Yep! And I saw you saying you don't quite get what the W is doing, so I'll explain it a bit better. ^^ So, you passively put that DoT on people when you auto, yeah? It has a duration that it ticks for, and then it goes away. The new active of your W does damage based on how long the DoT was on the target (capping at 2 seconds, I believe). If you activate W and then poke something after the DoT has been ticking a while, you do a huge chunk of damage. If you last-hit something (doesn't matter what) with it, you regain some of the CD and mana. Your farming is a little easier, but you also have a lot more counterplay involved in your kit now, and you have to creatively use your Q and E to stay on your target for the big W damage.
Great summary! One thing to note about last hitting with the W: you receive the mana and CD refund regardless of how long the dot has been on the target (including even if the DoT wasn't even applied yet!). All that matters is that the W active kills the target.
A few more questions for the developers: Does the knockback radius of the shark increase as well, or just the damage? Will the active on Seastone Trident still apply to the target of Urchin Strike, or does it have to be a basic attack? Does the new Seastone Trident passive reset basic attacks? Thanks!
1) The knockback increases as the shark grows bigger 2) Urchin Strike applies both Seastone Trident's passive and active (if you turned it on) 3) Yep!
I've wanted this skin for so long!
ApocaIypse Meow
And the new splash is my favourite Twitch splash!
wow I never knew that, game must have been really different back then lol partly I think it would make a nice nidalee skin because right now she's kind of got a lot of variations on her bikini look, and I'm not hating on that but it would be cool to have something different from her that felt more... serious? not exactly the right word for it, but yeah
Monado II
Totally agree!
Maybe you guys can do a splash art like that royal card set?
Chromatic Eagle
Yeah I asked the splash artist to include Garen in the first splash but it was hard enough to get 4 champions done by the deadline and there just wasn't the time. In my mind he's on patrol :)
Is it the central blue spike? Edit: The roll of paper coming down the shoulderplate reminds me of the WoW Paladin Judgement Armor :3
Stars Shaper
[Warhammer]( again :)
In the introductory post for the smaller assassin reworks a couple of weeks ago, Statikk posted this as part of the blurb about the Fizz changes: "We also want to give Fizz a bit more flexibility in the lane especially when he’s on the back foot and forced to just last hit minions." Now that the changes are on the PBE, can we get some clarification about what's meant here? After crunching the numbers, the damage Fizz deals to a single target is roughly the same as live in the best case scenario (full W proc and max range ult), but it seems his consistency went down the drain as the damage is loaded onto those two situational triggers. I'd hoped that this was to compensate for a stronger laning phase with more fallback patterns, but the new W reset basically just functions like the current W under tower, and Q applying the DoT to all minions it hits seems like it will see little use when you're being pressured by the enemy laner (but maybe helps with shove + roam a little). Is there something else coming down the pipe or are these changes more or less finalized? Unfortunately I don't have a PBE account so some of this is speculative -- I apologize.
