speaking of which, how exactly does one get a PBE account
> speaking of which, how exactly does one get a PBE account You can sign up [here](https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/pbe) to (hopefully) be selected!
Someone had to do that joke. It might as well be me. I love the new jungle camps.
Trainer Hillz
Yep. This is great. These are my favorite SRU creatures, I feel so bad killing them because they remind me of my tortoise.
I love listening to the music of league of legends on my phone, but lately the League of Legends soundcloud hasn't been uploading its latest songs (The Harrowing, etc). Would love to see this account up to date and maintained :) https://soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends (Assuming this is the official soundcloud account).
Sorry, we're trying to get better at this.... Thanks for reminding us! =)
The current plan is to have this new score launch with patch 4.21 =)
Hello fellow summoners and rioters Can we please have a mod to have music/playlist for like waiting to get matched while in queued or loading screens? places like that needs something. This doesn't have to be in the game. but maybe like a separate exe file to patch the game with this mod? plz?
Music that you have in your library, or League music that we provide?
Having recently gotten back into Rammus with the new jungle, I was reminded how much of a strong, silent type he is. I get that this is some of his character but the lack of emotes is what gets me. The silent 'come get me' taunt works but he has no laugh or joke. I know Rammus is a pretty serious guy but not even a chuckle? Other regions have access to these little touches and I was just wondering if there were any plans regarding them for the NA region. {{champion:33}} *Defensive ball curls in preparation for flood of 'OKs', hoping someone will have some intelligent input*
Nothing planned right now - our spiky little friend probably wouldn't get any new VO without a full relaunch.
I basically did the same thing you did, except one thing. I get pretty upset when people tell me how to build a champion unless I asked them for advice. If they wanted to play a champion and build it a certain way, they should have picked it in champ select. I main a very carry-oriented Shyvana build and I very rarely ever build full tank, and this makes people rage and blame me because they went 0-6 in lane before 5 minutes. So yeah, agree with most of this, but calling someone a name because they don't build what you build is pretty toxic in my opinion.
I agree, but a key difference is definitely intent. Calling someone a name because of their build is different from, "Hey Shyvana we really need some engage. Could you build tanky please?" I feel like occasionally there are games where a player has to make a choice between their preferred build and the ideal build for that game. I'm not saying everyone should play the "default" stuff every game, but there is something to be said for adaptability.
Trying to make a Fiora jungle build with high ganking potential. I'm experimenting with rushing all three of these: 1.) Stalker's Blade Warrior (+10 ar-pen) 2.) Ghostblade (+10 ar-pen) 3.) Last Whisper Is that too much too fast?
Stacking penetration is actually one of the best ways to improve damage on a "caster-type" AD champion (Fiora, Pantheon, Kha'Zix, etc.) Basically, think of pen as multiplying whatever your current physical damage output is. The only concern is making sure you're not sacrificing other needs of the champion. Fiora does have great synergy with Tiamat for bonus splash damage for her ulti, for example. Increasing your durability can increase your total damage output significantly more than a Brutalizer.
Hello folks, I've been playing LoL for a week now and would like some help with Karma if people would be willing. Top lane Karma I've been having some success as, I focus mainly with an IBG based build, and try to simply control in team fights, help allies, and do a little damage. Bot lane Karma I've been struggling with, winning about 1 in every 3 matches with her. I understand the poke she has, but I'm simply either being out-sustained by other supports like Sona/Soraka, or I'm being totally bullied out by champions like Leona. In bot lane, I tend to get a sightstone as an early purchase so I can get vision going, and haven't really had any ganking issues, and the blue cup for some mana sustain help. I usually build Athenes, Sightstone, variable support item, Sorc Shoes, Frostfang as bot lane karma. I try not to get stuck into certain preset builds though and tailor what I'm fighting, and buy based on what I can read from enemy items via tab (like the mpen mask for 1400ishg if I see them getting some MR). I will take ANY bot lane Karma tips you can give me: Combos, advanced combos, buy orders, personal match-up advice vs certain ADCs/Supports, teamfighting goals/situations to look for, whatever. I really enjoy the champion, but she's easily my least successful champion I own currently.
