAST. i would not play anything but league now i cant get myelf to play 1-3 games a week
: full lethality team beats 3 full armor tanks... why?
sigh.... when are people gonna get it? for every 100 armor you build you need at least another 1 k health to make roughly the best use out of the armor. you are better of to build {{item:3111}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3143}} then what you just build.
: Ok that well versed in moba things.... Can someone explain the issue here? I'm assuming it has something to do with flat armor pen & percent armor pen applying at different times, but that's just my shot in the dark.
in the past flat pen aplied before everything else like reduction and % pen now % pen applies first then flat
McFatal (NA)
: lethality quinn reminded me of how fun and fair top lane is when you go vs a ranged as a melee
on top of that you have and still have first blood gold on botlane towers so toplane is just a "tagged on" role atm
: Do any fellow junglers actually like current meta?
i played jungle since season 3, this season I'm taking a break and just focus on support. it used to be ok with tank junglers now the ability to completely crush them with counterjungling{{champion:64}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:254}} is through the roof. those are just 3 prime examples from what im talking about. 1 proper counter in the jungle effectively shuts you down for the next ten minutes its complete bs how rewarding that crap is edit: season 4-5-6 were actually really good seasons to jungle you felt in control. all that effort that went into the role got ruined by season 7.
: Scarra "you have a plethora of options to hit on exhaust"
no I dont want it changed i want that assassin to think twice while me the support is with my adc. if {{summoner:4}} can be an irremovable MANDATORY PICK then {{summoner:3}} can be a good spell for punishing those that overextended or as protection from a gank.
Eedat (NA)
: That's a bullshit lowball figure. I used the ACTUAL math and formulas. Take your meaningless assumptions elsewhere
comes straight from the wiki bro. each point of armor is 1% extra "effective health"
: "ADC in 2017 LUL" meanwhile ranged ADs being played competitively in 5/5 roles LUL
quick downvote it so we can get ziggs nerfed away from botlane!!!
: Garen countering Riven is a misconception. Garen counters bad Rivens, Garen counters almost no champions when they are played decently and account for what Garen does. I personally don't consider myself a bad Riven, so Garen doesn't bother me. If anything I want him to be able to counter Riven, good Rivens. By actually having tools and a healthy power budget.
yea but the "good" riven players you talk about are in a like idk 0.05% portion of the league playerbase in general if not less. the rest gets countered by garen. seen so many mastery 7 silver riven mains with over 500 k mastery get beaten by a lvl 4 garen. i mean i getit, ive seen it before garen getting beaten by riven, but again the actual playerbase of riven mains who can consistently beat a "good" garen main is pretty small. anywho just silver dude's observations. also i think garen gets boring to most so they don't spend much time to master him. riven is a very engaging champion to play. the level of satisfaction you get from winning lane and ultimately the game is higher and thats what people will look for... their fix
: Myths about Lethality
> [{quoted}](name=Silvanduin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gn2igRGO,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-13T01:19:23.588+0000) > > **Ranged champions are ruining Lethality for assassins.** > > This is flat out false. While AD caster marksmen have received notable buffs and are seeing significantly more play in LCS, everything and anything AD is flourishing in ranked. I've seen Pantheons, Quinns, Jayces, Jhins, etc. The only 2 ADs I don't see are Kha'Zix and Rengar, and that's not a case of them being bad, that's a case of being permabanned. > >** Lethality needs to be nerfed, not any particular champions.** > > {{champion:21}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:21}} first you point out that ranged champions are not ruining lethality but you still want mf nerfed... btw ive seen a lot of other adc that also work well with lethality become serious threats again {{champion:119}} he certainly didnt need it {{champion:202}} was already 2 shotting people without it {{champion:110}} actually yea he needed some love {{champion:126}} omfg no please no. not again ow wait they nerfed him so he no longer 1 shots people but 2 shots people right {{champion:236}} hmm yea sure he bad place for a while {{champion:133}} no comment.... so in general yea the buffs to lethality were in fact very favorable to many ranged champions. and some are abusing it pretty hard especially when all the players and not just some start picking up these lethal builds
Eedat (NA)
: If anyone is curious to the **actual** figures for 600 Armor, it looks like this. {{champion:33}} (Lvl 18): 104 (base) + 496 (bonus) = 600 - {{item:3071}}: 72.8 (base) + 347.2 (bonus) = 420 - {{item:3036}}: 72.8 (base) + 190.96 = 263.76 - Lethality (~70): 193.76 Now you're thinking "Wow! Thats like 400 armor gone!". But you should know that 194 Armor is ***still 80% damage reduction*** As a 600 Armor Rammus, you still only take ***20% physical damage*** Now I'm not saying Armor Pen stacking isn't an issue, but to try to say " tired of taking true damage even with 600 armor" is complete bullshit
100 armor is 100% effective health 200 armor is 200% effective health 300 armor is 300% effective health 400 armor 400% effective health losing 400 armor while having lets say 3k health is the equivalent of losing 12 k effective health the AD enemy team ignores. so how is that totally fine? if the rammus has lets say 4 k hp instead its a whopping 16k of effective health that you ignored.
