Are you aware that Riot Damiya committed suicide?

- Prime Tempest
I was made aware by a friend. Unfortunate that it happened.

Will you be my friend?

- bLues
Be mine? <3

WOAH. HOLD UP. You mean to tell me that the dude who has been OBLIDERATING my red tracker is actually super cutes patootes?

- Cuix
Is OBLIDERATING the right word to use here? I THINK SO!

Dunno who you are mate, but goddayumn. 412 posts in 2 days in your thread. Mad props.

- IonCannonKarthus
There are things that can be taught and learned. This is not one of them.

I don't think anyone has asked this.

How about a selfie : ooooooooo

- ResoluteContrast
Check it out : 23948

I was the first to ask woot. BTW are you the new Shurelia? You know, actually being an active part of the community?

- MÃ*rs
No events have brought me here other than myself. I wanted to hang out in the thread and talk to all of you.

Do you feel that Lissandra should be nerfed or gutted? Choose wisely.

- Samflash3
solidified. Nuff said

do you know how to codify higgs fields?

- LairyRover
I think I would be god if I could.

Who are you going to main in Smash 4?

- Kholdstare13
Kirby 100% without a doubt.....JUST KIDDING, MOTHER ****ING CHARIZARD!

Not bad, don't usually play board games but this actually looks pretty fun.
From what I'm seeing it's kinda like warhammer or x-wing right?
I think I'll mention this to my boss, see if he's interested in contacting them to order some.

Any other notable backed projects?

- NWVWill
I like that one the most. But I have backed some more artsy type playing cards because I doing magic tricks and making them look flashy.

Oh, I got a question:
Do you play disgaea? I love that game and currently that is what I can only play (Disgaea 2 cursed memories on my laptop emulator) as I do not have stable enough internet connection or the luxury to play that much while I am currently looking for housing.

- Degleon
I have not. Is it a must play?

What do you think about Malygos on a Mage deck?
Is it too long to get those double Pyroblasts at the 10th round or is it better to go ham and use Fireballs before round 10?
Also, Leeroy Jenkins on Miracle Rogue still OP after the mana nerf?

- Eskimoƒo
Use the chicken and enrage. Profit?

Damn, 412 posts? That must be a record for number of riot posts in a single thread...

Anyway, what do you think of the new boards?

- Hatch RawerBeryl
They are nice in a new way. I just love standard forums.

In regards to the last part this is how I will avoid them:

I will never talk in your game again . I already hardly play games unless it is with friends on skype (we play frequently in at least duos now so we can be safe in a lane from trolls/feeders/afks).

I hope you are happy that you have crushed someone that you also know - and know in great deal as you mention is very positive and passionate especially in recent months

Thank you for taking away my ranked rewards by putting me on an unfair standard of judgment

I hope you find your work successful and meaningful, you can now effectively say that you have quashed one player that might have been part of your "Good system" before it even took off the ground.

Goodnight, you'll literally never hear from me again, good or bad, you'll only hear of equality, fairness and unity soon enough.

- Raiyn

Hmmm, I suppose there is a silver lining here.

Ranked rewards are not necessarily going to be removed from your account.

That's a punishment reserved for extremely toxic players. So it's possible to receive chat restrictions, or even a temporary suspension and still keep your ranked rewards at the end of the season.

So don't lose all hope just yet.

Imagine you were in my position. He basically just told me that I'm being targetted by his company.

What the heck? DO YOU want to be targetted by a multinational corporation? No I didn't so. I get I should chill out but I'm also freaked out. Why is RIOT MONITORING ME specifically????!

- Raiyn
Hey Raiyn,

It's a bit unfair to say that you're being singled out. There are a lot of players in your situation. Over the past few years we've been tuning our disciplinary systems to look at a variety of behaviors.

Toxicity takes many different forms. Sometimes it's a guy who is blatantly racist or homophobic. Sometime's it is the guy who just decides that he's going to feed mid because he was last pick and everyone wanted him to go support. Often it can be the guy that just bickers, nit picks, yells, and complains throughout the entire match.

