First my internet is working perfectly fine. second Here is what happens with me * I start a game, in this case ranked. *Champion select proceeds without any problems * Game starts, and my client fails to connect, says error with connection etc *i restart the client over and over ,finally i got the same message really i can't play some time's game work fine and other n't what should i do ??!!
Mr ShokoZoko
It seems that your network is having trouble establishing a connection to the game server specifically. In this case, our [connection issues]( guide is your best bet to fix up your connection and get in game. Let me know if you have any questions!
I have tried to use the forum as help and also trouble shooting as well as uninstall and re-install. Anyone have any suggestions as to why I can not download the new patch?
At this level, the patcher is trying to download files and apply updates. A network issue can end up getting you stuck at the patcher or an unspecified error. To get this fixed up, go over our troubleshooting steps in our [connection issues]( guide. Let me know if you have any questions!
I've been trying to update my game ever since 6.17 came out, It never went past 0% and when it did it only has gotten to 1%, it sometimes scans only 1 or 2 files. The KBps is at 0 most of the time. Whenever I exit the launcher, a bugsplat pops up. I've tried many ways to fix this and I have not found a solution for this.
At 0% and 1%, your client is checking with your local directory and software packages League interacts with before the downloading of patch files starts. Failures here are generally caused by League missing certain authorizations to interact with any number of files or folders. Most of the time this can be resolved by assigning proper system permissions with [our guide.]( Let me know if those changes resolved your issue.
I'm trying to download league but every time it gets to 41% it crashes any help?
At 41%, your client is grabbing files from the patching server. When you see crashes or errors here, it usually means that the connection to the patching servers dropped off. This can be caused by some incompatible network settings locally, or in rarer cases, issues with your route to that server. In either case, it's a good idea to check your network settings and ensure they're aligned with our [connection guide. ]( Let me know if this helped.
Dear Riot, Thank you for hosting the 2016 NA Finals in Toronto. For all who attended we can all say we had a incredible experience. :)
Hey Liquifyed, Ron from the Esports Event Production team here. Awesome to hear you had a great time at the event. It's been a long time coming, but Toronto definitely brought the hype. Thanks for attending!
Earlier this week I changed my client to Korean and it worked completely fine but when I tried changing it back to English it got stuck at 33% and said " unspecified error has occurred please check the logs for more information"
I'm not entirely sure these two events are specifically related. Issues at 33% and onward when patching are typically the result of the patcher not being able to connect to the patching servers with a stable link. I recommend ensuring your local network settings aren't blocking this from happening by checking out our [connection guide.]( Let me know if this problem continues.
Let me first begin by saying as a long time NA LCS fan, watching the finals live was an absolute blast! Being able to watch my favourite teams face off and feeling the energy of all the fans at the event will be an experience I will never forget (even remembering the chants around the stadium still gives me chills). If NA LCS were ever to return back to Toronto I would not hesitate to attend again, that being said I do have some thoughts about the overall experience. Rift walk: The Rift walk was overall a pleasant experience and a must go for any fans of LoL. Attending relatively early allowed my friends and I to enter without any lines and even registering our wrist bands was a quick painless experience. The crowd wasn't that bad and lines were not that long ranging around 5 - 10 mins max and the entire visit could be finished in an hour. The issue I had was despite being like that, the main attraction which was the Thresh puppet was a fairly underwhelming experience. The puppeteer came out as we got into line and after taking photographs for around 10 minutes, he went back inside and the puppet was put in selfie mode (ie just propped up). This was a huge disappointment for many of us waiting to have a photograph with it and get to interact with it up close. Not knowing when the puppeteer would come back, we stayed in line since we had waited already (and wanted to get into the line for the NA LCS finals several hours early, which I will explain later), we just took our photo with the puppet and left the Rift walk as it was the last attraction. I also should note that the Lucian statue was not present, however I take responsibility for not checking the FB event indicating there were shipping issues. Lastly it seems the Rift walk experience photo ops has some issues as checking online, our photos of us posing with the LoL weapons are not present (for all 3 of us). Before the Finals: Unable to attend the 3rd and 4th place game, I heard from a friend that most of the merchandise was sold out by the end of Game 1. Thus, with the expectation of this happening again our group ended up leaving the rift walk early to wait in line for the finals several hours early. By the time we got there, we were standing relatively close to the front of the line (definitely would consider us to be near the front) and waited patiently to be let in at 1:30. The pre-event stuff was fun, they had champion borders where you could take photos, make posters, and get free league inspired temporary tattoos. I am sure many of the early attendees had the same plans to buy merchandise and when we were finally let it we all rushed towards the store. Here is where my disappointment set in; outside the "store" was a velvet crowd queue barrier and the group and I were probably 2/3 of the way in (maybe 30 people max) by the time we got there and this line then rapidly extended further beyond the barrier within minutes. At around the 20th customer, they announced that ALL CLG, C9, and TSM shirts had been sold out, with only a few Immortals left (poro plushies were also sold out). Attending the headline event and having all the team shirts basically sold out within the first 15 mins was hugely disappointing. I have a hard time believing that the first 30 people had caused this and is a result of the previous days game, where stocks were basically cleared beforehand. Furthermore by the time our group got there, the event shirts had sold out of medium size, which goes to show the amount of foresight that was put in for this. What was a nice surprise was that attendees we were given a I love/hate teemo wristband, a pair of light up long balloons, and a lanyard (supposedly for the rift walk there was some mention of receiving something in our account after registering). Finals: What can I say? This was a blast! 10/10 would do it again! Hopefully this will help provide some insight to others when worlds gets going. Thanks for reading!
