I'm encouraging people to think of and post champ related, map related, or item related 5 7 5 haikus. I'll start with a few, try to guess them. Best lore on the game A relatable monster Oh crap! Shurima! I'll place a shroom here In the river, Dragon, base Gank me I dare you Pushing in all day Shred tanks with my W Suppression OP ..... ....... ..... Sonic the hedgehog Can't escape her will taunt you While saying ok Stacking all day long I will never gank you, bro Come out support strong (an item one) the moon rises, too Q R Q R Q R Q A fun assassin
All my heath is gone I shouldn't face check bushes Wish Kayle ulted me
Is headhunter Caitlyn coming this patch? I didn't see her splash on her champ page in game.
Headhunter Caitlyn is scheduled for 4.15, she's listed as one of the three skins being released this patch!
When will project Yasuo be released? Say he's live now again... plz. ^.^
PROJECT: Yasuo is now available! Enjoy!
You were in a game with me ahwile back :O
Peace Out
Woah, holy crap! I remember your name!~
Alright will be adding the folks below when i log on later

Rito Henry
Drink and Derive
EckHearT Geminus
Dani Dash
Morgana Senpai
Darius Bleed OP
JPLangley 2

It looks like i won't be short of a duo partner for a long long time... :-)

I can play duo with a friend and it is not so hard to chat with just 3 of your allies when you have someone by your side. When you play duo at your friend's house it is actually better because you laugh and share every thought with your partner and also discuss the game privately.

Last night I played as WW with a friend of mine watching the game on my screen (Match was not saved by the server issues). I was a hero in the match. Enemy team started with a 7 kill streak and I got the first 3 kills of my team in heroic moments. At one moment, I was gonna save my Akali. I saved her successfully, with my ult and I made the enemy (Teemo) run for he was weak. When I turn back because enemy team was approaching, Akali wanted to finish up that Teemo so damn bad, that she wasted flash IN BETWEEN 4 enemy champions while all my teammates were on their lanes and she got a fine @$$whooping in there. My friend on real life laughed at my team so hard. He said that Akali's actions were replay worthy. He told me "Now I can see why you cant escape from bronze". I replied "Yup. That is a perfect example." I was supposed to midlane as the new Veigar to show it of like the boss he is. We were last 2 picks, I was next to last and she claimed mid just when our turn came and I even called mid pref right after last ban.

In other hand duo players can be real d**ks in draft mode because they think that they have control of the picks and they do not respect the champion selection order and they choose what they just want. Still, most of the times I allow them because that makes 2 people feel better instead of just me.

A good solution:
We need an option that can help summoners boot another during champion selection. That should be made with confidential votes on a selected summoner. 4 votes should kick the summoner from the game. The kicked summoner should get a +1 LP bonus and a 10 minute time ban that increases exponentially as he gets kicked more often. All other 4 summoners get -1 LP and get placed back in queue.

I really prefer to lose 1 LP than play a match, waste my time and lose. Just a suggestion

