Download the Hextech Repair Tool and make it do a clean uninstall and reinstall. That's what I recommend, at least.
The HRT won't be able to perform a solid repair if he's already installed the updated client, since it's currently most compatible with the legacy version.
Please if someone is reading this help me. I am not being able to launch both the alpha and the legacy client. While launching the alpha client it told me that "they have restored this installation to an older version of league of legends. Now we will try to patch it up to the latest version" this followed by "there was a problem patching league of legends. We'll restore a backup version and try updating after you restart the patcher". I restarted but it showed me the same messages again and again. Then I thought of launching through the legacy client and said "unspecified error occurred please check the logs for more info". I have no idea whats happening and the weird part is I tried installing the whole game from scratch but it showed the same exact message that it showed me in the legacy client. Also I cannot send the HRT log files in the ticket since it tells me 20 megabytes is the largest file one can send thus hindering the tech support to understand where the problem is occurring. By the way I am using a Macbook Pro Sierra. Help would be greatly appreciated {{item:3070}}
It sounds like you've got a series of issues here ranging from a bad install of the updated client to connection problems failing to patch you up. Your install sounds like it's become corrupt and in this case a [reinstall ]( should fix it up. Before doing so, I recommend running through each step of the [connection issues]( guide, because these errors are suggesting a failure to reach our patching servers. That should fix you up!
Same problem, i game normally at full setting and get around 400fps, and after the lunar patch, after 5 - 10min in the game, my fps just drop to around 50-60 and stays there, and if i restart the game its back to around 120 then down to 50 again 5 min later. Weird thing is we were playing as 3 premades, all members experienced the fps drop at the SAME time, and the non premade member said they had it too, then everyone had to keep relogging... Im gaming with i5 6500, and gtx 1060 6g, friend one with gtx 1070 and one with 980ti, please dont tell me its the fault of our system
I'm not putting fault into anything, but I am suggesting factors that usually result in frame drops. Those factors are generally fixed through the [FPS issues]( guide. If your issue persists then hit us up in a [support ticket]( so our tech team can take a look. Make sure to grab some logs via the [hextech repair tool]( for more context. We'll get back to you.
Hi, I'm using 15 inch MacBook Pro, with LOL client version 7.1.17, and mac os 10.11 All working good with the build-in 15 inch display. But if I use my 25 inch external display, I can't get full screen! I tried alt+enter, but it only gives me a windowed version How can I solve this issue? Thanks
Hit us up in a [support ticket]( so we can take a closer look and help individually. The full screen issue should now be resolved, so we'd like to look in cases where the issue might still be occurring. We'll reply back asap!
I am level 7, but boards will no let me post. ples, i want to talk about rovin.
Arya Riven
Your account may need to sync to the boards when posting for the first time. It looks like you're showing up at 7 now! Let me know if you still have any issues posting.
I'm kinda having the same problem. but with me it just shows the logo and then nothing happens. I can't click it or anything.
This might be a similar situation in which something crashed in the background or not having permissions to launch. Run through the [permissions]( as well to make sure the patcher can scan your game files. Let me know if you have any questions!
I tried using the new client recently, the League of Legends logo would pop as per usual, then nothing happens. I click on the logo and it tells me that it has stopped responding, i went back to the legacy client, same problem. And abslouteley nothing seems to work, after a while of failed attempts, opening as admin, allowing through firewall, restarting, etc. It tells me that a file named ''api-ms-win-crt-utility-l1-1-0'' was not working. I then completely uninstall and reinstall (this is an excruciating process for me personally, as my internet is very slow) so I open the alpha client after downloading it to download the game data, sometimes it would the thing were it wouldn't respond at the logo, and the times it would work, and i finally get to log in. It works for about exactly a minute then nothing responds, everyhting is still clickable and interactable, but nothing loads anymore, not even the download. And the legacy client completely doesn't work, I'm completely at a loss here. I'll be waiting for any reply, hopefully, because i was planning to play on the 3 days of vacation i had. I say recently, but in general, I've been having a lot of problems with league since the beginning of season 7.