Hey Landorin. Your questions are totally understandable with or without access to PBE so no worries there. Let me start off by saying things are not finalized; with PBE we often start with a changelist that tested well during internal playtests and iterate from there. We're keeping a close eye on Fizz's performance in PBE games and feedback from the boards. We've heard concerns over the strain of W on Fizz's mana pool and changes to his damage output. Here's a breakdown covering where we're moving the needle next on the PBE: * **W - Seastone Trident** * ** Mana Refund**: _50% -> 100%_ * _Note: mana is refunded regardless by any Active hit, charged or uncharged (not a new change)_ * **AP Ratios**: * Passive (DoT): _.3 -> .33_ * Uncharged Active Hit:_ .3 -> .33_ * Charged Active Hit: _.9 -> 1.0_ * **E - Playful/Trickster** * ** Mana Cost**: _90/100/110/120/130 -> 90/95/100/105/110_ * **R - Chum the Waters** * **Seastone Interaction**: W Passive is applied to all enemies hit by the shark * _Note: this is in addition to being applied on initial application of the fish_ * **Fish Orbit**: made long range R more reliable by increasing fish attachment radius * **Base Damage**: * **Small Shark**: _140/290/440 -> 150/300/450_ * **Medium Shark**: _240/390/540 -> 250/400/550_ * **Big Shark**: _340/490/640 -> 350/500/650_ * **AP Ratios**: * **Small Shark**: _.5 -> .6_ * **Medium Shark**: _.75 -> .9_ * **Big Shark**: _1.0 -> 1.2_ On to your initial questions about the laning phase... I do agree that output-wise the new W is functions similar to live W when last hitting minions. However one aspect that's not apparent from the new W's tooltip is that it now also resets your auto-attack timer. Between the auto-attack reset and higher bonus magic damage at all ranks (charged or uncharged) it's pretty effective at last hitting minions. Spread your W Passive with a couple of auto-attacks or Q's dash, let the DoT tick a couple of times, auto-attack, W hit, rinse-repeat. If you're being pressured under tower forgo the DoT and charged damage and go for some simple auto, reset with W attacks. The average CS and hence gold has gone up quite substantially from our tests. Updates like what Fizz is going through are quite iterative, and PBE is just another step in that process. Depending on how things shake out over the next few weeks we have quite a few possibilities in mind for our little Trickster. Let me know if you have any other questions!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot a huevo,realm=NA,application-id=2E4zVIwd,discussion-id=IefAMr24,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-21T04:03:50.995+0000) > > Once the beta starts, there will be no more alpha. Everyone will be able to join the beta without requesting access. So you are saying that any player can play beta once alpha comes to an end? With out anything needed but an update of sorts?
Yeah, that is correct. Actually, every single user will be prompted to update their client during the open beta. Performing the update will be optional. Once the beta comes to an end, doing the update will no longer be optional.
Looks like I can't ban Bard this time :^)
You. Don't encourage them. >_<
My account is level 30 and I can&#039;t seem to be able to post comments and I don&#039;t know why. I&#039;ve tried login out and back in but no results
Sometimes is takes a post like this to force a sync on your Boards profile. It looks like you're good to go now! ^.^
Long story short. I bought a skin on sale, and refunded the skin for the SAME price I bought it for, and my RP was deducted 195RP instead of giving me 292 RP back.
Can you relog, then check out an item to see if it updates your RP? Let me know what happens.
I won&#039;t rant. All I want is a little more information than just &quot;We are aware of issues with Clubs, and are working on a fix.&quot; Why is Riot having such a hard time fixing this? I run a fairly large chat club at 36 members and growing. This club is invaluable in keeping us all connected and always providing a list of friends to play ranked with. It also consistently requires friendship, cooperation, and a non-toxic environment for all members. It&#039;s been a week and chat clubs aren&#039;t fixed. Can you please give me some kind of status update on this. I&#039;ve been playing League for almost 5 years, and you guys at Riot usually fix things pretty quickly. I&#039;m just wondering. Thanks.
Desecrated Soul
I can't provide any additional information other than we actually are working on a fix and will deploy it as soon as it's ready. I hope that works as an answer for now. Let me know if you have any other issues I can assist you with.
Howdy, So i&#039;ve never done this before but I&#039;ll be straight to the point. I try to download this game onto a Windows 10 computer, 64Bit home but it tells me to save it as a binary download. I tried to covert it to .exe. but says the PVP net is not working and crashes. Any ideas to fix this?
That's pretty weird! Can you reinstall the game using our [Hextech Repair Tool]( Simply check the boxes for *Reinstall* and *Clean Uninstall*, then start. Let me know if this resolved your issue.
So I dropped the game last year, came back to try it out again and lo and behold I have twenty minute queue penalties. Now, is there anyway to see how many more matches I have to waste a bunch of time waiting for to queue into? I&#039;ve spent a lot of money on skins and shit so I&#039;m pretty hesitant to just outright drop the game permanently but this is extremely annoying.
You can see the number of matches left in your LPQ after a match in the post-game lobby. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Went to play DOOM bots and its not a choice on Alpha client, but it is on reg client...Maybe im just blonde and missing it
TSP Beldin
It is not possible to select that game mode in the alpha, its a big disappointment, sorry!
