Can someone please answer this. So i finished downloading yesterday and it was working fine. But today when i opened client, it was stuck on 33% 2 files scanned for like a hour. So i tried to repair but it kept going on bug splat. This isnt really fair. I dont know how to fix this
If you are consistently getting a Bug Splat error when you try to repair, this may be a problem with your Windows permissions not being able to access certain files with the installation. To make sure that this isn't the root cause to your issue, make sure to complete all of the steps in our [Permissions Article]( Some of the steps may seem very simple and basic, but make sure to complete all of them as they may resolve this issue! Let us know if you are still seeing this error message!
I updated fine but today when I opened League up it keeps getting stuck at 33%... plz help
When you say that you get stuck at 33%, what exactly happens? Do you get an error message? Does it get stuck a very specific point? What does the patcher display when you get stuck? Reply back and let us know, and we should be able to help out!
Hey look i can't even log in to my league of legends and i don't know what to do help! It says : Sorry! We've detected some possible data corruption in your installation.Would you like to repair the affected files ? And when i press OK it starts to update it goes to 1 % and freezes my whole computer then i need to restart my computer to unfreeze
Since performing a repair seems to lock-up your entire computer, have you tried performing a [fresh and clean re-installation]( of League of Legends? It may help to get around this issue completely. Let us know if you are still seeing any issues!
He's been repeatedly nerfed several times, just because of Incredibly strong his kit, is since it has no counter play except for buying a pink ward, but even then he can still jump and kill you but you can see it. His kit is terribly designed and just making no sense. It's just a super burst champion that gives you zero reaction time to do anything as you'll be dead the moment he jumps on you since all his damage is instant. Talon's one of my favorite champions and I hate no being able to play him because of all the nerfs he received because of his badly designed kit. I'd love to see Riot give him a Fiora size rework, I think theres a lot of potential to make him a Great, Fun and Interesting Champion to play.
We do think Talon could do with a bit of work at some point, aimed at making him more distinct from other assassins and improving counterplay available for some enemies. Overall though there are quite a lot of other characters that need the work more, so he's not a rework priority.
No, the issue is that Darius' Q is bugged, so sometimes he gets to cheese and just chunk people unnecessarily. His Q is the least bullshit part of his kit now if it doesn't unintentionally double strike like Darius secretly has a crush on Master Yi or really does want to be Garen. **** I'm laughing at the mental image. {{champion:86}} Hey Darius, how's it going? {{champion:122}} Shut up beyblade! {{champion:86}} ...ok. Bye then! {{champion:122}} ... {{champion:122}} Oh Garen, one day, you will be mine. My graceful top...
The Q double cast bug should be fixed as of patch 5.17. If anyone's still seeing it would be great to get any details on when/how.
30 for q? He's going to get to spam it forever without going oom
Agreed. We're going to try out a 30-50 scaling mana cost by Q rank in the next PBE build, see if that puts his mana usage in a more appropriate spot.
Hi Riot. I yesterday updated the patch to 5.17. I try to come on today, but then i got to a 33% bug, but i already downloaded the game! I was waiting until i got up at 1000 files(1 hour), and then i closed the screen. Now i have 3 options, that i think it could be. 1. Its very bad weather in my town today(Esbjerg, Denmark), and it has been rained Down all day. Maybe it could be that? 2. Its something whit my pc. 3. Its a bug, and it will be fixed. What do you think it is, and is there anything i can do to fix it?
It honestly depends on the exact "bug" or "Error" you get at 33%. You mentioned files were being scanned, but does this consistently increase? Or does it seem to get "stuck" at a certain file? Reply back and let me know!