Is any one particular type of toxicity worse than the other? It's a good question to think about, but ultimately meaningless. Because when we look at our matches and the impact on our players what we find in common is that these toxic situations are UN-fun.

And that's what happened in your matches. I didn't bring up a bunch of other chat logs, because I already gave you direct evidence. To be honest, I can't flick my fingers and pull up a chat log at will, and while I really like helping players it can take a lot of time to go through a bunch of different logs trying to explain what should be clear: your behavior in games was unacceptable and ruining the fun for everyone else.

I hate when these threads become a "this is why you're a bad person" though. Because you're probably not a bad person. You're a really passionate League of Legends player who really enjoys the game. That's why I try to direct some positive things towards you. I guess my initial post can be confusing, but I simply don't want to pile on you. You're doing some good things; and you're doing some bad things. If you drop the bad things and focus on the good; well... you'll be in good shape moving forward.

Very good shape!

I'd agree with your assessment that there should be more ways to reward positive behavior. It does suck that right now, you only get to hear about the bad things you did. The PB&J team are working on some pretty cool things to highlight the good that players can do, and I hope that when it's released you can be a part of that system. But it's still a ways away until the tribunal nears re-release.

In the meantime we're looking to curb negative behaviors that create unpleasant experiences and drive players away from the game. You definitely are not the only player in this boat, and you won't be the last unfortunately. But hopefully you can take some time to reflect on the negative things that have been said in your matches and determine ways to avoid them in the future.
Hey Raiyn,

I wanted to help clarify your ban for you, as well as what Player Support does. A lot of players get a misconception that a ban is based off of one or two chat logs, but like a lot of our disciplinary processes we're always looking for patterns of behaviors and consistency.

The two chat logs were not sent to you to say this is exactly and specifically why you were banned, but instead to share some of the patterns of behaviors that have been observed.

Personally, I wish we could share more chat logs, and I'm really excited for when Tribunal returns because it will bring back the "reform card" functionality, which will make sharing this information much easier.

As for the patterns observed; unfortunately your chat is consistently negative. And we're not talking a random "why?" or "so bad".

It's more along the lines of finding a player in your match (whether they be trolling, **** talking, or just playing poorly) and just harping on them the entire game.

You're not dropping f bombs and racist terminology left and right, and that's good. But you are dragging the game down for everyone else. Remember there are 5 players per team, and everyone is there to have fun. When you harp on a player over and over again you're not only ruining the game for that person, but also for everyone else who really just wants to play and have fun.

As for why you didn't get a chat restriction? Well to be honest, I took a look at your account and you did receive 30 chat restrictions back in May. Prior to that you've had 4 warnings from the Tribunal, and two 3 Day bans.

Right now our disciplinary status looks at a number of different factors (way beyond the # of reports you've received) and to be fair to you, you're under a bit more scrutiny and behavior is being more closely watched. The system wants to see you change (and looking at your chat logs, I think you're making some good head way but with some more work to do!), but it won't look the other way when you lapse.
I was just going through my fb news feed and I came across this. It looks pretty good since people are dcing on ranked. Riot plz respond to this and make it happen if it is a good idea since a lot of people are dcing on ranked due to the lag.
> He is trolling you, look at the position he works as a software engineer this shows he does work on server stuff more than a gameplay feature, riot have said they are doing something about theAFK problem which will come with SR VU or in Season 5 Oh sorry for the confusion! As stated previously I became a red after spending years in the community. I made the initial post being referenced here in that time :) see: either way, I like to read community opinions. No, I don't work on gameplay or anything, but I still enjoy the conversation (especially since that thread was close to home for me) :)
I think it would be cool for the community to have the opportunity to produce content/argue better with the actual information from worlds. As a sports geek, I think SABR metrics are really cool. Any way to do this with the professional LoL scene would be dope.
You mean like these?

I know I look hostile. I really just want a chatlog of the exact game, and I know which one, got me banned for 2 weeks. I'm not questioning this decision. I'm not even concerned. I'm taking my time to read a full length book during this ban, and practice the piano more.