Hello, I was just looking around the PBE Alpha Client today and noticed while looking at the Hextech Crafting tab that when you select &quot;Open 10 Chests&quot; that it&#039;ll open just one instead of 10. Not sure if someone reported this before.
Working as intended, you can only open one each time.
so i dont understand how the sacrificing to the dark yordle works like i press the button but nothing happens
Vicente Brezzy
You keep hitting the button. At some point, something cool will happen. ^.^ Let me know if you have any other questions.
I just opened up my teemoing shop and PROJECT lucian was 70% off for 400 rp. I know riot makes exceptions for 10 or 15 rp, so i was wondering if 400 would be a bit too much to ask?
Yeah, 400 RP is quite a lot. I don't think we'll be able to help out with that much. Let me know if you have any other questions. ^.^
Hi, The Alpha Client is trying to update. It starts downloading a 1065.9 MB, and after a while display briefly a message I don&#039;t have enough time to read then starts the download again from scratch, without me taking any action at any point. I&#039;m 99.9% sure it&#039;s not an unstable connection issue. What else can it be? (Disclaimer: * I looked for similar topics on the first page of the Help &amp; Support board, but didn&#039;t find anything * I looked for the dedicated Alpha Client board, but I can&#039;t find it in the side-bar, and I can&#039;t access it from the client, since it keeps trying to update. )
I've actually had this happen to be before, and I think it's just a quirk with the Alpha Client at the moment. I worked around this by patching with the old Client/Patcher, then hopping back onto the Alpha Client. Let me know if that works for you, also you can find the Alpha Client Boards [here.](
Today Launched the new game mode called &quot;Doom&quot;, To play this mode I have to log into the original client, even after the patches and updates.
Yes, sad times. I had to go back to the old one too. We don't have all the game modes enabled yet. {{item:3070}}
With Alpha client coming to an end, do alpha testers automatically become beta testers?Or do they get a choice if they want to or not? Or is put back at random of the so many applicants applying to be testers? Thank you in advance for your feedback! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Once the beta starts, there will be no more alpha. Everyone will be able to join the beta without requesting access.
Hey there, I have multiple accounts and was wondering if it was possible to buy a skin on one of them while paying with the RP of another. I have been waiting for this skin ever since I started playing and now I can finally get it, but no RP on this account.
Jhinx ViSion
No, unfortunately, the *Teemoing Personal Shop* is unique to that account, so the offers will only work for buying on that account. If they were normal sales, you could use the [Gifting Center]( to buy the items, but in this case, it won't work. Let me know if you have any other questions.
I recently, about a week ago, achieved an S+ rank in a game as Vladimir. I moved to the craft tab after the match, and the token had disappeared! Now normally I wouldn&#039;t think twice over the situation. I just gained another token for Nasus, and if this is a bug I&#039;ve encountered I&#039;d rather not lose another one, you know?
Was this in a Normal/Ranked Summoner's Rift match? It's not possible to earn Mastery Tokens on any of the rotating game modes, Twisted Treeline, or Howling Abyss. If so, can you link me the match that this happened on?
So today I was logged into my account and played some league and took a break since I had technicians come fix some problems with my internet. After they were done I closed my client since of course it lost connection and attempted to relog. Next thing I know I receive a log in error stating my account has been transferred to Latin America although I clearly did not request for a server transfer. This is extremely upsetting because I have invested a lot into my main account and am about to reach my decay of banked games in Masters and this restricts me from playing on my original account. Now it only allows me to log into Latin America under the name as Cloud Horizon which email does not align with the email set for my main account. I hope this post gets their immediate attention as I&#039;m sure my ticket may not get through intime. My hope is that they can fix this ASAP and if not, at least rectify my standing as Masters if I get decayed as a result of something that was not my fault.
zCloud Art
Since you've already submitted a support ticket, I recommend waiting for an account specialist to get back to you. We're not able to investigate or work with you to resolve account recoveries here on the boards, since the information needed to do so is too sensitive to post here. Let me know if you have any other questions.
I cant use Annie in wonder land I know I have it. I got a mystery gift from a friend. I can no longer use it because it appears i don&#039;t own it.