- MonkeymanX6
Interesting suggestion, i can see you've put some thought into it aswell, if one of the game designers swings by maybe they'll comment on it.
Finally, you can see what comments you have posted without having to remember every detail about the post to search for it! thank you riot! SO much easier to keep a conversation going
Glad you like it! The team hopes to continue to make improvements like these for you guys, appreciate the post.
master a champion, by mastering 1 champion you would know exactly what you can do helping you carry yourself a little better.
Agreed, focusing a bit more on mastering some particular champs/roles can be really valuable. Playing a broad roster's not a bad thing, but really focusing on a role or two, with a few champs per role, can give you a lot of insights you'll otherwise miss because you're spending more time learning the champ you're on each game. Looking at your stats for example you seem to do well with some ADCs (Graves, Twitch and MF) and some supports (Thresh, Sona, Karma) you've played a decent amount. Focusing on bot lane might work well as a result for example, both to improve your overall play and get you into a higher division. Couple of other minor things from looking at your recent games: * Most of the time you've still got a Yellow trinket by game end. Suggest grabbing a red a bit more often - yellow's great early, but the vision control red can offer late game can be extremely valuable, especially around dragon/baron. * If playing support I do highly recommend grabbing one of the gold income items. If in doubt the Coin/Talisman line's always a solid choice, given its income is hard to miss and Talisman's got an extremely powerful active, even if your timing's just something like activating it whenever a team fight starts
Hio guys, I always noticed this strange spelling without Shyvana's *Flame Breath* Tooltip. > Shyvana unleashes a fireball that travels in a line, dealing magic damage and marking enemies hit for 5 seconds. **Basic attacks against marked enemies deal bonus magic damage equal to 2% of their maximum health **(max. 100 vs. monsters). The point is that the tooltip states **Basic Attacks**. However only Shyvana's basic attacks are affected by this debuff. Can be include Shyvana's name into the tooltip to add the Clarity to this. Otherwise people, me included, would think that allied basic attacks will also deal the bonus damage. Zanryu
Good catch, we'll fix that.
Hello summoner! My name is Anbringehr, I'm a candidate for a position within Riot Games ( player support, I have my second interview this upcoming Tuesday). I just want to say that there is in no way one specific path into Riot Games. The paths into this culture, are as diverse as the people who work here. I want to give you some resources that could help you on your quest. **Websites** 1. Linkedin.com ( **http://goo.gl/cJOeKx**) *This website has been a tremendous help on my journey. This professional portfolio website allows you to paste yourself as a candidate directly in view of other rioters, and potential applicants. It offers a unique insight into the culture of Riot Games, as well as the experiences, thoughts, and ideas of other candidates that could provide you with inspiration.* *There are those that list their interview experiences from their first unsuccessful attempt into Riot Games (myself included, look up **Cody Bradley** on the Riot Linkedin page) on this page as well, as a means to help our fellow summoners try to ascend into the position they want.* (Aaron Li's Experience)**http://goo.gl/bpylZk** (He made it!) *This is truly a great blog done by Aaron on his experiences. It explains everything you could possibly want from an interviewee's perspective. I suggest looking it over once, twice, five times to gain a better perspective and insight on the player side of things.* **http://goo.gl/aEwD12**(Riot Games) *This is a great tool to research the company, you are going to want to read it top to bottom, so when you do come for an interview, you are able to come into the interview ready to hit the ground running, Watch Riot Conferences, GDC Vault Talks, make sure you read Developer Trackers and catch up on your Red Trackers.* Be yourself! (**http://goo.gl/ZunW3V**) *The key is to be yourself, Riot can generally smell bullshit a mile away. The objective isn't to find a Job at Riot Games. Jon Pan, made a reddit post about the hard realities of working for Riot Games **(http://goo.gl/Zj74Wn)**, I suggest you read that as well, provides a unique and fresh insight into that aspect of company culture* **OTHER HINTS AND TIPS** * Research League of Legends, Your knowledge and passion will be tested (some teams require more, some, less) * Understand **"Player Focused"** * Riot games is a Player Focused company, so, it helps having gaming experience and knowledge of other titles and Genres. Note : Your "gamerness" will be assessed. Understand that players are not customers. Realize that they are people, that they are gamers, but more importantly, that they are summoners. Just like you and me. Establishing a personal connection with a summoner you are trying to assist is the best way to provide the best first hand player experience, because we understand as players as well the problems they are experiencing. We are able to provide an honest and empathetic response because we know. **WE KNOW** I hope this helps. Good luck! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
Good luck on Tuesday! Player support is super important and I'm glad you've got a shot at it =) My one tip: make everything a conversation. These are your potential peers who have been in your interviewee shoes, share many of your interests, and are hoping you succeed. Conversations aren't usually one sided, and (in my opinion) asking questions of your interviewer is a good thing. Of course don't be squirrelly by avoiding straightforward answers, but consider asking clarification questions up front and maybe even ask for feedback after your answers ("Can you think of anything I missed?").
I thought that was interesting She would be white with blue lights holding a white, broken controller in one hand I think her Q should be based on a dancing game, like DDR, with arrows that show which direction she steps in. Her W would be a final dance move, where she presses every direction button and stun all around her. Her E would allow her to dash forward, with a blue force field and solid white around the circumference. R: her controller (similar to a Wii controller) would transform her and her weapon and clothes to another color. (her color palette would change from white and blue to black and green/red, like a PS Move controller) Her recall would be her trying to play a video game, but she rage quits and chucks the controller... (no wonder it's broken!) I thought it would be cool to have a little retro and a little next gen.
This is awesome! Little 8-bit words like "Good!", "Perfect!" could pop up as she executes her combos to the DDR dance steps? I think this is super creative! And for some reason it feels like Riven would totally listen to some J-Pop.