I think many missed that part by focusing on the Sandbox debacle lol
Deep Terror Nami
> [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=ojxKhnEY,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2015-09-04T21:17:11.647+0000) > > I think many missed that part by focusing on the Sandbox debacle lol Yea, I think we expected folks to focus on the confirmation of the client update however it went straight to sandbox town
{{champion:27}} This isnt actually a glitch but its very annoying on twisted treeline. His poison trail (when wearing the snow day skin) blends in with the ground on treeline quite well. it makes it hard to notice the outside lines of it, or sometimes its hard to even know its there if you have ping or bad graphics. recomended fixes: giving the poison a faint outline OR giving it a reddish tint to the enemy team
Will let someone on skins know but changes to this I'd wager are somewhat unlikely (skin specific change for a map specific problem)
When going into a ranked game after I banned two champions and when banning the third it was saying retrieving information and it continued which cause me to dodge because it kept saying retrieving information.
This was likely a connection hiccup - the good news is, when you dodge you only lose 3 LP and don't lose any mmr. Not losing MMR means you really didn't lose anything, realistically. It does cost you a loss if you are in a promo series though.
A Miss Fortune
> [{quoted}](name=A Miss Fortune,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=6V96lArh,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2015-09-04T21:13:11.886+0000) > > me every game vs nasus If you play something that can punish him early, take his tower and roam (or TP), he has a really hard time helping his team. If you leave lane and let him farm for 15min you'll have a bad time though ...
> [{quoted}](name=RiotScruffy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wyQA5MzZ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-08-25T15:36:04.540+0000) > > Those are still happening, just not before worlds. Statikk (dude working on them) is making sure that they will have a real positive effect on making MF fun and relevant again. We don't wanna rush out something that isn't going to work. > > Ideally when it's all done, some long standing complaints about her ult scaling and overall purpose as a character will be solved. MF's signature moves right now just aren't packing the punch that they should so we hope to fix that. I'm not sure if he means before the actual worlds games, or just the worlds patch.
MF changes will be after the World's tournament, not just after the World's patch. Not sure yet about possible other Syndra changes (passive) apart from post 5.18.
> [{quoted}](name=dArtagnan,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=KeLE28AL,comment-id=000500000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-09-04T00:05:30.531+0000) > > If you let the patcher sit there at "applying patches" for an extended period of time (for several hours for example), does it eventually complete? Or does it stay there indefinitely? > > If it never moves forward, and gets stuck on "Apply Patches", there might be a problem with your Windows Permissions. Essentially, the patcher is trying to override files on your installation, but something is stopping it from doing so. Make sure to complete all of the steps in our [Permissions Article](, which should help get this resolved. > > Let us know! So to let you know it loaded after i let it repair all yesterday and its running but it keeps disconnecting me and the client open and closes and sometimes it will make me dodge! help!
Rog Virgo
If you are getting disconnected consistently, this strongly indicates that there is some type of connection issue going on here. You are able to make a connection to our Servers, but it isn't stable or consistent, causing you to DC. Because of this, make sure that you try completing all of the steps in our [Connection Issues Guide](! The steps there are common solutions which should stop these issues. Let us know if it still isn't working!
> [{quoted}](name=CrazedPorcupine,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=ojxKhnEY,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-09-04T21:10:47.681+0000) > > CONFIRMATION OF A NEW CLIENT? YES YES YES. I LOVE YOU!!! I didn't break the news on a random bug post :) We announced we expect to test it sometime during the 2016 season. Context here:
During my last ARAM, I went to E as lux and nothing came out and didn't say i cast anything. From that point on i was unable to use my E for the icon was grayed out and said unable to cast that this time above the spell.
This is a super rare bug that has been around forever and we've still been unable to pin down - in some cases you can fix it by smartcasting the spell but not always. We'll continue to look into it over time but no ETA on a fix for preventing this. Thanks for the report!
