Anyways, a curiosity, what do you do as QA Analyst?

- Steelflame
I work on the Release QA team. For what we are concerned about in this thread, we coordinate the hotfix testing and smoke tests the servers when we deploy new content to you guys.

Whats the latest update on the fixing process?

- dwadwfr
We reviewed the test results, and things looks promising. We are in the process of rolling out the fix throughout the day to every Riot region and enabling him where and when appropriate. (Assuming nothing else goes wrong, and everything does smoothly)

Edit: Clarity
Long story short: 1) I love League 2) I have free access to a collegiate foundry and as much Gray Iron as I can use 3) My Metal Castings class required a metal cast of whatever I wanted as a grade End of story: I have pictures and can explain the process I did if it's wanted. Note that I am not an artist at all so while it's not amazing I'm still damn proud of it XD (also, before you ask I had to cut the handle short to have it fit the mold dimensions)
Sir ArmaMalum
This is pretty freaking cool!! Congrats Summoner. Did you already get your A, or what? I can fully relate to those feels, bro. Labors of love like this are the best. I am preparing my first and second cosplays right now (Chell from Portal and Spell Thief Lux) and I know they won't be perfect, but I am so proud of the progress with each new touch I add. Keep it up! xoxo, Riot Girl <3
> All the Azir-Sivir material is awesome, I love it. > They don't live in the institute of war 24/7 and this story is showing that great stuff can still happen. Do I say thanks or congrats? I don't know but well done guys, you did **something** right > > I'll edit this right away, I meant great things can be done with this lore/old lore I think it is funny that Jaredan missed the emphasized part of your post. It is easy for him/her to come here and cherry-pick the easy pro-riot statements, instead of diving into the vast waters of how much people hate this change in lore. Just saying though, it may seem like a good idea to Riot to put their head in the sand but this does nothing to build trust in their lore direction. If they want us to trust them, they should actually consider **NOT** going through with the proposed changes of divorcing the world from the game. But again, Riot won't address any of these concerns, they'll shrug them off and focus on "positive" statements like these. Even though the OP's point was that this was the first thing they've done right recently.
I didn't as much miss it as want to speak to moving forward. We know there are concerns and consternation, a few of us have expressed how we need to improve greatly on communication, execution and cadence when it comes to pure storytelling. We've made the changes to our approach to story because we genuinely believe it will allow us to do more and do better. I understand that you disagree, and it's our responsibility and privilege to produce content that can give you and our other players things to get excited about. The proof will be in the pudding, and I don't want to keep saying "trust us" as an answer. The answer will be in the story. It's down to us to work hard at earning trust, rather than asking for it, particularly when we might disagree on some things.
Howdy, Thanks for your interest in starting and growing a League of Legends community at your school! We’ve put together a brief FAQ to help answer any questions you may have about the benefits of registering a community, the registration process, as well as several other popular questions. If you’d like to jump right into the registration process, head over [here]( **I want to start a club or get support for my existing club. How do I register my club?** You can register your club [here](! The registration process just three simple steps, so make sure you have the following info ready: 1. Basic info about your university, club (if it already exists), and the five officers you’ll be registering 2. A club charter that maps out your club’s basic bylaws, mission statement, and officer duties as well as election/removal procedures 3. Approval from a member of your school’s faculty. Your club’s faculty advisor should be able to help you navigate any roadblocks that arise with your school or administration **Do I have to have an already-established club to register?** No, you don’t! Registering your club is a great way to set the foundation and start growing a community at your school! **What’s included in the Starter Kit?** The Starter Kit is split into two parts: *Giveaway Kits - Expected to arrive 3-4 weeks after successful registration (preview attached below)* * 100 Lanyards * 50 Wristbands *Organizer Kits - Will start shipping in early November* * 5 t-shirts * 1 flag **What perks does my club get if we register?** When you successfully register your club, you get these perks: * A Starter Kit to kick off your first couple of events and help brand your club (preview attached below) * A platform to share your ideas and connect with hundreds of Collegiate League of Legends organizers across North America * An invitation to apply for the 2015 Collegiate Summit, which brings together the top collegiate organizations to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced across North America **I registered my club last year. Do I have to register every year?** We start off every academic year with a blank slate. That means we need you to register your officers, send in your charter, and get approval from your faculty advisor even if it’s the same as last year. If none of this info has changed, registration should be a breeze! As an added benefit, your club gets a Starter Kit to start the year off right. **How can I figure out if my school already has a club?** We’re in the process of developing an easier way for students to find out if a League club already exists at their school. Stay tuned! **I’m not a full-time student at a university. Can I start a club?** Yes, you can, but you need to be registered with your university and currently attending classes. **Can high school students register their clubs?** Right now registration is just for college communities and we’re not supporting high school clubs in the same way. If your high school club is interested in running a tournament, you can apply for prizes here: **My school is located in a country outside the US and Canada. Can I register my club?** If you’re from a country outside of the NA Region, email and we’ll do our best to get you in touch with someone from your region. Just make sure you know that each region runs their collegiate program a little differently. **I have questions that weren’t answered in this FAQ. What do I do now?** Send an email over to Our Collegiate Support Team will help you out!

Thank you

Good customer service and nice for responding to the community.

- Legendary2K12

Is it the maintanance to fix Azir?

- Rykaal
Nope, this is a network maintenance.
I did this and currently have a ticket open and am "talking" to someone (although Ms. Noodle has yet to respond since 5 am). how will sending u this information fix anything? also, is it the same problem that your company posted about 26 days ago in the "Regarding Recent Instability on North America" post?
The logs that I mentioned in my first post do not actually "fix" anything as they are not intended to by a type of troubleshooting step. It gives us an in-depth look into the health of your local network (or network path) and will let us know what troubleshooting steps you should take in hopes of resolving the issue. And to answer your second question, this problem does not seem to be at all related to the "Regarding Recent Instability on North America" post. That is why completing all of the steps in the Knowledge Base Article are incredibly important!
Process Info. I tried to do the network diagnostic which required java and for you to go to that site. For some reason I couldn't click start and java was enabled because other things where clickable. Kinda weird.
We would rather not have you post Network Logs on the Boards anyway, as it has sensitive Network Information (such as IP addresses). Make sure to provide the ticket # from the request you wrote in so I can better look at what occurred during the ticket and see what information you provided there (that is also private!).

Wow, thanks for all the replies guys! And a red! :D

I am a beginner at programming so I'm not exactly sure how to program how to exit . My professor gave us a basic code to take 3 tests (no more) and asked us to improve the output that the user gets (those error messages) and to include asking for the students' names. At the end of the program it would display student's full name, each test score, overall points, average, and letter grade. Then the program would ask if there was another student wanting to use the program and if not then it would exit. I haven't learned much yet but I'm getting there. :)

- Mengh
That's cool. :) Good luck! The program will exit once it gets to the end of Main, so breaking out of your loop early would be one way to consider allowing the user to exit at will. So if you can come up with a way to get out of the loop early, you could do it that way! If your task is to improve the output the user gets, you might want to think of ways to improve your error messaging further. It certainly works now, but I think it could be a lot more informative with just a little bit of extra work, don't you?

