Last question for @Carnival Knights; what is your favorite Fiddlesticks skin?
Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks ftw. Though I really like saying, "Fiddle Me Timbers"
so quick question; is every champion having lore written about them right now? how many champions are each writer tackling?
Yes. Writers tackle about one to three at a time, with short foundational stories thrown in every week as prompts/practice/inspiration. Some do more, I do less. As opposed to a full-time writer, I'm (as my forum badge says) the ambassador to the writing team, so I have a bit less writing work and bit more leeway concerning what I'm able to poke at between inquiries.
Awesome! I definitely agree - Fiddlestick's lore, in my mind, should be more like a spooky camping story (maybe even a little darkly humorous) rather than being a part of the gothic horror that is the Shadow Isles.
Insur Salesman
Interesting you mention camping stories...
Nocturne never really had a home and his whole existence was based around the summoners. His whole concept is a spooky champ megamart. Is anyone working on him?
Toa of Death
He was one of my options along with Aatrox and Poppy, but I went with Fid (and took a crack at Poppy) because cosmic horror and puppets pretty much make up the entirety of my wheelhouse. Well, that and youtube sketches. But last time I checked we didn't have a magic death scarecrow watching Cute, Win, Fail in his underoos. Not sure where he ended up, though I know who would've taken him immediately if they had the option.
i bought 2 harrowing skins and this is my remaining RP, i think i win
Jon Arbuckle
Yup, you win.
> The sound effects are amazing as is the voice work imo. I dont like that most recent champions and reworks yell so much or just say some random stuff every time they use some skill, I find it very annoying Also some champs like Quinn, new Sion, Lucian, Jinx have barely audible voice overs. As a non-english speaker I'll never even know what are they saying most of the time if I wont check their voice over phrases on lolwiki.
This is great feedback, thanks for taking the time to share it with us Alexander! If there are any other examples of issues you have with the VO, please let us know!
Whoop whoop! Does that mean visual update?
I'm not part of that team, so I'm not sure. If he's on the list it'll probably take a while, as he animates better than a lot of older champions and is notably missing pizza feet/chunk body. Plus I like his funny little dance-walk.
As of now, the lore is or is in the process of being retconned. As far as I know, from what I've read, the League is gone. While this is sort of ironic, I'm wondering if this means the Institute of War has been removed as well, and if this is the case, what will happen to Fiddlesticks? I can totally see him as being related to the Shadow Isles. His original lore states that his existence came about when a mage, a summoner named Istvaan hailing from Zaun, entered the chamber in the Insititue of War to commit to a super dark ritual. This is implied as the birth of Fiddlesticks. This also leaves me wondering whether or not Fiddlesticks is Istvaan, or if Fiddlesticks was summoned by Istvaan, upon which Fiddlesticks killed the mage immediately. This of course implies that he is not of the Shadow Isles. My only reasoning that he would be a SI champ is that he looks like he fits the scene. Also, I feel like he makes for a fun comp when paired with various shadow isle champs as well (Thresh Support, Maokai Top, etc). What are the community's and developer's thoughts on champs like Fiddle who seem to not have a real homeland, especially ones like Fiddle who have to be contained at all times unless they are on the fields of justice?
Apostasy Now
Hello! I'm currently the guy taking a crack at Fiddlesticks (still in the early stages, nothing concrete). For the current iteration I've decided to keep him separate from the Shadow Isles, if nothing more than to keep SI from being our Spooky Scary Champ megamart. Plus, I think he fits in better elsewhere anyway :) One of the things I want to preserve is the core of Fiddle's personality, while expanding on his origins and purpose. I'm throwing in a bit of Lovecraft and Alice in Wonderland to the early drafts (I also took a couple suggestions from the forums), so hopefully the result is a bit of creepy absurdism with a hint of something-wicked-this-way-comes. We'll see if we end up using any of it, but I'm definitely trying to do him proud!
Hello, I was wondering when the harrowing skins would be coming out (more specifically Ravenborn Leblanc). You have previously posted that "She will be released at some point during patch 4.18. Unfortunately, I don't know which day. :c". I'm starting to lose faith in this comment. Patch 4.19 is sure to come soon, and what is going on with Reaper Soraka? I feel like waiting for patch 4.19 so they can release all of the harrowing skins at the same time is a thing Riot would do. I've been waiting for Ravenborn Leblanc for so long starting to lose hype :c.
Underworld Wukong and Ravenborn LeBlanc are now available. :3
You're right, i'm using cartoons as my knowledge base. Normally the dude just hobbles along with it still attached. {{champion:36}}
If you ever saw an animal caught in one... you'd know there's a reason some are famous for chewing themselves free. :(
Not exactly, snares, and usually bear traps, are fixed to a point. So the best you can do is walk a rather small circle.
Duke Anax
You're right, i'm using cartoons as my knowledge base. Normally the dude just hobbles along with it still attached. {{champion:36}}
swiftness has an advantage over mobility: not losing movement speed while in combat. if you're chasing or being chased and you get hit by anything while wearing mobility boots, you might as well have normal boots on. that being said, mobility does get you back to lane faster and is probably better on roaming champions. it's usually personal preference.
Personally its a niche market for champions who value movement speed while being alive long enough to make use of that passive. The only champion i think would even come close to that would be Udyr.
I was being subtle. I believe that someone made a poor word choice by conveying the idea that a snare trap (most common use of the world, outside of snare drums) is an appropriate word for movement slow. Maybe it's having grown up in the mountains... but snares don't "slow you down". They tether you in place. Or in a locality to a place. #englishnerdhatoff
I would've thought that it's because although your snared (by let's say a bear trap) you can still move even with it bitting into your leg.
Well that seems to be the reason but still it looks so convincing. Why would they name Ryze's W a snare but Swain's W a root? Why the different names?
I don't see this word in any of our source files for Ryze. Can you show me where you're seeing it?
Huh, what do you mean by someone messed up? Starting with EQ snare has always meant that movement was slowed. What else could it mean?
I was being subtle. I believe that someone made a poor word choice by conveying the idea that a snare trap (most common use of the world, outside of snare drums) is an appropriate word for movement slow. Maybe it's having grown up in the mountains... but snares don't "slow you down". They tether you in place. Or in a locality to a place. #englishnerdhatoff
I'm not saying the Xerath who was known previously is 1-to-1 the same, but his search for knowledge, his impressive ability to figure out aspects of magic, particularly those bound to his society, and the importance to who he was and who he became are part of his journey.