Can I just please get that chatlog? It shows me my mistakes.

- hex ghost
One example among many was this small snip from 1 game:

[26:44] hex ghost: this isnt fun at all
[26:50] hex ghost: this volibear is a ****ing f*ggot in real life
[26:52] hex ghost: i can tell
[26:56] hex ghost: ****ing b*tch kid
[27:11] hex ghost: its not a failure
[28:03] hex ghost: you guys are also f*ggots
[28:06] hex ghost: you keep taking my jungle
[28:14] hex ghost: you are **** and im never going to play with you again
[28:16] hex ghost: you ****ing ****heads
[28:18] hex ghost: **** you
[28:21] hex ghost: theres nothing special about you
[28:23] hex ghost: you ****ing failures
[28:27] hex ghost: all of you are now **** to me
[28:40] hex ghost: ****heads
[28:44] hex ghost: thanks for playing

I was banned recently for 14 days, in the email I was sent it claims I severely broke the Summoner's Code. I am relatively new to the game, only level 17 or 18. I am very respectful to other players, and try to encourage them, especially if they are noobs like me, I don't intentionally feed, use excessive racial slurs or harsh language (I can sometimes lose my cool, when several people curse at me for no reason, but I usually mute them) I understand that the 14 day ban is a LAST WARNING ban, however I haven't played for several days before getting banned, and I never received any previous warnings. I have only been banned for 1 day before by leave buster, and even then it wasn't my fault, because the game crashed multiple times resulting in me getting banned. Please unban me ASAP.

- Pepperbeast
You were banned for excessive verbal abuse against other new players in Co-op vs AI Easy Mode. For example, one of your recent games looks like this:

[3:57] Pepperbeast: brb
[4:38] Pepperbeast: ban
[7:30] Pepperbeast: ****
[7:38] Pepperbeast: use pings rengar
[7:52] Pepperbeast: i woulda killed if you ping3ed
[7:54] Pepperbeast: pinged*
[8:25] Pepperbeast: ks noob
[8:53] Pepperbeast: rengar you suck lol
[9:50] Pepperbeast: noob rengar
[9:52] Pepperbeast: omg
[9:59] Pepperbeast: wth was that
[15:01] Pepperbeast: rengar you noob
[16:10] Pepperbeast: dont tell me to be careful reng
[17:00] Pepperbeast: ****ING RENGAr
[17:07] Pepperbeast: get your own damn kills you ****ing noob
[17:21] Pepperbeast: im reporting you
[20:40] Pepperbeast: ****I
[22:39] Pepperbeast: KS NOOB
[22:45] Pepperbeast: im reporting you rengar
[26:25] Pepperbeast: what rengar?
[26:31] Pepperbeast: ****'
[26:40] Pepperbeast: dont worry rengar
[26:43] Pepperbeast: your gonna be banned
[27:17] Pepperbeast: lol
[27:19] Pepperbeast: go ahead
[27:22] Pepperbeast: 4 bans vs 1
[27:24] Pepperbeast: lol
[27:29] Pepperbeast: zed will ban so will twisted fate
[27:34] Pepperbeast: and yi
[27:39] Pepperbeast: cus your playing like ****
[27:44] Pepperbeast: feeding turrets...
[28:52] Pepperbeast: ban time


[1:15] Pepperbeast: wth
[1:35] Pepperbeast: wtf
[12:04] Pepperbeast: ****
[12:11] Pepperbeast: azir you noob
[17:27] Pepperbeast: azir
[17:28] Pepperbeast: bad
[17:47] Pepperbeast: yah cus your noob
[23:46] Pepperbeast: ****


[4:28] Pepperbeast: HOLY ****
[4:54] Pepperbeast: so gay
[5:20] Pepperbeast: noob
[9:06] Pepperbeast: gain nub


There's also quite a few examples of excessive abuse and homophobic slurs against teammates in Normal games:

[33:14] Pepperbeast: that ****ing yi
[50:02] Pepperbeast: SO GATY
[56:40] Pepperbeast: rammus just moved
[56:44] Pepperbeast: what a f*g
[56:47] Pepperbeast: im so getting him banned
[58:39] Pepperbeast: ****
[61:22] Pepperbeast: rammus you f*g

Since you have 400 posts in this thread... I cant go through them all, so if this was asked already, I apologize.
What does the fox say?