Hey FiRedProdigy, Ron Solo from the Esports Event Production team here. I really appreciate the time you took to share your experience and feedback about the event. We were blown away by the energy that Toronto fans brought, and we can't wait to go back. That said, this was definitely a learning experience on a lot of fronts for us, especially with the Riftwalk--which we hope to improve on throughout Worlds--and merchandise. To that end, jerseys and event shirts are a new experiment for us, and we're still right-sizing demand and quantities to bring to each event. Again, we'll look to level this up for future events. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the weekend, and thanks again for the feedback. I'm passing it along to the relevant teams. ............... i can't login game please help me how i can Fix that
Are you still having an issue? I don't see any issues with EUNE and everything seems to be okay. Let me know!
Is this just really coincidental packet loss? Or is there something wrong with my client? An example would be that I get a short, but strong spike up to 400 for one second at the 00:08, then get another at the 01:08, 02:08, etc. for the entire duration of a match. I don't usually 'lag' aside from this reoccurring packet loss (?). Any thoughts on how to fix or prevent it? My resting ms is often between 32 and 40
That is really strange behavior! It definitely sounds like there are issues with something around your connection that's causing your high latency spikes. A good majority of the time, these issues are influenced by local settings on your network or problems with your route to the server. This may require some further investigation, but I recommend you first ensure your local settings on your network are aligned with those listed [here.]( Let me know if this problem persists.
I'll just start from the beginning and include everything I can think of. Last night I played several games and had no problems that I can recall. Overnight a windows update installed. I tried to play a game an hour or so ago. When the game launched it for some reason was in a tiny window that used about 1/3 of my screen. Then I got the message that the game had crashed and I had to reconnect several times before I finally got in (everyone else had connected). When I got in the window was still tiny, so I went into the settings menu and changed it to full screen. When I did that, suddenly the camera had zoomed way in on my character and wouldn't zoom out. Also, at this point something was wrong with mouse input. I would click one spot but the character would move elsewhere. At this point I just restarted my computer. I got back in the game and just played the game on the tiny window (it did not go well). Afterwards, I tried launching a custom game and got the same thing. So I uninstalled League, reinstalled it and tried to make a custom game. Now all I get are bugsplats over and over, can't get into the game at all. Thx for the help.
It sounds like your input file that's stored on the server may be corrupted or messed up in some way. I recommend completing a reset of that file using the steps below. >First, **Log into the game** then find your League installation directory. It should be here: >**C:\Riot Games\League of Legends** >Delete the folder named **CONFIG** Once you've deleted that folder, hop into a custom match to confirm the change went through alright and that you aren't seeing the same behavior. Let me know the results.
Am I the only one missing some LCS snapchat or? I think it's amazing to watch LCS or behind the scene through snapchat, because it's more real and you can feel the real energy? We need someone to improve it! There is a lot of players and casters sharing on snapchat, but could be fun to get more angles? They do have Instagram, but more people use snapchat!? Right? Could be such an awesome job though, who doesn't love snapping ;)
Hey! I just wanted to pop into this thread and let you know that we do have a Snapchat account. The username is LOLESPORTS. Thanks for the post and I hope you enjoy our content moving forward!