Man... logic is not your strong point.
I guess I need to spell this out for you. Lots of people play basketball. Few are professionals. As a result, when you're just playing a street game or a pick up game at the rec, you aren't held to NBA standards. However, the NBA, its players, and ITS EMPLOYEES are held to a high standard, because they get paid to be a part of the sport on a professional level. Lyte is getting paid. He's part of the professional organization. Therefore, just like any NBA exec, he's open to criticism and demands to be fired.

- Protects My Neck
I've made my fair share of mistakes, and it's definitely in the player's right to demand more results, or better results. However, let's try to keep the discussion on constructive topics instead of personal attacks.

I noticed that your account was permanently banned--is part of the problem you don't believe the ban was warranted, or that we're not doing enough to players who are exhibiting negative behaviors? The systems in place are currently community-driven, but are still conservative. We're taking baby steps with the systems to ensure that the accuracy rates are high, and we have as few false positives as possible. You can ignore the numbers, but it's true that we see about 75% of players "reform" and do not get a 2nd punishment. In fact, less than 10% of players that are banned write a complaint because they immediately know what behaviors led to the ban.

We're also expanding systems to target Leavers/AFKs more aggressively, and gameplay toxicity more aggressively. What else is a major problem that players are concerned about? Let's see what we can do.
An escape option would be good too. So if a user types in exit or something, they can break out of the whole thing and not stuck getting the "please input a valid number" thing. Right now your user has no way to get out except for closing the app and relaunching it. What if they made a typo inputting the first number? An elegant way to start over could be nice... if you do what Innue said you could just reset the count and sum total and have a way for someone to easily start over without relaunching the app.

This is all fluff of course but it's never a bad idea to think about various use cases. :)
I honestly feel like the story is a bit cliched, tbh. And there are a lot of things about it that don't make sense, though perhaps that's because we don't have the full picture yet. - Where's Nasus? Did he just up and leave the tomb after it was sealed? Does he have no idea that Renekton and Xerath are now free? - Why did Renekton go insane, but Xerath didn't? Seemed to me like they'd kick the shit out of each other while sealed in the tomb - Cassiopeia is a diplomat and a deceiver, not an assassin. Du Couteau the Eldest might have stuck Sivir with a sword, but it makes no sense that Cass would have tried - Azir randomly ascends because he saves his great-great-great granddaughter. Just why. -Because Azir ascends, the entirety of Shurima comes back to life. Again, why. - Sivir is now a Disney princess. Next video will probably have her singing a musical number about how she wants more from life. I'm hoping things get better as the Riot lore team adjusts to their new environment, but right now everything smacks of being thrown together a bit sloppily.
* Nasus was consumed by grief at the apparent loss of his brother. It's been an extremely long time since that happened and Shurima's return, so Nasus has been elsewhere. One could believe that Nasus might see Shurima as the tombstone for everything he had fought for, both before and after his own Ascension. * Renekton went insane as he had Xerath getting into his head for a very long time. I wouldn't recommend it, it makes you twitch after a while. * Indeed Cassiopeia is a master of using deception and manipulation rather than the blade, but she's also the daughter of one of the most formidable martial experts in Noxus — and the rest of her family isn't too shabby either. Cass knows how to handle a blade, she was just having to use alternative methods due to being on unfamiliar territory. She stepped out of her comfort zone for the good of the Du Couteaus and Noxus (though primarily herself, of course) and thought she'd pulled it off to perfection. There were just a few aspects of Shurima that even her considerable charms had been unable to uncover beforehand. A little knowledge is an extremely dangerous thing. * Azir saves his descendant within the waters that mark the birthplace of Shurima's capital, a city that once ensured life and prosperity for countless thousands in one of Runeterra's most inhospitable places. I can't be too specific due to spoilers, but Shurima is far more than a great place to vacation (insert beach front property gag here), and it takes more than great aqueducts to make a civilization like that possible. Shurima's rebirth, Azir's Ascension and Sivir's return from the severely iron-deficient are all part of one truth. * Sivir's got a bloody awful singing voice. It's quite shocking really. She sounds like a cat in a gravel mixer. Her next song would probably have something to do with what she'll do to Cass when she catches up with her.
I respect the team that is trying to clean up the mess that has been made. Only thing you guys can do is keep producing content instead of just letting everything drop again. I'm cheering for yall and hoping.
That's what our focus is: producing content and leveling it up. We've got a lot to do, but we believe we're heading in the right direction to expand upon a world rich with story possibilities. Cheers.

Last month I was banned for two weeks for my poor behavior in solo queue. I crossed the line many times during that phase and I likely upset many people, but I did my time. After my two week ban, I came back to the game with a fresh outlook. I seriously toned down my chatting and never let my emotions get the best of me to the point where I would AFK or feed intentionally.

I woke up this morning to find this lovely email:

I would just respectfully ask Lyte to post the chat logs that have led to my ban this time around. I do not believe I have behaved in a way that has warranted another two week ban, but if I did I would like some information regarding what I'm doing wrong and how I can fix it.

Have I been an A+ star student? Of course not. I can count two or three times where I have lost composure in a game and probably interjected some keyboard spam out of rage, but I have NEVER personally attacked ANY PERSON. I have never even called someone DUMB. I never use sexist, homophobic, or racist comments.

Could you please post my logs and point me in the right direction?

- CashingStacks
Hey CashingStacks,

It doesn't look like the ban was double jeopardy. Although you've been working on your in-game behavior, it's still quite negative and worthy of a punishment but it's not because of excessive abuse or racial/homophobic/sexual slurs. It looks like you were banned due to excessive spamming of negative comments in a large number of games. For example, here are a few chat logs where you do attack someone directly and are repeatedly spamming the game:

