Yeah, and here we get to the issue. The problem that I'm trying to address and that no one seems to be willing to listen: Riot ISN'T going to change her. They acknowledge her win rate is dropping. They acknowledge her pick rate isn't leveling out. They respond by increasing the range on her Q, a "usability" buff, but no numbers changes and no attempt to make her laning phase easier. This happened with Olaf's rework. It happened with Karma's rework. It's happening right now with Cassieopeia. Riot reworks a champion and lets them sit. They assume that players will adjust to the rework after a while and ignore all the initial cries of anger because they ALWAYS happen. The only time our shouting has ever changed a big rework was the Lee Sin rework. That's it. So here you guys are, making thread after thread like you said and Fearless is ignoring almost all of them. So I'm coming in trying to explain how the rework works and in what ways it is a positive experience for the Sona player and everyone attacks me because Sona is undoubtedly worse. Of course she is. But you have to learn to play what she is now or just stop playing, because all of your cries are going to fall on deaf ears. Sona is not more special or more popular than Olaf, and neither are Sona's players.
Hopping in here because I feel like I'm being spoken for, and what's being said here isn't accurate. The Q change is a bug fix. The range change was never intended, and a range change is one of the last things we'd do to change Sona, as range changes are very disruptive. As to not changing her, there are changes in test. Those changes might not ever reach live, but we're not ignoring the problems. This is still something I'm working on. There is a lot of value to getting to see how you all talk about Sona without me jumping in. I learn a lot from the discussion you have. If I commented on every Sona thread, it's likely that I warp all Sona discussion. I'm working on finding a balance of making sure you all know that we are listening while letting the discussion actually exist without me. Also need to improve communication that Sona isn't forgotten, but that real and healthy changes to her will take significant testing and iteration. Happy to get the feedback that this needs to get better. I owe it to you all to keep improving here.
yeah, with TSM, the shoutcasters just say "bla bla bla Dyrus, bla bla bla If he wins lane, then TSM wins, bla bla bla he's the oldest on the team bla bla bla..." Not that I despise them or anything, anyone who likes C9 should probably respect TSM
If TSM wins, we'll have to find a champion that can carry a pillow.

Welcome to the Big Plays Spotlight! In this feature, we highlight the most epic plays, from meticulously-coordinated early tower dives to mind-blowing cross-map jukes.

Here’s a great example of why you should never feel safe (or start shopping) until you’re back in base:

After a close 2-0 exchange, an extremely low-health Michael Jaxson retreats to the safety of his turret. Just as he begins to recall, a blind Ashe arrow seeks to claim his final 10 HP. With godlike reflexes, the Unforgiven throws down a clutch Wind Wall just in time to deny the terrifyingly-precise assassination attempt.

Let’s see those reflexes in slow motion.

We’d love to feature your biggest plays, so post a link in the comments below or submit your clip here!

Your account was actually permanently closed because this was your 3rd 14-day escalated ban.

Examples of your most recent chat logs are here:

[10:22] Ieo: ****ign annoying
[10:29] Ieo: xin zhao dumb jg
[10:47] Ieo: annoys the fk out of me
[11:23] Ieo: c*nt
[14:08] Ieo [ALL]: YOU STUPID
[14:15] Ieo [ALL]: YOU STUPID


