then it's probably 2 of the following: Vandal Vladimir, Marquis Vladimir (reverted), Count Vladimir (reverted) and Nosferatu Vladimir Shadow Evelynn
Good detective work moonboy!
i got the year wrong but like i said ive had my account since 2010 season 1 are you tlling me that it wasnt made before January 14? because im sure it was and im pretty sure ive made it in 2009 or the begining of 2010 bc my cousin got really hype for it and mad me sign up with him i remeber ranked didnt even exist yet
Account Creation Date: 2010-07-06 13:17:51 PDT It seems like you were 5 months late :( Wish I had better news!
One question regarding Cho that's not coming from a gameplay angle: Do you know if there are any updates to his skins' splash arts are in the works? Because I majorly liked the [old art of Gentleman Cho](, with everything illuminate by the glow of the fire, and rather hate the new "art" (read: crap).
Our current strategy for splash art updates is to go back and do them for champs we've already done gameplay/visual updates for (fix the part of the package we didn't get to at the time basically). Cho's not in that category at least. Once we're done with that though we'll set up another batch of champs for splash art updates, imagine Cho's a contender there. Long term the goal is to update splash art for all champs, so it should be a question of when not if at least.
That is a legendary skin that SCREAMS to be made, Kalista lovers pity her in the lore and wish to see her in a more positive light at least in a skin. A skin where her VO isn't spooky and violent. A skin where her eyes are benevolent and she smiles. A skin where her hands are graceful while strong, not demonic claws. Plees Rito, Kalista is bae.
Photos of Ghosts
Duuuuude this is actually a really great idea. I would play the shit out of that skin.
since day before yesterday (22) i encounter a burst of data eating away whenever i logged in. its around 100mb . since we have limited data connections i our country this is a serious problem most of my friends dont play league these days due to this reason.... i hope that we will get a good response for this. <3 glhf and cheers{{champion:36}}
Azumi Legoulas
Since we're really close to worlds, there's a lot of extra content on the landing page. This includes videos, article links, etc. There's no way to disable this content, so you may be able to prevent this from happening as often if you reduce the number of times you relaunch it. It shouldn't use much data just sitting idly in the background. Let me know if you have any questions.
So I ran windows update earlier, and now when I load a game of LoL, it goes into a window mode in a small resolution. I usually play 1768x992, but when I switch to that resolution, or to full screen, or anything like that once the game begins, it just kind of glitches out and makes it so I can't click or do anything, and the resolution is not even close to the 1768x992 I have been used to for ages. Now I tried other programs such as GW2, and they all worked fine. I don't believe it made any changes to my drivers, so I am totally at a loss as what I can even try. It runs fine until after the character selection, when the game launches. The match-up screen is windowed, and then the game launches in the smallest possible resolution. I have also tried restore defaults, and a few other things. Should I just reinstall LoL from scratch? Nvidia has about 8 billion options in the settings as well, so I am not sure if that could be it. Has anyone else run into this problem, or have a suggestion?
Lord Sessshomaru
We've seen this recently with a number of players at this resolution, most of them being Televisions. Can you [try a different resolution]( for Windows and in-game such as 1366x768? Additionally, can you try a different display, such as a regular monitor to see if this is only happening with the current display? Let me know if anything changes.
I dont know why, it just randomly started happening today, i cant get rid of it, I play in full screen mode and all i can do really is get it to temp hide, till my mouse comes to the bottom of the screen, and then it comes up, in game i keep clicking on the task bar and it brings me out of game or something and its costing me games. I dont know what to do pls help. Also im on windows 10
Can you confirm you're in Full Screen and not Borderless Windowed mode? Full Screen should prevent this from happening, but if you're in borderless, this could happen, especially if a background app is giving you a notification.
I cant login.... At first I tried to login then it didnt work, so I changed password. Didnt work. Then I changed region to my other account, didnt work so theres something thats fked up... :3 Help plzzz
Swag Fizz
I'd like to help but need more info here, like what you mean exactly by it didn't work. Are there any error messages? Give some more details so I have a better understanding of the kind of issue you're experiencing. Let me know!