[4:07] CashingStacks: TEEMO COME
[4:11] CashingStacks: I will afk rigth now
[4:21] CashingStacks: I'm done
[4:32] CashingStacks: So I'm done
[4:38] CashingStacks: YOU IDIOT
[7:08] CashingStacks [ALL]: Kid
[7:49] CashingStacks [ALL]: TEEMO
[7:50] CashingStacks [ALL]: WTDF
[7:50] CashingStacks: jkkf
[7:51] CashingStacks: asdfj
[7:52] CashingStacks: [
[7:53] CashingStacks: GYS
[7:54] CashingStacks: GUYS
[7:55] CashingStacks: TEEMO
[7:58] CashingStacks: IS LOSING THE GAME
[8:00] CashingStacks: FOR US
[8:02] CashingStacks: WTF DUDE
[8:04] CashingStacks: SHES IN OUR JUNG
[8:08] CashingStacks: AND YOU WONT COME
[8:10] CashingStacks: ?????
[8:14] CashingStacks [ALL]: Yep
[8:17] CashingStacks [ALL]: I might just afk
[8:26] CashingStacks: DO WHAT?
[8:34] CashingStacks: HOW?
[8:35] CashingStacks: TEEMO WONT HELP ME
[8:38] CashingStacks: I CANT DO ANYTHIGN DUDE
[8:40] CashingStacks: I CANT EVEN GET
[8:42] CashingStacks: MY OWN RED BUFF
[8:46] CashingStacks: RIVEN WALKS IN AND KILLS ME
[8:49] CashingStacks: WTFR???
[8:51] CashingStacks: ??????
[8:54] CashingStacks: YES I NEED TO RELY ON HIM
[9:04] CashingStacks: IM BEHIND
[9:08] CashingStacks: AND HE WONT HELP
[9:10] CashingStacks: For?
[9:19] CashingStacks: IM NOT IFHGITNG HER
[9:22] CashingStacks: IM GETING MY BUFFS
[9:25] CashingStacks: SHE ATTACKED ME
[9:26] CashingStacks: IN OUR JUNGLE
[9:29] CashingStacks: I TRIED TO RUN AWAY
[9:31] CashingStacks: I DIDNT FIGHT HER
[9:50] CashingStacks: It's fine
[9:52] CashingStacks: It's your fault


[31:53] CashingStacks: FFS
[31:54] CashingStacks: I TOLD YOU GUYS
[31:55] CashingStacks: DONT FIGHT
[31:57] CashingStacks: ****
[31:59] CashingStacks: WILL YOU JUST LISTEN
[32:05] CashingStacks: WHY DID YOU RUN AT THEM
[35:42] CashingStacks: WHAT ARE YOU DOPING
[35:43] CashingStacks: OH MY GOD
[35:47] CashingStacks: WHAT THE ****
[35:48] CashingStacks: SEIROUSLY
[35:55] CashingStacks: WTF
[35:58] CashingStacks: Is this bronze???