[11:09] Ieo: stfu mf
[11:17] Ieo: fk u
[12:32] Ieo: **** for nami anyday


[6:42] Ieo: *******
[12:33] Ieo: u r bad
[12:34] Ieo: and dumb
[16:37] Ieo: sooo bad
[16:46] Ieo: soo obad
[16:49] Ieo: l2p
[16:49] Ieo: nooob
[17:44] Ieo: are you dumb?
[18:09] Ieo: you guys are trasg
[18:10] Ieo: trashhh
[18:27] Ieo: TRASH
[18:28] Ieo: LOOOL
[18:43] Ieo: LOOOL
[18:45] Ieo: SILVER 2
[18:46] Ieo: LOOOOL
[18:47] Ieo: SOOOO BAD[18:57] Ieo: sine you're so bad
[18:58] Ieo: LOL
[19:00] Ieo: YOU'RE BAD AF'
[19:01] Ieo: LOOL[19:04] Ieo: LOL
[19:14] Ieo: i dont play with
[19:16] Ieo: peaseants
[19:20] Ieo: unranked trash
[19:24] Ieo: ya
[19:25] Ieo: cus ur bad
[19:27] Ieo: not **** talk
[19:29] Ieo: if im saying the truth
[20:16] Ieo: LOL
[20:24] Ieo: i dont need to prove anything to you
[20:28] Ieo: its just a facti m better than you
[20:29] Ieo: trashcan
[20:42] Ieo: alright
[20:43] Ieo: 1v1 after this
[20:50] Ieo: LOL
[20:54] Ieo: ILL 2V1 YOU GUYS
[20:55] Ieo: AND WRECK YO
[20:56] Ieo: LOOLL
[20:57] Ieo: SILVER 2
[20:58] Ieo: SILVER 2
[21:01] Ieo: CMON
[21:01] Ieo: SILVER 2
[21:04] Ieo: SILVER 2
[21:06] Ieo: PLS
[21:18] Ieo: silver 2
[21:50] Ieo: then 1v1 me
[21:50] Ieo: idiot
[21:54] Ieo: i can wreck you anytime
[22:00] Ieo: then 1v1 me
[22:02] Ieo: idiot
[22:07] Ieo: did i die to braum
[22:09] Ieo: are you an idiot?
[22:20] Ieo: damn
[22:23] Ieo: this is why i think
[22:25] Ieo: everybody under plat
[22:27] Ieo: is retarded
[23:00] Ieo: LOL
[23:03] Ieo: im gonna 11 you
[23:04] Ieo: after this
[23:04] Ieo: 1v1
[23:51] Ieo: idiots think 1vv1 proves anything
[23:51] Ieo: rof
[23:55] Ieo: ill still rape you anyways
[24:36] Ieo: so sad
[24:38] Ieo: how i have same cs as rene
[24:42] Ieo: :
[24:43] Ieo: :(
[24:49] Ieo: so sad[25:59] Ieo: cus ur too idiotic
[26:00] Ieo: to play with


[1:01] Ieo [ALL]: n*gga i rather be rich than famous
[11:23] Ieo [ALL]: fk u
[13:35] Ieo: n*gga
[14:56] Ieo: naut jg suk dik
[17:25] Ieo: naut jg suck dick
[19:14] Ieo: go afk idc
[19:16] Ieo: ur usless anyways
[19:43] Ieo: are you dumb


[17:08] Ieo: are you retarded
[17:14] Ieo: this nid
[22:54] Ieo: ur dumb


[28:52] Ieo: stfu lucian
[28:53] Ieo: ur useless
[31:53] Ieo: can u stfu?
[33:23] Ieo: stfu
[33:28] Ieo: ur dumb as fk
[33:31] Ieo: u ****in ******
[35:06] Ieo: LOL?
[35:09] Ieo: r u dumb?
[35:16] Ieo: retarded as ****
[35:18] Ieo: stfu trashcan


[2:58] Ieo [ALL]: fu
[9:00] Ieo [ALL]: ur shorter
[9:01] Ieo [ALL]: u midhet
[9:03] Ieo [ALL]: mmidget
[19:12] Ieo: ur bad af
[19:17] Ieo: ******
[21:08] Ieo: this ziggs
[21:11] Ieo: is sooo retarded
[21:20] Ieo: ****ing ******
[21:32] Ieo: omg get butthurt