Hi everyone, [As mentioned by Tamat](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/UOxYmQww-where-did-the-official-information-go?comment=0001) and due to the fact I have too much spare time, this thread is being created. If you know of any ***Boards-specific*** bugs that aren't listed here, feel free to post a comment or create a new thread with [Bug] in the title, as it makes them easier to find! *Last Updated: 08/30/2014* --- #In Progress **2014** * Will update if this information is provided --- #Known **2014** * **[01/01]** Season 3 Ranked badges do not appear on mouseover * **[07/21]** Voting within the nested view's max depth can cause the deepest replies to become out of order * **[07/21]** Autoscrolling to comments occasionally doesn't work properly * **[08/25]** Non-NA users can become unable to vote on posts * **[08/29]** The "Show More" button can create duplicate threads * **[08/29]** Opening attachments in the Red Tracker close the open thread * **[08/29]** Threads accessed via the "Show More" button in the Red Tracker lose formatting * **[08/30]** Posting a discussion can delete all the content of the thread without posting it * **[08/30]** The "Show More" button remains visible even if there are no more posts to show --- #Solved **2014** * Will update once bugs are solved --- @Tamat: Will enough information be provided to warrant organization by "In Progress", "Known", & "Solved"? Will continue to edit this, but sleepytime.
Maybe the name should change to be [Boards] Known Bugs or something like that so that others don't confuse anything? Other than that, this would be a lot better if you'd document bugs that you and others have found, and have documented steps to reproduce. If you guys find them, then we can either confirm them as bugs, or explain how they are working as intended. Many of these bugs that you copy/pasted from that old thread have been fixed. When this list is larger, and more accurate, then I'll release one of the devs! ;)
I don't realy like the idea of content being evaluated by others for me. I often read the prejudice that the german community is not voting on the quality of a post but rather on wether they agree to what it says or not. This leads to a problematic envirement where critical comments are not being taken seriously or new Ideas are bound to be crushed right after they were posted due to the fact that they adresses a topic which was already adressed eventhough they posted some new concepts to deal with the topic. I am afraid this is not just a german problem, as many people claim, but this is a problem world wide. What is a high quality comment? Is it a well written text, free of any typos other mistakes? Is it a great written rethorical comment with rathe less actual content compared to it length? Is it sometext with a great idea but poorly wirtten so it gets hard to read and/or understand? Is it all of the above? I have a problem to decide wether content is of high quality or not. I am involved in the localization board of the german boards and very much interessted in the Player Behaviour system, alot of content I'd claim to be of low quality supplies a player who is not as much well informed on those topics with major insights. Normaly I would not Vote for stuff like that at all. But no you want me to decide to either upvote such discussions which do not provide me with insights but the rest of the community, or to downvote them because overall they are just a bunch of descriptive posts of other discussions which already evolved further - so not state of the art anymore. So what is a high quality post? Who do I decide? Where is it my private opinion on a certain topic, where is it an objective decision wether or not the post is a win for the community? I can only decide subjective and by that I might vote down stuff which others would see as good content.
> I don't realy like the idea of content being evaluated by others for me. You may enjoy the Boards more if you sort by recent. This way, the content you'll see will be newer, and likely not voted on much by the community. This is usually a better option for those who enjoy helping content evolve into it's final form, but at least this way no one will be evaluating content for you. ;) > I often read the prejudice that the german community is not voting on the quality of a post but rather on **wether they agree to what it says or not**. This is one way to look at it. Truth be told, there are tons of ways to vote. Some vote based on how good they think the content / discussion is, others vote because they agree or disagree. As Pendragon stated, as long as you use your heart, it'll be a positive contribution to the Boards, and subsequently, the community. > What is a high quality comment? > Is it a well written text, free of any typos other mistakes? > Is it a great written rethorical comment with rathe less actual content compared to it length? > Is it sometext with a great idea but poorly wirtten so it gets hard to read and/or understand? > **Is it all of the above?** Bingo, and then some! Beyond discussions, there's a lot of additional criteria for quality of community creations (videos, comics, fanart, cosplay, music, etc). We think that a big part of quality is relevancy. Is the content relevant to something going on in the community? Is it the beginning of an awesome new meme that should be relevant to more members of the community? Will it entertain or make peoples day better? If you keep that in mind, and contribute to the content accordingly, then you'll be making an impact. Another way to judge is as an individual. Did it give you any feels? Are you finding yourself in agreement or strongly disagreeing? Go with your gut! Once you've found something worthy, do us a favor and vote on it, comment on it, or share it with your friends! If it's awful content that doesn't belong on the Boards, then nuke it with a downvote. There are so many ways to contribute to the process. Btw bro, there were several typos in your post. Not very high quality if you ask me. :p I upvoted you anyway because your intent was good. :) Arbitrary Teemo : {{champion:17}}
We didn't want a non-interactive healer who didn't make interesting gameplay decisions. We believe we have found a way to solve those problems.
it is hard to wrap my head around her kit... it kind of makes sense... and yet I am at a loss with the new starcall If you were to give us an idea of what sort of diameter its area of effect had i think it would really clear a lot of confusion. her kit makes it sound like you have to hit starcall or you will kill yourself... as a skill shot it has to be possible to avoid which you touched base on. if it hits no one you are left with a quickly dwindling health pool leaving you an easy target for the enemy to kill. Her cooldowns are also confusing, if starcall is meant to help you stay alive why is its cd 10 sec while astral infusion is only 4 sec? I kind of feel like a lot more clarification is necessary, especially the numbers provided. they might be subject to change but from those I see, she can kill herself using W if her health is 6-10%, the first rank of W is pretty much more powerful than her ult with its low cooldown, and lane phase will be so one sided with how much she will heal.
It's bigger than lay waste. (about 250 instead of 200) The cooldown on Q drops with rank, so by the time you reach teamfights it's closer to 6 seconds than 10. Cooldown might go down a bit before then - like I said before there's lots of tuning to do.