A couple of patches back you decided to rename the "Howling Abyss" map to "[ARAM](" in the lobby. The underlying cause is probably due to user confusion because of the following reasons: 1. Users were unaware that the ARAM mode is played on the Howling Abyss map. 2. The "game type" Howling Abyss (and as such ARAM) was found under was called simply ["Normal"](, causing confusion since ARAM isn't, well, what players would normally argue is "normals" (which typically refers to 5v5 on Summoner's Rift). 3. The layout of the lobby were confusing since the game types were actually shown *below* the currently selected map, so it gave the impression that "Normal -> Howling Abyss -> Ranked" or "Normal -> Howling Abyss -> Co-op vs. AI" was possible selections. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Recently however you've redesigned the lobby and cleared up a lot of the confusion. Changes include: * Renaming the game type "Normal" to "PVP" (solves confusion #2). * Move the game types to the top of the lobby and game modes (blind pick, draft pick etc) to below the selected map (solves confusion #3). {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Because of the current design and layout of the lobby I'd argue that now is a perfect time to rename "ARAM" back to "Howling Abyss" so that we actually achieve consistency in the naming. To solve the remaining user confusion you can then rename the "5v5" text above the map title to "5v5 ARAM" instead. So from [the current lobby]( to [something like this]( {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Heya Nomeya, Sorry for the delayed response! That layer won't always feature maps actually. For example, we plan on having the rotating game mode queue also live at that level, so you might see something like SR / TT / ARAM / RGM We've been working on getting RGM into LCU, but we've had to make changes (like these changes you've see to game select) to make things a bit more logical.
My pc did an forced update yesterday and now my league crashes in game about 5-10 mins in. I have uninstalled the updates, reinstalled league, reinstalled windows but kept my files, updated graphics card. I know my pc is above the recommended for playing league but does anyone know how i can fix this issue?
Reinism Senpai
When the crash occurs, do you get any error messages, does the entire PC freeze, or do you get a network connection error? There are different types of crashes, so if you can give more details, I'll know what's going on.
I was playing arams several hours ago with no problems at all, i come on several hours later to play ranked games with a friend and in both of them we get through champ select fine but it doesnt load in to game and comes up with a pop up saying 'cant connect to server' and to efectively sort my connection out, ive restarted LoL several times, restarted my internet and tried playing with and without ethernet cable in, i have 0 ideas wtf is wrong and ive now lost 40 lp aswell as gaining queue timers .... anyone got any idea on how to resolve this?
Dann Beastly
It seems that your network is specifically unable to reach our game server. This could be caused by some setting or firewall configuration, or something else. I suggest using our [connection issues]( to troubleshoot and restore comms. You an also download our [hextech repair tool]( to automatically configure your firewall settings. These resources should get you squared away!
Hah no comments yet? well maybe if I comment on my own post I can get levels! Kinda ironic... it's against the rules to be a troll.. and yet in order to use this forum you have to be a troll. Ah well
Sometimes if you haven't used the boards in a while, your Summoner and Boards profiles will have fallen out of sync. It seems your post here has caused a sync to happen, as you show as level 29 now. Happy posting!
Game crashes while in champ select. apparently only happening to dynamic queue. IM LOSING LP FOR THIS>{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
Crashing in champ select can be cause by third party programs that aren't playing well with league. Remove any apps you might have running like or any of the like. If your issue persists then you may have a network problem failing to maintain a connection and ultimately kicking you out. For this, your best bet would be to check out our [connection issues]( guide for a resolution. Let me know if you have any questions!
When I finish champ select and the game goes into loading, on mac it is just showing a black screen that makes a noise when you click it, this happened on a arurf game which resulted as a leave. I also am trying to load a bot game and the same thing occured. When the game ends the black screen freezes so you have to force quit it, then the game end chat place opens up/if it is a bot game it just sends you back to the main league page.