[1:40] Ieo: soo retarded
[2:40] Ieo: ******
[2:59] Ieo: you ******
[3:03] Ieo: gold baddie
[3:04] Ieo: gtfo
[13:36] Ieo: ur bad
[13:37] Ieo: as fk
[14:24] Ieo: stfu noob
[15:10] Ieo: ur so bad
[17:07] Ieo: stfu u ******
[17:12] Ieo: u ****ing dumb ****
[17:17] Ieo: WTF
[17:18] Ieo: NICE E
[17:19] Ieo: HOLY ****
[17:19] Ieo: UR
[17:20] Ieo: SO
[17:20] Ieo: ****ING
[17:21] Ieo: BAD
[17:21] Ieo: GTFO
[17:24] Ieo: stfu
[17:25] Ieo: ur so bad
[17:27] Ieo: gtfoooo
[17:53] Ieo: im reporting u
[17:56] Ieo: for being a dumb ****
[18:10] Ieo: stfu
[18:13] Ieo: next time i see you
[18:14] Ieo: ill murk you
[18:16] Ieo: u c*nt
[18:51] Ieo: fkin gg
[23:20] Ieo: dude
[23:22] Ieo: wtf r u doing
[23:30] Ieo: seri
[23:31] Ieo: ****ing
[23:32] Ieo: lu
[24:03] Ieo: im reporting u after
[24:35] Ieo: learn to stfu for once
[28:20] Ieo: ******
[29:42] Ieo: gg
[29:42] Ieo: wtf
[29:43] Ieo: gg

I'm looking at his match history for last 50 games and i can't see him intentionally feeding a large number of games. Maybe something wrong with system? Maybe worth a second look. He just about only plays yi so i don't expect much from other champs in terms of winrate.

if we look at his last 40 games on His two worst games are 0-11 and 0-8 and 0-13, which from personal experience i have seen a yi do, doesn't mean they are intentionally feeding just every hard to come back as yi.

- xPeAcEx
Players can only see Ranked Games. We can see all games :D
I'm not going to post chatlogs because you know what you've said in your matches.

Copying pasting a response related to retaliation:

4) That player in my game was far worse than me. Why am I banned???
a) I'll keep this one simple: retaliation isn't OK. Reacting to a toxic player by being toxic just incites that player to be even worse--it also ruins the game for up to 8 other players. It is far, far worse to watch two people yelling at each other all game than it is to watch 1 player ranting into blank space. Almost everyone in the game can find someone out there that behaves worse than they do--but so what? Finding someone worse doesn't justify your behavior or justify retaliation. We expect more out of our players. What players often don't realize is... those other players in your game that you thought were worse? Nearly 100% of the time, those players were banned even before you were. If someone is being toxic, just report them and move on. If you retaliate, both of you will be banned. It's really that simple.

i am unbanned in 2 weeks bruh

- SteamyPink70
I've permanently closed your account due to intentional feeding in a large number of games.

I just got an email saying my account is suspended for 2 weeks. I wanted to get some clarification on this and know what exactly warrants a 2 week ban.

I will admit that I may have been an argumentative person in the past but I NEVER go to the extreme cases of toxicity, (NEVER intentional feeding, racism, death threats, homophobia, etc.) In actuality, I have been trying to be more of a team player as I try to climb to Gold, and Riot Staff can see for themselves if I'm lying by looking at my recent games.

I play tons of games and forget most of what goes on in them. I legitimately think that NONE of my behavior, especially recently, warranted a 14-day suspension. I would simply like to see chat logs. If I had been toxic and completely blinded by rage, I'll walk out of this, admit my mistake, and try to improve more on my part.

Edit #1:Someone from another thread claimed that there was one case of a 14-day ban being unwarranted and this actually gives me hope.. meaning that there's a chance that this suspension on my account can be a mistake.

Edit #2: Additionally, if I am proven to be deserving of this ban, I'd accept a 100-game chat restriction without any complaints to compensate for my persistence in seeing the chat logs and ignorance to my behavior. That's how strong I feel about this issue.