Pretty sure she gets 20 AP instead of losing 20 armor for it.

- KaellrusQT
No, it's a conversion and probably one of the biggest points of misunderstanding in my post. I apologize for that, should have been more clear. Original post is updated to reflect this.

Soraka gets 80% of the value from the MR/Armor and then gets the other 20% as AP. It's like buying her own special versions of the items.
I'm in college right now for Computer Science and I was wondering what courses in particular would be useful if I wanted to get a job at Riot. I'm in my freshman year taking a class on data structures, but I'm looking to take more challenging courses that would be appealing. Any rioters have suggestions on areas of study that would help land me a job in the future?
We have a ton of people doing a ton of different things, so there's no one way in. What's important is to be really good at what you do, really passionate about games and the folks who play them, and really excited about being the best teammate and collaborator you can be. Some general advice: get some breadth in your first couple of years. Keep an eye out for an intersection between what you enjoy doing, what you're good at, and what you don't mind working really hard on. Try to get an internship ([maybe at Riot!](http://www.riotgames.com/NAinternships)) because learning how to work on a team, seeing how people manage projects, and building something for a customer are all super important experiences that are hard to replicate in the classroom. Some specific advice totally biased by my own experience: try to get your hands dirty with some data analysis projects. Look for interesting courses having to do with statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, or data mining. It's a good kind of thinking to bring to a problem.
k - think i've added everyone, If not just send me a request, will be back once i'm done with other stuff.

Hi MacGruber I'm not Bronze V yet since I'm only level 18, but I am involved in Bronze-level balancing decisions. Is this an acceptable substitute for admittance into thy glorious bronze army?

- Morello Nerf Bat
lol absolutely.

500 games plus in bronze, cant escape :(

- THynes
You can do it dude. Your Udyr win rate is legit, try and stick with him maybe?

I wish that some of the summoners in bronze just NOT be toxic. I always get teammates that talk thrash to each other almost every single game and sometimes I even feel stupid when I join their conversations.

When they start annoying me for the chat, I say "Summoners like you will keep me stuck on bronze forever for your behavior, or you wanna win?".

This quote can vary depending on the game

I remember that yesterday in draft pick, someone was not agreeing with the team for positions and I said that quote. He replied "Like I care", then, "You will stay in bronze forever and I am gonna f**k you up every time." and the game did not even had started.