[34:11] CashingStacks: WHY DONT YOU GUYS LISTEN
[34:14] CashingStacks: ****


[35:54] CashingStacks: GO
[36:00] CashingStacks: WTF GUYS
[36:03] CashingStacks: WE DONT NEED DRAOGN
[36:27] CashingStacks: LEAVER IT
[36:29] CashingStacks: JUST GO MID
[36:29] CashingStacks: MID
[36:30] CashingStacks: MID
[36:30] CashingStacks: MID
[36:31] CashingStacks: MID
[36:31] CashingStacks: MID
[36:34] CashingStacks: GO
[36:44] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[36:44] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[36:47] CashingStacks: im done
[36:50] CashingStacks: im 5 sedonds
[36:52] CashingStacks: from being done
[37:07] CashingStacks: I'm 5 seconds
[37:08] CashingStacks: from being doen
[37:09] CashingStacks: ko[p
[37:09] CashingStacks: f
[37:10] CashingStacks: \wetropjasdiofasd"fasdjijkilo]p
[37:10] CashingStacks: [
[37:11] CashingStacks: sdef
[37:13] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:14] CashingStacks: VAY E
[37:15] CashingStacks: zVAYBn
[37:17] CashingStacks: \
[37:28] CashingStacks: vayne JUST THRW ETHE GAME
[37:29] CashingStacks: VATYNE
[37:30] CashingStacks: VTYANE]
[37:34] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:37] CashingStacks: WILL YKOU ****ING LISTEN
[37:38] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:57] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:58] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:58] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:59] CashingStacks: WTF
[38:01] CashingStacks [ALL]: Report vayne
[38:03] CashingStacks [ALL]: Itentional trolling
[38:13] CashingStacks: GROUP MID GUYS
[38:15] CashingStacks: WE CAN STILL WIN
[38:16] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[38:17] CashingStacks: ****ING RGROUP
[38:26] CashingStacks: Vayne wtf?
[38:33] CashingStacks: WTF YOU MEAN TOXICV
[38:35] CashingStacks: YOU WONT COMMUNICATE
[38:36] CashingStacks: AND YOU ARE AFKING
[38:46] CashingStacks: EVEYRONE MID
[38:47] CashingStacks: STOP GOING BOT
[38:48] CashingStacks: STOP
[38:48] CashingStacks: STOp
[38:49] CashingStacks: STOP
[38:51] CashingStacks: JUST GO MIOD
[38:51] CashingStacks: AND FISH
[38:53] CashingStacks: FINISH
[38:54] CashingStacks: FINISH MID
[39:02] CashingStacks: RENEKTON
[39:02] CashingStacks: MID
[39:03] CashingStacks: MID
[39:03] CashingStacks: MID
[39:04] CashingStacks: MID
[39:04] CashingStacks: MID
[39:05] CashingStacks: MID
[39:05] CashingStacks: MID
[39:16] CashingStacks: RENEKTOn
[39:16] CashingStacks: COME MID
[39:35] CashingStacks: DONT GO BOT
[39:36] CashingStacks: GO MID
[39:38] CashingStacks: NO TURRET MID
[39:39] CashingStacks: GET INHIB
[39:46] CashingStacks: GET INHIB MID
[40:12] CashingStacks: END
[40:16] CashingStacks: FOR ****S SAKE
[40:35] CashingStacks: juist back
[40:38] CashingStacks: god this is so ****ing hard
[40:39] CashingStacks: for you guys
[40:41] CashingStacks: to just do that
[40:42] CashingStacks: GROUP MID
[40:43] CashingStacks: STOP GOING BOT
[40:45] CashingStacks: WE DONT NEED BOT
[40:49] CashingStacks: If we didn't atke all the poke bot
[40:50] CashingStacks: We would of won
[40:53] CashingStacks: And ended
[40:56] CashingStacks: JUST GO MID
[41:08] CashingStacks: MID GUYS
[41:16] CashingStacks: ALL MID
[41:26] CashingStacks: I KNOW
[41:28] CashingStacks: END THE GAME
[41:29] CashingStacks: MID
[41:29] CashingStacks: NO
[41:30] CashingStacks: NO
[41:30] CashingStacks: NO
[41:31] CashingStacks: NO
[41:31] CashingStacks: No
[41:32] CashingStacks: NO
[41:35] CashingStacks: I'm leaving the game in 5 minutes
[41:37] CashingStacks: if we don't end
[41:40] CashingStacks: No lie
[41:41] CashingStacks: Try me
[41:55] CashingStacks: IF WE FIGHT MID
[41:58] CashingStacks: WE END THE GAMER
[42:01] CashingStacks: DONT
[42:01] CashingStacks: VAYEN
[42:15] CashingStacks: jim done
[42:16] CashingStacks: im done
[42:19] CashingStacks: good luck guys
[42:20] CashingStacks: im done
[42:24] CashingStacks: im done
[42:27] CashingStacks: if vayne isn't mid
[42:28] CashingStacks: in 1 minuyte
[42:29] CashingStacks: im done
[42:31] CashingStacks: permanenlt
[42:34] CashingStacks: I have groceries
[42:35] CashingStacks: To go put up
[42:37] CashingStacks: 1 minute
[42:38] CashingStacks: you have
[42:49] CashingStacks: the game is WAY too long
[42:54] CashingStacks: Im' doen.
[42:55] CashingStacks: I'm done.
[42:56] CashingStacks: I'm done.
[42:57] CashingStacks: UNtil vayne is mid
[42:58] CashingStacks: I'm done
[42:59] CashingStacks: I didn't go afk
[43:00] CashingStacks: I had to bakc
[43:02] CashingStacks: I got low
[43:03] CashingStacks: From shrooms
[43:08] CashingStacks: Not until vayne
[43:10] CashingStacks: Groups mid
[43:11] CashingStacks: When the whoel team
[43:12] CashingStacks: Is alive
[43:20] CashingStacks: NO
[43:21] CashingStacks: WE CAN WIN
[43:23] CashingStacks: TRUST ME
[43:35] CashingStacks: YES WE CAN
[43:41] CashingStacks: YES WE CAN
[43:42] CashingStacks: WE CAN EACE
[43:43] CashingStacks: EASY
[43:46] CashingStacks: I CAN 1 SHOT
[43:47] CashingStacks: LUCIAN
[43:54] CashingStacks: ONLY WAY WE LSOE
[43:57] CashingStacks: IS IF WE FIGHT
[43:58] CashingStacks: UNDER TURRET
[44:01] CashingStacks: DONT GO BOT
[44:33] CashingStacks: see?
[44:34] CashingStacks: We just get poked
[44:40] CashingStacks: see?
[44:42] CashingStacks: GO
[44:43] CashingStacks: MID
[44:45] CashingStacks: FIGHT AT INHIIBV
[44:48] CashingStacks: XXERATRH
[44:49] CashingStacks: NO
[44:49] CashingStacks: NO
[44:50] CashingStacks: N
[45:02] CashingStacks: XERATH
[45:03] CashingStacks: MID
[45:04] CashingStacks [ALL]: MID
[45:06] CashingStacks: MID
[45:15] CashingStacks: FFS
[45:16] CashingStacks: FFSF
[45:17] CashingStacks: MID
[45:17] CashingStacks: MID
[45:18] CashingStacks: MID
[45:18] CashingStacks: MID
[45:19] CashingStacks: MID
[45:19] CashingStacks: MID
[45:19] CashingStacks: o[
[45:29] CashingStacks: ZXERAHT
[45:30] CashingStacks: XESRjsdfioanmj
[45:32] CashingStacks: XERATH