Let's talk about lane dynamics first: You have more range than the sustain supports. You can Q or RQ Soraka/Sona out of range of them doing anything to you. This is more mana efficient than their sustain tools and you gain money from Spellthief's. If they ever try to all-in you, then Karma's pretty good at dealing with it with your W root. It's a cold war type dynamic where if they step up, you can punish, but you can't just "choose" to win by saying "go." Now, if they're better at fighting you through skill or misplays, then they get to close the range, win the 2v2, and you have to be able to deal with that. Against engage supports like Thresh/Leona, you have to respect the all-in. Again, you can't just "choose" to win the lane. You have to outplay. Once again you have the range advantage. But you can't let them catch you. If Leona gets in, make her take minion damage while you aren't. Don't let Thresh hook you. Poke them every time they try, and make them fail the engage. That's how you win that lane. But if you choose to stat an all-out brawl against a champion that WANTS to brawl you, you deserve to lose. Let's talk about items. Coin is literally the worst starting item for laning power. It has great upgrades and it's great if you're all going to be passive, but it has ZERO combat effectiveness. Spellthief's, as you've been buying, gives you a lot of combat power, so that's cool. I would also never start Flask. You want Spellthief's +2-3 HP +1-2 MP potion every time. Never open with a ward outside your trinket. Again, you need the combat effectiveness. Supports don't typically get to afford multiple damage items, so looking for multipliers like Void Staff or Deathcap is often unrealistic. 1 out of 10 or 15 games you can afford them, but never consider them "core." Instead, if you want to increase damage, have a few key items in mind: Mejai's Soulstealer and Liandry's Torment are the best "fire and forget" damage items. Liandry's expensive, certainly, but its Unique Passive is exceptional when it's your only damage item. For item countering, a quick thing to think about: Flat Penetration is only good vs. LOW levels of Armor/MR. % Pen is good vs. high levels of resists. The flat pen bit is a little unintuitive, but true. Now, about playing with teammates, sometimes you just don't get a style that matches. The most important thing in a 2v2 is playing like 2 players together. Try to find a way to play in unison. If that means you never get to initiate an all-in, then unfortunately that's the case. For myself, I always feel pretty satisfied when I can constantly trigger the gold generation from Spellthief/Frostfang, even if the all-in never happens. Just being able to poke out the opponents and build a gold/cs lead is still a lane win. The worst thing you can do is try to initiate a fight with an unwilling partner and just start a 1v2 to get pushed out of lane.
Hello! Inspired by the recent discussion of small scale updates thrown up by the Parrot, it'd be nice to have an actual list of Upgrade/Update types explaining what each actually involves in an easy to find location. I say this because with all the terms being thrown around (MTU, VU, VGU, etc.) it's hard to keep track the scale and definitions of each in one's head! With a sticky up top explaining the various processes the ChampUP does, it'd help alleviate the gap in terminology and serve as a nice reference post to help people better contribute in ongoing discussions.
Sounds like a good question to ask during a Q&A. Maybe we need to convince that team to do one! :)
And now you can listen to it on repeat for hours on end!!!! **[Kalista](https://soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends/kalista) ** *via Soundcloud*****
Riot Eno
https://soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends/kalista Gotta get that embed love in here too.
Its not serious or anything but if I want to say something (to that person) then I can comment on their comment. I want to know why you aren't allowing this anymore. And why not improve on it?
It sounds like you are in "Chronological View". Look for a link that says "Switch to Discussion View" to get back. We store your preference, so it should keep you in Discussion View after you switch.
It seems that posting this thread automagically updated my user level.
Umbral Shade
Yep, that would do it. In case other people are having this issue, you can also submit a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) and we will get you fixed up.
You just wrote a thread title and 3 lines of content when the page finishes loading and deletes everything. {{champion:429}}
Afgudins Fráuja
Hey, we should fix that.
I keep getting this message when I try to log in. No one's complaining about it on here as far as I can see, is it only happening to me?