This situation usually happens when there's an unstable connection between your client and the game server. Sometimes this can be bypassed by spamming the **RETURN** or **ENTER** key on your keyboard as the loading screen pops up. In most cases, local network settings are causing the issue, so I recommend working through the solutions listed in our [Mac Connection Guide]( Let me know if those steps resolved the issue.
Hey, not sure if I've put this in the right place as this is my first time posting, but my game's losing its mind. It patched earlier, I assumed it was some sort of hotfix, but ever since then it's been freezing after a minute or two of being on, usually in champ select. When it does, I can still click buttons in the window (I can tell by the sound effects), but the window doesn't update, and out of four times I've tried it in bot games, only once have I successfully entered a game. During that game, my screen would routinely flash black. I'm on Windows 10 and have never had this kind of trouble with the client before. It's persisted through two client repairs, three hard resets, and adjusting my compatibility settings. Has anyone else had this problem, or have any suggestions for how I could fix it?
I'm happy to be the first to respond to your first post! :D Freezing or crashing in champion select can be happening for several reasons, like third party programs or connection issues. If you have any apps running like or overlays then remove them. If your issue persists then you may need to double check your network for any issues and troubleshoot all through our [connection issues]( guide. This should get your issue fixed, but if you are totally freezing in-game please let me know as that's another issue. I'll be around!
I updated my windows yesterday and decided to open up league. After champ select the client closed, as usual. Screen went black for a moment, as usual. But the instant after, I got bugsplatted. I closed the game and tried again. After several failed attempts I decided to let it go. Unfortunately, waiting didn't help. I now have low priority queue due to the amount of times I attempted to play a game and got bugsplatted. Any ideas on what I should do? Anyone else having the same problem?
We've had a number of reports from players that after recent windows updates, their display resolution is different that before. This has been causing these bugsplats in a lot of cases, so I recommend lowering your display resolution using [this guide]( to see if it resolves the issue. Let me know if this helped.
League is crashing at the login screen for me, no login animation just a black screen with the login box and i cant click the page or type anything in. just stops responding. can anyone think of the cause of the top of there heads? {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:7}}
It sounds like your client could have a hard time pulling the login page from the servers. Most of the time when this happens, it's caused by local network settings that prevent a good link from being established. I suggest working through the steps outlined in our [connection troubleshooting guide]( as a starting point. Let me know if those steps caused any change.
No luck, tried all of them. The only thing I didn't really do is install optional windows updates. It said there were no important updates available. maybe one of these optional updates would solve the problem? I also did a full scan of my hard drive and there were no corrupted files. The night I first had this issue I was able to play League again at like 12am my time(central). The next day I went to play and I had the same issue.
Honestly, I highly recommend downloading all of those options to make sure your OS is in its best shape as well as to rule out any possibilities. These updates are usually security patches, so it's important to have those. This isn't really an issue that requires a corrupt file scan, but an issue with your permissions. If you still have any issues, reach out to us in a [support ticket]( and our tech team will take a look. We'll take care of you!
So I was que'ed into a game of normals, I wanted to play, oh wait when I am just starting the pick and ban phase OH WAIT LOLCLIENT.EXE ISN'T RESPONDING. So now I have a 10 minute wait timer. The stupid part is I don't even deserve this not just from the client itself being stupid, but I have dodged 1 game for a friend, NEVER afked yet I get a 10 minute wait timer, this is honestly absurd, I am being punished for riot's mistakes, how is this fair? I am not just gonna let Riot's spaghetti code ruin my game rep, plus I have spent $150+ on this game, I don't even get priority on fixing bugsplats and stuff? 1 reason why I hate this game. (I dodged the game 3 months ago.)
It sounds like your client is disconnecting from the servers, which causes it to crash out. I strongly recommend working through our [network guide]( to ensure your local settings are compatible with League. Let me know if this causes any change.