- F0ND
I am actually surprised, this is the second one. I was expecting more but I am kinda glad that the song blew over as fast as it appeared.


- Degleon
Im a baddie I kinda laughed. But opinions matter! That is my opinion.

A combination of sorcery, magic, and steampunk engineering. I'm red on the boards though!

Haven't you heard? Black is the new Red!

- Riot Frosthaven
I want green pls! RITO PLZ

I like this guy already!

- Riot Frosthaven
Why are you not red?

Not bad, any notable things you've backed that you'd like to share?

- NWVWill
You have released the nerd

@Riot Superfoxman

Can you pls tell Riot Opeli she looks better brunette. Even her dogs knows it but he is too afraid to say anything.

Idk, thats just like, my opinion man

- AeronerII
Valid opinions man. But I still have no idea who she is.

so sad u dont add me on ps4

- CorporalKiller
no one will ever know

why is it always the dumbest posts get the most replies?

- violatedillusion
I try to reply to them all really.

feels like my kickstarter post is somewhere in the giant Dark/Void right now..

but Mister Fox any Kickstarter projects U would give money to if you where rich?

Putting my money on

30$ for Life Magic Goal!!

- Arduno
I think I have put 1k into kickstarter projects so far.

Out of all the people at Riot who has the best moves?

- The Red Warden
That's a good question that I don't have the answer to. But it makes me think.

I know this isn't an AMA but still can you give us any info about the transition of the servers to the middle of the US?

- TML ABro
I don't have any information to give about it since I am not aware what is being done in the department that makes those decisions.

As a Nasus main, I'm proud of you. You had over 300-350 stacks by 15 hours which is simply impeccable stacking. Your Red cane of bug/complaint smiting grows stronger with every stack!

- ChaosEternal
I like the way you think. But do I do tons of damage?
I'm using MAC and my league client sometimes does this wild "(Number) scanning files" that moves at great speeds and can occasionally go up to "3000 scanning files", and when this occurs, it will occur every time I close and reopen it again to attempt avoiding it but it always comes back. I have to uninstall and reinstall my client which is annoying. PLEASE HELP!
Hi Arcancione! Thanks for the report! However, what you are describing to me sounds like the normal behavior of the launcher: Don't cancel that scanning file. That happens when the launcher is trying to ensure your installation / patching is done correctly, when you cancel it, it needs to do all of it again. Be patient and just let it finish and the game will start. If the scanning files gets stuck at a number for a good 10 minutes, then I would be concerned, otherwise what you are describing sounds like normal behavior of the client.
**Mystery Skins**, Y U NO have timer showing next availability, and/or reset at a specific time of the day rather than 24 hours after last skin purchase? I've been around for 3 Mystery Skin sales, and each time I bought all I could each day but because I didn't write down the time and log in for the reset you guys definitely lost at least 50$ from me (and I'm sure many others didn't get the max amount even though they tried).
Valkyrie Witch
that is not a bad idea... I am literally writing this on a sticky note and putting it on my wall.
Let me know what you think of it, I'd love to know what you guys think of a system like this :D
King of Deer
The community already heavily influences a lot of our decisions via forums, surveys and other feedback. A direct vote would dial up the agency even more which is cool. Have there been any particularly glaring instances where people were unhappy with the majority choices? Would love to learn more to understand the implications better.
Why are there only NA eCommerce employees right now? Do you guys review the data from all regions and do adjustments based on the info ( i mean if there is something)? Bad question to ask... So maybe someone for a game on euw? :p
There are regional eCommerce teams as well which own things like local payment methods, promotions, local policies and much more. Since we are all on different time zones and somewhat spread out, this turned out to be a central Q&A. We do look at data from each of the regions. There are many local differences that we wouldn't find or understand if we didn't look at regional data and get context from the teams who relate to these players at a more personal level.
How much does the eConmerce department work with other departments within Riot? I remember reading that, for the most part, you operate pretty separately, but it also seems like the Shurima event took a lot of collaboration with the Lore department and there's clearly a lot of content related to eSports. What's the organization like? And do you like the way it's set up, or do you wish something was different?
Riot is very flat, but there is an order. We are broken into several organizational groupings. Meaning we have many many teams working independently on projects that are important to our over all Riot goals, but also for your organizational goal as well. Events tend to be a time when many teams will rally together to create a much larger experience and any one team can provide. I have been here for >2.5 years now and this style of self originating and bottom up designs mean that the people that are passionate about making awesome happen are the ones doing the work and talking to the other Rioters that they need help to finish. So this means plans and ideas are more socialized rather than dictated to other teams that have required involvement. This makes me feel more involved in the random other projects I get asked to work on because I am invested in them and their project rather than it just being a checkbox list of items to do before the day is over like I have had in the past.
I just purchased RP for a Kha'zix {{champion:121}} skin... but I came up 2 rp short (proof) So I decided to beg like any normal person since I couldn't spent anymore money for literally 2 riot points... ALSO I DREW YOU ART TO HELP PAY FOR MY TWO RIOT POINTS NEEDED {{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}{{champion:121}} SO PLEASE RITO... FIND IT IN YOUR HEART: To give me two riot points pl0x :D.... Quickly before all the downvoters arrive! O_O''
Adorbs.... this, is gooooood....