[45:33] CashingStacks: ZXETRATH
[45:33] CashingStacks: XIHJOfasweiojcvasdf'
[45:34] CashingStacks: [sdfajifasdk[p
[45:35] CashingStacks: '
[45:36] CashingStacks:[
[45:37] CashingStacks: fdskaopfdkasldf{
[45:47] CashingStacks: XERATH
[45:49] CashingStacks: XERATH
[45:50] CashingStacks: XE=asderijfosd
[45:51] CashingStacks: dfshiafkd[
[45:51] CashingStacks: a[fjipasdfsdaf
[45:51] CashingStacks: aFMKL:
[45:59] CashingStacks: IF YOU WOULD OF GROUPED MID
[46:01] CashingStacks: WE WOULD OF WON THE GAME
[46:03] CashingStacks: WILL YOU GUYS
[46:04] CashingStacks: JUST
[46:06] CashingStacks: GROUP
[46:07] CashingStacks: MID
[46:07] CashingStacks: AS
[46:08] CashingStacks: 5
[46:09] CashingStacks: GROUP
[46:10] CashingStacks: Mid
[46:10] CashingStacks: as
[46:11] CashingStacks: 5
[46:12] CashingStacks: GROUP
[46:12] CashingStacks: MID
[46:13] CashingStacks: as
[46:14] CashingStacks: 5
[46:15] CashingStacks: Group
[46:15] CashingStacks: mid
[46:16] CashingStacks: as
[46:16] CashingStacks: 5
[46:17] CashingStacks: group
[46:18] CashingStacks: mid
[46:19] CashingStacks: as
[46:19] CashingStacks: 5
[46:20] CashingStacks: grou
[46:21] CashingStacks: mid
[46:21] CashingStacks: as
[46:22] CashingStacks: 5
[46:24] CashingStacks: JUST DO IT
[46:25] CashingStacks: ONE TIME
[46:25] CashingStacks: ONE TIME
[46:26] CashingStacks: ONE TIME
[46:27] CashingStacks: MID
[46:28] CashingStacks: AS
[46:29] CashingStacks: 5
[46:30] CashingStacks: MID
[46:30] CashingStacks: A
[46:31] CashingStacks: 56
[46:35] CashingStacks: IONE TIME
[46:46] CashingStacks: Listen now
[46:47] CashingStacks: I'm afk
[46:51] CashingStacks: If you aren't all mid
[46:54] CashingStacks: in the nex tminute
[46:56] CashingStacks: I swear to ****ing god
[46:57] CashingStacks: I will afk
[46:58] CashingStacks: Right now
[46:59] CashingStacks: 5 seconds
[47:03] CashingStacks: I swear
[47:04] CashingStacks: to
[47:05] CashingStacks: god
[47:07] CashingStacks: I have to leavce
[47:10] CashingStacks: You guys are dragging the game on
[47:13] CashingStacks: I am leaving in 5 seconds
[47:38] CashingStacks: END
[47:39] CashingStacks: THE
[47:39] CashingStacks: GAME
[47:48] CashingStacks: VAYEN
[47:49] CashingStacks: MID
[48:08] CashingStacks: I DONT CRE
[48:11] CashingStacks: I JUST WNAT TO END THE GAME
[48:15] CashingStacks: I HAVE TO ELAVE
[48:24] CashingStacks: WAIT FOR RENEK
[48:29] CashingStacks: I GUESS
[48:39] CashingStacks: I'm leaving in 4 minutes
[48:42] CashingStacks: no matter what happens
[48:44] CashingStacks: so good luck guys
[48:47] CashingStacks: Listen to me or not
[48:50] CashingStacks: I recommend
[48:51] CashingStacks: You group mid
[49:19] CashingStacks [ALL]: END
[49:20] CashingStacks: END
[49:26] CashingStacks: RENE<
[49:28] CashingStacks: STAY
[49:30] CashingStacks: STAY
[49:38] CashingStacks: TELEPORT
[50:04] CashingStacks: yep
[50:05] CashingStacks: we can't win
[50:07] CashingStacks: you won't listen
[50:08] CashingStacks: nobody will
[50:11] CashingStacks: if you guys would group mid
[50:13] CashingStacks: this game would be over
[50:13] CashingStacks: so fast
[50:14] CashingStacks: I'm afk now
[50:16] CashingStacks: good luck guys
[50:31] CashingStacks: yep
[50:32] CashingStacks: gg
[50:33] CashingStacks: I'mk done
[50:53] CashingStacks: god this is so ****ing sick
[50:57] CashingStacks: so ****ing sick
[51:14] CashingStacks: I'm so sick right now
[51:15] CashingStacks: For some reason
[51:17] CashingStacks: All of you guys on this team
[51:19] CashingStacks: Decided to listen to vayne
[51:21] CashingStacks: Instea dof me
[51:25] CashingStacks: You guys just saw
[51:28] CashingStacks: How we could of ended
[51:29] CashingStacks: If you all
[51:31] CashingStacks: marched down mid
[51:33] CashingStacks: EVERYBODY
[51:34] CashingStacks: GROUP
[51:34] CashingStacks: MID
[51:38] CashingStacks: This is the last time
[51:40] CashingStacks: I swear to ****ing god
[51:42] CashingStacks: I'm about to blow up
[51:49] CashingStacks: group mid
[51:50] CashingStacks: or i'm done
[52:05] CashingStacks: I give no ****s
[52:06] CashingStacks: About LP
[52:08] CashingStacks: I give no ****s
[52:10] CashingStacks: I will lose this game
[52:13] CashingStacks: Just out of purpose
[52:17] CashingStacks: no
[52:35] CashingStacks: JUST
[52:36] CashingStacks: GROUP
[52:37] CashingStacks: MID
[52:39] CashingStacks: IM SO ****ING SICK OF TYPING
[52:42] CashingStacks: IF YOU GUYS WOULD JUST LISTEN
[52:43] CashingStacks: 1 ITME
[52:46] CashingStacks: We woiuld of ended
[52:47] CashingStacks: 30 minutes ago
[52:51] CashingStacks: ALL MID
[52:52] CashingStacks: RUSH MID
[52:55] CashingStacks: I DONT CRA BOUT iT
[53:01] CashingStacks: NO ITS NOT
[53:03] CashingStacks: RUSH MID
[53:04] CashingStacks: RUSH MID
[53:06] CashingStacks: OMFG
[53:07] CashingStacks: XERAHT
[53:08] CashingStacks: fs
[53:10] CashingStacks: Good job
[53:13] CashingStacks: Good job exerath
[53:13] CashingStacks: Ic
[53:17] CashingStacks: I can't carry this ****
[53:18] CashingStacks: WTF
[53:20] CashingStacks: XERATH??
[53:21] CashingStacks: HELLO??
[53:23] CashingStacks: GUYS???
[53:38] CashingStacks [ALL]: XERATH
It get's a lot of people confused, but as far as i understoof it, the Shurima desert is actually bigger than the empire of the sands itself. Icathia lies to the far east. It is still inside the desert, but as servants of the void they were definitely outside of Azir's domain. That's why Malzahar and Kassadin are not involved in the evetnt like Cassiopeia or Ezreal, who actually got their powers in the ruins of Shurima
Duke Anax
Indeed, the Shuriman empire once stretched far beyond the walls of its life-giving city. Many ruins are strewn across the massive desert as testament to the sprawling civilization that once existed. As has been suggested by others in this thread, Malzahar's relation to the events of Shurima's return isn't as direct as the characters that are being featured. He's around, he's just got his hands full.