Is this actually something i should be concerned about or is it just the shitty client acting up again?
Wolfess offers some solid advice here. It's really important to have good security practices, and I suggest going over the[ account protection]( guide to help with that. The notification from the client is telling you that someone has logged into your account elsewhere. If it's not you, secure your account as soon as possible. If you have any issues what that, our [account recovery]( guide can help with regaining access. Good luck!
the freezing stopped but i got 998 high ping for no reason..what should I do?
Oh that's really high! Your network might be having some problems like packet loss. Run a [log reader]( for the match that's happening in for an overview of what's going wrong. The results will also provide a list of troubleshoot steps specific to your issue. That should get you fixed up!
I just logged in on my acc and all my friends list disapere all about friends, i have recommended friends to add via my facebook. So can someone help me ?
That's a strange issue to hear your friends list is gone. Reach out to us in a [support ticket]( so we can take a deeper look into this. We'll respond asap!
The past several times that I have earned an S ranking on Aurelion Sol{{champion:136}} I have not been able to find my S token in my crafting inventory. I have earned two for Aurelion and both will not show. I have the match history to prove the S's but can't get to rank 6. This same problem has happened to my friend RawrPancake who has earned several S Rankings on Rammus{{champion:33}} . How can we get this fixed and obtain or S rank tokens?
As *Lew* mentioned, you can only earn mastery tokens in Summoner's Rift in a normal or ranked match. Can you provide me with a link to the matches you've earned an S in but haven't received a token in?
**Okay, so here's what went down :** _I was bot lane as Twitch with a Shen support{{champion:29}} {{champion:98}} _ _Their bot lane was Ashe and Taric{{champion:22}} {{champion:44}} _So I had gotten first blood on Ashe, used both summs, and everything was fine, until me and Shen started to do good, and going in a lot more, My ping would stay over 1,000 and would not go down while I was the only one on the internet at my house, I couldn't really move, let alone play the game while Ashe and Taric snowballed off of me and Shen so I decided to stay at base rather than make it harder for my team, then Kled disconnected from the game for 2-3 minutes, Pretty much everybody doing good on our team was lagging so bad they couldn't play, anybody have any idea if whether this was a ddos attack or not? I just changed my IP just in case.__
Dat Boi Darius
I wasn't able to find a record of server issues last night. Did this happen in just this one game, or are you still seeing persistent high latency in matches?
"Must be level 6 or higher to post a comment " message im getting. please help update my user level in the forum.
xD k e x y
Your account needs to sync with the boards, mostly when posting for the first time. Everything looks okay now!
Ranked teams are currently on a schedule which will differ depending on weekend or weekday. You can find the current schedule on the [Ranked Team Schedule]( article. Hope that helps, and best of luck!
I didnt know where to put this, but how do the badges work i had the "solo pref" badge for a while and last night i played 3 or 4 games with a friend now i have dynamic preference. I thought it took 25 games to get a badge for the new queue why did mine change after 3 or 4?
There isn't a set amount of games either way to earn each ranked emblem. Essentially it measures what types of matches you play (Solo or Dynamic) and assigns you the correct emblem for the queue type that you've won the **vast majority** of matches within the last 25 ranked wins. *Lew* was spot on here, and if you haven't checked out [the guide]( they linked, I recommend doing so. It's got a lot of great info on Ranked Emblems as a whole. Let me know if you have any questions.
I was so excited to win a game because that was my first win of the day and i could buy Jhin but i didn't receive my IP and now i'm sad can an admin do something with this.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
I looked into this and it seems that you've already unlocked Jhin! Your balance may have been out of sync, and a relog usually fixes that up. Good luck out there!
Issue #1 I have been having this problem for quite sometime now. League of legends Client keeps crashing at random times without me doing much of anything, even when I'm just trying to look at my profile or even match history and even during the loading screen of games of any game mode. I have uninstalled and re-downloaded League multiple times my windows 10 is completely up to date i have 0 viruses and yet i have not found the reason for any of these issues... Issue #2 6.1 and after i have had constant high ping that sits around 250ms(first world problems) after about 4:30pm PST until about 2am PST and I have called my internet provider(Suddenlink) to see if it was a problem with MY end of wired/wireless connection and they have sent many techs and have said multiple times that my set up isn't at fault... I even had one of the most recent techs place all my router ports to the specifics of league ports and it doesnt help. Please if anyone has any information regarding these issues please comment
Elite Teemo
When you say crashes, can you provide more details on what you mean? For example, are you receiving any error messages and what does it say? Crashes in general could be due to a few reasons like outdated drivers, bad game files, or third party programs like High ping would be more of a network sisue having problems maintaining a steady connection. For this, I suggest using our [connection issues]( guide as your first step. Let me know if you have any questions and additional information!