Just a fox man? Pfffft! @MWAB would beat you in a fight by miles.

- Kholdstare13
@ 1v1 me m8!
Hey there, not quite eCommerce related, but I was wondering how you guys take into account things like ideas people post on Reddit or the forums. I am very intrigued by how open to community ideas you are, so I was wondering how you guys do it. As a side note, would who would win in a fight between a giant crab and a giant mecha crab?
Saint Sloth
If it is a good idea it doesn't matter where it comes from! We take the community perspective very seriously to inform our designs and priorities. How else could we be player focused? There are many different methods teams use to seek out that information. There are the forums and social media but we also send out surveys and bring in players for play tests. It is always insightful and fun to read through the comments players provide with our surveys! That being said, we aren't driven completely by the feedback since it represents only a small segment of the player base. We also use data collection and leverage the expertise on our teams to make decisions. I'm partial to mechs so I'd go with the Giant Mecha Crab! "lasers" {{champion:112}} + {{champion:6}}
I was wondering if you guys have considered or researched merchandise in the form of figures/figurines. There are quite a few champs that would lend themselves well to figure format; the full size statues of Ryze/Annie/Trondmore/Katarina were amazing, but what about smaller scales for domestic collectors?
OMG halp meh plz
I can't speak to future plans for that, but I was at worlds last two years and everyone got a figurine at the exit. I know that is not the answer to your question, I don't know most of that answer; but I suppose you could think of those as research?
I would think ip for borders or things is ok but I would think skins should prob stay money only in my opinion
Custom borders around your champ in the loading screen, right? Interesting idea. I'm stuck in bronze IV so don't know that sweet sweet feeling of having a swanky border. If you have a ranked border...would you ever use something else? What kind of borders would you want to see? {{item:3207}} {{item:3208}}
Do you have any input on the Store UI? For example, when purchasing runes I have to swap from profile to store and back because I cannot see what I already own and I'd like to be able to resume where I was in the store's rune page rather than restarting from the store homepage each time. Another example of poor UI is when browsing the store during que I often find that if a que pops, and not everyone accepts, I'm kicked out of the store and have to take extra time to navigate back to where I already was rather than resuming. Does your team have say in how the UI functions or are you purely in charge of, 'this week x is on sale'?
This is a pretty big problem and probably the most frequent feedback for the store. The communication between the client and the store (they aren't quite the same thing!) is something the Unlock team has been working on to improve. In fact, we're hoping to roll out some features that use this tech in the near future. From a design perspective, we'd like to push as many purchases as possible to be "in context". An example of this is the ability to purchase a champ from your profile. While we <3 the store on the Unlock team we want to make it so you can spend more time to focus on the game. {{item:3157}}
I really like the idea of earning summoner icons through new game modes, like what was done with Ascension, especially the icon for Perfect Ascension. It really brings out a great and fun challenge. Can this be done for all future game mode releases? (Such as the Hexakill game that may be coming out soon) Maybe in the future, is it possible to get a special champion skin through doing challenges/game modes? Basically, a way to get special skins instead of playing ranked games. (Do not have to be Victorious skins, basically, another set of skins... like Event skins) Also, I like the release of skin/champion sale dates monthly. Is it possible to bring that back? Or, what is the thought process of not bringing that back? Thanks!
> I really like the idea of earning summoner icons through new game modes, like what was done with Ascension, especially the icon for Perfect Ascension. It really brings out a great and fun challenge. Can this be done for all future game mode releases? (Such as the Hexakill game that may be coming out soon) > > Maybe in the future, is it possible to get a special champion skin through doing challenges/game modes? Basically, a way to get special skins instead of playing ranked games. (Do not have to be Victorious skins, basically, another set of skins... like Event skins) > Howdy, There are a bunch of technical details that I will not outline here but at the end of the day we have been doing a TON of work to enable other teams to reward players items whatever the team deems an appropriate and fun reward for the event very easily. Shurima was a result of a lot of work that will come back again and again in different forms as the events teams here at Riot think of awesome engaging ways to thank our players for playing. So short answer is, yeah! we will be bring it back. Shurima was just the start. As for content, that is all dependent on the event. This time it was Icons, there is nothing on the tech side that prevents an event team for planning an event that rewards in something else, it just depends on the event.
I'm not sure if this is still running but if so, have any of you guys ever seen the "Power to the Players" system that Jagex uses on their game Runescape? It's a really good system that really does make you feel like your part of the community, along with knowing that your vote does actually count, it might be worth taking a look into as a system like that would work wonders on League, thanks for taking the time to read!{{summoner:10}} p.s. Sorry if i'm not allowed to mention other games :c
King of Deer
I had not heard of this and will check it out now - thanks for the pointer! No harm in mentioning other games and companies - we want to hear the best ideas out there.

