Hahahaha! Thanks! I thought it would be a fun idea. Especially for a Harrowing event XD Updated original post with more arts btw

Help Lyte i dont know why i was banned for 14 days without any warning and without a chat ban prior, i was chat banned in june for 5 games (i think). That was even though I hadnt played since February but I've never received a warning or anything since so I thought i was being positive in game even when i was giving criticism.

Please help me understand and change my atttiude if it is wrong. Please post my chat logs

- BloodAspe
I'd recommend you stop raging and verbally abusing teammates for having bad games. Stop spamming players that you are reporting them, or calling them stupid newbs and using slurs like calling people "jews" or "nazis."

Alright, so.
I'm having a similar problem to that of thousands of other League Gamers lately.
Now, I'll admit, I've had my games where I'm negative, or toxic; and I've argued.
However an hour ago I finally finished a 200 game chat ban. Throughout those 200 games I made sure to keep my chat to a minimum, and to make sure I would avoid being stuck in this constant chat ban.
Since the middle of the season now, I have not been able to use /all chat; or communicate efficiently with my team. I've submitted a ticket but enough is enough.
I just ended a normal game, which we lost, however everyone was supportive and it was fun. And I get a message saying I have a 430 game chat ban.
This is Obnoxious. This system needs to be fixed. I refuse to put money into a company that's just going to chat ban me for 6 months.
The real problem with this system is how easily it can be abused.
I play a game where I don't gank my top lane, because I'm extremely far behind in the jungle (I'm only Silver 2, not that good.) - And the jungler reports me for Verbal abuse when I say "I can't gank you dude, I'm getting counter jungled, I'm only level 4."
Great, So, Riot. Fix this problem, I'm not playing with a 430 game chat ban, and I'm most certainly not spending any more money.

- Forby
Please stop doing stuff like this when you are chat restricted:

[16:15] Forby: dude honestly, shut the **** up. I'm muting you. We're fine, I'm trying to farm.
[23:31] Forby: she's not resetting jungle like a c*nt.
[24:57] Forby: SONA HELP ME YOU C*NT.