I even get depressed when they just don't stop and get aggressive to me after I tell them to stop. I know that muting them is an option, but I would only mute the person that harasses me.

On my season records:
I started playing this between February and April of season II. I actually never played ranked that season. On season III, I played ranked but I quit because I couldn't take the summoners. Now I am playing to get season rewards but I just cannot because my teams always end up turning on each other.

So... I say that bronze is like a trap hole full of summoners that can help help you escape by lifting you, but they refuse. If you are going to escape the hole alone, they will not allow you and they will pull you by your legs back in the hole.

My league goal is to reach silver V and if I achieve this, I will be happy like, forever.

- MonkeymanX6
Sry to hear that dude - you should duo with some of the dudes on this thread, or i'll duo with you, my ww is not bad these days.

I'm unranked, can I join MacGruber?

- tinglish27
Sure - i just been playing mostly ranked, but yep


I was sleeping when you made this thread, but I'm here now!

I would love to join your army of Bronze 5 Underlords.

As someone who has been playing for somewhere around 2-3 years now and never touched Ranked, I solemnly swear to have fun and not know how to play the game very well.

- Solmyr
Just added you, i won't be playing many games today as i have to finish a paper for a course i am doing, but will be online later and tomorrow.

bronze =/= non toxic

if you want to play games I'll play, but not ranked.
Idc what mode, not ranked though.