- Black Mage Zeref
It looks like your case was one of the borderline ones. Your notes show a pretty diverse range of behaviors, such as spamming "muted and reported" in quite a few games. Generally, players like you should just mute a player and report them after the game and let us take care of the rest--there's no reason to verbally spam players with "muted and reported" or try to get other people to report these players too. You also show consistent moderate toxicity in a huge number of your games but were always just below the line for an escalated ban. But, in a few games you started using homophobic slurs which pushed you over the edge. I've included a few examples of these behaviors below:

[14:39] Black Mage Zeref: muted
[14:42] Black Mage Zeref: and reported
[19:15] Black Mage Zeref: and report galio for refusint to communicate with team
[22:35] Black Mage Zeref: that attitude is of a 12 year old
[24:54] Black Mage Zeref: you guys
[24:54] Black Mage Zeref: died
[24:55] Black Mage Zeref: 9 times
[24:56] Black Mage Zeref: at bot
[25:02] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9 times at bot
[25:10] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9x at bot
[25:14] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9x at bot
[25:17] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9x at bot
[25:19] Black Mage Zeref: together
[25:23] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9x at bot
[25:26] Black Mage Zeref: i called mia
[25:29] Black Mage Zeref: all 5x
[26:09] Black Mage Zeref: 11 times
[26:29] Black Mage Zeref: sad
[26:32] Black Mage Zeref: youre the one staying in silver
[26:32] Black Mage Zeref: lol
[28:05] Black Mage Zeref: look
[28:07] Black Mage Zeref: at your scores
[28:08] Black Mage Zeref: lol
[28:10] Black Mage Zeref: kda is horrible
[28:34] Black Mage Zeref: im done talking
[28:53] Black Mage Zeref: you need to stfu
[28:53] Black Mage Zeref: again
[29:58] Black Mage Zeref: 9 year old attitude
[30:00] Black Mage Zeref: give me a break
[33:10] Black Mage Zeref: how old are you? 10?


[20:18] Black Mage Zeref: youre always at the wrong place at the wrong time
[20:23] Black Mage Zeref: report her


[9:48] Black Mage Zeref: jinx
[9:51] Black Mage Zeref: that was the stupidest thing
[9:52] Black Mage Zeref: you could do
[10:07] Black Mage Zeref: you should really pay attention
[10:10] Black Mage Zeref: to whats happening on the map
[14:23] Black Mage Zeref: just making sure
[14:25] Black Mage Zeref: you dont die again
[14:32] Black Mage Zeref: in a stupid manner
[15:41] Black Mage Zeref: sigh jinx
[16:04] Black Mage Zeref: its giving me cancer
[24:00] Black Mage Zeref: and jinx still cant function with team
[27:43] Black Mage Zeref: reported amumu for toxic


[6:42] Black Mage Zeref: jinx
[6:45] Black Mage Zeref: youre the most retarded adc
[20:25] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: kinda sad that im stuck in support role
[20:36] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: when my adc is as bad as it gets


[22:21] Black Mage Zeref: you have more deaths than me
[23:30] Black Mage Zeref: before you get muted
[27:33] Black Mage Zeref: because youre stupid
[28:10] Black Mage Zeref: pure stupid


[11:34] Black Mage Zeref: warwick
[11:37] Black Mage Zeref: that ws pure
[11:39] Black Mage Zeref: stupidity
[12:17] Black Mage Zeref: all im asking for
[12:19] Black Mage Zeref: is a little common sense
[13:12] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: you know whats getting lucky?
[13:21] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: going against a nother person with a down syndrome
[23:25] Black Mage Zeref: just report leo


[12:33] Black Mage Zeref: because youre bad
[16:45] Black Mage Zeref: exactly
[16:46] Black Mage Zeref: what i meant
[16:47] Black Mage Zeref: by retarded
[21:43] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: just another excuse for being bad
[24:40] Black Mage Zeref: look at that tryhard