We've had some previous issues with certain skins displaying in your summoner profile, but will still display in champ select. Can you confirm whether or not this skin is showing up in champ select?
Does anyone else think that the notifications noises with receiving messages, someone joining or leaving the lobby, etc are way too high pitched? Also when in champ select is it only me where the voices are super loud? I tried lowering the audio but it really didn&#039;t help.
If you aren't using an application to boost certain frequencies or change the flat EQ on your sound settings, then I suggest leaving this feedback on the [Alpha Client Discussion Boards.]( Let me know if you have any other questions.
I was playing and my mouse accidentally messed me up by hittting the back button (i have the back button on the side of my mouse). And i cant claim or continue anything and i dont knwo what to do 6000 climks OMG PLZ HELP!
Heimerdinger IRL
I'm certain that nothing happens after the initial 500 clicks, so I'm not sure this caused anything negative to happen. Did you click the claim button after hitting 500?
I wanted to submit a support ticket but i need to sign back in to my account or something and it doesnt let me submit a ticket unless i do. The problem is I don&#039;t remember the password to the email i used a long time ago. What do i do?
One Lemon
If you're trying to recover your account or access it, use [this form]( when submitting a support ticket. It won't ask you to sign in and your entire correspondence will be via email. Let me know if you have any additional questions.
Hey, My client keeps getting bugsplat crashes as soon as I leave champion select and load the in-game content. The real problem is that this occurs inconsistently and is causing me to be placed in lower priority queues with extended wait times. I have reported this problem before and dutifully done every troubleshooting method the riot-employed responder gave. This included removing 3rd party programs such as &#039;curse&#039;, closed all other computer activity prior to playing, reinstalling the league client, etc. Additionally, the real caveat is that this only occurs on one of my accounts! (I have two so I can play with friends who I can&#039;t queue with in ranked) My main account doesn&#039;t bugsplat and I usually play a game on my main account before switching to my second one. This tells me that my computer is fine and the network and everything is fine, but I still get bugsplats on this account. It&#039;s incredibly frustrating to lose lp and be placed in lower priority queues for something seemingly out of my control. I was wondering if this was a common problem or if there is a way to reset my account to avoid the leaverban/lp loss. Account with problem: ShampooNSlay. Main: IamSamurai. Thanks a bunch for reading this!
I've never seen a situation where bugsplats only happen on a single account. Typically a Bugsplat happens as a result of a poor system driver interaction or a hardware issue with your PC. For this reason, I think it's probably a coincidence that this has only happened on one of your accounts. Check out our [Bugsplat Guide]( for a list of steps that should resolve this. Let me know if that guide was able to assist in resolving this.
I was wondering if it&#039;s possible to get 50 RP for free because i need it to get my skin and im just missing 50 RP for it ? How can i get it ?
benjamin ruel
You can reach out to our specialists in a [support ticket]( and we'll see what we can do. No promises, though!
I&#039;m home on break, and since leaving school I haven&#039;t been able to get on to league. Every time I try to log in, there&#039;s a long delay, followed by the error message for not being able to connect to (NA servers). I&#039;ve checked out and run through all the suggestions at &quot;; but it still hasn&#039;t resolved itself. The problem is occurring both on wireless (wifi running at around 50mbps) and wired (ethernet at around 1 Gbps) connections. Any help is very much appreciated.
There are likely local network settings that are preventing your client from reaching the servers. Check out our [connection guide]( for a list of steps that should resolve this. Let me know if those steps resolved this issue.
Before I miss out, again. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
The Empty Lord
Not sure! I'm sure it will be posted on our [announcements page]( if it does happen. Let me know if you have any other questions. ^.^
me and my friends are trying to play ranked 3s but the option isnt there exPLAIN
As *Zombiemaster* mentioned, Ranked Team matches are only enabled during specific hours during the week, and a different set of hours on the weekends. Check out the schedule [here]( for all regions. Let me know if you have any other questions.
