Shylien (NA)
: "I built armor to counterbuild enemy physical damage and negate the AD they buy. This is balanced."
turning 400 armour to 100 armour isnt balanced and makes item efficiency for tanks fucking horrible
: Why the weak jhin nerfs in comparison to rengar and others
ibg ekko has been destroying solo queue? Also, they're going to be nerfing lethality which will affect jhin
: As a person who pretty much only plays Kled...
im going to thank you for maining a unique champion, i havent seen a kled player in so long so thx for being different
Eedat (NA)
: Why is the jungle so feast or famine?
youre talking about a broken champion in the jungle. Yeah no shit they do what they want when the meta heavily favors them
: I agree. There should be an incentive.
yeah maybe every win you get LP, and every loss you lose LP. And there can be divisions you advance to like bronze/silver/gold ect.
Svartalf (NA)
: I love Warwick, but (like many other champions) he's garbage right now.
do me a favor and watch hashinshin's stream. He's a high elo (masters) warwick main. Makes him look broken as fuck tbh
: _$5 has been added to your League Account._
: If it is my sweeping lens / oracle alteration that finds the ward, give me at least some of the gold
if i see the support tryna last hit the ward they sweeped imma flash to get the gold
Leo1024 (NA)
: Rammus Is Broken
hes not broken but he would probably seem like that in a full AD meta (which is kinda what we're in right now)
: To all you people wanting moonflair spellblade in the rift.
: *"THIS GAME IS GARBAGE! FIRE RITOS BALANCE TEAM!!!!! WHO CAN PLAY THIS PILE OF SHIT?!"* ***checks match history*** 20 games played this weekend
wait ive never said anything bad about the balance team though, in fact ive been downvoted for praising them on nerfing shit like malz ect
JZ Jora (NA)
: Is there a list that shows what a certain champ needs to get an S?
: Ziggs Nerf Now
Rioter Comments
: Tanky Fighters
did you actually manage to forget maokai and nautilus ?
Mwattew (NA)
: Assasin rework a failure
yeah, this is breaking news.
YokoNomi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=l Sion Bot l,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fuild051,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-02-19T15:02:18.247+0000) > > thank god. Riot balance team did a fantastic job nerfing him tbh Tried him mid once after his last nerf. Could barely do anything as him. By barely, I mean nothing.
sorry to hear about that. Practice some more with him and see how it turns out
Rioter Comments
Denarius (NA)
: Malzahar has a 1% play rate mid
thank god. Riot balance team did a fantastic job nerfing him tbh
Escheton (EUW)
: Very fair point. New champs/reworks seem to be getting a lot of mini-ults lately. And this {{champion:12}} ult is very potent. Too potent seeing it outclasses the entire tank/bruiser-class almost.
Rioter Comments
: it's only a little baby knockback i'd rather have her not get the fkn nearsight though
: why is lebonk not yet nerft?
was this supposed to be funny?
: Are you joking right now, riot?
yeah they dont want you to hurt yourself climbing too fast so heres someone with a 30 percent overall winrate
TPA Shen (NA)
: Unbalanced Game
this game is fun tho
Penns (EUW)
: Just played WW rework for the first time and like.. wtf is that Q?
make sure you keep your mouse hovered over your target or else the Q wont work, similar to urgot E-Q
: Shaco is already broken. He was just being dwarfed by Kha and Rengo
: Malz
no, leave him in the trash for a bit
Rioter Comments
: Ryze in his current state
well, if ryze gets nerfed, a lot of people are happy. His laning phase is boring, his 2 second point and click root is complete BS, and his constant shields and movement speed are ridiculous.
: I really like how i cant seem to win
yeah sometimes the meta favors you, and then it doesnt.
McFatal (NA)
: another day as a melee
they should maybe buff tough skin for melee only
: Hmm lethality... 40% to 60%.. Jhin...Graves....Talon...Quin... hmmm... all got skins recently...
: i'll upvote you before you get downvoted into oblivion
game is still fun tho
: people like you are what's wrong with the community no one should be judged based on rank you can have an opinion sure. You're gold. you aren't much better than him in all regards.
im not bronze either. I just use the bronze icon lol
: Why wouldn't it? It's treated as a champion and all applicable abilities can be used on it same as a champion would.
then make it knock up the person who is the vessel
Rioter Comments
: It's hard to make a specific counter to mobility because mobility is more often than not general power. Cassiopeia also shits on immobile melees champs harder than mobile ones.
: Can anyone even survive building going tank anymore?
add exhaust on top of all of that. Pretty much no, you explode from taking too much damage
Mkaos (NA)
: Jungle is boring
i agree with you
: Lost a game with 1100 stacks as nasus.
: The low elo scriptors are back guys
25 game winstreak isnt because of scripts. Its because that's actually more than possible if you play corki with exhaust
Rioter Comments
JZ Jora (NA)
: I still think there needs to be more crit items
: Please don't forget about Malzahar
nah we should let that champ rot in the dumpster for a lil bit before we look at him again
: I was playing Sion yesterday and hiding in a bush with 150 health left, with nothing but a cinderhulk and deadman's plate. Jhin facechecked it, ate a fully charged Q, and then I proceeded to 100-0 him. Tanks are fiiiiine
because sion Q'ing from an unwarded bush isn't predictable at all and has 0 counterplay
: C9 and Flyquest not getting accurate points
: Annie needs 1 more point on her stun counter
Cloud273 (NA)
: The worst thing about the Malzahar nerfs...
well... they're kind of playing a patch behind...?
: @Meddler, can we get an actual important objective for top lane?
i cant even remember the last time i actually wanted to do rift herald. Thing is, they nerfed its damage and what not, but it's STILL too risky to take. it takes way too long to kill, it still does too much damage, like who the fuck is going to actually do this
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