[2:08] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: this f*ggot
[3:35] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: so bad
[3:58] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: who?
[4:05] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: sounds like you lmfao
[5:19] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: but who died
[5:25] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: but who died like an idiot?
[6:12] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: ill stay mad then just 4 u bb
[13:52] Black Mage Zeref: youre failing hard
[13:53] Black Mage Zeref: not me
[14:05] Black Mage Zeref: youre falling hard
[14:06] Black Mage Zeref: not me
[14:27] Black Mage Zeref: every mispoisitoining you make costs you a death
[22:58] Black Mage Zeref: vi you have 3 deaths
[23:52] Black Mage Zeref: vi
[23:54] Black Mage Zeref: is a ******
[24:31] Black Mage Zeref: youre a ******

[32:25] Black Mage Zeref: useless jungler


[8:50] Black Mage Zeref: i can afk
[10:56] Black Mage Zeref: team full of *******
[12:28] Black Mage Zeref: youre doing horribly
[13:36] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: they already fed you so hard
[14:36] Black Mage Zeref: nothing can cure idiocy


[37:40] Black Mage Zeref: maybe i can go afk now
[38:08] Black Mage Zeref: goodluck on your game
[38:11] Black Mage Zeref: im not playing with any of you


[43:37] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: teammates as retarded af


As the title says, I've been banned before for 14 days. I'm really worried about being banned again, so I've been trying to be positive and helpful in teamchat, without ever raging. However, despite my best efforts, i seem to get reported no matter how nice I am! I consistantly get this message:

"your behavior is not in line, etc etc"

This is typically after I'm in a game with somebody who is raging at everybody. '

My question for you is Lyte - could you please review my recent games/chat logs, etc, and tell me if I'm doing something wrong? I'm terrified of being banned, and I'm trying really hard to be a team player, nice guy, etc...but these warning messages are freaking me out.


- Wytemajyk
It looks like you're doing a little better; however, you still get warning pop-ups because of your flares. For example, it was super easy to find examples where you say "blow me asswipe," and call people "egotistical little sh*ts."

Generally, I'd just avoid aggressive attacks on other players in any form--there's no need for that, and it doesn't help your teammate play better.
You were banned for intentional feeding, not chat-related offenses.
Riot - please make a Gnar/MegaGnar plushie that can turn inside out and transform. Fist Bumps, Vak example:
HA! AWESOME!!! Can I feed him after mdnight?
Just sharing my submission to the current Face Off contest Riot's hosting. Got some new brushes for Photoshop and figured it was a solid excuse to test them out.
Another stunning piece from our AMAZEBALLS community. I love you guys! Thanks for the new wallpaper. :)
Very well done it almost makes me think mine is bad.[]( Almost
viva la me
i love this <3 Face checked? Get rekt. Figured I'd toss my fanart contest submission up here! I decided to draw from personal experience and paint the terrifying experience of going to ward a camped bush all by yourself. Ahri and Wukong are probably rushing a poor defenseless Sona :C Hope you guys like it!
Pretty cool! Good luck!
"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." -- Winston Churchill I was looking back through my pixel work and, upon seeing Leona, thought that I could do so much better. So I did. I think this shows a good example of how good pixel art can be made. Old Leona is entirely acceptable, but I think that the shading and use of color in new Leona shows that my skill has definitely leveled up and gone to shop since I started. New Leona [New Leona]( Old Leona [Old Leona]( [Here's a link to the archive of other things I've made.]( It includes the two version of Vi that I've released, showing a little more of my creative process. UPDATE: Leona v2.1 inserted. Now with less stumpy arm!
SO I hate to be this person but like, can you post all the links here. I went to travel for work and somehow broke the links I had bookmarked. I need this is my life in the worst way though. So please?
I thought it would be a cool idea to have a pink ribbon summoner icon for the month of October that would grant you an additional 10 ip if you displayed it. Or do a sale for pink related champs that part of the proceeds would go to Cancer Research.
As a two time breast cancer survivor, I really like the idea of raising awareness through something like a Summoner Icon. Very cool idea, summoner!
I mean, seriously-- They monitor this beta 24/7. That deserves a {{item:3096}} .
Wildfire GoG
Let's at least have a dance party here:
Hey A12MO12,

That's really interesting. Please tell me more;

Do you use smartcast? smartcast with indicators? Do you use default key-bindings? Have you been able to reproduce this consistently? I am trying to hunt down the reproduction step for this, and I've not had any luck reproducing this crash at all.
Hey daletroN3030,

I am curious; on average, how often do you encounter this problem when playing Lee Sin?