You are very close to being escalated to a 14-day ban if you use all your chat lines to continue being toxic.
Team Builder is the perfect queue to play the champ you want, in the role you prefer, and do it as part of a team that’s all onboard with your strategy. With that in mind, here are a few community-favorite compositions you might not have seen before, along with our a couple of our own quirky takes on the traditional metagame.   #_**10) The Viscount of Luxembourg Presents Crystals at Dawn**_ http://cdn.leagueoflegends.com/apollo/content/lists-of-legends/CrystalsAtDawn_PosterSmall_400.jpg Dark Crystal Ryze (Top Tank), Anivia (Mid Mage), Skarner (Jungle Tank), Taric (Bot Support), Blight Crystal Varus (Bot Marksman) Created by a team of Rioters during an internal tournament, we couldn’t let the chance go by to show off their amazing photochoppery. Even if it is in the tenth spot.   #_**9) Yordles**_ http://youtu.be/gJcQUlSGMug Gnar (Top Tank), Veigar (Mid Mage), Poppy (Jungle Tank), Tristana (Bot Marksman), Lulu (Bot Support) This comp is even more flexible, we just picked one of our favorite line-ups. Add in Kennen, Rumble, Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Corki or Amumu if you like. We feel like there’s a yordle we’re missing. Hmm. Oh well.   #_**8) Pirates**_ http://youtu.be/rV9_Po0xHzQ Pirate Ryze (Top Mage) or Bilgerat Rumble (Top Mage), Bilgewater Swain (Mid Mage) or Bilgewater Katarina (Mid Assassin), Fiddle Me Timbers (Jungle Mage) or Gangplank (Jungle Fighter), Miss Fortune (Bot Marksman), Buccaneer Tristana (Bot Marksman) You could have Fiddle play support, but a pirate crew seems more likely to run two marksman. And yes, we’re aware Sarah is technically a Pirate Hunter.   #_**7) Pentakill**_ http://youtu.be/be1waE9myCU Yorick (Top Fighter), Mordekaiser (Mid Mage), Olaf (Jungle Fighter), Karthus (Bot Mage), Sona (Bot Support) Skins not necessary. However, every member of the team must run Smite and Ignite. Dragon beware.   #_**6) Mad Scientists**_ http://cdn.leagueoflegends.com/apollo/content/lists-of-legends/dontchase_400.jpg Singed (Top Mage), Viktor (Mid Mage), Warwick (Jungle Tank), Dr. Mundo (Bot Marksman), Heimerdinger (Bot Support) If you were thinking of pointing out that Mundo isn’t a marksman, we’d remind you of where exactly Mundo goes.   #_**5) Undying**_ http://youtu.be/Xpe-JoGyPsY Aatrox (Top Fighter), Anivia (Mid Mage), Zac (Jungle Tank), Yorick (Bot Fighter), Zilean (Bot Support) Mordekaiser and Karthus are sitting this one out. Morde brings your enemies back to life, and Karthus was never really alive in the first place.   #_**4) Ninja**_ http://cdn.leagueoflegends.com/apollo/content/lists-of-legends/Akali_500.jpg Akali (Top Assassin), Zed (Mid Assassin), Rammus (Jungle Assassin), Kennen (Marksman Assassin), Shen (Support Assassin) If you have the skin, by all means, try out this comp. If you don't, we aren't telling you to buy it. Seriously. Play Rammus without the skin. We won't tell anyone. Go forth and ninja people.   #_**3) Terror from the Void**_ http://youtu.be/8bCDdWSdMDM Cho'gath (Top Tank), Vel’koz (Mid Mage), Kha'zix (Jungle Assassin), Kog'maw (Bot Marksman), Malzahar (Bot Support) Yes, technically you can sub in Kassadin for Malz. There's something intrinsically satisfying about melting people with Nether Grasp while Vel'koz shoots fricking laser beams, though. Excuse us, Life-form Disintegration Rays.   #_**2) The Medic Force**_ http://youtu.be/fIOgfmfka5I Soraka (Top Mage), Sona (Mid Mage), Taric (Jungle Tank), Janna (Bot Support) and Nidalee (Bot Fighter) Moving around the Rift with the ease that comes with Janna and Sona’s movement buffs, this Healing Hit Point Squad delivers health and mana to your lane in under 30 seconds or your money back. Well, the likely outcome is your money entering the enemy’s pockets in the form of kill bounties, but it’s like getting your money back. Right?   #_**1) Dunk Squad**_ http://youtu.be/g9XZQttjc-g Many debates have been held over the true members of the League of Legends Dunk Squad. We at Lists of Legends certainly do not have any sort of special expertise in determining the true dunkmasters. But we humbly submit our version for consideration, based on historical relevance, popular appeal and our gut-reaction to each champion’s dunks-in-progress. Jayce (Top Marksman), Master Yi (Mid Fighter), Vi (Jungle Fighter), Jarvan IV (Bot Support), Darius (Bot Fighter) Lists of Legends _is a content series chronicling the best community creations, epic stories and moments around the game. It's also a secret testing ground for exclusive invisible previews of League skins. You can't see them. We evaluate your subconscious reaction to them and make only the most popular Teemo-related results. Leave us your feedback in the discussion below, or share your favorite lists on the [Community Creations](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fancreations) board!_
Riot Girl
Do Vi! Do Jinx!!
Hm, summoning ritual seems to have failed. Maybe needs more... Caitlyn?
Do you really want me to draw it? I'm not an artist... EDIT: I'll give it a shot, but in about a week. Currently I'm on vacation. I return home on the 23rd, and I'll be able to start the drawing on the 24th. EDIT 2: I have everything BUT the appearance ready, the appearance will be made when I get back(view edit 1)EDIT IN AN EDIT...EDIT: if you would like to know what the character is, just say the word and I'll make a thread. Just won't really have an appearance for it(again, view edit 1)
word said, make the thread! <3
I would probably want to be fluent in a coding language, since coding is such a big thing in our world. Question, what is your favorite video game of all time?
Tough question. I'll have to deflect (because I have so many favorites), to my favorite video game of the moment: Last of Us. Phenomenal game, I highly recommend playing if you haven't yet. Question for you: You've got 5 seconds to defuse a bomb, which wire do you cut: red, blue or green?