> I'm not saying the Xerath who was known previously is 1-to-1 the same, but his search for knowledge, his impressive ability to figure out aspects of magic, particularly those bound to his society, and the importance to who he was and who he became are part of his journey. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they are saying that the important part of his character that is missing is his self-sacrifice in the pursuit of understanding magic - along with the key character milestone of sacrificing the final thing holding him back (his love) from completely making the transition to an inhuman magical being. An obsessive, relentless and stubborn adoration has been replaced with hatred, spike and vengeance - and I think that's what they are saying is rubbing them the wrong way.
A "root" is delayed because the environment is morphed, a "snare" is instantly because it is summoned from the character e.g. Ryze, Lux, Morgana.{{champion:43}}
> A "root" is delayed because the environment is morphed, a "snare" is instantly because it is summoned from the character e.g. Ryze, Lux, Morgana.{{champion:43}} No, I'm pretty sure if the word "Snare" is anywhere in the game, its a typo. I'll do a quick search of the data and send an email out to the clarity team if I spot anything. Cool?
> Talon's Creed fangame pls. Rito has all the talent. Urf-sassin's Creed for April Fool's Day!
> > Talon's Creed fangame pls. > > Rito has all the talent. Urf-sassin's Creed for April Fool's Day! I disagree. A really awesome fan minigame showcases an awesome powerhouse of talent in a better format than any resume I've seen to date.
I remember the very first time I saw Nautilus{{champion:111}} in LOL. He was a humongous and towering figure; arguably, the biggest champion in the entire game. This seemed appropriate, considering his overall strength in-game, and the fact that his lore even mentions him donning his "hulking diver's suit." But when I look at Nautilus{{champion:111}} today, he really seems to be lacking his grim and threatening image. His size has been significantly reduced over time and now matches the height of many other non-tanky champions. I find this change to be saddening and I feel that it's taking away from his true power. He seems like a mere flea in comparison to other tanks such as Sion{{champion:14}} , Zach{{champion:154}} , and fully stacked cho' gath{{champion:31}}. I would love nothing more than to see his size increase to fit other members of his class and to better showcase his titan-like strength over his squishier foes. This is shown perfectly in the "New Dawn" cinematic, with his grand entrance and massive girth. Not to mention the fact that other champions had to literally look up to meet his eyes. This wouldn't be a buff nor a nerf. Just a simple visual update to show both champions and summoners exactly what they're dealing with when they battle toe-to-toe with "The Titan of the Depths."
Piano of Pain
When we were evaluating Sion's new size during development, we compared him to a bunch of the other tanks in terms of size. A few of them (like maokai, malphite etc) seemed like they were smaller than they should be in game. We should take a look at Nautilus and see if there's room for him to get a little size bump. He's definitely never going to be as big as he is in the cinematic, but there may be a bit of room on him. No promises tho.
Don't tell me it's the same thing because according the PBE changes for Singed: Singed •Fling (E) and Mega Adhesive (W) now both note a target flinged into Mega Adhesive is ROOTED instead of SNARED. They imply difference between the two.
Someone, somewhere, back in the mmorpg era messed up and mixed the terms "Snare" - ala rabbit or wolf trap up with the term for being "kinda slowed" ever since, the term has been messed up. Roots, on the other hand, have always been clear (you aren't moving) - thus Snare became an amibigious term, while rooted became the agreed upon term.
Hey wait, no fair! I saw LaceUp23 first!!!!!
> Hey wait, no fair! I saw LaceUp23 first!!!!! Share?! We can all play!
As an insane Assassin's Creed fan, this splash art really hits the spot with me. Almost makes me want to only play {{champion:91}} .
Talon's Creed fangame pls.
I won't be able to go around singing this anymore
Hey wait, no fair! I saw LaceUp23 first!!!!!
Lol, ok. I shall add you Saturday then :) Most likely going to be after 2 p.m. EST since my gf has to go to work then. So make sure the video game that are playing at that time is League!
> Lol, ok. I shall add you Saturday then :) Most likely going to be after 2 p.m. EST since my gf has to go to work then. So make sure the video game that are playing at that time is League! Can do! See you then!
Whoop whoop! You free Saturday?
> Whoop whoop! You free Saturday? I'm playing video games for 24 hours for Extra Life, soooo, absolutely!
I won't be able to go around singing this anymore
Happy Birthday! I wanna playyyy! :D
**"Luke Skywalker? Why him?"** This should cover it: That's right, he played THE JOKER in Batman: The Animated Series, as well as in other DC Animated Universe iterations. He sure knows his maniacal laughter.
But wouldn't that be the obvious choice?
Hi, just wanted to write that whoever is working on sound effects for champion skills is doing a great job. Its a big deal for me when every skill or spell in game have a unique and clear sound effect since I rely on my ears a lot when Im playing and so far sound effects team was working very well on them. I felt like I have to say its one of very few things left which are still good in LoL so I wanted to say thanks for it. PS. voice acting on most recent champions is pretty bad though but I believe there are different people responsible for it coming through.
Those are kind words; the audio team thanks you. =)
Hey guys! Was playing some stuff on the PBE yesterday and today and wanted to give some personal feedback about the sounds. I like what was done with the distinctive turret shots for blue and red. Blue felt like the shots were a lot "cooler" than red's. As for personal taste, it felt like Blue's turret shots were a bit too soft. Almost too "whispy", and not as noticeable as red's. The solution might be as simple as turning up the gain, but in terms of the mix, red's shots were a lot more present than blue's. As for red's turret shots, I believe that it sounds too much like a "thud" of a laser. When I see the animation attacking, it feels like more of a fiery, or beamy whoosh than a thud. I definitely like what's happening there though, and it's certainly progressing in the right direction. Just my two gold! Keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback! We'll be doing a lot of play - testing of these new sounds in the weeks to come. As a heads up, not sure if it's relevant to your notes, but the sounds should be different (softer/less complex) for when each side's towers are attacking minions vs. attacking Champs; did you notice this to be the case? Thanks again! =)
I won't be able to go around singing this anymore
Will you settle for a Happy Birthday from a Rioter? Happy Birthday! I am proud to say I have achieved Platinum this season by playing exclusively DFG rush Garen in ranked. Video I made: I'd love it if you shared the video. My old GD AMA thread: Here's my guide: Have fun.