It sounds like there's a setting with your PC that's blocking the patcher from loading, regardless of the version you're using. Try the steps in the [permissions]( guide to configure your settings and allow access. Let me know if that does the trick!
I played an ARAM game and got Tristana, a champion I have level 5 with (and one level 6 token). I did pretty well and got an S rank. I received the chest for the S rank, but not my level 6 token. I certainly would like to get that token.
Warlord Zudane
Congrats on your level up! Per the [champion mastery]( guide, tokens are actually only available through Summoner's Rift currently. Also as a heads up, it's not possible to level up to 6 and get a token in the same game. Let me know if that clears things up!
So, after accidently closing out my loading screen, I keep getting this weird error after trying to start another game. I get through champ select, loading screen acts like it starts, and then the League of Legends symbol pops up. My loading screen then closes, and I get an error message saying that "An unknown DirectX error has occurred and League of Legends cannot start. Please make sure your video card is using the latest video drivers from the manufacturer." I checked everything, its all up to date. Any help would be awesome.
This sounds like a driver failure, assuming this error is likely regarding a bugsplat or missing dll. You should run over the [game crash]( guide to troubleshoot this towards a fix. Make sure to test it in custom games to prevent penalties. Let me know if you have any questions!
I bought an RP card today and I went a bit overzealous and scratched the first 6 numbers out, is there anyway to still redeem my card. I know it might be a bit too risky because it is a scratched card but can I redeem/return it in any way still so I don't just waste $10 dollars?
Ah, no worries we can look into this and help individually. Reach out to us in a [support ticket]( and our billing team might be able to get the details for that card. We'll reply back asap!
Gosh I hope not. Think of the millions of skuttles been killed and when they decide to sink their skuttly mandibles into us, there wont be enough hard cc on that day
I just need 2 RP and my name Terrorgod.
That sounds like a really action-packed drawing. :D Hit us up in a [support ticket]( or on twitter. We'll see if we can figure something out!
Mint chocolate chip **is** the best, anyone else who says otherwise is a heathen and should be purged of their ice cream rights.
> [{quoted}](name=MavenSong,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sPvuv875,comment-id=00010002000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-20T22:23:28.368+0000) > > Mint chocolate chip is the best, anyone else who says otherwise is a heathen and should be purged of their ice cream rights. Quite right, and may I say how attractive you're looking today, MavenSong?
Hi, anyone can help me pls? i used to play in EU, but today i found i can only log in NA. and i can't transfer to the other regions in the login interface. anyone have the same problem with me?
What version of the client are you on? Are you able to login through the legacy: - On the login screen of the open beta updated client, look for the "Launch Legacy Client" text at the bottom. - Or create a shortcut directly to the legacy client in your League Installation. Just look for "lol.launcher" If not, are you getting error messages and what are they saying?
Hi, I tried eveything on the list but It still doesnt seem to work. The game lets me load in sometimes but other times it does not let me in. Ive just been thrown into low priority quene repeatedly because I am unable to connect to the game.
That sucks to hear, but thanks for trying. Download our [hextech repair tool]( to grab some logs on your network. Attach them in a [support ticket]( to our tech team, so we can help individually and take a closer look. We'll get back to you asap!
Cinnamon or GTFO
Malicious Metal
> [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sPvuv875,comment-id=000100020000,timestamp=2017-01-20T22:07:47.797+0000) > > Cinnamon or GTFO See, this is why I don't usually get into this. Malicious - I had such respect for you (and you too, spideraxe) before this moment. -------------------------------------------- #Mint Choc Chip is the *best* ice cream flavour. --------------------------------------------- Anyone who disagrees _beware_ - I could edit your post to say you like chicken-pox flavor or something. Abuse of Red Name powers? We all knew I'd be corrupted by it eventually. ######And by golly 'flavour' can have a 'u' in it, I'm Scottish for crying out loud.
Does anyone know when early sales for this month is going to start? I thought it would be today since its usually the weekend before the last week in the month which is this week.
I don't have any info on sales or upcoming ones until they've been announced. Bookmark our [Sales]( page in the meantime in case anything comes up. Fingers crossed from some good deals!