I would pick the mental hospital...since I've already been to one before >.> (parents thought my addiction to gaming was "unnatural"). Go with the evil you know, eh? XD Now my question...if you could no longer log into league of legends due to an unknown server error making it impossible for the client to get a response from the server and you've already checked your internet connection and all other programs and code strings that might possibly prevent league from connecting (which is a problem I'm having now...don't ask...already irritated by server unreliability), what would you think of the company's IT department if you didn't know any better? EDIT: This problem has happened to me so many times in the past couple of months, I've personally started to think your IT department is busy playing Destiny >.>
I'd say that's not really a question so much as an expression of frustration. I feel for you friend and if it is a reoccurring issue that you don't think is related to the current status of the servers ([which you can see here at any time](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#na)), I'd reach out to [Player Support](https://support.leagueoflegends.com/anonymous_requests/new).
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qZh7Qy0ano Author: a_toaster Found: http://redd.it/2e0x6o/ Pretty cool login.
Woah, this is awesome! ^__^
Sooo I'm not sure if it's being worked on or fixed at any point soon. But if you've played against {{champion:80}} recently then you'll probably notice that his ultimate's circle indicator is colored as friendly/allied. Just thinking that it should be fixed. Doesn't seem like a big deal but it's confusing a bit...
Fixed in the next patch.
I won't lie... even I would pay cold hard cash for a Poro ward!
Closed the thread for trolling.
The idea is not mines, all credit goes to Xelandra at DeviantART. [All credit goes to Xelandra at DeviantART](http://xelandra.deviantart.com/) http://th07.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2014/229/3/c/withered_varys_skin_concept_by_xelandra-d7vlclw.jpg
Zany Kun
I was sittin here thinkin "Hmm this wouldn't work with his bow expanding as he charges"...then I realized I was dumb and there's an easy solution to making this an awesome skin: the bow could grow and blossom as he charges Q...upon release the leaves/petals would poof off the bow...it would look amazing.
Well dependent on how I'm feeling that week, we are looking at: {{champion:36}} Umm.....pls no, I have pets T_T {{champion:82}} Umm.....Saying yes OR no seems like a bad idea..... {{champion:17}} TEACH ME TO BE SCOUT
... your favorite champion showed up at your door and informed you that they were moving in. Would you protest or allow it and if you did allow them in, how much would it disrupt your daily life? For me, it'd be Karma showing up. Besides the fact that my wife might get a little angry or suspicious that another woman wanted to live with us, I assume Karma would keep to herself or be a really mellow person to drink tea with and have a good conversation.
Um. Are we talking 1) favorite champion I've played forever, 2) favorite champion I have a great winrate with, or 3) favorite champion regardless of whether I'm setting records with him for badness? 1. laughing contest - go. AHHH HAHAHAA AHHH AHAHA HAHAHAA EEEH HEHEHEHEE HAHAH AAA. *breathes* AAHHH HAHAHAA AHAHAHAAaaaa 2. doing yoga finally, I've been waiting some amount of years to start. Peace begins within. 3. UMM HE AIN'T GETTIN' LOCKED OUT CUZ HE HASAKEY pretty sure you can guess these!
Doesn't look like your account is banned.
> I think they wouldn't have a lot to talk about. Or rather their swords would do the talking. > > Question for you: You're opening a restaurant, what is your theme and type of food? Well it would definitely be sushi for the type of food... as for theme... joking fantasy about giant sea-monsters being carved up for your dining pleasure, with fake art on the walls depicting fights
Cyrex Wingblade
Epic. 10/10 would eat there.
I had to leave Friday, but i hope you get to read this, anyways. New national sport, hmmmm, I wouldn't want to ruin another sport by making it a Tax sucking, commercial racket full of self absorbed narcissists like most of our current pro sports. That being said, I think a one on one sport like wrestling (not the TV crap), would be a lot more fun to watch.
I read all the things. Personally I'd be down for some gladiator style throw downs with swords.
I thought this would be a cute idea. I didn't give him the typical bunny tail because he is prehistoric after all. I'll upload his mega form later. I hope you like it. I can't wait to start using a tablet for all these projects. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/231/c/2/cottontail_gnar_by_apcarrykitty-d7vs0bw.jpg Mega Bunny!!! I didn't have much time to work on this so it's kinda bleh but you get the idea. http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/231/8/8/bunny_mega_gnar_by_apcarrykitty-d7vtj28.jpg
omg it's so cute ;____;
... your favorite champion showed up at your door and informed you that they were moving in. Would you protest or allow it and if you did allow them in, how much would it disrupt your daily life? For me, it'd be Karma showing up. Besides the fact that my wife might get a little angry or suspicious that another woman wanted to live with us, I assume Karma would keep to herself or be a really mellow person to drink tea with and have a good conversation.
I would love to have {{champion:74}} as a roommate. He'd be able to upgrade all my tech! I'd probably have to get him some step stools though.
Also, for any of you outside of NA that want to comment I've created a thread on the new boards:
23948 http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/summoners-rift/T7hEo2AX-map-skin-ideas
... your favorite champion showed up at your door and informed you that they were moving in. Would you protest or allow it and if you did allow them in, how much would it disrupt your daily life? For me, it'd be Karma showing up. Besides the fact that my wife might get a little angry or suspicious that another woman wanted to live with us, I assume Karma would keep to herself or be a really mellow person to drink tea with and have a good conversation.
http://raspbeary.tumblr.com/post/92172511090/what-a-heartbreaker Pretty into it.
Sure, I believe you ;)
Hey all, I wanted to continue the suggestion thread we had about map skin ideas over here so any region can comment on it :) http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4217457 Would love to hear your ideas and what you think would be cool!
I was having a little fun with Photoshop today and wanted to share my new creation.. Meet "Hello Gnar"