O____O I will never facecheck a bush again.
I just got my long-awaited 1,000th win, could I implore the staff over at Riot for a game?
Sure! When?
as the title says i'm curious if any rioters will play with me on my 1000th game. i just finished my 985th tonight. i'll be ant the 999th later tonight. do rioters still do this?
Amish Psychopath
Yup! We sure do! {{champion:9}} I had a lot of fun doing this! Please give your opinion.
Awesome! :D
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed worlds. >Your initial assumption is correct on "why less reds" I figured, but it does seem a little dead over all, considering ye olde GD still moved without reds. Now the whole boards kinda just sit here, with occasional topics being talked about. Not that this is bad persay, just different. TBH, I'm probably as glad as you the old shit-tier posts are gone. > I think the upvote-sorting is super great. I think this is, at least in my eyes, the root cause of why circle jerking is such a problem. You shouldn't be effectively silenced for holding an unpopular opinion. I'm sure I can link examples if need be, but the fact is that this is actually easier on the Boards than it was on ye olde GD. I mean, if you were OP you would have to make a pretty good argument to stay open, but otherwise a few downvotes early never really silenced everyone. Here, if you are against the circlejerk, you might as well not speak. >One thing we've lost that I'm happy to see go is that the most verbose voice is no longer the loudest. An interesting point. That said, I don't think it is gone. I mean, my post is arguably the longest here, and you have seen how much attention it garnered. I honestly feel that while the character limit has it's merits, the reply limit has none. I see no reason why my discussions have to end after x number of back-and-forths. It's also a little jarring when that happens, and I have seen it end multiple times. >If Rioters are choosing only SUPPORTIVE views, I would love to directly address that with individuals who exhibit that behavior and teach them better ones. See: Lore team. I think they are the #1 offender at this time. Not that others don't exhibit it, but that department in particular seems to have made it a habit. That said, this may be due to the fact that lore fans no longer have 1 section to post in, and therefore have a hard time being seen by a red. --- Overall, I don't actually hold much issue with the new boards. I feel they were handled very poorly, and forced on everyone far before a time that they were ready, and ultimately fail due to not being complete. If Rito had been patient, and crossed their I's and dotted their t's before turning in their project to GD, maybe they wouldn't be judged as failing. While this may sound like everything would be peachy if Rito just finished the boards, I think that I can speak for many when I say that at this point it won't be enough. Rito kinda wounded alot of communities with that forceful eviction from GD, and it will take Rito actively reaching out to these communities to help them. Tamat acting like they need to prove themselves by flooding Misc or GD before they get a home is pretty low in my book, and I hope that isn't actually what needs to happen in order to get a home for these groups. Another thing that prevents success on the boards is, and this one is a little more personal, is how discussion is handled. It's pretty hampering to discussion when 1 reply gets all the attention, and this thread is proof. Look past my initial post here, and you get an idea how starved the other comments are for replys. If you switch to chronomode, I don't nearly dominate the discussion like I do in "discussion" mode. When you think about it, this means chronomode is *better than Discussion view for discussion*. Overall, while their are some pretty big hurdles to cross still, I feel that these boards do indeed have the potential to be better than anything we have experienced. It's not going to be easy, and will take loads of work and patience, but I think that the platform is far more capable of rising to the challenge.
This is interesting - I see what you mean now as far as "verbose." I was trying to use it to describe sheer post volume as voice volume - that was a major problem with the old GD. Here, you're right that post length will contribute a lot to popularity. I hadn't thought of that. Unpopular opinions used to get downvoted closed in GD too, (including ours, heh!) so I wonder if there's a better sorting for resonance. Like "sheer number of votes" up or down? Then you get the bile, but get differing opinions. Is Reddit more successful at this in your eyes?
> "snip" Then you may wish to talk to the Narrative team about the removal of the IoW and summoners. The Lore community has been up in arms about it for well over a month and no one on the team will talk with us about it at all. Many of us have made kind well thought out points that we'd like to talk over, but with the Reds in that area ducking the questions about summoners and the IoW completely... no conversation can be had.
Ark Angel HFB
(I've seen other comments on this subject here too) Will bring this up with the Narrative Team. I think we should at least be able to walk into the threads that disagree with us and discuss it (even with things set in stone).
Erm. That's Spirit Guard Udyr's Phoenix Stance icon, not Phoenix Valor.