In the old client, we could see our rank stats (KDA general, KDA per champion, etc) directly in the client, is it possible to access it with the new client or how can I see it?
I don't believe that has been implemented in the current version of the updated client. Share any feedback on this with our client devs over at the client discussion boards, but in the meantime you can check your stats through the legacy client: - On the login screen of the open beta updated client, look for the "Launch Legacy Client" text at the bottom. - Or create a shortcut directly to the legacy client in your League Installation. Just look for "lol.launcher" I hope that helps!
Can't find it anywhere.
Night Hunter
You will see an option to update through the legacy client itself, and not any website. You should see it upon opening the patcher or logging in. Let me know if that clears things up!
Hello. Im live at Cali, Westminster. Im using "Time Warner Cable", when i test at, my ping is 14, but i play LOL, ping around 150-200, so i cant play. Does anyone know how to fix it ? thanks
Your network can still have issues connecting to servers specifically, and in this case our game servers. Start out by running through the [connection issues]( guide to tune up any problems occurring locally. That should get you back in game with improved ping!
ive gone through that list on the network guide... the tester doesnt work on any of my 3 computers. did other tests and am not having any loss. i think its between the game and my ISP
Thanks for going over the guide to be sure. Hit us up in a [support ticket]( so our tech team can help. Grab our [hextech repair tool]( as well, and attach the logs it provides to the ticket. We'll reply back and assist individually as soon as we can.
I sent a report on this for the new client bug thing, but it may not be that. Even after you guys took away the alert for the full screen-freeze bug, its still happening. I play league on the New Macbook pro 2016 and windowed or borderless doesn't really work for me because none of the screen-size fits my screen. its either too big or too small. The only way I can see clearly is with full screen, but again it keeps freezing after you guys got rid of the alert. Help?
The [service status]( page has been cleared of the screen issue, so we'd like like to investigate further if it's still happening for you. Grab our [hextech repair tool]( as well to attach some logs to the ticket, which will offer more context on your case. We'll get back to you!
I would like to know what they think about. It is always fun for me, even sometimes I don't create a message, I usually read them.
I know Rioters occasionally delve into "Who's the most powerful" conversations, but not in any real serious sort of way. I don't always read them, because A) they're usually quite similar - you've seen one tier list, you've seen em all, and B) there's a lot of good stuff to read round here, I need to be selective! I'm more interested in worldbuilding convos. It's fun to think about, but sometimes it feels a bit like asking "What's the best ice-cream flavor?". There's a lot of reasons why you might favor one or the other, and there are obviously big hitters and niche picks, but other than just turning into shouting matches about why no-one in their right mind would say strawberry, it usually results in agreeing that many different flavors have things to commend them, and depending on circumstance one might be better than the other. Also, narrative never comes in and lays down the law on that one - and I'm happy they don't. Where's the fun of wild speculation if someone just comes in and says "It's mint choc chip. Get over it."
im getting new lag from the game. not my internet. not fps drop no change in the ping at all. but my game will skip several seconds later fix this. ive tried everything on that link provided, the problem is still there. this just started with the new patch. i have 15mb connection so i hardly doubt its the connection
When you say your character skips, is everything else around you moving normally? If so then there could be a connection problem or packet loss failing to transmit information between you and the game server. Run a [log reader]( to get an analysis of your issue and follow the steps provided. I hope that helps!
I just got LoL and I started the tutorial. The loading bar went full but it stays there for ages and nothing happens. PLEASE HELP!
It sounds like your game isn't loading properly, and there could be a few factors for it like connection or something within your pc. To start, are you using a 4k monitor or exceeding 1920x1080 resolution? If so, you may need to scale it down to prevent issues rendering the game. Based on your description it doesn't seem that you're getting any error message, so I also recommend using our [game crash]( guide in case something like your drivers or game files are failing to load. Let me know if you have any questions!
I wonder if i can, and how to change my name in the game, if at all possible..?