So I currently have Dynamic q prefrence, having played around a little bit more than half with a duo q partner since the badges came out. How many Solo Q wins would I need to get to change my badge to a Solo Q badge?
There's no set amount for how many wins in the last 25 you need to rep the Solo Q emblem, but as *Lew* mentioned, it needs to be the **vast majority** of your wins from the last 25 wins in total. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest checking out our [Ranked Emblems Guide.]( Let me know if you have any other questions.
Yeah, I sent a friend request on Discord.
Whenever I start/join a match, I'm always the last player to load in.(By a pretty big amount of time too) This is weird to me because when the game actually starts, it runs perfectly. It never lags and everything responds the second I prompt it to. My friends say it's either my computer, or my internet. But my internet connection is always as strong as it can be, and my computer is actually pretty new, so I know it's not that. Players have actually threatened to report me for bad/slow connection and "sabotaging their game". Is there a way to fix it, or is it gonna be like that forever?
First off, I'm fairly sure you cannot be banned for being the last one to load in, or even taking a long time to do so. I would not pay any attention to those players who are threatening to report you for such a reason. Most of the time, your loading time is influenced by hard disk speed or its read/write efficiency or other system factors. A good place to start in troubleshooting this is to work through the steps outlined in our [FPS guide.]( Let me know if those steps caused any change to your loading time.
Hello. I've been trying to connect to the game, but then the connection crapped out on me, so I restarted my computer. Then I try logging in again, and it says "can't connect". then i try to check the server status in North America and it says that the servers in North American are DOWN. WHY, RIOT GAMES!?!?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US!?!?!?!?!?! I JUST WANT TO PLAY YOUR GAME!!!!!
Servers should be running just fine currently. There was a short period where some queues were down for a quick maintenance per our [service status]( page. Everything should be okay, but let me know if you are still having any issues!
.... oh god now i feel that i have to comb through Japanese history for references to the crabgot! I foresee a rise in crabgot sales in the distant future
If someday a Dark Lux skin becomes real, if it's possible, please make it looks like the void one ( I mean her clothes, make it light please, she looks amazing with those) and with a long hair ;p She doesn't need a big armor nor monsters related things. I don't think she would look good with somes claws on her feet.
I always thought Gothic Lolita style would fit her well, with ultraviolet light?
I try to run the installer but it pops up asking if I am sure i want to cancel instillation, if i click no it restarts and just goes through in the same loop, if if i click yes it ends the installer. i have tried searching for info regarding this and have yet to turn up a solution. Any help would be appreciated.
This is a strange issue that I'm unfamiliar with, and curious if League is being downloaded from the official source. Make sure to download the current installer [here](! If you still have any issues let me know and with any additional information possible!
Okay, So basically I was playing with a friend called "SoldierOfShurima" who invited me to play a lol ranked game. At first I thought it was a normal lag moment since the start due my net. But after a while I don't think so anymore. I was using shyvana in the jungle when it happened. I was basically fighting the jungle monsters for a whle but every 6-10 seconds, my ping would escalate past 4k. It wasn't my net or anything. I even alt tabbed to check on youtube, an online ping site and even opened up warframe, tera, and planetside 2 during the process. All three games worked just fine despite being HEAVIER than lol. The worst part of it all was that each time I activated my w the ping would even get worse. I tried attacking the mobs during that ping I could see the mobs dying, but my character wouldnt move like from the spot. It was awkward cause I even passed past diana, killed her and she didn't even see me or knew what the fuck has killed her till the ping went down on my side. Worst of it all was during the teamfights, sometimes the same shit would happen, but other times my character would just sit idly like a dumb puppet cut of it's strings. I could see my allies killing, fighting, my enemies poking and all and even kill me, but I wouldnt even move a single bit from that spot. I know it's a weird ass bug, and not a lag issue since I triple checked it more than twice and when I normally lag my character is normally sent back to base. But in this case that didnt happened. It just stayed there or kept moving without a body or name till I did w/e I was clicking to do. Can someone tell me what's going on here?{{item:3070}} {{champion:102}} {{item:3070}} Oh and yes, I did lose the game since at some point my shyv wouldnt move anymore. I was basically a melee turret by the end of the game xD
It definitely sounds like you were experiencing some massive latency spikes and packet loss, as the symptoms line up with many other occurrences in the past I've seen. Most of the time, these issues are caused by issues along your route to the server, but sometimes local network configurations can influence these issues as well. As a first step in resolving this, I strongly suggest ensuring your local network is up to snuff with our [connection troubleshooting guide]( Let me know the results of those steps.