: Why Garen is just "Worse Darius", power budgeting and fallibility
garen happens to counter most riven players. big surprise op doesn't like garen. not that you don't make great points on his kit btw. but tbh i dont think garen is a worse Darius, although they look the same they play very differently. garen is not about tactical play its about strategy. and quite frankly a simple infallible strategy is often the best one.
: If marksmen are having issues surviving...
{{item:3053}} i know, i know this should be melee only and then buffed properly but until then you can still buy it
Geropac (NA)
: There is no reason to preselect a champion unless you want them to be banned.
i always ask people to intend pick. they ask why i say so i can see if i should go braum they all say: go braum i go braum they all go super squish expect me to perform godlike. {{champion:201}} sigh gotta lvl that E first again.
awdaf (NA)
: I am so sick of people saying "It's your fault for losing, you can carry if you're good enough"
more then a few people in plat and diamond have made posts about this issue and that in bronze silver and low gold its basically a toss up lottery. Riot needs to change the placement system for brand new accounts and instead of putting them all in silver 5 just don't do any placements and put them straight into b5. **which would be totally fair since this is supposed to be a ladder system you put people at the bottom** im personally sick and tired of hearing that the average rank of people is silver including unranked people, no its not normal games are a complete fukfest at times were no one cares what you do, who you play, or what you build. ranked even in b5 there is at least a semblance of people trying to actually win. (even though the way they play can look like inting to a veterans eye)
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: When the enemy team is tanky and have sustain
{{champion:54}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:33}} against any of these you get {{item:3036}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:75}} against any of these you get {{item:3033}} .
: > [{quoted}](name=agbudar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cqhaEc1E,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-02-09T23:30:45.247+0000) > > they reverted {{champion:96}} that was 1 time.
so? they said they would only once make a champion 6300IP very far back in the day
Leona OP (NA)
: How to allow Leona to use her own passive without breaking her
OOR give leona that particular passive on lets say her W and then replace her current passive with something else.
: i want his W back, and to get rid of that stupid spellshield
yea thats basically a revert
: You're expecting riot to go back on their reworks and *gasp* admit it was a mistake?! They'll just nerf them to the point where they are worse then their pre reworked states. {{champion:82}} mains know this pain.
they reverted {{champion:96}}
: Because thematically that wouldn't make any sense on Braum. He's the kind of man that takes things head-on while he gets between his allies and danger, which is why whenever he uses his jump he always lands between his ally and the enemy champion. Jumping to a ward wouldn't make sense because he's not protecting it.
ward hopping in general makes no sense. especially in lee sin's case since his W was intended for a very similar purpose as that of braum's
: he was just as annoying before the rework. now he is much healthier
no currently malz is opressive as fuk, even back then if you got fed you needed to be really careful when to ult and with your positioning. malz never did any real burst damage but dot damage mostly.
Ralanr (NA)
: Gut a champion
{{champion:86}} Q no longer gives movement speed _we believe that his Q was opressive and gave no counterplay bad matchups just became opressive periods were they had to hug tower till lvl 3 and tier 1 boots_
: Could be worse. Remember the mage update. He was broken af until they nerfed the spell shield into the ground.
yea i remember not liking it back then either, i was pretty sure back then that passive would be his end
: Welp, you got what you wanted boards. Mastery nerfs ACROSS THE BOARD!
these changes are good. if an adc can die in 2 shots from anything tanks included you know that there is a problem with damage in the game. and for how long have people complained that the offensive portion of mastery&keystones make the defensive part look like garbage? that's right since the dawn of it all.
awdaf (NA)
: Exhaust is become a better and more picked alternative to Ignite, and tbh, it needs a nerf.
exhaust only became a staple in mid after certain assasins were so opressive that mages just take it by default. now that those assasins got a rework that is no longer the case.