Hey all, thanks for the reports here. We are aware of the issue and have found a solution. We are working on implementing it now. Thank you for your patience. As for the rest of the platform, health is fine. Games are being played as we speak, so once you get into the service, you should be good to go!
I keep getting this message when I try to log in. No one's complaining about it on here as far as I can see, is it only happening to me?
Our live service team is aware of the issue and investigating http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#na
For a champion who could be some kind of jungle fighter (literally) or tracker. **Every enemy champion leaves a footprint and only your new champion can see those footprints. When he steps on those footprints, he moves faster, passive's power is enhanced in lategame**
Nice suggestion. We played around with something along those lines for Kha'zix. Couldn't get it to work at the time, but there was some cool stuff there. We're currently testing a different approach to the same idea (track enemies using extra information your kit offers you passively) that I expect will make it into the game proper at some point, it's been a lot of fun in playtesting and has generated some distinct, interesting moments of gameplay.
Hi. How's it going? Good. Good. Glad to hear it. Anyway, we all know the deal with certain visual updates, mainly of the larger scale variety. The {{champion:15}} 's, the {{champion:29}} 's, the {{champion:86}} 's. Also, the biggun's like {{champion:14}} . Recently you may have noticed some more "smaller scale" VU's that the ChampUP team has been doing. {{champion:58}}, {{champion:27}} and most recently {{champion:57}} . Those last two types of projects are of interest because we didn't used to do them, but recently we've dug around and noticed that we can take some older champions that have relatively healthy rigs but replace models and even tighten/add animations. That's resulted in some "MTU's" which incorporate model and texture updates. While in the past we sort of worried that we'd be unable to keep up the pace that ChampUP wanted to burn at, we noticed a lot of opportunities in areas where we can get a lot of bang for the buck in, primarilly, the model/animation/VFX department without having to scrap an entire character. SO! Onto my my questions.. Of course there's the BIG wish list. The VU's (or Gameplay & Visual Updates) that we're all frothing at the mouth to see someday. Champions like: {{champion:28}} , {{champion:44}} , {{champion:6}} , etc. But with the prospect of MTU's and other "low scope" projects (I say that in quotes because that term is relative) we have some new options. If you had to pick champions you'd like to see updated models with some possible animation/VFX/etc changes, who would it be? Who do you think is in a place that could use some model love? Who do you think has a solid design but wouldn't mind seeing a higher fidelity version of, or perhaps an updated look that incorporates some new design elements but stays true to the spirit of the champion? Who's in a good spot thematically but could use some updating to match either their faction, region, allegiances, League's evolving style, whatever? Do you think Leona could use some love? (**say yes**) Just curious to see what you think. We have some ideas, we see some opportunities, but I'd love some input. **CLARIFICATION!** This stuff has *nothing *to do with gameplay. And as always with this sorta stuff..
What's that you say? Send me a long email about {{champion:3}} ? {{champion:33}}
It's not 2009 anymore, it's time Ezreal stopped looking like it.
Nostalgia Critic
But the question here is....does it still SOUND cool??
Are you saving it for when S5 actually starts? Or was it an oversight?
It's coming, we promise! New music for everyone's favorite Rift hits with patch 4.21 =)
How often do you guys usually update the League of Legends Soundcloud Page? I'm waiting for you guys to add the new SR login theme :(
Hey Avantel! Soooo.......we are ***not*** good at consistently updating this - we're sorry. We will try to be better about it, promise! Call me out if we don't!
If you have time to comment things like this then you have time to answer questions. Why are you making leaver buster even more harsh without fixing its flaws 1st? The community would really like to know.
Riot's a huge company. At the size we're at it's near impossible to have a deep understanding of anything going on aside from things directly affecting my own job. Anything outside of animation I can not confidently provide any information on.
Could that maybe be adjusted so that it's not ear shattering? Perhaps mutable, may just be me, but it is very loud.