Phoenix is my ingame summoner icon, not my forum icon. My forum icon is (was) Valor on the old forums. (I am uncertain of what the plans are to bring them here but I hope we do)
This is happening for a few reasons: 1. Worlds, but you knew this. 2. Preseason is coming. Again, this is obvious. 3. The boards failed their intended purpose. >***Rito White Knights:*** But Pryo! How can you say that? We have moderation! We have new forums! Simply put, the Boards were designed around a few points. While they have minor (and debatable) success in scarce few scenarios, the real purpose for all these changes was not realized. New =/= better, and should be judged solely on whether or not it was actually successful. 1. **Moderation** - Just starting here because I mentioned it above, a part of the boards purpose was to improve upon both the tools, methods, and results of the moderation team, while also increasing our own ability to self moderate. While they did indeed give us a report button, they still have not addressed the issue of down-votes being far to influential early on, and completely ineffective later on. And that is only 1 half of the equation The other side is the moderation team themselves. They have been given new tools, and more presence. However, they are ineffective due to a) Still not giving very good feedback on why they moderated, b) still completely invisible, with no community faith (a problem they are responsible for both making and remedying), and c)very little oversight or actual influence. I think it is telling here that while they definitely have the potential to be either great heroes or top tier villians, they end up as the comedic relief of the forums. 2. **Ease of finding the key topics** - One of the big reasons the Boards were created was to give view of the hot topics to Rito, so that they could easily find and respond to them. Thing is, we are getting even less communication than before. Even before worlds and preseason, Communication was pretty lite. This means 1 of two things: 1. *They can't find the hot topics.* - Pretty obvious fail right here. If the reason they aren't posting is that they truly cannot find said issues, then they both got rid of a platform that filled this purpose better while simultaneously forcing everyone on to a platform that was less efficient. Oops. 2. *They don't want to post* - Well, this is arguably worse. If they *can* find the hot issues, then they are purposefully remaining silent. The main issue and reason they used pre-boards to defend from the critique of ignoring player feedback was that it was hard to find said feedback. That being removed means that more response should come. So where is it? 3. **Alienated Communities** - This is a big one. A promise of the boards was a new, better home for all communities. That said GD was given a tombstone and Communities like Lore Fans, RPers, Dominion players, TT Players, etc. were essentially told to hold their breath while Riot decided whether or not they deserved to have a home. Pretty messed up, considering they evicted these fans from their old home. 4. **Discussion is all but dead.** - The more verbose will easily tell you that you that this board is really confining. But even the not nearly as verbose have probably at least run into the end of the reply string once. If you limit how we respond to one another, the conversation is essentially killed at some arbitrary point. Rioters heralded the boards as a better place to hold discussion, but GD never killed off conversation arbitrarily outside of the thread being locked, and even then people would occasionally just make a new thread to continue it. Right or wrong, that board still catered to discussion far better than this board did. 5. **Circlejerk OP** - Rioters claimed this board would solve the problems of GD. When the community brought up the issue of the circlejerks, Rioters laughed at the notion that it was an issue, and mentioned it would be even less of a problem. They then turned around and buffed the circlejerks. The only way to fight circle jerks now is to out smurf them. WTF. In the End, the boards are worse. I would continue with areas that Riot *did* succeed, but character limits. Oh wel
Hey! Your initial assumption is correct on "why less reds" - it has largely been due to Worlds (it's NUTS, as you can imagine) and hard work on preseason, Harrowing and other events that have us all more simultaneously "heads down" on the gameplay side than normal. For us, posting format doesn't tend to affect our personal posting much (something I think would be different as a Rioter or a non-Rioter) because our posts are always called-out and easy to find for interested parties. I think the Skarner discussion on the boards beta was much better, for example, and resulted in extremely useful discussion that drove the second set of changes. Soraka was similar here to some extent. So, the reason we're here less right now is usually present on GD annually around this time. Fall is bonkers for us, and things like preseason discussion and other big topics are still on PBE forums until we get closer to the finish line on that stuff. I will comment on a couple of key points you mentioned. 1) is a good point, especially RE: moderation feedback. I'll kick this issue to the Boards team to see if we have any analysis or plans on this. 5) I think is untrue of how Riot sees the circlejerking. I think that circlejerking is always native in ANY discussion - Rioters can do this to cherry-pick comments if we're not careful, and players can do this to show how "everyone" believes something to be true. It is an issue, but not special to LoL communications, it's a challenge in big communities. Has boards helped? A little in one way - basically "useless" stuff (ie "GG u fucking trash") is gone. This does clear the way for better comments. I think the upvote-sorting is super great. Your comment is at the top because there's resonance. Therefore lots of people see it. Therefore I see it quickly and can respond here (and we can thread it). I think that's pretty good. One thing we've lost that I'm happy to see go is that the most verbose voice is no longer the loudest. As a developer, this was the biggest source of frustration via the player-side circle jerk (by a product of removing others from the conversation unless they had similar time and fortitude to batter on the gates) and seeing it gone lets us be involved with the most resonant stuff first. As for Rioter-side circlejerk, there's an important distinction to be made. I totally agree it is ineffective and inauthentic to cherry-pick views that only support ours - right with you there. I do think deprioritizing extremely...shitty?... comments is fine. People who put effort into good critical discussion (again, see this post!) - especially on opposing points of view or critiques - should get top billing. I don't believe that's circle-jerking at all - that's fostering meaningful conversation that can affect change and actually get shit done. If Rioters are choosing only SUPPORTIVE views, I would love to directly address that with individuals who exhibit that behavior and teach them better ones. If they're ignoring low-value bile, then that's fine. Thanks for the post - good stuff. I hope this adds a little clarity to the situation.