Shaco's name is misspelled in the profile page under champions. it is instead spelled shacc. 0_o
This is apparently related to the resolution and window size of the air client; applies to Mundo and Galio as well. Currently the team for this has decided it isn't severe enough to fix anytime soon, unfortunately. Will likely be around until we ship the new client
I ended up completely wiping league from my computer and re-downloading it and now its working just fine, it took a while and it was a little frustrating but its all good now, thanks for the help. ^_^
Legitimate Duck
Awesome to hear! Sometimes a fresh re-install of League does the trick. Let us know if you encounter any other issues!
hey riot ive enjoyed many games playing lol and the different yet constant improvements to lol for everyone to enjoy...every lol player etc. however all comes to a pause when there is some bugfixes to ofc be fixed and some of us understand whether/whether not how hard it must be. to fix it..unfortunately judging by some comments about the latest patch update it seems that people are having problems about updating it and here is the point why i am stating this says for me when im updating the patch that there is an error and says it around 49 % top.......guys to all fellow oce members please i ask for help :) so that i may get into playing the game again....i have tried doing everything from restarting computer to redownloading lol for the 4thtime. and then in hopes of joy i get the complete opposite....please help anyone and thanks if you do
When you get an error at 49%, what error do you receive specifically? Depending on the exact error message you get, it can indicate what the root cause may be. Reply back and let us know, and we should be able to help you out further!
I patched 5.17 yesterday, and played several matches, today when I opened LoL there was no launch button and it's scanning files at 33% 15,000 and counting any help? I already updated and patched yesterday... whats the prob?
If the patcher is scanning dozens of thousands of files, it means it detected a corruption with your installation and is trying to identify the file that is corrupted. The best thing you can do in this scenario is to let the patcher do its thing, and scan as many files as needed. I have seen it go as high as in the 20k range, so you may need to let it sit there for quite a while. Let us know if it doesn't eventually fully patch up!
Ok...... Every time I load up the game and set it to sleep mode my "KBps" keeps going down to "0" every time and it does not go back up again. My computer still uses "Windows 8.1" and it still has issues plus I have check on the fire wall and it did get past the first part of the download but not the second part of it. Still plz help me out here -Level1Summoner
Level 1 Summoner
I'm a little confused reading your message. What do you mean that you set it to "sleep mode"? Do you mean, you just start the patcher and put your computer to sleep? Does this occur when you don't set to sleep mode at all?
I don't know what to do anymore.. I'm stuck at 33% and i've waited for about 6 hours and still nothing. So i restarted my computer but it didn't help at all. My conection is alright, i even tried to re-patch but it didn't work. I really don't know what to do anymore. Please help. I also tried to download the hotspot shield like some guy commented and recomend but it didn't work.
When you get "stuck" at 33%, what happens exactly? Does it just sit there and nothing happens? Do you get an error message at all? With a bit more information, I should be able to help provide some steps that may solve this. Reply back and let us know!
It has been stuck on 33% for a while now. Please help
While it may be stuck at 33%, does the "file scanned" number increases at all? Or does it seem to be completely frozen and never changes? This can help us determine what the root cause is, so we can provide some troubleshooting help!
{{champion:81}} so this is what smite does?
> [{quoted}](name=PiRoScOuT,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=6zXIPeNA,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2015-09-04T18:05:17.394+0000) > > {{champion:81}} so this is what smite does? Oh man this one is my favorite.
FINISH YAY :D Took 4 hours
Error out -- getting an error message But yay!!!!! :D Glad it eventually worked! Always feel free to let us know if you encounter any other issues!
Hello everyone, I riot when I try to start my account appears this and I can not enter my account please help {{item:3197}}
Given the error message you are getting, the steps found in our [Login Issues Article]( should be able to get you past this error, and into the main client itself. There are quite a bit steps found in this article, but make sure to complete every single one as they are all common solutions to this error. Let us know if you are still experiencing issues!
will championship riven ever comeback to the store?{{champion:92}}
Hippalus [mentioned]( that Championship Riven may make a return to the store at some point. "*Yes I think Championship Riven will come back someday. Most limited edition skins took four years to come back after release, and it's been two years for Riven so far.*" This was from ~ a year ago, making it about three years now.
I've been waiting patiently since they were revealed to insta-buy them. Said will be released in 5.17 but WHEN? I'm ready to give Riot more of my money!
They'll be available beginning September 8th. :] More info regarding pricing and First Strike loading screens can be found [here](!