Mute option incoming next patch! =)
Hello there, I'm swordofdestiny. I'm going to university for Audio Engineering and I hope to work on audio for games at some point. I've always been in awe of the sound design in League and I remember asking a question on what foley went into the making of Gnar (during the Kalista Q & A, I was in class all day [at least I got two hours of mixing in]) and got a really cool response about it from one of the guys on the audio team (I, for the life of me cannot find the post now and I'm annoyed at myself). Anyway, I was wondering (and hopefully I'm allowed to ask this question, read the rules and board guidelines and nothing seems to prohibit this), if you're willing to divulge this, what your general process is when you're designing the foley for new champions? Do you start out with a general idea of how you want it to sound and work backwards trying to figure out what you could do to create that sound?
Hey! I meant to reply to this sooner, but I feel like I've been too busy to write a thoughtful, detailed response. Maybe to help me tailor my reply a bit, I want to clarify that we're on the same page in regards to what the word foley has traditionally meant. For me, foley is the art of performing sound to picture, recording that sound, and editing it in with other sounds. I just wanted to be sure you weren't talking about the entire sound design process, which more often than not is quite a bit more extensive than just foley recording/editing, (although a HUGELY key and integral part!!) Lemme' know and I'll do my best to give you some useful info. =) Cheers!
If that were true, my teammates wouldn't tell me to AFK on a regular basis.
The click bait is real. xD
Even time Sona casts her first spell of the game (not an auto attack but a q, w, or e) the whole team gets a huge lag spike. After the first spell everything goes back to normal but it's quite annoying.
This is a known issue and we're investigating! Thanks for the report!
I don't think that the battle cast ward faces the right way when you put it down in this one patch
Ooops! Thanks for the report! If you've got a PBE account, next time, feel free to post it on the [PBE boards](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs)!
My last two attempts to play a game at the end of the champion select countdown it wouldn't start the match. the First time somebody tried to trade in aram at last second and made the league screen completely black and wouldn't go away till I closed it. The second time it just stayed on the champion select screen. Both times I closed league and reopened it hoping for the option to reconnect like it usually gives me but there wasn't, so not sure if the matches actually are happening or not and worried people will report me for not being able to get into game :/ EDIT: Just to clarify - I was in CHAMPION SELECT, no problems with queue. I'm seeing a lot of people posting about being stuck in queue in the comments though :(
Hey everyone, Apologies for the lack of information. We've identified the fix to the matchmaking issues. We're currently working to get the service back online as soon as possible. We're in the process of bringing the game servers back online following the restart. Once we complete QA, we'll open back up. We're hoping to be back up within 90 minutes (hopefully much quicker). We also believe we have resolved the issues some players were having with chat and login, as well.
If that were true, my teammates wouldn't tell me to AFK on a regular basis.
Well played bait. +1
Anything in regards to making the search function better? I still feel like the OPTION to make search results appear chronologically would be greatly appreciated, if you assume that people are looking for RECENT, and therefore relevant news on their front page.
Search improvements are on the horizon. Along with sorting improvements to the 'Best' filter by date range.
Teemo needs some animation fixes, you can't even see him rise up from Hell at spawn.
This got me good.
I would like to thank Riot for this marvelous game. As a depression victim, I wasn't very happy at my life. The days I had a gun or the days I had a blade and said "Today is the day", sometimes depression victims say "What would happen if I waited just one more day?" I found out about League and played it to keep my mind off of the stress and my mental disorder. I turned to logging into my favorite game to pass the time. You guys also made me closer to my best friend by sharing laughs and much more through my playing of this game. Thank you for taking my mind off of stress for a year and many years to come, and I cannot thank you for this wonderful relationship you've helped me develop with my now best friend
Dan is a Cat
<-- off-and-on depression sufferer. <- chronic generalized anxiety disorder. <- still in therapy, still on meds. I know the feels, so glad you're with us and having fun :) Each day gets brighter!
What about{{champion:82}} Mordekiaser? I believe he is one of two champs left in the game with pizza feet (the other being {{champion:44}} Taric). I remember seeing somewhere on the boards about someone talking about Morde, and the possible directions they could take him. In all honesty, being a VERY old champ, he is still absolutely badass. Do you think there is anyway of only strengthening that fact?