Man, it's the middle of the night, probably best to go to bed. I don't know what hours riot workers keep, but I'm sure their "problem solvers" are home by now.

- Gorwrathe
You'll be surprised how late some of us work...
Yeah, I'm liking the direction the lore is taking. I still feel sad over the fact that summoners are no longer a thing so I feel a bit disconnected from the game but I look forward as to what will come in the future. My only worry is whether that is going to be in the near future or if they are going to make us wait 6 months for something like this again.
I can understand that concern. We've got a lot of catching up to do and trust to earn. I'm fortunate to work with phenomenal people who are striving to do just that. Shurima is step one.
Plus she's a mercenary, one of if not *the* best around. Surely she's had some deals go sour in the past, she should have been ready. And did Cassiopeia even bother to *ask*? I'm sure Sivir would've handed over her blade for a minute or two for some extra dough.
Sivir is certainly used to deals going bad, but even the best can be left vulnerable. She was distracted for just a moment by the realization that the family heirloom she was carrying was somehow tied into the secrets of an entire lost empire. Cass knew what she was there for, and it wasn't to share untold power and riches with some expendable peon. The promise of new power was destined, in her eyes, to bolster herself, the Du Couteaus and Noxus. Sivir was caught off-guard, Cass knew when to strike.
All the Azir-Sivir material is awesome, I love it. They don't live in the institute of war 24/7 and this story is showing that great stuff can still happen. Do I say thanks or congrats? I don't know but well done guys, you did **something** right I'll edit this right away, I meant great things can be done with this lore/old lore
> All the Azir-Sivir material is awesome, I love it. > They don't live in the institute of war 24/7 and this story is showing that great stuff can still happen. Do I say thanks or congrats? I don't know but well done guys, you did **something** right > > I'll edit this right away, I meant great things can be done with this lore/old lore Cheers, I'm glad you enjoyed it. This is just the first step of our renewed journey through Runeterra, we hope you'll enjoy what's to come.

Overall i also like it a bit more than the old one.

I think the difference between cass and katarina is still big enough,Katarina might be a violence-loving assassin,but in the end she still seems to be rather honorable.
However cass lets others do the dirty work for her and has no qualms about suddenly stabbing others in the back(literally in this case).

What I miss a bit is Cass being a seductress,but at least it is still part of her character and mentioned in her lore summary.

- SecretLore
Kat has a very particular code, and an approach to dealing with threats to Noxus that is starkly in contrast to Cassiopeia's. Both fulfill important roles for their family and Noxus, but I doubt they would agree with that assessment of each other.

Is there any estimate as to how long he will be disabled, wondering if i should stay up late to try him or go to bed and wake up early.