Hi all, i've been a loyal LoL player for around a year and all of a sudden when ever I load into a game, as soon as you can see the the actuall game, with champions and all, my entire computer freezes, and I have to manualy shut off my computer and try again. I have re-installed twice, and nothing has changed, please help :O
Stacks of Ronies
This issue may be due to a Windows 10 update that's auto-enabled the [Xbox Game Bar]( The bar has been causing freezing and buzzing issues for some players, and disabling it should get this fixed for you. Let me know if you have any questions!
i just bought the best dell inspirion 15 7000 gaming series i installed league and everything was fine it runs perfectly at max settings but i have one huge probleme the pv bars of the champions and the minions and the monsters are reaaaally tiny and also the mouse clicker and the tower on the map .. i cant play like that please help how do i change that thank you for your respond.
Your rig's drivers and settings may just be outdated and need a tune up if it's still on factory settings. I recommend using our [FPS issues]( guide for steps on updating your drivers and making sure your new pc is in its best shape to game. Also, keep in mind that you can have this issue if your resolution is set too high (I noticed the monitor might support 4K). 4K is not currently supported, so you may need to reduce your in-game resolution as well as your monitor for your best display. Let me know if you have any questions.
So will Talon be getting his splashes/skins updated and/or a new >975 skin with his update? Im sure I saw somewhere that Riot felt Talon/Talon players deserved a >975 skin, but somewhat shortly thereafter SSW Talon came out, and it was loose phrasing to begin with. TL;DR, will Talon change/get anything new/upgraded cosmetically with his update?
He will be getting ALL new SFX and VFX and all new icons. Also a few new animations
the thing with the 2 splash arts that couldn't be resolved, was it because the community didn't like them?
No. These 2 were because of censorship issues that we couldn't resolve by simply removing the issue, since the issues weren't as small as a cigar.
When i click on the loot and crafting tab it makes a sound but just stays on a black screen, it has been like this for a while now. Does any one have a fix for this? please help {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
The black screen you're seeing is usually a network issue failing to connect to the server properly, so it can't download your hextech crafting assets. Use our [connection issues]( guide to troubleshoot this and resolve whatever is causing this hiccup in your connection. Dry those tears, this will get fixed!
Hello, I play TF all the time and i currently have mastery 5. I want to get a higher mastery. Whenever i play a game and get and -S or better i am not achieving a champion token or anything to upgrade to the next mastery. This has happened a lot where i have received 5+ games of -S or better with in a couple of days and i am not receiving anything. I currently have one token and need one more but the game is not giving it to me... can anyone explain this to me?? Thanks.
Looking into this for you, it looks like the games are being played in ARAM. Tokens are currently only available through SR per our [champion mastery]( guide. Hopefully that helps clear things up, and best of luck with your mastery goals!
When queuing into League, when watching videos, when the game is loading, my ping is fine. However, while actually playing, my ping chills around 150-300 ms. I'm sure it's a me issue, but how can I fix this?
It seems to me like your network is having an issue holding on to your connection, which can cause lag spikes or input delay. This could also be due to how your ISP is routing to the game server. Meaning, even though you can use the net just fine there can still be an issue specifically connecting to us. I recommend using our [connection issues]( guide to troubleshoot this and make sure everything is setup without issue. If you still have any issues after going after each step, then feel free to reach out to me!
I can't seem to run full screen properly. Once I set the right resolution that I need the screen reads my mouse clicks miles away from where my mouse is and the quality of picture is poor. Idk what to do to fix this.
This issue can be caused by unsupported screens like 4K. If you're using one, I recommend scaling down to another monitor if possible. You can try reducing the resolution of your in-game screen as well as your monitor to see if that can help. If this is the case for you, I can't make any guarantees but it's worth trying. Hope that helps!
So today im trying to play ranked and every time i get into a Queue the game crashes and i have to wait 30 minutes to play another game and this has happened 8 times already today Please Riot Work on your client!! And this is my alt account my main is ZuesLee.
Crashes while in queue or in champ select are often caused by the client losing its connection to the servers. I strongly recommend you ensure your local network settings are compatible with our [connection guide]( as a first step. Let me know if these crashes persist through those changes.