PG Electro522
Like a lot of these, I think Morde needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.
> Yeah, unfortunately Morgana is a tear-down if we want to improve her base quality drastically. Any chance the VU team has put a person in charge of her yet? And is there going to be a thread started at some point to add on to the previous thread?
We have concepts, but we don't have her officially slotted or planned.
kassadin is a large slice of pizza but you know what update the old legendary skins first with new particles ect ect to bring them up to todays standards, nunu bot, brolaf, trynd, vlad all of the old ones pre aether wing kayle really should be looked at
Mmm.. Void Pizza.
>Who do you think has a solid design but wouldn't mind seeing a higher fidelity version of, or perhaps an updated look that incorporates some new design elements but stays true to the spirit of the champion? Probably Swain. Very debatable especially with the request of making Tyrant his base skin. > Who do you think is in a place that could use some model love? {{champion:38}} I think he deserves something for somehow always coming back to his solo-que throne time and time again. As of now, he probably won't come back to claim his crown for a long time. He's probably one of the most reworked champs gameplay wise with so many changes. I would not mind waiting if a rito employee has plans for him to coincide another GU with a VU/ Otherwise, I think he's suffered enough slaps across the face. How is he supposed to rift the new rift looking like that. > Do you think Leona could use some love? I'll say yes only if you think Diana needs some love.
I think Swain needs the whole VGU honestly :|
{{champion:45}} Take a little\* time to give Veigar a minor texture update if you wish, but know that if the tables were turned, he would show you ***no mercy.*** I don't think he's in particular need of attention, but…Veigar with a tail or kitty ears? Might be pretty cute. I mean ferocious and evil. (More seriously: not sure whether that would be a good idea or a bad idea. My biggest dread is that Veigar will get reworked into an angry misshapen old midget instead of an angry fuzzball. I like the "yordles as hamsters" idea much more than the "yordles as dwarves" idea, like the old Heimerdinger and Corki appearances suggest. But as for going the other direction and making him obviously a yordle…I don't know. I think it's important that he's hiding his kitty-ness with his menacing attire.) \*: Possible short joke.
Hehe.. well personally I think that'd be a shame if we killed Veigar's charm. I think it's pretty important to keep that silly aspect to him :)
How do you personally feel about Pantheon? The preseason splash does a good job of making his current armor look good, **EXCepT** for the fact that his cheeks are hanging out. I personally would slap some pants and boots on that design and be a lot more satisfied (still don't know what the helmet would look like tho) I would like to know what you think? Design wise. I think he needs a VU? What say you?
Before Dragon Slayer Pantheon I would have said complete VU, but now that we have that skin, I think we miiiiiight be able to get away with a new model on that rig. Which is exciting because there's some cool ideas floating around for Panth!
Thanks! Suddenly everything makes sense :D
Haha, I know, Boards can be a little tricky at first :P
Do it as a larger scope thing then if you're worried about technical problems PF could present. Or like...a year long pet project where you mess with him when you have time in between your other champups :D
Well, we're trying to figure out how to prioritize such stuff.
Lux and Morgana both need it pretty badly. Lux needs some minor tweaks on her animations, nothing fairly serious or obvious and overall an improved look. I mean, with her updated splash, her actual in-game model is fairly obviously different. Morgana on the other hand, I don't know where to begin. She needs help, but I am desperately afraid to offer her up because I don't have 100% confidence in her aesthetics remaining as she is. Aesthetically and lore-wise, Morgana is very solid imo. I don't want to see her get some arbitrary clothing or removal of clothing just because it becomes easier to model or is "more appropriate." To be honest, fuck that noise. She has an established aesthetic, and though her model is in desperate need of a massive overhaul (animations for skills, running, AA'ing, they're all awful) and her obvious model shortcomings (infamous in lacking legs) Morgana is one of the worst offenders of being heavily dated currently. But again, IS as you and I have spoken on your original "If there was a Morgana VU, what would you want?" thread, I am concerned that she needs a lot of work but afraid that the work would go against the grain of who she is, and what her established aesthetic is.