(Also, do you have the bugsplat ID that you got when you reported the issue?)

Wookie, tell me you said to your boss "And honestly, if you're too lazy to post in the right sub-forum, I'm too lazy to move your post." before you decided to post it??

- Ganiklis

My boss also knows who a lot of the troll posters are too.

That's actually a fairly logical conclusion.
Though it seems to me they're just trying to have a conversation with their colleagues, instead of talk to the same three people on a dead forum.

- Mad Policecars

I always found it funny though. If all the Off Topic trolls went to the Off Topic forum it would be a pretty happening place.

Couldn't, ya know, do your job properly and move it to off-topic?

- Mad Policecars
I know a lot of you guys. You might not realize it. But I'm on the forums more than I'd like to admit. It's not too hard to remember you guys.

I recognize your names.

If it's a poster I think is legit confused about the nature of this sub-forum, I'll move them to Off Topic.

A lot of the posters here though know that Off-Topic exists. They just don't care, or are lazy.

And honestly, if you're too lazy to post in the right sub-forum, I'm too lazy to move your post.

You closed that redhead thread.

I dislike you.

- Maximum Mundo
There are a lot of places to get pictures of redheads.

GD is not one of them.

Personally, I think that if Riot actually hired psychologists to help reduce toxicity in the League community, they'd probably look for people who've already seen it all and don't have a sanity to snap.

- engieninja

I used to work Disney Online games'. League is the minor leagues compared to the twisted minds of 12 year olds.

I've seen some **** man.


- TeaVeeBag
Fun facts. Rivington used to be on PSPB. Before he moved on to be all hot and famous and such.

He always told me I was the naked guy on the desk.

I'd like to think I'm the guy with no pants on though.

There's a lot more off-topic stuff on GD than that tbh.

- Color Deaf

True. But GD doesn't have to sleep or work. I do. :(

An honorific describing a master or a teacher

So how much do you enjoy smiting the heretics >: D

- ResoluteContrast

I just want everyone to get along. :(
I accept Star Wars, for all the faults it has.

I hate sand. It's so.... sandy.
Step 1) Don't ask how to get laid on the internet.
Be weary of sharing your account with anyone. It's possible that the person who boosted your account would intentionally feed or troll the games that they considered impossible to win. They often do that to make the match end quicker, so they can start a new one and fulfill their boosting contract.

Unfortunately, since you're the account owner you're responsible for the actions that occur on it. Sharing with another person won't absolve you of any crimes the account commits.

I suppose the plus side though, is that the feeding ban occurred the day after your MMR Boosting suspension, so you'll really only end up serving one extra day of time.

I was also glad to see you're renewed interest in legitimate competitive play! I wish you the best of luck next season, I have no doubts if you work hard you'll wonder why you ever thought you needed someone else to play on your account for you, plus you'll have a much better feeling of accomplishment in the end. :D

There new initiative is hot trash. You treat everyone like a criminal. I could be homophobic and racist in get a 14 day ban or tell my teammate they are playing terrible and get a 14 day ban. Those two things are not on the same level.