Gazirana sarma
You can certainly change your summoner name! The option is available through the in-game store, and will cost your choice of RP or IP. It may not be up on the updated client just yet, so you'll have to switch back to the legacy version: - On the login screen of the open beta updated client, look for the "Launch Legacy Client" text at the bottom. - Or create a shortcut directly to the legacy client in your League Installation. Just look for "lol.launcher" Let me know if that clears things up!
I have been having same issues. Tried a whole bunch of things like new client/old client. Nothing else other than league open and it happens every game. Around 15 min frames start to drop drastically and by the time 20 min hits im sitting at 25 fps and 12 in teamfights.
Mat Locke
The game itself is independent of the client, so it shouldn't really matter if you're on the legacy or updated version. The update may have resulted in a bad install or corrupted game file or your driver could be outdated, both factors that can lead to frames dropping. Go over the [FPS issues]( guide to troubleshoot, through a custom game, and let me know what you find.
Its not on our end just so you know. Its on ur end.
How so? FPS issues are common as any pc will go through general wear and tear with outdated drivers, installs, and use. If there is something going on our end, we still need to troubleshoot and investigate further. That's why it's important to go over each step of that guide to rule out possibilities. Make sure to go over it and let me know the results.
Hey, Ty for you're time and help, but i got to say that it didnt work. I couldnt find any symptoms that match. Thank you for your attempt...
Thanks for following up though it sucks to hear. Hit us up in a [support ticket]( and our tech team can work individually with you to get this resolved. Grab our [hextech repair tool]( as well to attach some logs to the ticket for context. We'll get back to you!
i have been a huge C9 fan for a while now and was really excited to be able to support both C9 and FlyQuest this season by purchasing both summoner icons when they went on sale but i dont see the one for FlyQuest listed. Will it become available later on or is this a minor mistake?
They FlyQuest icon isn't available just yet. Per the [announcement ](, it's aimed to become available in the next patch. Let me know if that clears things up!
Thank god. I would rather be some idiot who got trolled than have my absolutely favorite champion destroyed like that. Thanks for the quick response. I don't normally fall for trolls like that - but Vel'koz is very near and dear to my heart. My little brother played this game with me, I got him into it when he was 14. He died when he was 17 - his favorite mage to play was Vel'koz, whenever he wasn't playing with me because I hogged mid. So I got into playing him because of that. So I was a little emotional. I apologize.
No worries :)
Title says most of it. Updated to the new client today (I was never against it just never got round to updating it) and have had two timeouts during Champion Select. The first I shrugged off, accepted the -3LP and waited for my next game. However having happened a second time within a few hours I've lost another 10LP and have a 30 minute wait. Is it the new client or am I just being super unlucky? (My internet doesn't die as I'm browsing at the same time).
It sounds like your network is having trouble keeping you together with your group, and leaving you behind. This might be more of a connection problem and not with the client but you return to the legacy version to rule out possibilities: - On the login screen of the open beta updated client, look for the "Launch Legacy Client" text at the bottom. - Or create a shortcut directly to the legacy client in your League Installation. Just look for "lol.launcher" Otherwise, your best bet would be to go through the [connection issues]( guide to troubleshoot and make sure that your connection can keep it together while on the updated version. Let me know if you have any questions!
is this a bug or smth cuz i dont wanna decay i just got d4 again ;-;
I do see you played a few games yesterday in Solo queue. It looks like your last matches in Ranked Flex was on 2016-12-31 though. Since they are separate queues you'll need to make sure they are both being maintained. Let me know if that clears things up!
l have a really annoying problem right now. l was about to start a game but when the game was going to start it crashed and it now says that l have LEAVED the game. l am in level 5 and haven't left a single game. it says that l have to type l agree to continue. l typed that a billion times but l can't click OK. what do l do pleas help. {{champion:104}}
Are you on the updated client? IT's still in testing and may not be reading the accept notification. Hop back on the legacy client so your submission is accepted: - On the login screen of the open beta updated client, look for the "Launch Legacy Client" text at the bottom. - Or create a shortcut directly to the legacy client in your League Installation. Just look for "lol.launcher" I hope that helps!