Soo i keep getting champion shard from the chest, any future update for this?? can't do anything about it
Zombiemaster has some great info on what to do with additional blue essences. We don't have any other updates or options for now, and the chests remain to be random. To add to Zombiemaster, you can also check out our [champion mastery]( guide on how it's used. Hope that helps!
Is Curse Voice allowed? Will it trigger a cheating ban? Will it crash my client? Etc.
This Urgot
Curse Voice hasn't historically provided any cheats or competitive advantages, so as long as it doesn't in the future, you should be clear to use it. Sometimes it's caused crashing or other weird interacts in the past, but I'm not aware of any conflicts between it and League at the moment. Let me know if you have any questions.
I just got placed into low-priority queue because of Leaver (Remakes). You can check my profile, please undo this.
Unfortunately. LPQ's (low priority queues) cannot be removed or modified in any way. This is because regardless of intent, a disconnection negatively impacts everyone in the match. This is a key reason why all disconnections are treated equally by the [Leaverbuster system.]( It seems you've disconnected from a handful of matches recently. Are you experiencing technical issues that prevent you from joining or staying connected to a match?
Hey Riot i have been experiencing some lag spikes during ranked games recently, sometimes when i play i suddenly cant move my character for a short amount of time. There is even delay some times when i hit the creeps, but my connection still stays at 30-40 ms so its not my connection. I dont know if someone is trying to ddos the servers while playing, or that someone is using scripts that could cause the servers to lag for other players??
It sounds like you may be experiencing packet loss or high packet buffering. These issues are often a result of local network malfunctions or problems along your route to the server. I recommend checking our [connection guide]( to ensure your local settings are good before we investigate further. Let me know if you have any questions.
Hello fellow Summoners, How long does your account go full inactive claimed by Riot? I plan to work and go back to school this year and save up for a new gaming rig. This will affect me not being able to play on my account. Anyone know when will they put my account on hold? If you're wondering what level am I. I am 30 Silver IV.
Ruthless OG
We don't delete accounts for inactivity! You can leave the account just the way it is, and return whenever!
So until this recent patch I have always had a solid 200-220 fps and now on patch 6.17 my frames are capped at "60" even with the setting "uncapped" checked. Is this a problem? I know 60fps is good and all and what not, but i'm a fps whore and like to see what my card can max out at, so far it's maxed out at 563 on a good day when it's nice a cold. On my avg hot days it's about 201.
THC Shippo
If you're running Windows 10, this may be a direct result of the Anniversary updates that enabled the Game DVR feature inside the Xbox App. As a quick test, you can [disable the game bar]( to see if anything changes. Let me know the results.
for 5 years of playing this is my first happened that I can not access my account ..I downloaded a new lol and again does not work. i try Hextech repair tool and again dont work . but if ï connected on another internet with my laptop game start normal but when î back home ï cant play lol i see **The login server did not respond. You may have a connection issue that is not related to the League of Legends server.** i try to login on eune and russia and euwest i get this error.. anyone is still had this problem?{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
We'd like to look into this and help out! Reach out to us in a [support ticket](, and we can get this squared away. We'll respond asap!
how do i gift someone, i just friends with someone but i can't gift him, do i need to be friends with him long time
It may take a bit before you are able to gift your friend. There are some restrictions, including waiting a bit of time, for security measures. More information on these requirements or restrictions are available in our[ gifting center ]( Let me know if you have any questions!