- TenSlashTen
Sure i just added you
Top: Riven Q 1st and 2nd strike: there will be waves (air or wind) of rainbow where you spin. Q 3rd strike: There will be rainbows (the place in the original where riven breaks the ground) around the blade. W: Rainbow around Riven :D E: There will be a speed boost behind Riven as she dashes. R: Her weapon turns to be rainbow colored like the Hecarim Tail then shoots out unicorn when she use WindSlash. Her weapon: Just looks like a rainbow sword but without any colorchange animation like in her ult.
So many rainbows! I can't even. I'm pretty sure a unicorn or two slipped in there too? I'm not sure if I could find it again, but I recall seeing an amazing Arcade Riven fanart concept where her runic sword is a tower of tetris blocks. In broken form, it's jagged - but when she activates Blade of the Exile more tetris blocks fall in place and create a full-sized sword! THEN RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE
or an arcade gangplank, he could use a plasma sword like Hayato Kanzaki from star gladiator, his pistol and parley could use a golden pistol gun design similar to Dead storm Pirates, his ult could drop hadokens instead of canon balls, Raise morale could have an 8 bit red flam on the body visual effect and remove scurvy could be him eating an orange but the animation is like old school rpg health potions getting used. And to really seal the deal every time he uses remove scurvy he could say red pirate/blue pirate needs food badly depending on his team color.
"Red Pirate Needs Orange Badly!" - brilliant!
...Soraka no longer restores mana. You're taking away the one thing that made her different from all the other healers out there! This is going to completely ruin her unique position!
That might have been the one thing that made her different in the past, but that's because we hit her healing so hard that she no longer resembled a healer. Now her unique identity is as League's best and most powerful healer.
Thoughts. W's cooldown is too low. The armor and magic resist channeling into AP makes Galio want to cry. Soraka needs reduced healing from all sources except for what is triggered by Starfall, to prevent abuse. W doesn't need a mana cost if it's already constrained by her health. The AOE silence is a good change, but the root sounds out of character. People are going to really really miss the mana sustain, and they will resent that it's been taken away. Mana sustain is part of Soraka's character. Increase the cooldown on W, add back on temp armor, increase the health % cost, and change the % health cost to be off of current health instead of maxiumum. Put MR shredding back on Starfall & have the effects & damage decrease the further away from the center the enemy is. Change the healing off of Starcall, on W, from flat healing to health regeneration. Remove the AP clause from her passive, and replace it with a clause reducing the healing from all sources (except for Starcall + W) by 40%. Remove the root from Equinox, and replace the effect with a boon to allies standing in the AOE (How about Mana Font?). Here's a thought. Why not make her W a channel? That way the player can decide how much health they want to sacrifice for their ally.
You need to think about mana costs as gates on areas of the pattern as a whole, not individual spells. If i took off the mana cost from W, that would have to go to somewhere meaningful such as the Q. If the Q is more expensive, it punishes you for doing well in your lane and not needing to heal (you oom MUCH faster if you only need to cast Q) and then once you're OOM you can no longer contribute. Same thing goes with E. If E (which is an occasional cast) had to eat these costs, it would be so high that you could only cast it at like 40% mana and that would not be a very fun or reliable emergency spell. Also why does it make Galio cry? She -converts- it, not gains bonus. She gets 80% of the value of armor and MR but gets the other 20% as AP.
It seems like Starcall should heal soraka more if she hits an enemy in the sweet spot as well. this would allow her to get back to healing quicker and separate the "Good" and the "Great" Sorakas.
This used to be the case, but alongside the missing health multiplier (which was the more important of the two) it was too much math to understand what a good heal looked like. It also created a weird incentive where sometimes it was better to sweet spot and sometimes it was better to hit multiple targets. Optimization is a good thing to master, but when the choices are so hard to math out that you need a calculator, something has to change.
I definitely get what you're going for, but it's **critical** for supports to be able to provide vision for their team, and most importantly, to deny vision to the enemy. She can't have a bodyguard with her at all times, and there really aren't movespeed options for supports other than Mobility Boots, Twin Shadows and Ardent Censer. And even then, most junglers can easily outrun a Soraka (particularly if they hit her once and disable the Mobility boots effect) and take her out. This is so critical that she may not see *any* play at professional levels simply due to how crucial vision control is in the game. I notice you say "heavy movement speed builds", but I fail to see exactly is a "heavy movement speed build" for a support. Mobility Boots with Alacrity and Ardent Censer? Maybe Twin Shadows? Maybe trading Mobi boots for Boots of Swiftness instead? It's not like she can buy a Zephyr, or Lichbane, or a Ghostblade, or a Zeal item, or rely on her Talisman when it's on such a long cooldown. The problem with building MS on Soraka is that she gets absolutely nothing from it. If she ever needs to go somewhere right quick, her passive takes care of that. If she can't make it on time, she has her ult. Soraka can't build enough MS to escape a Master Yi/Rengar/Kha'Zix/Kassadin/Olaf/Warwick/Vayne/etc, since they have specific tools to chase down targets within normal movespeed parametres, so every time she wants to ward, she might need to blow her Talisman just to get away safely, which keeps her from using such a useful active for a good long while. And the main problem is that, as a support, she's not necessarily top tier? If Morgana or Braum had to do this, it would make sense, since their laning and teamfighting presence is extreme and unsafe warding would be a small price to pay, but they both have plenty of ways to escape anything they encounter. I feel that Soraka needs some form of roaming reliability. Maybe increase her base movespeed to something like 345-350? Or give her some sort of return for building movespeed, like an addition to her passive (referring to her own salvation) that increases her movespeed by a percentage when facing away from enemies?
Soraka has tools to escape, although they aren't quite as reliable as, say, Morgana. Q has a slow if placed correctly and E is a huge silence zone with a snare at the end that you can place literally anywhere. So if I'm clearing a ward as Soraka, I can put the zone under myself and run away and the enemy can't chase me.