1. i had 3 chests i had 1k orange essnce i had LEGENDARY SKIN!!! THEY ARE ALL GONE PLEASE FIX THIS
Are you on the updated client? I looked into this for you and I don't see anything out of the ordinary here, and your last use of hextech crafting was last week. Check on the legacy client just in case: - On the login screen of the open beta updated client, look for the "Launch Legacy Client" text at the bottom. - Or create a shortcut directly to the legacy client in your League Installation. Just look for "lol.launcher" Let me know if that clears things up!
When i try to join a queue it says: An unexpected error has occurred while attempting to join the queue. Can someone help me?
When you enter the queue, your network has to transition you over to the rest of the group. It looks like something is blocking that from happening, but our [connection issues]( guide can help restore comms. Be sure to test it out in a custom game!
Every couple of games my client will let me choose my champion and load into a game but wont get to the loading page. It just stays black and gives me a cannot connect to server message. The only way I can fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the game. How do I fix this. I am currently on a mac.
Black screens usually happen when your connection can't reach the game server, so it can't download assets and can result in that error. You'll want to run through the [connection issues]( guide to troubleshoot, making sure to select instructions for Mac. Let me know if you have any questions!
Do any of you guys have any ideas how to stop the game popping the unknown errors and long login time i have to restart like 3 times but the because of the unknown errors my game wouldn't launch the summoners rift map to play
When you are in queue and accept, your connection needs to transition you over to the rest of your group. A weak connection might be failing that transfer and resulting in an error. I suggest going over the [connection issues]( guide to help fix that up. Let me know if you have any questions!
Hello, i recentley got back to the game and i have a problem with my ping. it's usualy stays on 150-200 ms and i constantly get spikes to 500+. i use wifi since i can't use wired connection currently. i play on euw and i live in israel, so its kinda far from the server but my ping should not reach more than 100. on other games it works fine... please help, ty ;)
MR Shmalo
A combination of an already higher ping with sudden lag spikes is not fun, and I'd like to help. These issues are generally caused by connection problems, and the sudden spikes might be due to packet loss. I suggest starting off with our [connection issues]( guide to troubleshoot this towards a resolution. If it's possible, trying a wired connection can really help rule out any possibilities with the issue being your wi-fi. Let me know if that clears things up!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=ZNGHdygP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-19T23:32:38.041+0000) It was a one time deal. Sorry for not mentioning this in the thread itself.
No worries at all, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something in terms of recreating the issue. :) I'll keep an eye out for this, but from the looks of it, a weird interaction took place that caused it, and isn't the result of a missing animation like I'd originally thought!
Got it, sippin' his cocoa like the pacifist he is
Plotting a way to get back at us for killing him so many times. :o
Thanks! Just got mine today :)
Awesome! :D
Fps drop after 10 minute games i tried all of methods who i search on google , ps all day work fine ,then after patch lunar event i got constantly fps drop after 10/15 minute game from 100 to 20/15/25 and inpossible to play like dead pixels when i move mouse so freeze so slow . how to fix ?
Reformed Teemo
FPS issues can usually result from trying to render bad game files, driver problems, or even hardware issues like overheating. I suggest running through the [FPS issues]( guide to rule out possibilities and smooth things out. Let me know the results!
i haven't tried patching on the legacy client i will try it now just a side note i was having certificate errors before because some of my certificates went missing so i had to reinstall them am i missing some sort of certificate?
Bugsplats usually occur when a bad file or something else fails to render properly, so something went wrong with your installation. Go over the steps in the [game crash]( guide to troubleshoot this towards a fix. Let me know if you have any questions!
the timer counts down to 0 and I can't do anything and then after some time it kicks me out of select and I have a leaverbuster penalty. is there a way to make it so that I only launch the legacy client? I'm going to avoid the new one like the plague because of how of often this happens.
Lucas Sindri
It sounds like your network is going into a dormant state or cutting off, so it can't transition over to our game server. Start off by running through the steps in the [connection issues]( guide to troubleshoot. This should help tighten up your connection and get you back in-game.