**For more discussions like this, check out the ["Facts, Myths and Theories" main post!](** Welcome summoners to yet another lore discussion, brought to you by me and... well I don't have any sponsors... YET!! You'll see... I'll be on posters all over Super Bowl and US Open in 10 years. Now, let's get serious for a second. Last week's poll had a few issues and bugs and that is why it had so little options last week, so I'm sorry about that. This week the poll will be back in action... I hope... I'll only know when I post this of course. x) I have a bad taste in my mouth after last week's discussion not coming out that great (I'll talk about Jax again someday I promise!), so what are we waiting for?!! There's lore to be discussed here! But before we start, let's just explain what "Facts, Myths and Theories" is to anyone that just now discovered this series exists. **This is a series where I talk about a Lore-related topic every week. I grab what we know, what we don't know and mesh these together to form - you guessed it - theories, to try and crack the lore wide open.** So, let's get going with this week's topic already! That's what we're all here for! --- # **This Week's Topic:** Jinx and Vi's Family Ties And before you ask... Yeah, the rhyme was on purpose. It's what I do... Now, **Jinx and Vi are two crazy ladies!** Seriously... One's a cop who just wants to punch stuff and the others a criminal who just wants to blow up stuff. They do make quite the pair, don't they? Yes, they do. That is just one of the reasons that makes people believe they might be sisters. Of course, this isn't a very good reason to think that. But, don't worry... this is called "**Facts**, Myths and Theories" for a reason. The fact is, that ever since the Howling Abyss was released, people started to patiently wait for Vi's sister being released. "Why?", I hear you ask. Well. It's pretty simple actually. Do you guys know **Lyte**? You know. Lyte, the Hermit...! Ezreal's uncle!! **The elderly inventor, that has a pet robot named Geeves, who travelled to the Freljord to investigate about the Watchers and the Iceborn?!** Anyone? ...the purple side shopkeeper from Howling Abyss... Man, please tell me somebody knew who he was! Anyway, Lyte's from Piltover and, naturally, he has quite a few special lines for most of the Piltover champions that visit his store, during a heated match of ARAM. Vi, of course, also has special interactions made for her. And one of them is what sparkled the community's uproar that Vi's sister would soon be joining the League of Legends. I quote (boy, I love these): # *"You look like your sister! Er, wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that..."* So yeah! If you didn't squeal like a 9 year-old girl when you heard this my friend, you have a heart of ice. Get it? 'Cause the Howling Aby... yeah, not funny... Couldn't resist. Clearly, Riot put that in there to tease us... and it worked. But, **when Jinx was being teased by Riot, A LOT of us (by which I mean everyone) just assumed she'd be Vi's sister.** It had been a few months after we were teased by Lyte, everyone's favorite hermit, so it fit. But... the question still remains to this day. **Are they sisters or what?** I have some theories... but first, buckle up my friend, because we're about to go over some facts! --- # **The Facts** So, we already know for sure that Vi has a sister and that she may be older, due to Lyte saying Vi looked like her, which is something you usually say to the youngest siblings (trust me, I'm the youngest in my family). However, **we also know that Lyte says that he isn't 'supposed to talk about that'...** what could that mean? Did Vi's sister pass away? Does Vi not know she has a sister? Maybe Vi dislikes her sister and doesn't like to talk about her? Lyte knows more than he seems to share with us... But what about Jinx? What proof is there that she even has a sister? Well, it's actually something she says herself in-game: # *"You think I'm crazy? You should see my sister!"* So, that's a wrap folks! Both of them have a sister. That's a fact! But, surely, we can cement this statement by showing some other conclusive proof that helps us make sure that they both have a sister. Well, Jinx at least... You see, back when Jinx was teased with the graffiti on Vi's page a while back, **Vi wasn't the only one to have her profile page vandalized.** In fact, in the Brazilian servers, Lucian's page was the one that was vandalized. Not much was said here, but she did sign the graffiti with "X esteve aqui" which means "X was here" in Portuguese, just like in Vi's page. But, her teaser in the LA server had much more dialogue from her than Vi's vandalized lore even. In it, she interrupts a story Gentleman Cho'Gath was telling about tea and boring stuff like that and starts saying random stuff. Roughly translating it from Spanish, one of the thing she says is this: # *"YoU Take ouT youR MiSSiLe L4uNcheR and BOOM! YoU hAve the Best "LauNch" partY Ever xD. NoT liKe my SisteR's LaUncH PartY wHich... By tHe wAy... HavE You SeeN Her h4iR? As BoRinG as thE fAce of the HaTlaDy."* Well, now we know a little more about Jinx's sister now don't we? From the first quote, we can deduce that **Jinx thinks her sister's crazier than herself, or looks crazier, in the very least.** And from the second quote, we know that **her sister had a 'LauNch' party, as she puts it, and that she thinks her 'h4iR' is 'BoRinG'.** Interesting stuff... **In the case of Vi's sister, we're not entirely sure she even knows she has one.** She never mentions a sister in the lore or her VO and Lyte is the one that mentions her in the first place, following with a remark of how he 'isn't supposed to talk about that...'. Well, from this we could already jump into the Myths... But, before we get to the Myths and the Theories, there's something we need to talk about first. **Vi and Jinx's stories.** --- **"I let my hands do the talking."** Whooaah Vi. Let's write this discussion with our fingers and my **brand new** keyboard, ok? Yikes... First, let's go over Vi's lore. Vi was a street orphan in her youth. She had to survive with what she had and she had to learn how to find her way on the outskirts of Piltover. To do this, she learned how to rob and cheat, something that was a must in the lawless streets of Piltover. **She taught herself self-reliance during her time in the streets and stealing and tearing apart hextech hardware made her a skillful mechanic.** Then, when she was only six years old, this happened: # *"A ragtag group of criminals took a shine to the young delinquent and brought her into their fold. By the time Vi was eleven, she had become a seasoned accomplice, and she relished the thrill of every heist."* So, **Vi joined this criminal organization at a very young age** and she started to 'relish the thrill of every heist'. But then, Vi had a change of heart one day. On a raid to a mining facility, the mission went south and some innocent mine workers were trapped in a collapsed tunnel. Opting to 'play the hero', Vi decided to stay and help the mine workers, while her crew ran away. Improvising, **she grabbed a robotic mining rig, tore apart its arms and made a pair of makeshift hextech gauntlets.** Using the gauntlets, she blasted away the rock that had the workers trapped and when they were freed, she fled the scene. Her lore proceeds to tell us that: # *"After that job gone wrong, Vi severed her connection to the crew. She returned to a life of solitary crime, but stole only from other criminals."* So, at the age of eleven, Vi started working alone again and, as the years went by, continued to use her gauntlets in her crimes and upgrade them. When Caitlyn got her hands on Vi's case, instead of seeking Vi's arrest, she offered her a job as a cop, in order for her to redeem herself from her life of crime. Vi naturally accepted, since she finally had an excuse to punch people without the cops bugging her. Together, they are now known as **Piltover's finest and the greatest at what they do.** So, before joining up with "CupCait" as a law enforcer, she was a criminal from a very young age and joined a gang for five years, in her youth. She was, supposedly, an orphan, but she is of Piltovian origin. **There is no mention of her parents or a sister.** Now, let's take a look at Jinx's story. --- **"You're starting to bore me."