Does your anaconda even?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- guiltui
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) don't want none of that unless you got buns hun.

Regarding the east coast/ central server issue / ping times you cant answer maybe pass this thread along to people who can? 23948

P.S You are awesome !

I am not sure who can talk about this, since these are things I am unaware of as to what decisions are being made.
Hey guys! Long time player here, you all have aided in getting me to invest just a few too many dollars since that start of 2011 A few questions, comments and suggestions on my experience over the years regarding things that fall under your department: * **The mystery skins program is brilliant.** The gamble is thrilling and draws people in, promotes gifting, sells merchandise to otherwise uninterested parties who would never purchase the skin, and still feels rewarding, even when you get skins for champions you don't play. * **I think it would be beneficial to update champion tags.** When I say tags, I mean how champions are tagged as "Support" and such. This does extend to searching in champion select as well; but as far as marketing goes, when somebody is looking for a new champion to buy, pointing them toward champions for the role they are looking for is useful. *(Personally, I think the system as a whole should be updated. If I were to create a new system right now, I would use a 2 tag system: Primary roles/lanes would be the first, and would label someone as a Jungler/Top, or as Mid/Support, or as Bottom Lane Marksman, ect. The second would list strengths of the champion; for example. Ziggs can be tagged as having/being Safe. Pusher, and Harass. I would like to consider letting players vote on tags, as well, to keep up with the meta, but that has its own issues* * **Whats the possibility/likelyhood of seeing more types of goods to purchase? Or something else to dump IP on?** As you can probably tell by my account name, I have much IP to spare; and I'll always find an excuse to purchase more RP. * **So if you handle icon rewards, what kind of decision power do you have on rewarded events?** I'd really like to see more LoL events like the Ionia, Frejlord, and recent Shurima events, of course; but I'd like to see more cool stuff for both lore and Riot interaction in general. Everything from Riot vs Community games/Arams/tourneys for glory or icons, to permanently instated events/icon rewards **(Basically achievements of a sort)** for things like gifting, level milestones, owning every champion, X number of normal wins in a game mode, playing every mode X times, owning all the skins for a champion or a skin set (Commandos, for example), and so on. I just feel there is more that can be done with this without ruining the experience for people * **This suggestion is a stretch; but I think it may be needed. Is there a possibility of awarding a free runepage and X amount of IP for reaching level 30?** This is mostly for ranked play; I don't feel like 2 rune pages and a tiny champion pool are often enough to jump right into ranked play; and this can benefit people who will play with both newly 30 players and smurfs alike; it may help reduce the number of people who run into ranked at level 30, and can only play 1 role and 2 champions reliably * **Runes suck.** I have 3-4 digits spent on this game, and thousands of games over 3-4 years; I still don't have a 'complete' (IE, Useful) set of runes with runepages. On top of that, there are plenty of runes that are noobait (Gold quints...), runes that are basically still mandatory (HP instead of armor, now), runes that are either broken/mandatory or useless (% HP runes on heavy HP tank jungles), and general inconsistency in pricing while still managing to cost a small fortune. **Runes are probably my last major gripe with the design of this game, outside of the gameplay.