> [{quoted}](name=Porocles,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=n9EerAmd,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2017-01-12T22:27:18.897+0000) > > For Mac users experiencing the current [screen issues](, Alt + Enter should also work the same way as PC players. It should get you out of fullscreen and restore the game. > > I also see that some players are having problems with hot corners. It should be possible to [disable hot corners](, and stop the interference. Is there any official Riot response? I just want to make sure our issues are being heard because the game is unplayable in this state. The two comments you have made doesn't seem like you are aware of what our issues are. I'm okay with being patient, but updates would be nice. If you need me to reiterate the issues let me know, but many have spoken it's been over a week now... I just want to play some league ;(
There was an issue that emerged in regards to black screens and resolution problem which was investigated, and now resolved. There were notices on the [service status]( page tracking the issue. Be sure to book mark that page to stay updated on new or on-going issues. If you're still having issues, hit us up in a [support ticket]( and we'll help individually with your issue. We'll reply back as soon as we can!
I don't normally complain like this anymore, but I really feel the need to here. Why, when there are far more problematic mages out there - are you nerfing Vel'koz into the ground, Riot? You are utterly -- disintegrating him. For clarity:
No idea where you're finding those supposed changes, but they're certainly not something we're doing.
Might be worth spitballing something for the Rift Herald at a team level if it's current iteration is found to be undesirable? I dunno, something like 'a team with a dragon buff does not receive Rift Herald bonuses', and then the Herald gets defensive team bonuses. So the 'winning' (dragon positive) team has to keep an eye out, but not just clean sweep the map and snowball their advantage necessarily.
Overlord Forte
It's safe to say we don't think Rift Herald's hitting the mark in its current form yeah. It's not really causing problems, but it's not offering much either alas. Suspect we're more likely to do work on RH before looking at possible alternate dragon types too. In terms of making it specifically a 'you didn't get dragons' benefit we tend to be pretty cautious about those sort of mechanics because they can lead to low interaction objective trade situations (they take A, we take B instead of contesting A). That can lead to dull games. Wouldn't be so bad in the version you propose given dragon's assumedly clearly better, especially as the game goes on. Would be inclined to start by looking at things that make RH really exciting in its own right when looking at it though, then look at fallback effects like that later if nothing that stands on its own more could be found.
Just curious. We have infernal that is purely offense and lends way too much to the excess levels of damage in the game right now. We have mountain that is even better offense against objectives only. We have ocean that is both, health Regen is probably defensive but mana Regen is offensive most of the time. Likewise cloud is technically both. Why isn't there a dragon that reduces damage taken by 5%, or amplifies armour/mr by 8% or something? Or why doesn't mountain do this, it fits better thematically and infernal will still help with objectives. If it's because tanks are perceived as too strong for whatever reason, it could always be balanced as X+Y% armour/mr (i.e. shift some of the stats to flat so it benefits squishies more)...
We spent a while kicking around ideas for defensive focused dragon buffs. Main problems we kept running into were difficulty making one that didn't overlap with Infernal in terms of strategy supported (direct champion conflict) and the risk of pushing tankiness for many champs past some critical points (tankiness often being harder to respond to than higher damage, given CC and kill's a response to damage at least). Not opposed to a dragon buff that offers something directly defensive in theory and it's something we'd look into again if considering adding additional dragon buffs. That's something we're interested in investigating someday, though would want to make sure we were adding another buff because it promoted interesting gameplay and was meaningfully different to the existing ones, not just because it had a cool theme.
After champ select ends and the game begins to load I see the LoL logo and then my computer totally takes a dump. My mouse stutters and discord goes all robotic. The only time anything is normal is if I launch with task manager open. It eventually sorts itself out but it's quite frustrating. Also, I have no reason to believe it's my pc. i am using a triple monitor setup running display port. But I only play on one monitor. CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K GPU: 2 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970's OS: Windows 10 thanks for any help
This could be a sign of some sort of hardware failure with your PC, but this could also be caused by a million other potential factors. The first thing I recommend doing is [**complete a clean boot**]( to eliminate your background apps temporarily so we can ensure this isn't caused by one of them. Let me know if you have any further issues with this.
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