- Havoc and Chaos
Players who are consistently homophobic or racist receive a permanent suspension rather than a 14 day suspension.
Samung Blue, can you imagine the {{champion:157}} skin that would get made for Dade? DO WANT. They missed worlds last year, but they've looked amazingly strong all year in OGN, I want to see them succeed. Though I'd be happy to see their Sister team White win as well, I've been a fan of the Samung teams since back when they MVP still.
My 2nd vote is for Blue :)
OH this is pretty cool. Nice tracking btw and maybe a tad brighter on some of the champions, but pretty cool overall. :D I enjoyed it alot.
I mean, seriously-- They monitor this beta 24/7. That deserves a {{item:3096}} .
Wildfire GoG
I want to have a day of celebration for you guys! We couldn't have come this far without our early adopters. We do what we do, because you do what you do. :)
This sounds good in theory, but honestly I feel like it's really coming down to luck whether or not you get the perfect ascension. I have played many games of ascension, probably close to 30 at this point but I'm not sure because I can't load my history for some reason, gotten close to getting the icon, but then the enemy team manages one lucky khazix jump right at the end when it's 190-120 and we lose it. In contrast, several of my friends have gone in on total randoms and gotten their perfect ascensions in the first 5 wins. Even when you have good communication and a decent team comp, the enemy team just has to get one lucky strike and suddenly several members of your team are no longer interested in the game.
If the fight comes down to a scrap at Xerath, that's already an uncontrolled situation and doesn't really sound like a 'perfect game'. :/ Good teams don't leave it to chance at a Xerath fight. They successfuly shut out the other team with area control / teamwork, and take him only when it's safe. We've even been on the receiving end of this and it's an *extremely *effective strategy. Of course, soloqueue teamwork can be hard to wrangle sometimes, and that's something we'd love to figure out ways to encourage in not just Ascension but all queue types.
EDIT: WOW!! Post of the Day! AGAIN! Thanks Mom and Dad! And Baconhawk of course! ;) A lot of different opinions down below btw. Let's all agree to root for gg and for fun! So, today was the first day of Worlds (YAAAAY!!!) and we got a pretty hip song from Imagine Dragons exclusively for the event (apparently they love League. Awesome right?) Anyway, since it has begun I'd like to throw a question here in the boards: #Who are you rooting for to take home the Summoner's Cup this year? Personally, I'm rooting for TSM! I think this year with Bjergsen and all, they have a way better chance of winning Worlds! But, I'm also rooting for Fnatic since they're european like me. :D So, leave your comments down below and let the community know! ^^
C9, because that would make a killer set of skins! ;)
Hi, I would just like to share my opinion about the perfect ascension. When people have suggested achievements in LoL, the general (and correct) response has always been: "No, in League there is a single goal, and adding any additional goal will corrupt the game at its core." Now, with the new game mode, Riot has done exactly that. They have created a game with a clear goal for every player: Reach 200 points, but in addition to that, they have decided to reward players for doing something else. To get the icon, a team needs to win a game without the enemy ascending a single time. They have created a situation in which people are playing the mode solely for the icon, and since failure is irreversible (once the enemy ascends it's over), there is no point in continuing playing the game, because the icon was the reason the player started the game to begin with. This creates a lot of negativity, since every game there's a clash of A) people trying to win, and B) people trying to get the icon. Once getting the icon is no longer possible, group B) will be in a state of defeat, while A) is still trying to win the game. Something needs to change because honestly, ruining a great game mode by adding some random icon is a damn shame.