** Don't worry Jinx, 'cause we're gonna talk about you now, and there's nothing boring about you! **Everybody** knows that! Now, **Jinx's lore doesn't give us much about her backstory**, unlike Vi's. The lore does tell us that before Jinx came to Piltover, Piltover was pretty peaceful. But that all changed when Jinx came to Piltover. In Vi's own words: # *"They call this place the City of Progress - or they did until she showed up."* This quote was taken from Jinx's teaser. And in Jinx's teaser, Vi goes onto mention that **no one knows who Jinx is or where she comes from. Jinx isn't even her real name apparently.** This is backed up by this section of Jinx's lore: # *"Though the young woman's origins were a mystery, some saw traces of Piltover hextech in her firearms, while others described the street fashions of Zaun in her dress. Because her arrival always brought trouble with it, those who crossed her path soon gave her a name: Jinx.*" This also mentions that she had traces of both Piltovian and Zaun culture. Looking at her profile page, we can see that **Jinx apparently originates from Zaun, or in the very least, is affiliated with Zaun.** According to the lore, she came to Piltover, because it was the place she found 'the dullest', thusly, a perfect place for her to wreak havoc. Her motivations are also unclear. Nobody knows why she does the things she does. Vi acknowledges this: # *"The worst part is: none of it makes any sense. Ask her why she's doing it, and she'll give you a million different reasons. But the only one that matters is: She's having fun."* Another interesting thing about Jinx is that **she takes a very special interest in Vi.** Sure, she likes to mess with both "fat hands", as well as "hat lady", but she has a very nemesis-type relationship with Vi. Sure, ever since Jinx challenged Vi and told her that 'she would never catch her', Vi has considered Jinx her nemesis as well. But, even before they met each other face-to-face for the first time, Jinx called Vi out to try and catch her, specifically. Very interesting... But, what can we learn about their potential family ties from this? Well... --- # **The Myths** Now, let's go over the most popular myths revolving around Jinx and Vi. If you're new, the Myths section is meant to explore **things that have been hinted at and aren't totally out here, although not official.** Now, let's go over some of the myths. --- **"Let's get to the fun part!"** Indeed, Vi! The myths and theories are the fun part of these discussions! The first of the myths is, of course, the myth that **Jinx and Vi are sisters.** Heck! Most people that don't pay that much attention to lore think that **they are** sisters. Are they totally wrong? Well... actually, not exactly. We have proven that both Jinx and Vi have sisters. Vi, apparently, doesn't even know her sister exists, or doesn't acknowledge it, according to what Lyte says when Vi visits his store. While Jinx is very well aware of the existence of her sister, going as far as saying that she is crazier than herself and that her hair is boring. Does this description of Jinx's sister fit with Vi? Well, yes! Vi is kind of crazy, due to her unhealthy love of punching people right in the pie hole. And her hair can be boring from Jinx's perspective I guess... (personally I think it's super cool). But, the description fits her very vaguely, although, if you remember the "LauNch partY" bit, in Jinx's LA site teaser, she does say her sister's launch party was boring, unlike her own. If you remember, Vi wasn't teased at all and was released to the PBE the second she was revealed... yeah, it was kind of boring. Jinx however had a lot of different teasers and her own music freakin' video!! Yeah, I guess that bit fits Jinx and Vi perfectly! But, the physical descriptions are **vaguely** accurate to Vi. Another thing is that Lyte says that Vi looks like her sister... and Vi looks **nothing** like Jinx! Jinx has different eye and hair colors, has pale skin and has no shared distinctive features with Vi. But, the question still remains... **are they sisters or not?** Let's go over this one other myth and then we'll try to answer that question. --- **"Vi... stands for violence!"** Humm... You're joking. ...right? 'Cause... Violence. That's a weird name. Just sayin'! The other myth that has been floating around is that Vi isn't Vi's name, but it's actually a codename attributed to her. **"VI" being the roman numeral for "6".** This is a very natural assumption 'cause seriously... who names their kid "Vi". Even in a world with a guy whose first name is Warwick! Also, Vi has stated that her name stands for violence, vice and vicious. Obviously, she is joking slash taunting. But, these shows she has thought about what the name actually stands for, so **it's likely she got the name from someone else, besides her parents.** This makes sense, since she was a street urchin. Word is that she got the codename "VI" from her gang, that uses a roman numerical system to assign codenames to its members. However, Jinx may also have a similar codename assigned to her. Remember, "Jinx" is a name assigned to her and is not her real name (although she uses it as if it were her real name). But, remember how she signed her graffiti on Vi's vandalized profile page, as well as Lucian's vandalized BR server profile page. **"X wuz here". So, she also goes by "X"**, which also happens to be the roman numeral for "10". Interesting... The myth is that Vi and Jinx, or in this case, VI and X, were part of the same gang when they were younger. This makes sense. But, does it go deeper than that...? --- # **The Theories** Oh boy! This is the part you love the most... AND I'M NERVOUS!! But don't worry... I feel like this week will be better than last week's Jax discussion. This week we have some pretty neat theories... and others that you may have never even thought about! So, let's get to it. So, up until this point we have some really cool theories that are already mostly in the Myths section, this time around. Vi and Jinx being sisters is a no-brainer. I don't think it can even be called a theory at this point. Nah... OF COURSE IT CAN! That's why we're going to talk a little more about it. So, we already discussed the fact that both Jinx and Vi have sisters. Positively, absolutely confirmed(tm). Now, what links them together? Well, their being both from Piltover, or around, and Vi's mysterious past. **We don't know much about Vi's early life before joining that gang. We don't know about her parents or her sister.** I think it's safe to assume that she never met them, since she never mentions them. Maybe, she did get to meet her sister though. It's possible though, she did something to upset Vi, possibly abandon her, which made Vi hate her, most likely, older sister, due to her leaving her alone. Also, adding to this, is this Riot statement from [**Jinx's Q&A**]( # *"Jinx is approximately - to use a reference you guys all know - Vi’s age. Maybe a little bit older.*" Of course this is up to interpretation. But, maybe that's why Lyte says 'he isn't supposed to talk about' Vi's sister. **Vi just doesn't want to hear it! Or maybe Lyte doesn't want to tell her she does have a sister.** Anyway, having abandoned Vi, either if Vi met her or not, her sister went to Zaun... and something happened to her. Maybe, she was experimented on, causing her to become insane. She would then return to Piltover, maybe due to a fragment of her life before going crazy making her come back. So, **it's possible that Jinx is Vi's sister and she doesn't know it... Maybe, both don't know it. Zaun is a place that would mess anyone up!** --- **"Wait, I'm thinking! Urgh... how do people do this?"** Don't worry Jinx... I'll think **FOR YOU!