So my computer is not the best but it is capable of running league of legends. The FPS is usually around 40 - 50 which for me is amazing but after the update my FPS have dropped to 1 - 5 and stay at that level. I tried a lot of things i searched through every forum to try to make my game work again. Does anyone have some advice on what i should do (don&#039;t tell me to buy a new parts for my computer, I will buy a brand new one but in a couple months).
The Windows 10 Anniversary update pushed out some changes to the Windows Game bar that enabled *Game DVR*. I recommend [disabling this feature]( to see if anything changes in your FPS. Let me know if this helped.
i use a MacBook Pro and recently updated my OS to the latest version, I use a Razor Deathadder Chroma mouse and updated its software as well. My mouse worked fine until I got in my game and then it was jerking all over the place and i could barely buy items in the shop... And, it didn&#039;t move me around the map or select champs etc, reliably, i was just roaming all over the place, and the cursor was jerking around my screen...
Does this still happen after disabling Razer Synapse or trying a [safe mode boot]( Let me know if those steps caused any change.
i read the forums for the halloween event and it said if i win doom bots of Doom i will get a teemo icon after i won it it did not give me the icon further more i reloged in the game and still didnt have it can someone help!!!
HelI Yeah
As the *Icons & Ward* section of the [Teemoing 2016 Page]( mentions, Icons will be granted up to 2 weeks *after* **November 3rd, 2016** at **23:59 PDT**. Let me know if you have any other questions.
at 4000 right now
Not that I know of. :o Let me know if you find anything, though, k? :D
I tried mr Digital Ram&#039;s Fix but it amounted to nothing for me I also asked Riot Support did a fresh reinstall did everything possible and it still happens to me I&#039;m getting quite annoyed by it Please help &quot;Hey ya&#039;ll, Digital Ram from PS Tech here. We&#039;ve noticed a bump in issues relating to FPS drops and crashing on the loading screen, after Champ Select. This issue seems to be caused by a Windows 10 app called the Game Bar. This feature has been causing a plethora of issues in game and in Champ Select. If you are experiencing these issues after updating Windows 10, please follow the steps below: NOTE: You will need to be logged into your Microsoft email account for this. Turn off the Game Bar in the Xbox app. You can do this by following these steps: Open the Xbox app by going to the Search bar on the bottom left of the screen and typing &quot;Xbox&rdquo; Click on the Settings (Gear) icon on the left. Click on Game DVR at the top. Click on the On/Off (switch) under &quot;Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR&quot; to turn it off. (it should be gray and set to &quot;Off&quot;) If you are having trouble locating the Game DVR, this Ten Forums post has a visual Step-by-Step guide that will walk you through this. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by Submitting a ticket. Make sure to include logs gathered by our handy Hextech Repair Tool. Thanks!&quot;
There are a few thing that could be causing this. Typically crashes mid-game are caused by poor driver interactions or hardware issues. Check out our [Bugsplat & Crash Guide]( for a list of common solutions for this. Let me know if those steps resolved this.
Hey, guys! I purchased an $1,100 gaming laptop called &quot;Omen&quot; by HP. The upgraded one. Every game of league I run around 200+ FPS on ultra everything, randomly throughout the game it oddly drops to 30 fps, that&#039;s even on low settings. The only way I can fix it, Is unplugging, the laptop and plugging It right back in. Does anyone have any way or suggestion to keep from random fps drop? No computer viruses, basically brand new, no clue why this is going on. All responses are welcome!
Strange tamer95
It sounds like this may be an issue with your Windows Power Settings. I recommend ensuring you've set your power plan to *High Performance* with [this guide.]( Let me know if this resolved your issue~
Anyone know of any other way aside from email to contact Riot Merch support? I ordered Mechs vs Minions last week on Oct 13th, first shipment, and it still says pending on my account. I&#039;ve attempted to email them multiple times but no response. Does anyone know if there is chat support or phone support for the merch site?
It can take up to a few *business days* for your order to process before it ships. Since you've already submitted a [support ticket](, I recommend waiting for a billing specialist to get back to you. Let me know if you have any other questions.
_i got leave buster because i cant reconnect to the game even thou my internet and pc are good and yet i still cant enter any game plz help_ :D
I wasn't able to find any records of service issues on EUNE lately. Generally, issues connecting to games are caused by network settings that prevent you from reaching out servers properly. Our [connection guide]( lists some common solutions for this issue, so I recommend trying them out. Let me know if you have any more issues with this.