So I wanted to log in and play kled, keep in mind I haven't played since Arelion sol was added. Anyways I logged in, bought kled, and created a game. Crashed as soon champ select was over. So I did what any reasonable person would do and completely wipe my computer with a fresh reset. I've always been able to play on this computer and all of a sudden I can't? Even tried doing a normal match but it still crashed and I didn't wanted to risk getting banned. I've done everything before ultimately resetting my pc. Rename/delete Logitech files, compatibility mode, deleted razor cortex, fix game files and nothing. And no I've never ever had lolreplay. So that's not a possible fix. My specs: Model: g752VL Processor: intel(R) core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59GHz RAM: 12GB 64 bit OS Any advice is greatly appreciated- <3
Does this happen during the loading screen or after you've passed the loading screen? Additionally, do you see any specific error messages when the crash occurs?
wowser, the servers hella lag on EUNE
There isn't a lot of detail to go on here. :/ If you're still having an issue let me know, and with additional details!
i dont know why i keep pressing lol to open but it does not open . Any suggestions?
The patcher needs permission from your OS to launch, otherwise it can stay in a dormant state or give an error message. Go over our [permissions]( guide to help get this fixed up. Hope that helps!
I can start any game but LoL and it says the error "0xc000007b" after picking a champion. I've searched almost every site but nothing works at all. Is this again some Riot Game bullshit that they need to fix or is there some special fix to this ?
This error may not be specific to League but an underlying problem with your OS or DirectX. As a first step, your best bet would be to update your drivers and update Windows. You can find instructions on this and others in our [game crash]( guide. I hope that helps!
the game keep giving me this "Connection Failure: Unable to connect to the server." like after loging in.. it give me that massege any one got same problem or it's just me and btw this happend after the ranked game was shutdown. (help)
Are you still having an issue? Any downtime or maintenance will be posted on the[ service status ]( Let me know, and I'd be happy to help!
Alright, so I get a black screen right after champ select instead of going to the loading screen. I checked everything and my internet connection is good. I remember I saw in another discussion how to solve this, but I forgot what the solution was. Can someone give me a solution please!
A black screen like this usually indicates a problem with your network trying to connect to the servers specifically. I suggest going through our [connection issues]( to get this resolved. Let me know if you have any questions.
Come on its been 2 weeks now and I still can't find a proper solution to the problem. Like so many of us faced it we have our game crashing after champion select, I looked up for as many solutions as I possibly could but none of them work. So here what happens: -I select my champion, no problem -the loading starts, no problem -then after 10 secs my computer freezes entirely, cant move the mouse because its bugged, cant quit the loading screen because its bugged. -I have to restart my computer, go back to lol client launch it etc... -and usually when i manage to get back in game its already've been remade and lose lp + 5 low priority queues. I hope someone can help me out! :D
Fire Shinobi
Have you recently updated Windows 10? There's been an issue where some players have been freezing, and it appears to be due to an issue with the [Xbox Game Bar ]( Disabling that may resolve this for you!
I have a laptop with 2 GB ram. It's pretty new, got it in February. Is this enough ram to play?
2GB meets the minimum specs, however, 4GB is recommended as per our [specs article.]( Let me know if you have any other questions.
so my friend downloaded the launcher but its say not compatible his computer is a asus(he is a online friend so no screenshots)
I'm not familiar with this error message, and would need a lot more detail to help. Ask your friend to reach out to us in a [support ticket]( with as much information as possible. Our tech team will be happy to help!
as title says can this just become IP boosts?
We'd like to look into your specific issue individually through a [support ticket](! Reach out to us, and we'll see if we can do anything about these remaining XP Boosts. We'll respond as soon as we can. Grats on 30!
still happens, I think its just this computer that doesn't let me hear the aram music, idk whats wrong.
Wero Reyes Lopez
Yeah, that's really strange that this persists through multiple accounts. I think our tech team may be able to dive into some of your logs and take a deeper look into this. I suggest running a set of logs using our [Hextech Repair Tool](, then attach them to a [support ticket submission.]( Let me know if you have any questions.
IS THERE ANY ONE THAT KNOWS HOW DO I GET SHACO NUTCRACKO SKIN? Can i get it through gift box, hextech boxes, or maybe an event? I main shaco and i want this skin so badly. {{champion:35}} THANKS.
Nutcracko Shaco is a [legacy ](, so it's possible for him to make a return! In the meantime, he should still be available through mystery gifts and hextech crafting. Good luck!
hey... i just created this account to play, and i found out that i have a friend the US that also play LOL... so i tried to create an american account but they simply dont let me create one... i have tried inumerous times to do it and i have also reasearched and tried many ways to create the account; however, for some random reason it doesn't let me create the account. could riot give me an account on the US server?
In cases where the sign-up isn't going through, it's possible that the username is already taken or email is already in use. Trying another username might help fix this up!
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