**Context** My girlfriend and I took a few days to go and explore Edinburgh, and decided that we weren't the only ones who deserved a holiday! Hope you enjoy this photo journal of Tibbers' adventures! Also massive shout-out to the League fan we grabbed in Edinburgh Zoo who had his photo taken with Tibbers in his 2014 Championship jacket! I didn't get a chance to grab your name but if its you please make yourself known! If you've any problem having your photo included just tell me where in the zoo I found you and ask me to remove it!
D'awww! This is awesome! It reminds me of when my elementary school would have us do Flat Stanley. (This is way cooler.) For those unfamiliar, [this]( is Flat Stanley. You'd color him in and take him on a vacation with you and take pictures with him. I don't know if people still do this. >_>
nothing seems to be working. its still showing the league logo and the bar underneath but the bar wont move or load. Ive done everything on those lists and im starting to wonder if its not connecting to the internet. i have it running as admin as well. please help i just wanted to play league :(
If you have tried every single step there, and its still no dice, the best thing to do in this case is to [submit a ticket]( One of our Tech Specialists can look into your issue in-depth, and provide some specific troubleshooting steps. If you do submit a ticket, make sure to include the following information: 1) [Network Analysis]( 2) [Network Information Log]( 3) [Process List](
My update is stuck in 33% and i did everything to fix it help{{item:3070}}
When you say that you tried everything to fix it, have you made sure to complete all of the steps in the two articles linked in my original post? If you haven't tried all of those steps, make sure that you do! They are the most common solutions to this type of error. If you're still experiencing issues, make sure to reply back and let me know!
My arcade team fanart :3 i'm bad with BG so tried to make something with the neon and game theme LOL Check my Devianart too: ps: hecaaariiimmm
Ahhh, this is super cute! :D
I selected Lucian and had Hired Gun skin on, but decided I wanted to use my chroma. So I went to it and all it said was "Normal". Even though there was about 30 seconds left to decide. I don't know if it was a one time thing or not, but I just figured I'd say something.
Hey Vikra, Thanks for the report! To clarify, did you not see the chroma color swatches at all? We're currently investigating an issue where chromas sometimes aren't selectable in several queues.
Has anyone noticed the pathing is a lot worse than his other models? Especially pathing the minion waves. Maybe I'm on crack, but I swear...
Hiya! I personally haven't noticed a difference, but I can poke around and see if there's something different about the skin.
This doesn't affect gameplay by the way. So i was playing ranked yesterday and we had an arcade riven in our team and in late game when she died and used guardian angel she still used her death animation which is K.O. dont know if this is a bug or not
Kalista God
Hey Kalista God, This is working as intended, since during Guardian Angel the champion's death animation plays. In Arcade Riven's case, she has a particle and an audio line attached to her death animation.
Hey guys! SoulessGamer had an [awesome idea]( to create a League of Legends yearbook! **Let's do it!** What's a quote that really encompasses a champion's existence in the 2015 season? What would your champion say about themselves, or even another champion? Be creative! Hopefully we can come up with a quote for everyone!
I made a cookie out of finalbossveigar-replies'.
I love this! <3 OMNOM
I think this would be done better by the community than Riot. If we decide to make a "yearbook" at the end of each season, the champion quotes should be based on how the patches affected them, and I think it'd be a lot better if the players have a say in it.
I really love this idea. It'd be different every season, and I'd be really curious to see the player sentiment for each champion at the end of the season. BRB, making boards post to get quotes! **EDIT:** [Let's do this!](
I just wanted to know if the poster are the size they say they are, 27x40. I am a frequent buyer of posters and in some cases, the dimensions are different from what was stated (e.g. a poster marked 27x40 ends up being 28x40), since I am planing on buying a frame for the poster, can someone who has bought them, please confirm the actual size?