We often hear from players that they would like more ways to express their skill level visually; in particular, wishing there was more value tied intrinsically to things like summoner icons. For example, during the Doom Bots of Doom, many players actually expressed disappointment at the Doom Ziggs icon being *too easy* to get, devaluing it, and wishing it would have been locked behind beating the 5-bomb difficulty. The 'Perfect Ascension' icon stems from us wanting to try making a 'challenge mode' icon to reward exceptional play. It had to reflect an actual gameplay achievement. Being a 'challenge', it is of course not compulsory by any means, and if it were too easy, it would have no value right? The icon doesn't require any deviation from regular Ascension play strategy, and happens naturally in the course of playing to win. You just need to win VERY convincingly (IE: play the **perfect** game). The point you make about a possible disconnect between players expectations is true though, and we're taking this on board. Misaligned expecations of a game's win condition are probably creating the clash you describe. So we originally were going to make it an 'opt-in experience' and lock it to premade 5-mans, as not everyone might be equally bought in on trying to get it. This felt too limiting though, and we wanted to give everyone a chance to be rewarded for playing that 'perfect game'. We still expect serious players to gather a group of friends and try for it together though. The temporary nature of Featured Game Modes let's us experiment with new things like this that might not be possible if they were more permanent. We can also learn from these things and let them inform any similar future design features. We'd be remiss not to! ^_^
Due to your reaction: **TEASER ALERT**
...I wasn't kidding, I really don't know. =(
1. Are there any other ideas of new games modes already? 2. Could we get some hints what it possibly will be? :) 3. Why did you decide to knockback all enemies which stand nearby the new Ascendant? 4. Why exactly did you decide {{item:3460}} to be the only way to get onto the battlefields? To avoid extremely fed champions to camp your base? 5. Are you allowed to tell us when the Summoner's Rift VU is probably coming on the live servers? Thank you in advance! :3
1. Yes! 2. Nope! =) In all seriousness, a lot of these ideas are unproven and unbaked - even Ascension went through several iterations before we landed on what we have now. Teasing a mode that we end up not delivering because it wasn't fun isn't great (and I know we've been guilty of this in the past, sorry). But rest assured that we have several ideas in the backlog! 3. The goal of the Ascension buff was to make someone burn bright and fast. Camping the Ascended felt really bad for a team that comes out of a clutch Ascended fight down a champion or two, and making the Ascended more tanky felt directionally off for what we wanted the Ascended to be - a powerful combat participant with a strong but temporal advantage. The knockback gives the Ascended player more strategic options upon appearing, but at the same time doesn't give a free pass to a player that steals it from a team 1v5 - it's quite doable to hang out back and murder the Ascended with great prejudice once he appears when he's in the midst of 5 players. 4. Teleporting in felt like a cool way to get players into the action - we wanted to center the experience around skirmishing and objectives. Retreating and escaping is unbecoming of the Ascended and his followers! Teleporting in allowed us not only to close off this avenue of unhealthy combat-adverse gameplay, but also to get players into the action faster, as well as providing new strategic decisions for engaging in combat. Do I teleport close to the team fight that's happening to try to take down the enemy Ascended, or go to a point further away and try to take a relic while everybody's busy? 5. I don't actually know, sorry. =(
Hi everyone ^o^/ The sands of Shurima have brought with them our latest Featured Game Mode, "Ascension" and the Play team is here again to field any suggestions and questions you guys might have! We take care of all the Featured Game Modes, so feel free to ask us anything about Ascension (or previous Featured Game Modes). Tell us about your own personal strategies in Ascension. What team comps are the strongest? Who is the most OP Ascended? We'll be online from now for 2 hours, from 8AM ~ 10AM PST / 4PM ~ 6PM BST. Come tell us your stories! <3 -L4T3NCY -BuffMePlz -Riot Case -RoboLions EDIT: OK guys, we need to get back to making the next FGM! Thanks to all the EU and NA peeps that stopped by to ask questions. I'm glad we could give you guys some insight into what went into making Ascension! See you in the sandstorm. >o</
Thanks for all the questions folks! See you next game mode!
I just want to say that the combination of new lore, videos, a new champion, a new game mode and web pages to tie it all together was an epic, exciting experience--much more impactful than any one of these things on their own. I would love it if you considered doing something similar again. One of my favorite Ascension tactics was to take Draven with an avarice blade--extra gold baby!
Thanks! We had a blast working with our Events team to try to make it a rich experience. We are certainly hoping we can do more tie-ins in the future.
Wait what!? There's icon's in the shadows? WHA-AT IS GO-OING O-ON?! o.O
Wait what!? There's icon's in the shadows? WHA-AT IS GO-OING O-ON?! o.O
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