so what can i do, what % of that was started by me where i make the first comment because a lot of my bad games feel like i have to play defense off of other people. 100% of it is based on chat can i not instead receive a 50% of total games played chat ban, I've already had to sit out for five days. and what % of those reported games is my higher played champions and what is my winrate on reported games?

- Supabad
Unfortunately, the severity of your verbal offenses led to the escalated ban. However, in the future, if you sense someone being toxic I'd just mute them and report them after the game. Let the systems take care of them, instead of getting trapped in a spiral of toxicity that gets both of you banned.

I highly doubt i have been reported in more than 5% of my 1300+ games this year. if 92% of players are neutral how would i fall into a category of extremely toxic based on a very small percentage of bad days/games.

- Supabad
The average player is reported in about 1-4% of games depending on server, and including false reports. When players threaten to report, very few actually follow through. When you filter out false reports, the numbers are lower of course.

You've been reported in about 18% of your games, which is excessively high--in fact, this would put you at the highest 1% in terms of reports received. In the past, the average Tribunal person is reported in 15% to 25%+ of their games.
Just wanted to let you all know we're still reading this :)

Keep up the suggestions!

wait. How are offenses on both accounts similar and i JUST stared using this account again TODAY. I have literally been in every game with a guy from forums. I have typed "Sorry, no one else to blame but myself, and ... all game." So I'm curious as to how I have been reported on a smurf account that prior to today I use several months ago with friends in a ventrillo and never typed in game.

I really want my chat logs on BOTH accounts now and I posted a link where I posted on Community Beta asking for them. Here is the link AGAIN. Can I at least get LadyofRegiment's chat logs for today because I don't think you all keep chat logs from several months ago.

23948 http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/na-support/qwJEpfwR-lyte

- LadyOfRegiment

Ah, you can post on Community Beta! We do keep logs forever, so we can pull up logs for LadyOfRegiment before you recently started playing again--I see examples of negative chat from March 2014 and earlier.

