: Please Stop
Who cares, let people experiment with picks. Be happy that youre apart of the evolution of bot lane. Instead of the stale gameplay standard adc/support picks offer
: >**Midgame,** he's like 0/7 and then proceeds to auto me for 700 damage after I was rooted by a Zyra.
mid game is when everyone reaches level 6, doubt whatever youre talking about happened at that time.
: Laning against Draven
46 minute game, gold has practically equalized and he is a late game monster. Why does this surprise you? And more importantly, why talk about laning phase when it doesnt matter when you let everyone reach late game builds
: Don't abuse the words "totally busted", please.
played 1 game as galio support in silver 5, galio is totally busted
Saewin (NA)
: Make getting S ranks on champions you already have a chest on award a key fragment
keys are already being hoarded... Like, why do i have 15 keys? You want MORE on top of that?
: Yep totally agree
i dont. This meta is fun as fuck to play in. 20 minute games ensures you that either you will be stomping someone or vice versa and it feels amazing.
: Damn they just did what everyone asked for and people are still complaining. Hilarious.
Yeah, but people EXAMPLE: Dekar, were actively boosting doing this same exact method with dynamic queue. You queue up with "friends" and proceed to boost legally (?).
: Worst part is the fact that Ahri players usually play Caitlyn and the other way around
bbQ s (EUW)
: Damage is disgusting
> give the resolve tree actual useful damage reduction masteries. you mean 8 armour and magic resist while near ALLIED turrets is worthless? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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NaniI (NA)
: It can happen in certain match up/situations. I don't know what your was so I can't really say. Could be they were half HP and got a bad engage or got engaged on. Maybe the Sona got hooked by blitz and instagibbed by draven.
flash counters flash. if you flash out of an engage there is a 90 percent chance that they have to flash to kill you through heal/exhaust
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: Is there an IP Boost this weekend?
Nah. Its some thing on reddit where you join a chat room and you let the enemy end in 7 minutes and do that over and over again to farm IP
: Stop being verbally toxic and maybe i wont have to /mute all as soon as i get in game. I already have to deal with ? ping spammers.
Helmight (NA)
: So Assassins are supposed to be high skill/high reward champions
i believe its high risk high reward not high skill
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: i always thought it was solid, giving you a nice health buffer in true damage, plus {{champion:16}} builds it so she never has to back. the point of the item is so you can continuously engage in skirmishes. so instead of going to kill someone trying to backdoor, then going back to base so you can heal, you instead just go to the next place your team needs you. it also lets you heal up a little before trying to take major objectives. it isnt the best item ever, but it has its niche. its almost like asking for a lord dominiks buff
yeah but dont most sorakas build AP and not tank items because her healing scales off of AP or some shit like that?
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Quepha (NA)
: So get comfortable with all positions, just like everyone else had to do for 5 straight seasons.
thats your attitude towards autofill?
Rebonack (NA)
: Why not make Lightbringing a thing?
that sounds broken as fuck no thanks
Scruberz (NA)
: The good old boosting buddies: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=tyyrant http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=wei%C3%9Ffl%C3%BCgel
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Saljooki (NA)
: Does anyone else feel the same way?
No 50 minute games are too long and the death timers are too long for even one person to get caught out without throwing the entire game.
: they should let you destroy your own nexus
LOL THAT WOULD BE SO fucking great. good idea lincoln
Webstar (NA)
: i don think that would be right. If you have a team that wont ff then you still gotta try. Take the game for practice. Saying "open mid" and going "afk" like that is assisting the enemy team and reportable. Also it would be grieving in game. If the team doesn't ff, just practice. Riot would never implement an open mid menu
saying you want to open mid doesnt mean you afk, its like a mutual agreement between a majority of the members on your team. It's harmless when everyone on your team feels the same way. IF there are 2 people on the same team that don't want to open mid, you still try to win, that's the general rule of the "NA open mid" thing.
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Zen Ineth (EUW)
: Gotta love it when people simplify a role into the good points, and never about the bad points. You'll learn to hate it when people are shouting at you to gank after they push up in lane. You'll also love being invaded by 3 people, or just the overblown jungler of the month. Not to mention getting counterjungled by both the enemy and your own team from time to time.
lmao literally every game youre getting spam pinged to help gank top after you just went bot lane, and then people want every buff/piece of farm in-lane and in the jungle if youre falling behind.
: LB In Her Current State Is THE MOST BUSTED MID
lol but everytime someone makes a thread some LB mains come here to say shes balanced and that she needs to land her chain qq. Meanwhile she gap closes right in front of you and does a point blank chain. no risk whatsoever. Ungankable garbage
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Rozair (NA)
: I love how camille is permanently banned while other champions who aren't feast or famine arent
Reset213 (NA)
: When someone says they'll tank and only builds health items
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: i'm fucking tired of jayce seriously
well, he falls off late game so he's kinda balanced in that sense. Darius is incredibly strong early game and scales well into late game.
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: It's honestly true. I only ever get my secondary like, 1/100 games. I have no idea how to play any other role than support.
i have a lot of respect for support players. They're very efficient in their role.
: I agree entirely, the mechanics of mid laners and top laners are very similar, as is mid and adc positional requirements. Supports and Jungles are the two unique roles that dedicated players would struggle to switch between, however Jungle players still primary deal damage so they can switch role much more comfortably than support mains.
Yeah exactly. As someone who plays jungle only, for the times that i don't get autofilled, laning is a lot different because you have to learn to PROPERLY CS/trade ect. From basically all of my experiences in having support mains be autofilled, they do not know jungle pathing, they don't have a specific "Style" of play, and it almost seems like they have 0 carry potential. It's not that i don't respect supports players, but i think that they should not be able to be autofilled because they get fucking smashed by dedicated junglers/top laners/mid laners ect. I might want to blame the severely low skillcap that most support champions have, like Janna, for example, who have significant roles in teamfights from pressing a few buttons, but other roles you need to position properly, know how to peel with someone who isnt janna/nami, and play for the most part, mechanically harder champions.
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: While it's not the most impressive thing in League, I finally surpassed 100k on Thresh :)
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: lol at poppy nerf.... brusiers need to be addressed
Garen carried 1 v 5? LOL what the fuck?
: Riot, can we make jungling less reliant on using 9 flat armor seals?
This isn't even a problem. I'm guessing from your match history you had a bad experience in jungling with Eve.
: New fervor vs. old
Yeah i agree. I think old ferver kinda appealed to more champion, whereas the new one is only viable for a few. I kinda miss being able to make use of sion's passive with it.
Tykune (NA)
: Does Sion gain permanent health off of Voidlings from Zz'Rot Portal?
: Wow that axe to redemption
jesus christ that nerf is too much. i hope they don't go through with it... Wtf man LOL
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