I agree here. Having both costs is nonsensical. Either the price is health or it is mana, but not both.
Honestly, it's only nonsensical because it looks weird, and I totally agree that it does look pretty weird. I will be experimenting with tuning other costs to see if we can remove it, but honestly it will make Q feel terrible to cast and feel really limiting about how many you get. (For instance, in this tuning, I can expect you to have to spent at least a couple hundred mana on heals over the course of the lane. But imagine that was all in Q instead. Now if you are doing well and don't need to heal, you literally can't cast any more spells because your Q drains all your mana and you eventually lose the lane. Pushing more mana cost into Q actually makes it harder to keep an advantage as Soraka)
So, she builds Tanky AP, and lives in the jungle. Saw this coming. If she has to spend HP, REGAURDLESS of how you tune her kit, She will build tanky. This is the rule of HP costs in league, and the only exception is when they are not getting focused, at all. Still don't believe me? Well, we know for sure she is building MR and Armor, thanks to that passive, and with a 10% HP cost, she certainly needs to be able to have enough health to be functional at <70% HP, Meaning that while the resistances will help, she still needs the raw HP to make it worth. So she will build tanky. As far as jungling, anyone can jungle, but Soraka gets extra MS for running towards low HP lanes to heal them up. You even called it astral ambulance for this very reason. Congrats, you have made the first Support that wants to jungle, in order to A) maximize her usefulness, and B)afford her items, as she certainly isn't affording Tanky AP on a support sallary. This might actually break the meta, as it allows for Full kill lanes in bot, as even without sustain Soraka can simply stay near a troubled lane to keep topping it off. As long as top pick a tank, you might even see things bot lane like double ADC bot. I congradulate you sir, you might have done what the entire balance team has been incapable of *for 4 years* in 2 different ways: you fixed Soraka, and you broke the stalest meta at the same time!
Ok, I guess I wasn't clear in the original post. When I said 20% of MR/Armor is converted, I meant literally converted. She doesn't get free AP for building resists. She loses 20% of her bonus resists and gets it in AP instead. She literally can't go in the jungle.
As a current Soraka main, I have some concerns regarding the kit changes you are looking toward making here. Some of the ideas I really like (increased movement speed toward damaged allies is a very good passive, in my opinion), but some of them I don't. My primary concern is that you are removing from her kit the ability to restore mana to another champion. I don't know if this has been addressed previously, but I personally feel that being able to restore mana to allies is almost as key to her identity as restoring health. Being able to restore mana gave Soraka a reason to be picked over other sustain-based supports. It gave her a niche that no other support could fill. It made her unique. I think that trying to maintain the uniqueness of Soraka while developing her kit into something that can be balanced or adjusted without vast swings in power should be the basic goal of her rework, and I think the removal of her ability to give allies mana runs against that goal. My second concern is how reliant her kit is on being able to land, or rather, to *not miss* Starcall. Imagine the options in lane of a Soraka that, for whatever reason, misses Starcall. The enemy now has a 10 second (or whatever the CD ends up being) window during which Soraka has literally no tools with which to impact the course of the lane. If she heals her ADC, she becomes even more vulnerable. Heck, she can't even heal herself. Any opponents who want to go aggressive can target her with complete impunity. Her only option is to run away until Starcall is available again. Further, this places an insane amount of importance on Starcall's range. If its range is too long, Soraka can use it against enemies from complete or relative safety, giving very little counterplay to enemies or punishment for mispositioning the skill. On the other hand, if the range is too short, Soraka will instantly be targeted and run down every time she actually uses the skill. It's her only ability that can prevent an engagement from opposing laners, and it's her only ability that allows her to heal her ally in lane. I personally cannot imagine a duo lane scenario where the enemy lane would not want to focus down the Soraka first, not because she has a lot of threat, but because of how vulnerable she is. It seems like her kit could be usable in mid-game teamfights or siege scenarios, but I can't think of a way that she can successfully navigate the game before those things happen. The W change is not a bad idea fundamentally, but if you want her ability to heal to be predicated on her ability to manage her health, you need to actually give her tools that allow her to manage her health. One method dependent on landing an AoE ability with a moderately long cooldown on more than one enemy is not sufficient to make her interesting to play with and against. This leads me to my third point: her abilities seem to be really Feast or Famine, with the exception of Wish. Her E will either be extremely potent and very frustrating to play against, or it will be very hard to use in any meaningful way. Her Q will either allow her to safely poke and sustain at the same time while enemies have to resign themselves to dodging it every ten seconds, or it will make it very difficult for her to perform her job in lane, possibly to the extent that failing to land a Q means death or having to return to base. Her W will either allow her to rapidly undo the incoming DPS or poke from an enemy team, or it will be impossible for her to use her W at all without dying. Maybe there is nuance to this rework that I'm just not seeing, but I feel like that if this version of Soraka goes live, either people trying to play Soraka will be extremely frustrated or people trying to play against her will be frustrated. Either way, I feel like the result is worse than the current reality. (P.S. I really do like the increased MS toward wounded allies passive, though. I understand that this rework in particular is very tricky to get done right. I hope you are willing to keep trying until you get it right.)
Soraka's Q will scale down in cooldown with rank to around 6 seconds before CDR (so with CDR you are looking at 4 seconds).
I was just watching this guy named 2000boxes seeing if he is going to pick anyone and i was just waiting for him to pick a champion but then i realised that was me and that i should pick someone quick but then the timer ran out I feel like im getting dumber by the second for some reason
But then you picked {{champion:35}} and everything was awesome, right?