Yeah, unfortunately Morgana is a tear-down if we want to improve her base quality drastically.
@IronStylus: For clarity, can you include an @name when you reply? I am having a really hard time figuring out who you're talking to.
I'm posting in discussion view but sorting by New. You might be in chronological view.
**MTU** {{champion:102}} Her updated splash made me realize she can look real cool with her current theme. Her flame particles need an update {{champion:63}} His variety in skins is lacking. He has opportunity to look cooler in model. Also could use a particle update on those flames {{champion:40}} She floats and isn't melee. I like that her face in the new splash is distinct and looks like no other female champion. Now her model needs to show that. (yes i know she is one of the first "VUs" to be releases) {{champion:90}} At first i didn't want admit he could use an MTU because I want cooler animations, interactions with Kassadin and others, and also his R to come out of his eyes instead of mouth (looks bad imo). But he is also a floater who doesn't really depend on his auto attack animations too much {{champion:62}} His model just does not do justice to the champion. Besides Underworld, all his models translate horribly from splash. He could look a lot better if they simplify the design on his base skin (its too busy), and fix his other skins {{champion:3}} Imo he could use some tweaks to make his look cooler. Plus his particles could use an update {{champion:89}} Her armor could use a pass in design {{champion:5}} His auto attack animations are on point actually, just needs new model base and to change his recolors into variety, needs solidified theme I know you're probably asking more about MTU type work but... why not.... (not mentioning the obvious {{champion:12}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:6}} ) **VU** {{champion:81}} great potential for animations, VO, particles {{champion:79}} He has no legs. his proportions are no bueno {{champion:39}} Great potential for animations, solidified theme/direction, VO {{champion:59}} At first I disliked his armor design, but after seeing his updated splash i see that it can not only work, but look friggin badass. Needs a VU because his auto attack animations are horrendous (that body-whack tho), and his idle stance is ridiculous {{champion:24}} Needs solidified theme, attire, and lore. Huge potential for animations ( can have like 3 animations for auto attacks, 3 for empowered attacks). Watching a Jax fight would be beautiful {{champion:38}} void blade could look so cool.great potential for animations, Needs a bit of a redesign imo, VO {{champion:2}} This berserker needs to be taken to the limit. could be such a cool addition to Freljords lineup {{champion:80}} Needs a bit of a redesign, solidified look and theme, needs updated animations on auto attacks (Azir's soldier's attacks look better than this guys'), needs better animations on abilities ( that heartseeker strike... he flicks his wrist -__-) {{champion:50}} My boy has much potential to be one of the coolest look Noxians {{champion:77}} SGU and his new splash show that Udyr has much potential {{champion:8}} Much potential in theme, needs upgraded particles model, and animations
Awesome list! Thanks for taking the time! :D
Teemo needs some animation fixes, you can't even see him rise up from Hell at spawn.
Oh man, major bug there.
I'm sad that no one has mentioned {{champion:9}} yet. I think that {{champion:9}} is in a good place regarding design, model, etc., but he's just a bit outdated. His newer skins are really nice, however his default one (And probably a few older one's, Spectral especially.) need some love. I think his theme is very obvious and I love it. A scarecrow with a scythe is epic and definitely screams "Harbinger of Doom", but with League evolving in style and technology I think there's a lot more that can be done with his looks and his animations. His default animations are pretty lack-luster at best. I mean his 'W' is this weird green line and his 'E' is just a black spot followed by a purple trail. There's a lot of potential here and I'm sure you guys can come up with some amazing, but not so heavy improvements.
I think he's a good candidate actually.
{{champion:41}} How about the pirate? Feels like he needs a tune up, most likely his size {{champion:85}} What about kennen? would be nice to have some love for the ninjas {{champion:45}} Since he has currently had a skin. How about a MTU for him? A good question. What about new voice actors or old voice actors for model texture updates?
With most MTU's, unless something bananas happens, we'll stick with the old VO. The scope of script writing, recording, hooking up, etc, is pretty intense.