But, here's some chat logs for OtakuBurrito:

[5:02] OtakuBurrito: NO
[5:04] OtakuBurrito: STFU
[5:08] OtakuBurrito: IM ABOUT TO MUTE YOUR ASS
[5:13] OtakuBurrito: U KNOW WHAT
[5:14] OtakuBurrito: GO MID
[5:15] OtakuBurrito: IM NOT
[5:16] OtakuBurrito: ABOT
[5:17] OtakuBurrito: TO
[5:19] OtakuBurrito: LISTEN TO THIS
[5:21] OtakuBurrito: ALL ****GIN GAME
[5:22] OtakuBurrito: IM NOT
[5:27] OtakuBurrito: ABNOTU TO ****GIN HELP TRY TO ****IGN WIN
[5:30] OtakuBurrito: **** THIS
[5:32] OtakuBurrito: LET HIM MID
[5:36] OtakuBurrito: ****IGN WHIHNNIGN LIEK A *****
[6:17] OtakuBurrito: go ****ign mid
[6:19] OtakuBurrito: you *****
[7:46] OtakuBurrito: its always ****ign something
[7:54] OtakuBurrito: i always get ****ign ****ed over in ****gin lane
[8:04] OtakuBurrito: never get a decent ****ign game
[8:12] OtakuBurrito: ****gin bull****
[8:23] OtakuBurrito: just 1 ****ign game
[10:05] OtakuBurrito: stfu
[10:18] OtakuBurrito: exactly
[10:22] OtakuBurrito: he's s ****ign troll
[11:28] OtakuBurrito: piece of ****
[11:43] OtakuBurrito: ff@ 20
[11:46] OtakuBurrito: adn report veigar
[12:25] OtakuBurrito: **** this im feeding
[12:30] OtakuBurrito: kennen
[13:14] OtakuBurrito: didnt you **** over the whole team
[13:16] OtakuBurrito: *****
[13:30] OtakuBurrito: shut your ****ing face
[13:39] OtakuBurrito: so does your mom
[14:13] OtakuBurrito: late ****ign mia
[15:06] OtakuBurrito: **** mid
[15:55] OtakuBurrito: shut the **** up
[19:24] OtakuBurrito: imma get veigar killed
[19:36] OtakuBurrito: **** that *****
[20:27] OtakuBurrito: dumb ass goign top
[21:14] OtakuBurrito: gj assgar
[22:41] OtakuBurrito: lucky him
[25:35] OtakuBurrito: gj assger
[27:53] OtakuBurrito: WE ARE LOSIGN BECAUSE OF YOU *****
[27:57] OtakuBurrito: STUPID ASS


[23:05] OtakuBurrito: GOT DAMMIT
[23:14] OtakuBurrito: I DID
[23:19] OtakuBurrito: ASSTWAT
[23:26] OtakuBurrito: MAYBE IF YOU HADNT FED SO ****IGN HARD
[23:30] OtakuBurrito: WE WOULDNT BE IN THIS MESS
[30:06] OtakuBurrito: how your mom cant swallow
[30:18] OtakuBurrito: and has to put up with you
[30:26] OtakuBurrito: feeder ass n*gger


[47:35] OtakuBurrito: TTEMO
[47:35] OtakuBurrito: WTF
[47:40] OtakuBurrito: YOU DUMB PIECE OF ****
[47:43] OtakuBurrito: STFU
[47:49] OtakuBurrito: IF YOU WERENT TROLLIONG
[47:59] OtakuBurrito: STUPIDEST ****IGN ADC NA
[48:01] OtakuBurrito: MY GOD
[48:05] OtakuBurrito: YOU SUCK SO ****GIN HARD
[48:08] OtakuBurrito: ITS ILLEGAL
[48:50] OtakuBurrito: PLEASE LEAVE

Okay Lyte I was banned. Post my chat logs here so I know how much people piss me off in games. I'm ready for the smite.

- LadyOfRegiment
I can't reveal full chat logs on OtakuBurrito unless we can confirm you own the account. I'm not in Player Support, so harder to do this if you aren't posting on that account.

However, on both LadyOfRegiment and OtakuBurrito, the offenses are similar.