: IDK I disagree... Healing should be strong. Grievous wounds should make healing weak. It doesn't need to be balanced with grievous wounds. Does suppression need to be balanced so that it's still useful/strong if the enemy has QSS? No. The simple fact that you force your opponent to build a QSS instead of damage is part of what makes it strong. Likewise, healing forces grievous wounds. Having to save ignite for Swain/Vlad instead of using it on the enemy ADC is a cost. Having your ADC or top build {{item:3123}} is a cost (10% damage from {{item:3034}} is no joke). I think it's perfectly balance-able and it has been done fairly well so far... It only goes out of control when the guy healing like mad is fed and no one buys grievous wounds.
{{item:3165}} staple item you give up NOTHING {{item:3033}} YOU GIVE UP NOTHING. great ad great armor shred. imo this item is overloaded. {{item:3139}} YOU GIVE UP NOTHING. some would even argue it has everything an adc would want ad, some much needed mr, lifesteal. ow and here you go a sweet active that allows you to make big LCS plays.
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Denarius (NA)
: "Malz players who plan ahead will still be able to make some sick space-crab plays"
me{{item:3070}} goodbye my old friend the pain from your mental disorder was nearly unbearable and then we had a couple of good games in the botlane didnt we malzy? {{champion:90}} that we did my favorite voidling, but why are you saying this? me{{item:3070}} because this goodbye will be the last. {{champion:90}} nooooo please, i promise that the balance team will be favorable to me after maybe 4 years or so~!! me{{item:3070}} runs away into the night. {{champion:90}} he was the chosen one from my visions.... WHY BALANCE TEAM WHY!!!!!!!!!!
Lazy cat (NA)
: When enemy realizes they are doomed and shift goal to make one player as miserable as possible...
i would be like {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} go ahead already got my {{item:3026}} on {{champion:201}}
Skyroar (EUW)
: So Mid Lane Malzahar has been officially destroyed
yea basically this cuts malzahar's REAL damage in half.
: I have a newfound respect for ADC and Support mains.
you main {{champion:201}} and lvl your shield. learn how to save it for their burst. and you will be ok, and inadvertently most adc you play with will consider you a god.
: The only reason you take grasp is if you're playing a champ that legitimately CAN'T use CotC {{champion:83}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:75}} {{item:3070}} Even some of them are just abandoning the tree and going to Stormraiders
{{champion:86}} is better of with Thunderlord's especially since his E can proc it piss easy. makes his bullying unbearable. {{champion:2}} doesnt fervor or warlords make way more sense anyway? {{champion:20}} would probably want Deathfire since he can proc it easily with his snowball.
: When the twice nerfed Courage of the Colossus is still much better than Grasp
: " death shouldn’t make or break the entire laning phase."
make towers great again!!!! *thunderous aplause* trump towers for LoL 2017~ *again thunderous aplause* WE ARE GONNA MAKE THEM SO GREAT YOU CAN SEE THEM FROM THE MOON... THE **MOOOOON**~! *the crowd is going WIIIIILD~!!*
: So if we want a champ nerfed we just have to play them support!
k lemme make a list then {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:240}}
Zagron (NA)
: Malzahar Nerfs Done Wrong (And a Question about Zyra Changes)
or yknow revert his rework, his previous kit was far less toxic/unhealthy. then this. edit: i want my midlaner back
: name 5 champions you just dont want in your game.
{{champion:21}} currently her damage is out of hand (thanks for that lethality "fix" riot) {{champion:51}} yea i don't like having to sit at tower for 6 levels straight before i can do something real as a support. {{champion:143}} combined with the above you have the biggest cancer i can think of there is no interaction with these kind of champions and that is ultimately bad for the game. {{champion:157}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:429}} no interaction here AT ALL, their kits were wrongly designed imo.
: Tanks will never be able to have individual power curves as long as %Pen items exist
what if {{item:3033}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3135}} get removed and mages get a similar item such as {{item:3071}} for them that stacks mr reduction. {{item:3071}} is imo a lot better for the health of the game then the 3 %ar/mr penetratrion who tripple handedly have warped all the tanks in the game to be as retarded as they are currently, then with the vanguard update you could rebalance all the tank items without these three in the way rebalance tanks in a health way and bada bim bada boom healthy tank meta. ow and please riot get rid of the absurd base damage scaling tanks have thank you.
: Patch 7.3 notes
{{champion:21}} needs a couple of love tap nerfs
WreckzOG (NA)
: Why are tanks balanced around them dying so fast late game
free05ct (NA)
: I just noticed 3 of the "mages" riot reworked are now "supports"
tbh {{champion:63}} rework was a success just that his damages relly too heavily on base damages (wich is easily fixed) {{champion:90}} should not have been touched period. {{champion:143}} became more of a support she already was
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