** Another theory actually makes a lot of sense. So, remember the myth that "VI" and "X", stand for 6 and 10, respectively? That this would make Jinx and Vi having been a part of the same gang at some point? Yeah, well, you know who else goes by a roman numeral? **"C".** We know that Vi and Jinx are recent nemesis, but Caitlyn and C have history man... She has been on C's tail for years and all over Valoran. # *"The bandit, who always left a card with an ornate 'C' at the scene of the crime, became Caitlyn's arch-nemesis."* "C" is the roman numeral for "100", of course. Is it possible C is the head, or at least, part of the gang that Vi and Jinx were a part of? It's very possible that at some point she was part of the gang, since we don't know where C hails from. He, or she, may be Piltovian. **It's likely C isn't a part of said gang anymore due to the way she commits crimes.** In Caitlyn's lore, C is described as a cat burglar that commits high-profile heists and leaves a calling card on every crime scene. This is an MO for a criminal that goes solo, rather than a gang member. But, **C could be the codename that she operated as, during her time in the gang.** Cool. But what does that have to do with Vi and Jinx? Well, **maybe the gang is a sort of sisterhood.** We know VI and X are both girls, maybe C is a girl as well. They may act like sisters as part of the gang's code of conduct. They may have all operated in the gang at very different times, but they'd still be morally obliged to call each other "sisters". They have kept their alias in some way or another. VI is Vi's name and she has tattooed the number "VI" on her cheek. Jinx signs her graffiti as "X". And C leaves the calling card with "C" in every of her crime scenes. Maybe, the sister Lyte refers is a gang member that looks like Vi... her mentor perhaps? Maybe, the sister Jinx talks about is C or some other? In [**Vi's Q&A**](, **gipsylord** (Vi's lead designer) does mention this: # *"She had that 6 on her cheek from day 1. Was up to creative to find a meaning for it. It's got a story, I just can't tell you ;3"* This confirms that the "VI" tatoo on her cheek does indeed stand for "6" and not for Vi's name. And it also confirms it has a story. It probably isn't "she thought the tattoo would look cool." So, this does back up this "gang member codename" theory. So, basically, **this theory suggests Jinx and Vi are not actually sisters, but that they are part of a sisterhood, their gang.** Of course, the fact that Lyte refers to Vi's sister as an actual sister in the first place, and that both he and Jinx refer to a specific sister, are valid reasons to debunk this theory. But, the next theory is more plausible and has no contradictory factors... --- **"Here comes the punchline!"** Indeed Vi, 'cause this theory is the theory that has my thumbs up... **and my thumbs down...?** Hold on to your hats, 'cause I'm just going to come out and say it... My theory is that **NO! They are not sisters!** Now, surely you're shocked, because like you, I love the idea of Vi and Jinx being sisters, all the while not knowing they are sisters, or at least one of them not knowing. I like this theory a lot. But, **every bit of evidence kind of points in the opposite direction.** Sure, they were released in a context that makes their sisterhood plausible. Yes, they both have sisters. But, it seems weird to me that Vi wouldn't know her sister, even if she had not met her in a age where she would remember her. Maybe, Jinx abandoned or got separated from Vi at a very, very, very early age and Zaun's experiments on Jinx changed her appearance to a place where she does not resemble Vi and that would make her irrecognizable. But, Jinx does mention her own sister a lot. And Lyte does say that they look a lot alike, which Jinx and Vi don't. **I think, Jinx and Vi are indeed related in some way, just not as sisters, in any shape or form.** Maybe, they met each other the way described in Jinx's lore... or maybe they met when they were younger. Maybe, they were street urchins together. Maybe, they met as gang members. **Maybe, they met under circumstances that would make them not remember each other when each of them grew up.** But, that's the only way I see each of them being related before they met, due to their childhoods having very different contexts, although Jinx's is still shrouded in mystery. Now, Jinx does take a special interest in Vi, perhaps because she relates to her? They are both crazy to varying extents. Sure, this takes away some of the mysteries about Jinx and Vi's relationship... But, honestly, I think that Riot don't seem to be heading the sister way with the lore. **That being said, the other two theories are very cool and I love them equally. I kind of hate this last theory, but, to me, it's the one that sounds like the real deal...** But, you know what...? I may actually think that this theory is the coolest! You want to know why? 'Cause it leaves a very cool mystery to be solved... **If Vi and Jinx are not sisters, then who the hell are Vi and Jinx's sisters?** I have a few theories... But, hey! That's a discussion for another day! #**It's all just a theory though... Thanks for reading!** --- **"Any last words? Ha! No, just die."** Well, that's rude, since I do have some last words! This week's discussion was a lot of fun to make! I love Vi a whole bunch. I also love Jinx a whole bunch. It's fun discussing the mystery revolving around the nature of their relationship. The last theory was the one I leaned for of course, but reading it again I realized I like the other ones most... except the part where the last theory is the one that gives an even more interesting discussion... Anyway, please let me know what you thought of this week's discussion, share some of your own theories and vote in the poll below for the topic you want me to talk about next week! Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed. ;) By the way, just one more thing, I'm thinking of changing the schedule of "Facts, Myths and Theories" from every Wednesday, to every Monday. Do you agree? Please let me know what you think! # **Last Week's Topic:** [*Who is Jax?*]( # **Next Week's Topic:** *TBA* (Vote in the poll!) ---
I love this thread. Really cool analysis you've written up here. Some tidbits for you :3 1. Vi was orphaned at an extremely young age. A combination of her youth at the time and whatever trauma she suffered has left her with absolutely zero memories of her past and any family she may have had. I can't say whether or not Vi has a sister but I can say that if she did have one she would not be able to remember her. 2. Vi's name is from her tattoo, not the other way around. She's had that "VI" on her cheek for as long as she can remember, and so when she was first on the streets and people asked her name and she had none to give them they just started using the most distinguishing thing about her: the tattoo. Whatever family she may have had might have given her a "real" name at one point but she can't remember it. 3. It's important to remember that there is somewhat of a method to Jinx's madness. While at first it may seem that everything she does is crazy and random it's all with the underlying goal of entertaining herself and making things (currently Piltover) more "exciting". ---Example: If Jinx saw a Piltover citizen standing alone in a dark ally looking scared and all she had was a knife she WOULD NOT be at all interested in running up and stabbing him to death. Boooring. However, if that same Piltovian was sitting on a pile of fireworks and she had Fishbones on hand she wouldn't think twice about taking a shot at the firework pile with pretty much zero concern for the guy sitting on top. Those explosions are gonna be sooooo cool! ---This makes Jinx's antagonism of Vi all the more interesting. What type of entertainment is she getting out of going after Vi in such a targeted manner?