You're screaming in all caps, using racial slurs, making sexual references, and more. You should be fully aware of what you do in games because it's quite excessive and over the top--I don't think you want me to post the chat logs on OtakuBurrito.
Then I guess we'll have to try this combo. :) Just one question - how did you farm? Did only one of you farm or did you both farm at the same time? We usually split the roles - one farms and the other usually buys first supp item to get some free gold of it.
I bought a support item - i can't remember which now, either coin or frostfang, but I left the last hitting to the Jinx, who is a good ADC main. PS sorry this took me so long to answer!
Question if you don't mind. Is your name at all related to Riot Girl Tristana? {{champion:18}} --- {{champion:21}}
Kao Atlantis
I like to think Riot knew I was coming and made the skin for me before I got here. ;) It is one of the first skins I owned, since it was free. I chose the name cause it's simple, unrelated to my main acct (which i want separate so that no one expects too much of me when I'm on it) and something that reflected the music that I identified with growing up (100% PURE PUNK). I do have a friend IRL named Tristana and used to wish I had her name. She is a person though, not a yordle.

Alright all you Bacon supporters. Here is a petition if you think I was wrongly banned. Look at how other threads get responses but mine didnt. They only post on threads that have actual toxic players so they can look like they are doing the right thing.

Just comment with "#FreeOurBaconOverlord"

We wont stop until my chat logs get posted.

- Master of Bacon
You were banned for excessive verbal abuse, homophobic and racial slurs, calling people downs and autistic, and more.


[16:11] Master of Bacon: im afking
[16:27] Master of Bacon: die
[16:52] Master of Bacon: bout to make a touchdown
[16:53] Master of Bacon: watch this


[0:43] Master of Bacon [ALL]: Did you forget to feed the black kids that power your computer?
[10:09] Master of Bacon: Naut is a ****ing ******
[11:13] Master of Bacon: aaaand you are getting reportedf
[11:27] Master of Bacon: thats right f*g
[14:26] Master of Bacon: He has autism

[17:04] Master of Bacon: Lucian wanna fight me irl you autistic *****
[16:15] Master of Bacon: Do you have down syndrome?
[35:27] Master of Bacon: you guys are running around like you are retarded
[35:52] Master of Bacon: Report this ****ing naut please.
[36:34] Master of Bacon: shut the **** up


[24:30] Master of Bacon [ALL]: Fight me irl if you have a problem
[24:53] Master of Bacon [ALL]: Im 6'6 and ripped m8
[30:59] Master of Bacon [ALL]: Fight me irl
[32:13] Master of Bacon [ALL]: Die
[35:43] Master of Bacon [ALL]: Im done
[36:28] Master of Bacon [ALL]: fight me iurl


[1:44] Master of Bacon: you suckin me off?
[3:55] Master of Bacon: Suckin me?
[15:22] Master of Bacon: shut the **** up
[15:48] Master of Bacon: You are bad you ****ing moron
[16:39] Master of Bacon: or retarded
[17:11] Master of Bacon: reported.