** I like the general business model, I'm happy with progress made in graphics, Im happy with the direct of the client changes and upgrades, I like the store, I like the skins and release schedules; but I hate runes. It has so much potential as a way to "Customize" your gameplay, but ends up being ruined from imbalances and cost of the systme as a whole **Are you guys looking into this at all?** > * **New Irelia and Thresh skins pls kthx** That's it; apologies for the word wall and thanks for doing this AMA!
A lot of great comments/questions here - your thinking is pretty aligned with ours and I think you'll be happy about changes you see in the next year.
Just remember that there's another human behind that computer screen, and no one deserves to be treated like that. +1
^ Nicely said.
Hey team! I'm actually sitting in an Electronic Commerce class as we speak, in a law school that will remain nameless. I only mention that to point out that my questions may be a little bit more big picture than some (and to remind myself not to get too long-winded as I should probably pay attention!) Going forward, how is your team's goals going to change, as the player base is slower to grow with new players? My reasoning behind this question is that, as more and more players hit level 30, unlock all champions, and unlock a good amount of runes, your possible commercial engagement with them has shrunk, as they are no longer able, let alone willing, to spend RP on champions or XP boosts, and may be less inclined to buy IP boosts. Of course this question is based on an assumption, so it's TOTALLY FINE for your answer to be "your assumption is wrong!" But going forward, what's your engagement for "capped out" players? What's your thought on other models in the field that seem to be more geared towards going after whales, while still offering more traditional microtransactions? For instance, when SMITE was in its infancy, they offered all at the time current and future champions for a one-time price of $30. At the time, SMITE's legitimacy was unknown so it was a bit of a gamble, but now that the game is on fairly steady footing, it turned out to be a fantastic value. You've sort of moved into this with things like skin bundles, but I guess the difference there is that the bundles are a known quantity, whereas SMITE's deal was very much unknown. Have you ever thought about doing something like, for instance, a $50 "2015 subscription", which would unlock every champion, champion release skin, and maybe additional released skins, sight unseen? (EDIT: Realized I didn't explicitly point out that I meant every champion, champion release skin, and additional skins released in the 2015 calendar year, though maybe "Season 5" subscription would be more thematic.) I may have more questions later, but for now, back to class. Thanks again for taking the time! EDIT2: If it's not too forward to ask, I'm actually writing an essay for this class, and the answer to these questions would be tangentially related to my subject, so if you don't want to answer here, or would be willing for a longer form answer via email on your team's bigger picture things in general, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @TBH_Beta.
Great question about the changing player base. You'll likely see us invest more time into new types of content and features that will appeal to veteran players. Ideally there will be options for both RP and IP. We've considered subscriptions but things change so quickly in LoL that we'd want something that we're sure would be good for both players and Riot over time. Good luck with your essay!
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