- He who made you
He won't be re-enabled tonight. Beyond that depends on how the potential hotfix patch tests.
Thanks, I appreciate the response. I was curious so I checked my ticket history and I see this was actually early April. I recall DDOS issues being discussed *among forum users* but, and I cannot stress this enough, there was not a single red post acknowledging the issue at the time and no indication within the client that anything was amiss. I can't figure out how to get to the old forums so I have no idea how to look anything up, but if you're curious, the aforementioned game was around 9am PST on Saturday, April 5, and I submitted a ticket a couple days later after some more issues, #11292564, and of course was just told that you can't retroactively apply loss-prevention (which I'm totally cool with). But, again, I would have liked the ticket response to include some kind of "I'm so sorry this happened and we are researching the root cause" as well. I'm sorry, but when multitudes of people are consistently being dropped from games or unable to connect in the first place, I hope you can sympathize that it is frustrating to be told "if you are continuing to experience issues, I can help you troubleshoot your connection." I cannot fathom a scenario in which three of ten people in a ranked solo queue game fail to connect and the problem is on *my* end. Um, sorry, I am usually totally onboard with Riot's decisions and I am very self conscious about coming off as a complainer here. So let me close by saying that when I played a ranked game a couple weeks ago and everything was going all wonky, and we lost, and I saw the LOSS PREVENTED screen, I was happy. Thanks for that!
Hey J3ff0! I went ahead and took a look at your ticket from back in April. I won't mince words or dance around the issue, the experience you had sucked. You had a legitimate concern and question, and it was not responded to or addressed, but I will make sure to reach out to the specialist who helped you to ensure that this kind of experience does not happen again. We definitely let players know when we are experiencing issues on our with the servers, and if you are ever curious as to whether we are seeing widespread issues, make sure to check out our [Server Status page](!
i start play after 2 minute of game attempting reconnect for like 3 or 4 min after can play annother like 2 min and attempting recconect again and again. i check my internet for other game or other thing its ok only on lol that lag and 2 other of my friend same thing happend. What can i do?
For those of you reporting issues from Canada, we have seen consistent reports of certain ISP's providing poor network path's to our servers, causing issues with instability. The best way to confirm this is to [submit a ticket]( to our Tech Team and provide attached [tracerts]( Our specialists can take a in-depth look into your issue and determine where the root cause is. If you are not living in Canada, then it is a lot harder to determine the root cause of the issue. First, I want to rule out any possible issues with your local network. To do this, make sure to complete all of the steps in the following guide: If you are still experiencing issues, it's possible that the root cause is somewhere else. The best way for us to find it is to have you [submit a ticket]( and provide the following Network Logs: 1) Network Analysis: 2) NetworkInfo Log: 3) Process List:
I'm sorry but I have done everything that you said to do. I even took my computer to where the actual modem is and connected it to there. I have submitted a ticket about 4 weeks ago when you guys claimed it was a DDOS attack and you know what your tech said to me? Maybe you should check with your ISP.......... So explain to me how submitting a ticket will do any good when its obvious the only response I will get is BS? I don't mean to seem like a douche or anything but these lag issues and dc issues have gone on way to long. I have been a fan of league since the end of season 3 and back then the servers seemed fine. Now I am getting attempting to reconnect every 15 seconds it seems and I have tried everything to resolve this issue. This is not on my end by any means. Sitting there telling your costumers to send logs and this and that isn't doing anything. You have a serious issue with your servers and you refuse to fix them. I can understand a week ago when you guys where getting DDOS attacks but what is your excuse now? I am not the only person experiencing this and I am just shocked that this problem hasn't been resolved yet. I am writing this because I am asking for a legitimate fix for this problem. I have spent hundreds of dollars on RP points not only for myself but for my GF as well and we both play this game. She doesn't lag like I do at all. So we both know that It isn't my internet. I am asking for a solution to this. I am very frustrated because when I get off of work League is what I play most of the time. Please respond to this. I would really appreciate it. TY
It sounds that you had a pretty awful experience with your ticket, I sincerely apologize about that :( Usually we only suggest an ISP issue when that ISP has been known to have issues recently (such as Comcast or Time Warner) or when we have exhausted the majority of other common solutions. Blaming it on recent DDOS attacks and subsequently blaming the ISP is not something we focus on when we work to resolve a players connection issue. Can you respond back and provide the ticket number from the experience you had? I would love to look into it further and see what occurred and why you received that response.
this is the first time this has happened to me since i started playing league in season 2. in the log-in screen where i type in my username and password after i put them and click enter it says that the login server has not responded. i dont know what to do, it was working just fine last night and when i wake up to try and play this keeps happening. when i click the support links it also says that they arent actually there. it gives me a blank page. if anyone can help me with this i would be very greatful!
Hey everyone, Once you hit the Login screen and enter your credentials and attempt to login, your computer needs to connect to our login Server, and subsequently connect to (the client). Our Login server is not only responsible for ensuring that your Username and Password match, but also confirm the proper security certificates to your computer. If your computer rejects the security certificates from our server, you will experience errors such as this. These same errors will also occur if your connection is unstable or if you have security software that is blocking this connection ( either to the login servers or Make sure to try following the steps in this Knowledge Base Article, it should help in getting you into the client! If you are still unable to sign-in and take to Rift with your friends, then don't give up! Make sure to [submit a ticket]( to us in Player Support where we can investigate your issue further, and provide some additional solutions. If you do submit a ticket, make sure to include the following: 1) Network Analysis: 2) NetworkInfo Log: 3) Process List:
Interestingly enough, I've had strange ping spikes and everything happening (minions and champs moving and interacting and killing me) while I'm unable to even move. This lag does not happen on any other game I play. It's only on League and it only started happening around late May/early June. Sometimes, it's Riot's problem, not ours. And it's frustrating when issues we have are written off as problems with our connection when we never had problems with connection and lag until one of the new patches.
I completely understand where you are coming from. What further complicates this issue is that over the past several weeks and months, we have had some server instability issues with NA. Some of these have been the result of DDOS attacks as well, which you can read more about here: In this sense, you are absolutely right, the problem is definitely on our end sometimes. However, in the past couple of weeks, we have not seen any serverwide issues of instability regarding connections. When we do see this server-wide instability, we notify everyone via a ticker message in the client. When we do not see issues affecting the platform as a whole, we want to make sure we rule out the most common cause of connection problems, players individual connections. When we review network logs of players, we can identify possible problems causing the lag, as well as rule out other possible root causes. One way or another, we will find the root cause of the lag issues, even if it is on our end. Once we find it, we will do everything we can to help resolve it.
(#13636359). this is mine I was told it was being upgraded to a tech a week ago.... have not received any kind of response.
It appears that you were escalated last Thursday, and since then you responded twice to "bump" your ticket. Keep in mind that we answer tickets from oldest to most recent. Every time you "bump" your ticket, it causes a longer wait time before you receive a response. Just sit tight for now, and one of our Tech specialists will answer your ticket ASAP!
I have posts on the support forum going back to, what, March? I still remember that first hilarious game -- when 3/10 players, distributed across both teams, in ranked soloQ, completely failed to connect due to this "firewall" error (so like, at end of game screen, 3/10 players showed up in red for disconnecting and had 0 items, 0 damage, etc). I and several dozen others posted about it on the forums at the time, and there was absolutely no acknowledgement that there was even an issue. I spent an evening shocked and disappointed that Riot would ignore this.
We never ignore any issue that creates a terrible experience playing League. We work tirelessly behind the scenes and one-on-one with players to ensure that any and all problems playing are resolved. However, I wanted to clarify some points you raised. There have been times in the past couple of weeks and months where our servers experienced stability issues. Some of these have even been due to DDOS attacks, which we discussed here: During these types of issues, multiple players in game can experience the same disconnection issues. When we have these widespread server issues, we immediately put up a ticker message in a client and update our [Server Status page]( Recently, there has been no serverwide issues causing players to be unable to connect to games. Because of this, we would be remiss if we did take a look at the most common reason for connection issues, local networks. If we can consistently rule out that the local network is not the root cause (by reviewing logs/data provided by players through a ticket), this will help us find the root cause of the connection issues.
Fix this please!!
Hey YGVexation, Could you send us your patcher logs? *If you got an error message while patching, you can follow these steps:* **Steps if you saw an error message while patching :** 1) Open **Patcher**, go to **options **menu and select **Save Logs** (options is the gear icon on the top right of the patcher). 2) Add them as an attachment here or upload them to a fileshare application of your choice (dropbox, google drive, etc) 3) If uploaded to a fileshare application, leave a link for them in this thread. *If save logs button is not enabled in the patcher you can zip up your Patcher Logs folder and send us that. Here's how:* **Steps if you have Windows:** 1) Right click on **C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Patcher Logs** select** Send To --> Compressed(zipped) folder**. This will compress the patcher logs into a nice zip file. 2) Add them as an attachment here or upload them to a fileshare application of your choice (dropbox, google drive, etc) 3) If uploaded to a fileshare application, leave a link for them in this thread. **Steps if you have OSX:** 1) go to:** Finder --> Applications --> Press Control + Click --> Show Package Contents--> Contents --> LoL --> Logs** 2) Press** Control + Click -->** and select **Compress Patcher Logs** 3) Add them as an attachment here or upload them to a fileshare application of your choice (dropbox, google drive, etc) 4) If uploaded to a fileshare application, leave a link for them in this thread. Like I mentioned before, this issue is not easy to reproduce so player logs would be greatly appreciated.
Hey there!