[9:37] Master of Bacon: stfu
[9:59] Master of Bacon: dumb ass
[42:59] Master of Bacon: ******
Yay for Affordance actually taking the time to answer all these crazy questions. New question! Do you think Riven would actually LIKE Yasuo if she met him, or would they basically try to kill each other? (my vote is 'try to kill each other', personally)
Cyrex Wingblade
I think they wouldn't have a lot to talk about. Or rather their swords would do the talking. Question for you: You're opening a restaurant, what is your theme and type of food?
What are your top 3 favourite skins in the game? :o
Debonair Jayce
In no particular order: - Surprise Fiddlesticks - Dino Gnar - Dragonslayer Panth Those are amongst my favorites but I have a LOT of favorites :). PS: Nice name! Question for you: What's the song you'd pick as the theme song to your life?
Will there be future skins that include Urf? ex. Urfrider Corki Also can we have an icon for Urf? ex.{{champion:103}}
It is my deepest hope that our glorious leader, the one and only king Urf shall eventually have more representation. Long live Urf. Question for you: What Urf themed skin would you want to see happen?
As a procrastinator, I would have to go with - Hold on I should clean my microwave. Maybe catch a nap. Question: Ghost, Zombie, or Mummy?
Slender Melon
Zombie. Question for you: What's a picture you've seen that you would love to be in? Share the picture if you can :)
Im at work :c. I'll be on today though, around 4:15 CST! :D
OK! See you later then, we will try to work out a time :)
French Onion Soup; I can't stand the texture of soggy bread and I thought I would hate it, but it is amazingly delicious. I would consider Ripley more resourceful, so that makes sense. Where do you come up with all these crazy questions? There are so many on this board...
Kao Atlantis
Haha, I think I just responded to this same question. Curiousity + imagination is my guess. I like asking questions and you guys have been giving some great responses. Also French Onion soup I totally get that. Looks awful. Question for you: What summoner spell would you want to have in real life?
do u luv me?
I <3 all you guys. Question for you: What would you rather have — hearing like a rabbit, nose like a dog or eyesight like an eagle?
If you could turn invisible as a super power, but didn't get to decide when you turned invisible, would you accept the power?
As long as I get to keep my clothes on, sure why not. Question for you: What do you think is over the rainbow, if not Oz?
=O who's your fav from FFIX? And will do =] Hmm I would probably pick a supporting role. I like helping people shine, or helping them develop so that they can shine. Main pro/antagonist gets too much spotlight, and I'm not one to be the center of attention.
Favorite is probably Vivi or Beatrix actually. Garnet's a solid character and surprisingly the Zidane/Kuja dynamic is quite sad and believable. Question for you: If you could reset the current meta, including all roles, and implement a new one what would it look like?
My fault as well then, I thought the invites would be the other way around :P. So it's probably on me. So I should just add you all then??
oh no you don't have to :) (several of us have full friends lists!) you can just invite us to a lobby by typing our names in the invite thinger. BUT I WILL TOTALLY INVITE YOU NOW. READY?
OMG I GOT A HUG FROM A RITOER Its not a gif, but its the funniest ive seen
VG Starcall
Hahahaha, that's tremendous.
Drinking the entire bottle for those suckers you pour the syrup on, worst idea ever. What do you think the next champion will be based on? I feel its been awhile since we've had a shadow isles character.
Another shadow isles character would be sweet. Then again, I'll be super hype about any champion we put out — the team works super hard on the process from start to finish and it's great to see the champions finally 'out in the wild'. I was counting down the days until Gnar was released ^-^. Question for you: If you could be fluent in any language what would you pick?
This is properly related to a targeting issue that we are actively working on fixing at the moment. :)
How on earth do you come up with so many unique questions?
Hyrum Graff
If I had to guess I'd say because I have a pretty good imagination + unnatural levels of curiosity. Question for you: There are three boxes on a table in front of you. One box holds your worst nightmare, one holds your biggest dream, and the other when opened will cause something bad to happen to someone else. Do you open a box?
My Birthday is this weekend (Aug 17th) and I have had the game since season 1, bought it on disc even! Wondering if I could get a game with some reds, I don't remember ever having played with one and it would be awesome to get some birthday games in with some of you guys!
I never got an invite q.q or saw a notification -- that's what I was looking for and I'm sorry, I should have come back to this post! BUT WE SHOULD STILL PLAY