I was wondering if a certain skin had been on sale yet, is there like an official database with that information? I want to get this skin, but I want to get it on sale, but if it&#039;s already been on sale, then I&#039;ll probably just not worry about it. Specifically I am concerned about Elderwood LeBlanc.
You can find a history of sales on [this page.]( There are also some third party websites that archive sales data and present dates on the last time a skin was on sale and if it's expected to go on sale soon, so I recommend hitting Google for those. Let me know if you have any other questions.
If anyone else is having a error 5 happening when trying to launch the client I have done many iterations of trial and error and have finally figured out what is causing the error and crash. The error and crash is caused by Asus Sonic Studio sound driver (SupremeFX) made by Realtek. A simple solution to fixing this error is closing the sound card driver completely by going into the task bar and right clicking the Sonic Studio icon and clicking close. Your alpha client should now work normally. I have tested this to make sure that it this error is caused strictly from having this program open by testing it with a combination of different programs. Before anyone asks yes, I have already submitted this to the Report A Bug form, this is just in case someone else is having this issue and wanted to know how to fix it before a patch was sent out. **TL;DR** Close the Sonic Studio 2 application and the Batch 5 error disappears and the alpha client now works perfectly.
Scúmbag Nubs
First off, to quote one of our super grateful engineers: "You are a {insert exciting adjective} saint!!!!!" Second off, this actually was super helpful and we really appreciating you digging into this so fast! Amazing work. We're working on a beefier fix for you asap, and hope it makes it into the next build. Keep on being an awesome alpha guardian!
Oppressor-&gt;Removed. Replaced by Double-Edged Sword. Gee, thanks Riot.
Battle trance.
Welp, only one thing to do in such dark times... SUMMONER THE BARD {{champion:432}} _chime noises intensify_
Riot Terra
Help us. We can&#039;t control him anymore... HE has become too powerful.. We didn&#039;t know what we were summoning... ..We&#039;re sorry. We didn&#039;t know.. ..we&#039;re sorry.. ......................................... **Who:** RGM team Rioters + YOU vs the Doom Bots **When:** Friday 21/10 @6PM PST **Where:** NA server **Rioters:** * Riot Aeon * its so dense * Ponts * Riot Terra * BuffMePlz * L4T3NCY ------------------------------------------------------- Room details will be updated into this thread when the time approaches!
Welp, only one thing to do in such dark times... SUMMONER THE BARD {{champion:432}} _chime noises intensify_
Hi, just a quick question here: can I buy underworld tf or wukong alone or do i have to get the bundle? Ty for answering.
They are available separately from the bundle! Check out the screenshot below ^.^ (Click to Enlarge) Let me know if you have any other questions.
Need to put how many days there is for next available chest.
You can actually find this exact information listed on your Summoner Profile. Below is what it looks like (Click to Enlarge) Let me know if you have any other questions.
Help us. We can&#039;t control him anymore... HE has become too powerful.. We didn&#039;t know what we were summoning... ..We&#039;re sorry. We didn&#039;t know.. ..we&#039;re sorry.. ......................................... **Who:** RGM team Rioters + YOU vs the Doom Bots **When:** Friday 21/10 @6PM PST **Where:** NA server **Rioters:** * Riot Aeon * its so dense * Ponts * Riot Terra * BuffMePlz * L4T3NCY ------------------------------------------------------- Room details will be updated into this thread when the time approaches!
Help us. We can&#039;t control him anymore... HE has become too powerful.. We didn&#039;t know what we were summoning... ..We&#039;re sorry. We didn&#039;t know.. ..we&#039;re sorry.. ......................................... **Who:** RGM team Rioters + YOU vs the Doom Bots **When:** Friday 21/10 @6PM PST **Where:** NA server **Rioters:** * Riot Aeon * its so dense * Ponts * Riot Terra * BuffMePlz * L4T3NCY ------------------------------------------------------- Room details will be updated into this thread when the time approaches!
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