I haven't played Ranked in ages. I think the last time was when there was such a thing called "ELO" if anyone remembers it.

- Cidolfus Bunansa
This must this MMR you speak of

I am bronze 1, somehow immune to the ways of LP decay from my friends that make me play ranked once a harvest moon, but I would love to play with you if you will have me.

- LordUraj
I shall have thee.

I'm pretty sure this is impossible, the system prevents you from being demoted for a few games after getting promoted, doesn't it?
Or is this not a thing now?

- Im Totally Miles
Sorry i should have said 1 game at 0 LP

I'm Bronze I, and haven't been able to win a ranked game for the past 10 games. I've been at -3 lp for 9 of those games, why am I still in Bronze I?

Also I'd like to play with ya Mac.


- Pinkie Cat
Welcome to ranked dude, i got into B4 and then i lost one game and went right back to B5, i'm not special, and i feel your pain. i cant game the ssytem :-). I was like what? Lets play together.

two of my accounts have chat restrictions. 4 don't. When you start letting a game change you, especially if it's to blow smoke up the ass of others and lie to people because that's what the game developers want you to do so the people who are terrible at the game continue to pay money for it, you are officially addicted :)

Rioters get paid to advertise this BS, so of course he's going to agree with you, lol.

- JayArrrr
wow man. sorry but you don't get what Riot stands for. i absolutely do not get paid to agree with anyone. In fact i am encouraged to give people feedback on stuff i don't agree with on a daily basis (not on gd this is something i just enjoy participating in and is an open forum), but hell dude, if you are looking for corporate conspiracy you are literally looking in the wrong place. As part of my job, we work daily to try and prioritize player focused projects, stuff that will help your experience. It doesn't always pan out, but man if you came here and saw the passion of the Rioters that work for you, you might change your mind. Even tonight, 4 guys on our team stayed all night to try and help one of our teams understand the impact of the latest patch changes. And we love it.

We think about the player above all else, but i understand it might be hard to see sometimes.

Then you're a person who doesn't know how to reform, and are most likely chat restricted 24/7 Reform can happen. Change can happen

- ThasWatSheZed

You really haven't. Attitude reform is impossible. You simply put on a happy face when you play league because you are addicted to it, or wasted a bunch of money on it, and are afraid to be banned.

- JayArrrr
JayArrrr, dude, i'm not even sure if you are trolling. League is played by people. Haven't you ever learned from a mistake and then decided not to do that thing again?

One of my all time fav summoner names because of friends i had with the same name in the 90's. Added. Greggles op.

- Riot MacGruber
Disclaimer - i am legit old. like quality old, like the Dosecki's guy.

I'm not ranked(yet) because I started only a few months ago but if you're looking for someone to chill with at any point, I'd love to play a game or two with you. :) Summoner name is my forum name.

- Greggles252
One of my all time fav summoner names because of friends i had with the same name in the 90's. Added. Greggles op.

MacGruber, wanna join the fappy place? Huehuehue....;D I'm dyin over here! Sona heal me! XDDD I crack myself up. :3

- ThasWatSheZed
dem jokes doh.

Bronze ftw!

- Bagel Volcanoe
Boom. This guy has it down already.

Dude, I got loads of packages of beef jerky, slim jims, and a1 sauce, getcho ass over here and we can cheeeeeeel

- ThasWatSheZed
Dude, so i have a major problem for chicken wings since i came to the states. If there are chicken wings, i will be there, regardless of the sauce. Are there chickin wings?!? so far unconfirmed.

Please add me,

Started out bronze 1 and dropped to bronze 3 in two days ;'(

- KuteKiss
The downgrade is real. Join the club.

I am bronze 4 and looking to duo but I have a cross country meet do can't get on until later today
Sent this via mobile

- FootPatrol
You shall be satisified.

Add me, I'm the lord of bronze 3.

- Adewale02
I had not been informed of this. I hereby grant you the lands of B3, if you can provide the deeds.

Yep. :) Am I allowed to make like a smurf to play witcha? =p And guess what? When I get an afk or something that makes me WANT to get mad, I go get a slim jim/beef jerky. It helps soo much, since I dip it in a1 sauce. Plus, I needa gain weight, i'm like 78 lbs lol

- ThasWatSheZed
Mmmmmmm... Sauce.
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