I just wanted to thank you guys for creating Vel'Koz. He is by far my favorite champion, and I greatly appreciate his addition to the game. He feels so satisfying and I love his personality, animations, ability visuals, kit, and playstyle. The Void creature champions have always been my favorite due to my interest with the Void as a whole and how they feel when you play them. Cho'gath feels like he is really evolving when you play him when you reach levels 6, 11, and 16, allowing him to become bigger and gain more health. Kha'Zix feels the most adaptive and evolution heavy Void creature, for reasons I probably don't need to say. Kog'Maw is not only adorable in his own way, but the higher levels of Bio-Arcane Barrage really feels powerful and the growing range of his Ultimate over the course of the game also gives a feeling of power, especially AP Kog'Maw. Vel'Koz's passive feels like he is learning his opponents movements. Because he is all skillshot based, the more he learns his opponents movement patterns and playstyle, the easier it is to hit his opponents with his abilities, rewarding him with more damage and "knowledge" (for Vel'Koz himself, of course). They just all feel like they really are creatures coming into a completely new world and adapting to it as they go along and grow stronger through evolving. Kha'Zix is probably the epitome of it though, with his unique evolution mechanic and lore that really made him sound like an alien invader to Runeterra and evolving through his hunting of native creatures. But the primary reason Vel'Koz is my favorite is how different he is to the other Void creatures. Rather than being obsessed with eating stuff, he doesn't care much for it at all. When I play him, he doesn't feel as "overpowering" as the other Void creatures. What I mean by that is Kha'Zix kinda wants to just destroy you through assassination, Cho'Gath is many times your size and just devours you, and Kog'Maw melts you face with stomach acid then explodes on your face. Vel'Koz feels more like he is trying to outsmart and learn his opponents than just overpower them. I also favor him because his kit is amazing. The passive feels powerful and rewarding, Q is unique with the splitting and you can really be tricky with it, W is good damage and farming, E is good disruption and setup for comboes. His R though...that ability is just incredible. The sheer power of it feels amazing to just melt you enemies with. The sound effect it also makes when you make contact with enemies really sounds like disintegration. It's so threatening at all stages in the game and I love it so much. Especially when an enemy team is doing Baron or Dragon and are stuck in those pits trying to complete them, then they just eat Vel'Koz's laser and just melt before him. Or when a teamfight occurs in a tight space in the jungle, the same feeling happens. Another thing I like about him are the sounds effects of all of his abilities. They all sound kinda alien-y and I already went over his ultimate sounding like true disintegration. I also love his ability visuals though. I dunno why, but I really like how they've made the Void purple based. Kha'Zix, Vel'Koz, and Malzahar's abilities all look cool and really out of place in Summoner's Rift, cuz they're from the Void and all, so they're supposed to look like they're out of place and alien-y. Oh, and another thing I like that Riot has been doing is the respawn animations. When Vel'Koz respawns after death, he comes from a portal from the Void and it just looks cool. Not sure about other people, but I really like small things like that. I take note of a lot of small things that champions do because they add a lot to their character. Kinda like how Braum just does this gigantic jump back to base that no normal person can really do, other than Pantheon maybe. Probably the last thing that I'll mention is his model. I love the look of it and the animations it does. Riot hasn't really worked with tentacles and stuff before, but the Homeguard animation and the way he moves just look amazing to me. He really looks like he is out of place, like he's supposed to. I kinda hope Cassiopeia gets the kinda treatment Vel'Koz got with her tail and stuff. Only thing that kinda bothers me about Vel'Koz is how he doesn't have any champion interaction quotes unless they're in his Battlecast skin, which I don't really like or have. Why couldn't he have his Kassadin quote from the Battlecast skin on his Classic one? And why doesn't he have quotes for Kog'Maw, Cho'Gath, and Kha'Zix? I know he doesn't really care much for Kog'Maw, Cho'Gath, and Kha'Zix since they're the type of Voidborn to just eat and destroy everything, but I mean, they're still Voidborn just like him and they're all at the League for similar reasons, and I'm sure Vel'Koz are familiar with them to some extent, especially Kog'Maw cuz of his "daddy". And I find it odd that he has a quote for Kassadin, but not Malzahar. They're both humans influenced by the Void in some way, so why only Kassadin? I guess because he didn't get brainwashed like Malzahar did, so that one makes sense. I dunno, I just find it odd that all the champions recently have special interactions with other champions in their classic skins, like Jinx, Yasuo, Braum, and now Gnar, but Vel'Koz doesn't have any in his classic skin, but they're on his Battlecast one. I mean, he doesn't even have a quote for Zilean, and that is the guy he is hunting down. It's a minor problem, but still kinda bothers me. One of the things I like most about League is the champions and their stories and interactions with each other, so Vel'Koz and his lack of interaction with the other Voidborns and Zilean kinda feels like he was left out to dry when Braum and Gnar get quotes with people like Garen, Gragas, Tryndamere, Annie, among others. Older champions like Jinx and Lucian got quotes with their respective rivals/enemies as well. Anyways, thanks again for creating such an awesome champion! I really hope another Void creature is on it's way soon (looking at you Battlecast Vel'Koz splash art with that thing beside Viktor). I love them all so much and I always have fun playing as them, whether it's mid or jungle Kha'Zix, mid or support Vel'Koz, AP or AD Kog'Maw, and AP or jungle Cho'Gath.
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