Hey RooftopCake, I swung by the merch team, and they said the website is spot on with the size - 27x40. ^-^ Now the question I have for you is, which poster do you have your eye on? :P
We'll compare the notes for Yi and Fiora (the rest are the same price as Fiora so have similar benefits). "PROJECT: Yi // ACTIVATE PBE TESTING //:Data Monarch SR armor equipped. “Alpha” blade compatible at maximum range // 99.9% Please review portfolio before engaging. //:Augments New armor equipped, featuring orange emissions. Orange particle light amplification system for utilization in combat and movement Updated sound pack with version 2.0 processing for all movement and combat Implemented new voice interaction system - all new VO - and voice processing. (Version 2.0) Equipped with new movement set for several movement and combat commands // including spawn and recall. //1820 RP // price subject to change "PROJECT: Fiora // ACTIVATE PBE TESTING //:Data Monarch SR armor equipped. “Scarlet” blade compatible at maximum range // 99.9% Please review subject portfolio before continuing. //:Augments Monarch SR armor, featuring pink emissions. Combat and movement particles utilize pink light amplification. Processing sound pack for all movement and combat. Implemented voice processing. Utilizes movement set 1.2 // contains new recall and spawn. //1350 RP // price subject to change
Deep Terror Nami
Thanks for quoting this! TL;DR the main difference is PROJECT: Yi has entirely new VO lines, as well as two types of voice processing (he has different processing when in Highlander). He also has several new animations.
just wanna make sure if there is.
Hey TotesOnSteam, There currently isn't another way to obtain the skin. You'd need to purchase the bundle. Firefighter Tristana is a Legacy skin, which means she'll periodically come out of the Legacy Vault. In that case, she'd be available without needing to purchase a bundle.
Leona&#039;s Chroma skin works well in Teambuilder but Nami&#039;s doesn&#039;t. SInce I support, I always go for Teambuilder, easier and quickier. But when I want to play Nami with her Chroma skin, I&#039;ll have to go to Blind Pick, since that&#039;s skin only works there...Hopefully this is soon fixed :/
Hey Shiameyu, Thanks for the report! We're currently investigating an issue where chromas sometimes do not register in champion select. Are the chroma swatches displaying in champion select? Did you have a chroma selected from the game prior? I main Nami, and I often use the chroma pack. I always re-select the chroma I'd like to use, and so far, I haven't had issues with it. (Not an ideal scenario, which is why we're looking into the root cause of the issue.)
{{champion:41}} When playing Gankplank without a skin, there will be no visible chest in the recall animation. He seems to sit on an invisible chest. Sometimes the top of the chest is still visible. This is not affecting teamfights, etc. but might be cool to see that chest again. This is easy to try it out because I tried it in many custom games and even in normals. 1. Press "B" on any map 2. Zoom in from every angle I checked it on every map (Summoners Rift, Crystal Scar, Twisted Treeline) and there is no difference when going back to base and it occured every time. As i do not own any skin i couldn&#039;t check it on the others but it might be an issue there as well. There is also a video attached to this discussion to show what the bug is. **Excuse me for the label in the center of the video but i wouldn't buy the full version of a program if i don't use it (test version). If it is not visible, please contact me or try it out yourself. THANK YOU** Here is a picture of the actual recall animation to see the difference. I do not own this picture. owns this picture and I do not have any rights of it.
Goldblade Deluxe
Hey Goldblade Deluxe, Thanks for the detailed report! :] We're aware of the issue and are working on a fix!
I bought the galactic azir skin a few months ago and i can&#039;t use it now anymore it keeps telling me unlock this skin. Please help me because i love that skin.
Hey ImAripex, Two possible reasons the content was removed are: 1) If a player participates in Refer-A-Friend fraud to acquire IP or RP, then any champions/skins gifted with this IP or RP are removed. 2) If a player purchases RP and gifts content with it, and subsequently issues a chargeback for the money spent on that RP, we will remove that content. If you believe this skin wasn't removed due to these reasons, please submit a [support ticket]( so we can take a look at your account and see what happened to your Galactic Azir skin.
Hello, I recently bought skarner and started with ~9800 IP. After the purchase I see that I was charged twice for this IP purchase and I&#039;m now at ~95 IP. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
As Linthe said, a Player Support ticket is the way to go. They can check your purchase logs and see what went on pretty easily. Good luck!