Running through a list briefly thinking about each champ: Akali - Ninja enough already, clothes shouldn't drastically change, thematic on point Alistar - Possibly. Not too sure on this one as he could probably be taken further. Amumu - Seems like a good candidate. Still gonna be lonely mummy boy no matter what happens Dr. Mundo - Seems pretty k at the moment in terms of RAAAAHMUTATEDCRAZYSCIENTISTDUDE. Really think he could just do with a better model as he's got decent thematic indicators at the moment. Unless you wanna emphasize his sadism/masochism theme more. Ezreal - Kinda. Outfit is a bit plain, not sure if it emphasizes his explorerness as much as it could. Fiddle - I'd be willing to add him to the list depending on what Riot's direction with him with their new lore is. In theory he shouldn't change despite no more Institute of War, but nonetheless, I'm wary. Gangplank - ARRRRR PIRATES BE K. (Theme is solid, old VU is dated) Gragas - Definite candidate. Irelia - As much as I'd love Irelia to get some love, her kit's meant to change quite a bit (still want that Ionian armor to remain in a future update though!) so the themes etc. might to. Jarvan IV - However, I know that you have some ideas for J4 that are probably a bit more drastic than an MTU, so probably not. Jax - Yes pls. Make poor Cpt Woops a happy dude. Kayle - Could kinda see her getting a second smaller update to improve her seeing as the old one was ages ago and theme/visuals are quite solid at the moment. Kennen - This poorly textured ninjordle is sad. Kog'Maw - Solid. Leona - (JUST FOR YOU PARROT) Malphite - If he gets a size upgrade at the same time I'm all for it. Malzahar - Good candidate. Miss Fortune - My personal biggest candidate. I think thematically and costumewise she's on point. (I'm an AD Main, I'm biased tho) Nunu - Not super sure on this guy. He's kinda weird. Olaf - We need a cooler viking. Pantheon - I assume he's staying Spartan no matter what, so yes pls. Ryze - Temped to say Ryze, but I feel he'd benefit moreso from a full VU and especially the VO/Lore overhaul. Shen - With a few tweaks to make him look a little tankier, I'd think he's a good pick. Shyvana - Probably a TU moreso than an MTU. Tryndamere - Like GP/Kayle - Seems kinda k, needs to be brought up to par like old VUs. Unless ya wanna go Freljord on him and find why he's half nude in the Winter Climate. (ONLY BRAUM CAN BE HALF NUDE). Xin Zhao - MAAAAAAYBE Xin. He's fitting in nicely with Demacia. Would kinda like to see his Asianness upped to rival his Demacian visuals. (A more unique kinda Demacian big dude to separate him from Shoulder Pads Galore Garen. Not sure if I conveyed what I wanted very well here. Honorable mentions to: Lux - Could benefit hugely from an MTU, but I think her current uniform is really off, so I'd rather wait. Udyr - Huge undertaking no doubt and I'd also like to see deeper work done on him to make him more ragey to set him apart from his ultimate skin.
Nice list!
You have 1 job in my mind as far as this goes And that is to rid the world of triangle feet and horribly old models While its cool that you want to bang out a bunch of "low scope" projects, those can wait. We can live with those champs, for the time being. We need something SOMETHING OUTRAGEOUS {{champion:44}}
We stagger large scope and lower scope. No one is not getting love because we're not working on a thing that needs love now. Did that make sense? In other words, we got this.
{{champion:81}} When comparing his splash art to his in game model, you can safely tell the model "You belong in a museum". He has the potential to look so cool, but his model lets him down.
Agreed, though if we were to tackle him we'd have to mess with Pulsefire which could potentially be a niiiiiigggghhhtmaaare from a technical point of view.
I really like Leona's base skin, but it can always be better. She's golden yes, but there's room for the *Radiant Dawn* to be more radiant. She's super pretty but could stand to have the golds be brighter/actually shimmer or something sexy like that. I've always seen her and Diana as being drawn like a Disney princess. Not overly sexy, but goddamn is she gorgeous. On another note, her whole model just screams valiant warrior--except for the heels. C'mon with that.
Heels = my bad :(
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