It is time to wreck our bodies together. Go to JOIN GAME, turn on SHOW PRIVATE GAMES at bottom of client. Search for game name: RiotBamDragon's game Password: yasuo
I bailed on the game, need to fix some things on my pc
It is time to wreck our bodies together. Go to JOIN GAME, turn on SHOW PRIVATE GAMES at bottom of client. Search for game name: RiotBamDragon's game Password: yasuo
> Regarding the time between the Ascension ritual and Xerath's confrontation with Nasus and Renekton: I have one finger on my nose and with my other hand I'm pointing at LordHippoman. > > We purposefully left Sivir's lineage as a mystery because, well... fun. Personally, I'm loving the discussion here and elsewhere about who survived. Though we don't want it to be an eternal secret, it's a fun part of having an on-going story. And it's a secret we want to tell though a story. I would ask why that is fun. I love a mystery, but contradictions? Not so much. Wiping out the entire royal family, but then having a descendent many years later? It's not very mysterious in my view, but impossible. If you gave us hints of another lover of Azir's that was out of the city at the time, or some other way for the lineage to continue, that would be a mystery. As it stands now, it just seems like a plot hole without much of a reason to exist in my view.
> > Regarding the time between the Ascension ritual and Xerath's confrontation with Nasus and Renekton: I have one finger on my nose and with my other hand I'm pointing at LordHippoman. > > > > We purposefully left Sivir's lineage as a mystery because, well... fun. Personally, I'm loving the discussion here and elsewhere about who survived. Though we don't want it to be an eternal secret, it's a fun part of having an on-going story. And it's a secret we want to tell though a story. > > I would ask why that is fun. I love a mystery, but contradictions? Not so much. Wiping out the entire royal family, but then having a descendent many years later? It's not very mysterious in my view, but impossible. If you gave us hints of another lover of Azir's that was out of the city at the time, or some other way for the lineage to continue, that would be a mystery. As it stands now, it just seems like a plot hole without much of a reason to exist in my view. The problem with giving a hint of that type is that it pretty much ends the mystery. The other options are to either give multiple possibilities and spend time setting them up in the story (which would take time and isn't the central focus of the piece), or show the family that we're aware of (then seemingly taking those options out of the equation) and make it clear that someone linked to Azir must have survived because he knows that Sivir is linked to him by blood. We opted for the latter for the reasons outlined.
Problem: Base VO for some things will still play while the new VO is being said. EXAMPLES: Basic attacks, Catching Axes This creates a dissonance that really lowers sastification when listening to the sounds.
Thanks for the feedback Rockman, we'll check it out! Sounds like you've given a couple examples for Draven, but could you let us know when you are hearing this for Dunkmaster?
Hey Guys, I wanted to inform you all about league of legends radio station is back. It called LoL Radio, short for league of legends radio. We was open last year but had major issues with some people, so we have decide to bring it back for the league of legends community. We are here for only one thing, to entertain the league of legends community and want to dedicate our time and effort to bring another media to the community which is a radio. Here is a link to the radio: Would appreciate it if people can bump this as well, thanks
This is fantastic, thanks for sharing guys! I'll be listening for sure :)
Tell Chuck Kourouklis he did a wonderful job with the English Dunkmaster Darius voice acting. Could you imagine tho. > *Ring ring* > Rito: "Hey its _______ from Riot Games we need you to do voice acting for our character Darius again." > Chuck: "Sure, whats the theme?" > Rito: "Basketball, Chuck. Basketball." > Chuck: "... > > {{champion:122}} > Lets Dunk." He just fits Darius so well.
Thanks for the awesome feedback guys, glad you're enjoying the skin :) Any favorite VO lines or interactions that you have on it?!
Hi guys, I'm a huge fan of good sound design, being a musician for 20+ years. I want to ask, who and how did you make the sound for Cho'gath ultimate? It really does have such a beastly quality so it can't just be a special voice talent, there has to be some technique to it? Something like an octave down double layer? Or did you just use a specific vocalizer box? Care to reveal how you did it?
Hi Phero, Thanks for the question! The vocal aspect was actually recorded here in the office, and was performed by a couple of the RIOTers on the art team. It's multiple voices recorded at the same time, and then pitched down with a formant shifter with some bass added in. There's also some layers of blood and bone cracking SFX added to make it a little more vicious. Let us know if you have any other questions! Cheers, Jay
So I was just thinking a really cool feature that you could add to the champion select page is some way where you can click on your teammate's name so you can see what champions you have in common. This would make it so much easier for summoners to be able to swap champions to avoid getting counter or to help with ACD Supp pairing or whatever. Sometime time is short and all the time spent typing your champs that you have can cause problems. So if you could add a way to see who shares champions you have that would be sweet!
Picking tradable champs under a time pressure is probably not ideal. I`ll book mark this page, talk to some folks, and see what we can do when we next dive into champ select.
Unfortunately, with these changes, Razer Comms has disabled the LoL functionality completely. Rather sad really.
Awesome Bowler
> Unfortunately, with these changes, Razer Comms has disabled the LoL functionality completely. Rather sad really. I feel your pain, but at the same time you have to understand their league-specific functionality was based around asking players to input their LoL username and password in an insecure manner. From a player security perspective, we can't have third parties doing that as it opens you guys up to potentially having your accounts compromised by other parties. > for us mac users out there we are now at a disadvantage :/ there is no Curse Voice for macs as far as I know. Rito help?{{item:3070}} It's true they don't have a Mac client, but I do hear one is coming. However it does not put anyone at a real disadvantage... it's just a voice chat system. There are plenty other alternatives that exist for Mac already that provide the same functionality.
I'm trying to find the song that plays in the Dunkmasta Darius spotlight. But no luck so far, at least the one that actually plays and not a remix sound alike.
I was told that the song was custom made for the video, so you won't find it anywhere online. (I wasn't involved in the production nor am I on audio team so I don't have any details on the song or any thing like that sadly.)
I'm not sure how exactly it's triggered , but there's something about summoning Tibbers that brings out this really enthusiastic laugh out of her, and for some reason, this specific laugh isn't really listed in the wiki or anything. Has any {{champion:1}} player out there experienced this before?
She has at least 2 laughs she can play upon casting tibbers which are part of a list of audio clips she'll play that are chosen randomly. Not sure why the wiki doesn't have them.
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