100% Reproduce rate with these 3 easy steps! Steps to reproduce: 1. Gangplank place barrel 2. Wait for barrel to get to 1 tick 3. Jax Q (&quot;Leap Strike&quot;) to barrel Expected: Barrel destroyed Actual: Gangplank ****s you
Jax Q isn't an auto-attack; probably isnt a bug unfortunately
Ok first time posting, and thought this might be a good time to start. I was recently looking at all the new project skins ( which are all awesome the Leona one is my favorite ) and when I saw Leona&#039;s skin I thought to myself, "cool she looks like a futuristic knight in shining armor", but the one thing that bothered me a bit about the skin was the open face helmet she has and that, to me, it looks a bit out of place since she is suppose to be a tank type of character and should be covered complete in armor for full protection, also not being able to see her face would make her look a little more intimidating. So I got curios and went searching around to see what others thought about it and found this post that someone made that altered the look of the skin to give it the full helmet look. Me personally I like the full helmet look, but it seems that the community is a split with the thought. So I thought maybe add a effect to the skin similar to Rengar&#039;s night hunter skin and make it so that when you press a certain key that a plate would fold down from the helmet to cover her mouth, But that&#039;s just my opinion on the matter and in no way is it that i&#039;m bashing the skin. To me it looks like a cool skin and that i&#039;m going to get it no matter what happens, since I main support and i&#039;v been waiting a long time for a cool full knight armor that&#039;s unique for Leona. Also as a Side note I like the open face design on Fiora&#039;s project skin, It makes her look more Raiden from metal gear solid that way. So ya those are my thoughts and I was wandering what everyone else thought about the open face/full helmet Idea.
Hey Kazarion, First off, thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion and leave some feedback! Due to PROJECT: Leona launching on September 8th, we won't be making additional changes to this particular skin. Leaving Leona's face uncovered was a design choice we made while the skin was in development. Once Leona hit PBE, we noticed that as you mentioned, were pretty torn between her having her face visible versus having it covered. Due to this, we decided to keep the helmet the way it was. Toggles for all of the PROJECT: skins were discussed as well, but ultimately we decided against it because we didn't feel like it was an impactful addition to the skin, and wouldn't harm the skin if they didn't have that feature. Visors are a pretty small aspect of these skins, as compared to Night Hunter Rengar's hood, which is really easy to see from game height.
I played Jarvan IV in a ranked game today and the first auto attack normaly does extra damage. However, this animation is probably glitched and Jarvan just stands there and the damage to the minion is not in sync with the auto-attacks. Sometimes the damage doesn&#039;t even register. L Shadows
L Shadows
I'll ask the team to take a look this morning - thanks for the report! The fact that it seems like a visual bug and J4 actually isnt losing damage makes me a little less worried, but if we can reproduce the bug we'll get a fix in for 5.18 or 5.19
Riot nasus Q its a litle bugged sometimes its like in slow motion. Please try to fix it.
fix is in progress - for now you can avoid the bug by simply not switching targets in the middle of the Q animation. The bug also only lasts 1 animation, so if you accidently trigger it youre ok after about a second
I am thinking about purchasing the collectors edition bundle from amazon for a very cheap price. Im not interested in the game disk but i am interested in the skins it comes with. I love playing kayle and her silver skin supposedly comes with it. I assume its a code entry. I am not sure tho. That is my question. If i do buy this collectors edition bundle will the skins 100% come with it. Weather that be in a code form or something else. Anyone with knowledge of this please let me know. Thank you and have a great day.
Unfortunately, these codes have been deactivated so you won't be able to redeem them.
Toy Solider/ Nutcracker Azir : theme'd with a Mouse King Twitch for Winter Underworld/Haunted Azir : a plague doctor themed skin was concepted Riot Azir : surveillance towers , riot shields and soldiers with night sticks Mobster Azir (Literally Shurima's Don) : gang's of New York styled, soldiers with baseball bats/ crowbars
Okay, the idea of a toy soldier/nutcracker Azir is amazing. Rito pls.
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