I want to assure you we're working hard on the visual update to Summoner's Rift. The skins/champs team are a completely different team and no resources are being lost on SR because of new skins/champs.

We're currently spending a lot of time focusing on bug fixing and performance optimization to make sure the map runs awesome on everyone's computers. The last thing we want to do is release the map with major bugs/crashes and stop people from playing :)

So all of that being said, when we feel like it's in a place where we can ship without causing any major issues on any computers we'll release it. I know it looks awesome and you're excited about it (we are too!) but we want to make sure everyone can still play without issues when we make the switch.
Qdoba has queso, therefore it is better. End of thread. :D

Hey do you guys know about the bug where his soldiers grant the enemy team vision?

- Just Mids Smurf
We've seen a couple of mentions, haven't seen it ourselves yet though. Do you have a link to a video or way to reproduce it by any chance? Would love to get that fixed too, either in a hotfix in the next patch depending on what's involved, how frequent it is etc.
We've disabled Azir because of a bug where his ult can permanently stop an enemy tower from shooting. We're working on a fix for that and are looking get him re-enabled as soon as we can. Apologies this has happened, realize it can be quite frustrating.
here is a link to my logs hope it helps solve the issue
soy dawg
Hey dude thanks for the logs. You need to edit permissions on there I can't access the file as of now. Here's a link to help you edit permissions :)
**Mana Viper** (Ballpark ranges. Nothing 'set in stone') {{item:1053}} + 200g 10-15 Damage 8-10% Life Steal 0-5% CDR Effect: Restores 1-4% of the damage you deal as mana (based on missing mana) Essence reaver's biggest problem is that there is no "midway" item. Look at {{item:3153}} and it's {{item:3144}}. Great mid-tier item, still boasts a slow. If I have mana problems now, in the early game, I don't want to rush an Essence Reaver. It just doesn't have the pure statistical power that Infinity Edge or Shiv has. Furthermore, I'm paying a lot JUST for mana. With this item, two huge avenues open up: * Mana-hungry ADCs have an item they can buy and hold off on upgrading until their mana issues become large enough to warrent it. * A new mid-tier item opens up the possibility for diversifying build paths and inducting new items into the game. Imagine mana viper + brutilizer, an item that gives back mana for hitting people with spells. Or maybe mana viper and bilgewater cutlass, having an active that offers a temporary boost to mana and health instead of Bork's purely HP drain.
I dig the idea in order to get Jayce something in-between. Maybe even Varus, Ez, or Ashe?? {{item:3134}} + {{item:3508}} on Ashe? pls. AD casters in general need something IMO, but the issue I see is ensuring you don't make their spells + AAs more powerful than AA-based champs like Vayne, Caitlyn, but similar in power to these AA casters when they have their crit/lifesteal. (might be talking out my youknowwhat here, I'm not a designer)
Having same issue. I think what most of us would appreciate is simply the acknowledgement that said problem does exist and that you are aware of it. The "try the solutions from years ago response" although not entirely invalid; clearly ignores the here and now real issues, and raging emotions your devoted players are facing. I personally along with many others have faith in you guys. But sometimes transparency is clearly the best policy. You are not a weaker company by simply admitting everything's not perfect. We would simply appreciate the affirmation that the problem is real to you guys, and you are working on it. Thanks. Viper
I'm sorry you're having issues with the patcher, please send us your logs so we can investigate. At the moment this issue is not easy to reproduce and it's only manifesting on a small subset of players so if you could send us your logs that would be a tremendous help. Steps: 1) Open Patcher, go to options menu and select Save Logs (gear icon on the top right). 2) Add them as an attachment here or upload them to a fileshare application of your choice (dropbox, google drive, etc) 3) If uploaded to a fileshare application, leave a link for them in this thread.
Well, At the moment I have my League Client open and it is stuck at 33% and at the top it has been saying "Calculating differences/" For a long time, the number has gone up to 2000, what do I do? I have tried running League as an admin, but still didn't work.
The Merely
Hey everyone, If you're still having this issue, please send us your logs so we can investigate. You can do that by going into the patcher and selecting Save Logs through the options menu (gear icon on the top right). You can add them as an attachment here or upload them to a fileshare application of your choice (dropbox, google drive, etc) and then leave a link for them in this thread. Thanks ^^~
Seriously riot, this is the best clip of Mata u can get? Really..??
Sorry, I thought it was clever, but I must be alone. Hope the replacement is now better. :) Mata is truly the greatest support.
Yes, I've only used this sole account for any postings
It was not clear that you were talking about a thread in the old forums. We're working on a fix so that threads in the old forums can still be directly accessed without a redirect. In the meantime, [here is the content you put together]( Thanks [DivinityArcane](!
Well, I was going to play him, but then literaly a minute after I got on he was disabled. So that's cool.
:( I KNOW :(
> There are gameplay and artistic purposes in removing unnecessary detail and smoothing out colors, values, etc. It seems that many of the champions getting this update seem to have lost some of their color and vibrance. Champions like Orianna, Leona, and Fiora seem to have had the colors muted or dulled, which I opine to be both strange and detrimental. The old textures made the champions pop out more, and the new ones feel like they belong in Zack Snyder's recent take on *Superman.* It seems that desaturation or actual darkening of an image is done to make movies/games look 'grittier' or 'more realistic,' but I don't really think that kind of ideology is needed in LOL, in fact I think it becomes a hindrance. The champions in LOL are the most important aspect of the game, and by subduing their appearance they don't stand out as much.
Remember. These are on PBE. They are not necessarily final.
How did it go for everyone I'm still in teambuilder searching as a mid lane mage, 10+ minute queue times like I'm in korea or something ftw.
Only tested him here at the office. Haven't played him on Live... yet...
For the longest time my computer has been giving me the worst lag spikes, disconnects and crashes out of any machine i've played on. It changes daily and its usually never the same thing... It started with MASSIVE ping spikes into 500+ where i would literally not be able to understand what's going on. It has been complete crashes of the game, random "attempting to reconnect" messages, slow response without ping (or at least showing it...), everything EXCEPT minions moving, crazy vision glitches where i can see part of the map without having any reason to (no champs or minions revealed), and pretty much anything else you can think of. My internet works perfectly, my brother doesn't get lag at all and when he does i know its our internet not the computer. My computer is not lagging FPS wise, only problems with connectivity. I've played league of legends through all this lag and it has prevented me from playing ranked to the best of my ability, and 1/2 the games i play will get some sort of lag throughout the game. I would really like to talk to someone to help direct me in how to fix these errors or give me some advise as to what i should be doing to my PC to help these issues, cause I really wanna climb the ranked ladder without having to rage at connection issues... Thanks guys, hope you can help me out. {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:86}}
I appreciate you guys coming to Help and Support about your issue! Everything that you mentioned in your original post, and everything everyone else has mentioned (disconnecting consistently, teleporting around the map, seeing minions move but unable to move your champion, etc, etc) are all specific examples of connection issues. The first step in hopefully resolving these connection issues is to complete all of the steps in this Knowledge Base Article: There are quite a lot of steps in the article, but every one is crucial in resolving connection issues with LoL. I strongly recommend that you attempt every single step, as it may put an end to your disconnections and lag spikes! If you are still haunted by the living nightmare of "Attempting to Reconnect" errors or ping spikes of 500+, make sure to [submit a ticket]( to us here in Player Support. We can work with you in-depth to discover the root cause and provide some additional solutions. If you do submit a ticket, make sure to include these logs: 1) Network Analysis: 2) NetworkInfo Log: 3) Process List:
Whenever I attempt to open League of Legends, the logo would pop up, but then it will close itself out. Is there a fix to this?
Hey everyone, When you start League of Legends by launching the shortcut or the .exe, some quick steps happen immediately on the back-end. When the League of Legends logo appears, the patcher itself needs to check if it is properly up to date by checking files found on your computer to make sure it can launch properly. Once it checks this, it contacts our servers to see if there is any update that needs to be downloaded for the patcher itself. If the patcher allows the logo appears, but then goes away and ***nothing happens***, this does appear to be the patcher failing to patch itself. The steps in this guide should help resolve this issue: If you are still unable to get the patcher to appear normally, regardless of the steps in this guide, then make sure to [submit a ticket]( to us. We can take a deep dive into your issue, analyze some logs and figure out just what the hell is going on. If you do submit a ticket, include the following: 1) Network Analysis: 2) NetworkInfo Log: 3) Process List:
Hey, dunno if this will help as I have submitted a ticket before and it was replied that my limited internet was the cause(well but in fact I can actually play some games) so just for extra, I'll post my support link.
I took a look at your ticket and it appears that you are connecting from a hotel, which is a restricted network that usually throttle connections quite severely. This does appear to be the root cause of the connection issues you experience with League of Legends. Since your connection itself is not intended to have enough bandwidth to play computer games normally, there is very little we can do to help :( I wish there was more we could do!
Hello summoners and RIOT. I'd like to see how RIOT working on their beautifull game, but i can't understand whats going with thir servers and support. After great fix EUW in June i have 1 DC every 3-5 ranked games. This is more then annoing. I cant play and have no fun anymore. I sent 3 tickets to support and has answers like "check ur firewall", connect to ur ISP and execute connection tests. I done all i can. 1) I have no firewall. And yes, i disable Windows firewall at all. 2) Send them game logs, tracerts and connection test results. No technical responce about they gave me, but i still want to see something like "by the text of log we can say server is not respond to client by some reason, we can check the reasons". I even start to understand what happening inside game by myself just reading the logs. 3) Reinstall LOL 4) Connect to my ISP to sure my inet is stable. Ofc it is stable, coz all internet services r online and working fine. 5) I disable IPv6 6) I switched to public DNS and How can u blame my internet or computer if i had no this bug before server changes? And yes, i changed NOTHING on my side about 2 years. What kind of dancing with tambourine i have to do more to play this game without afraid of free loose, raging and reporting me by my teammates for this bug? I will do it surely, or just give me to leave this new fixed server. Thank u for understanding and supporting this thread, it may help thousands of people. From my side i will try to play ranked sometimes to have statistics and watch for bug. Played 2 games today w/o issue.
Hey everyone, First, I want to say that I'm really sorry that you guys are experiencing connection issues :( What makes this incredibly difficult to troubleshoot is that there are some of you experiencing this error in NA, and some in EUW. Therefore, it is fairly safe to assume that this is not a result of specific servers or due to an ISP. For the OP, it sounds like you have already submitted a ticket to us. Can you reply back to the thread and provide the ticket number of your request? I can make sure that your ticket was properly escalated to a Tech Specialist who can review your logs in-depth to find the root cause. For others in this thread who are experiencing disconnects/Attempting to Reconnect errors, I strongly recommend that you complete all of the steps in the following Knowledge Base Article: These steps typically resolve the vast majority of connection issues with League of Legends. Every single one is incredibly important, so make sure that they are all completed! I know there are many of you who will swear by the fact that this issue is on our end and not yours. I won't fight this at all, but the best way to confirm that the issue might be on our end is to complete all of the steps in the article. If we can rule out all possible issues regarding your connection itself, it will be much easier to identify any issue that may exist on our end. If all else fails, and you are still experiencing issues connecting to games, don't hesitate to [submit a ticket]( to us as well. Our Tech Team can look at your information in-depth to try to find out where the root cause is. If you do submit a ticket, include the following: 1) Network Analysis: 2) NetworkInfo Log: 3) Process List:
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