Thanks. But I download this issue couple weeks ago..The problem is, I keep reconnecting last night and it doesn't work. Normally the ping is 29 - 34. Sometimes it goes up to 116 - 120 but it's fine. I duo with my friend last night and already played 2 rank game before that happened. I did everything to try to get into the game (including restart my computer), and I'm pretty sure it is not network problem because I also chatting with my friend and watching the presidential debate at the same time. After the connecting problem happened I turned everything off but I just couldn't get into the game. I live on campus. The network speed is 30m/s.
A Dead Guy Here
Even though you can use the net without issue, you can still have a problem specifically connected to the game server. There could be a setting or even how your ISP is reaching us that could cause an increase in ping like this. You can also run a [log reader]( of these matches for an analysis to know without a doubt. It's important that you go over the connection guide's every step to rule out any possibilities and get this resolved. Let me know if you have any questions!
For about the last month to two I have had non-stop bugsplats. Literally unable to play a single game. When it first happened a while ago, I thought maybe it was a bad patch. I went back to playing other games and when I came back the newest patch was out. Updated, same issue. Get to champ select fine but as soon as it tries to transition to a game, it bugsplats me back to the main screen. I've submitted a good 20 bugsplat reports over the last 2 months. I've followed all recommendations. I've tried repairing, reverted to previous patch and updated, ensured all windows updates and driver updates are current, even went so far to do a complete uninstall and clean re-install. Nothing. Still same issue. Get in fine, get to character select, BAM bugsplat. Anyone got any ideas?
Bugsplats are usually caused by hardware or system driver problems, so it's very likely this is what's happening with yours as well. I recommend working through the steps in our [Bugsplat & Crash guide]( as a first step in resolving this. Let me know if this issue persists through those changes.
So umm basically I unlocked Popstar Ahri from a crate but... I haven't unlocked the default skin and I was wondering if I unlock her default skin would I also get the Popstar Ahri? Cause at the moment I can't play as Popstar Ahri.. And I'm kinda new just started playing LOL this year
CherryRed FoX
CritterZoid is pretty on point, and I hope it helped! If you receive a permanent skin for a champion you don't have through hextech crafting, you will need to unlock that champion in order to use it. More details on how all this works can also be found at our [hextech crafting]( Let me know if you have any questions!
i just updated today, and now when i play, my fps is capped at 20, and sometimes when i play, it spikes back to 60 fps, which i normally play at. changing the video settings does nothing, and i am at a loss of what to do. Any help would be appreciated Thank you.
You may have some outdated drivers or bad game files causing your FPS to drop, but there's been a recent issue with a Windows product as well. If you recently updated Windows 10, it auto-enabled the [Xbox Game Bar]( which has been causing fps drops for some players. Disabling that can help restore your FPS, but if you continue to have issues then go over our [FPS issues]( guide to troubleshoot this for the fix. Let me know if you have any questions!
Go figure nobody would offer any advice.
As *Porocles* mentioned in your last post about this issue, since the basic steps we provided didn't resolve the issue, we'll need you to reach out to our tech team in a support ticket. We'll have more context with those logs and be able to better address this issue. Let me know if you have any other questions.
So I just bought the championship riven figure. But it doesn't say where I can get the skin at all. I thought it would be added to my account since I logged in to purchase it but it isn't.
You should be able to redeem the skin through the order details section of your [merch account]( There should be an option to unlock digital content, with a prompt to select a region and summoner name. Hope that helps clear things up, and grats on your figure!
after every patch my client has issues that require multiple compatibility fixes to sort out but nothing as bad as this... I'm posting this after being force quit by the client 3 times in this match now...8 minutes into the game. It runs fine, everything is smooth and without flaws and then the screen freezes and a second later it says ive been dc'd from the Edit: 4 times (I lasted 30 seconds that time...) Edit: 6th time was at the 12:20 riot 8 times in 14 minutes...thank god this game is over xD
Do you get a specific error message when this happens? Something like a Bugsplat or a Network Disconnection error? With a bit more info I can provide accurate steps to resolve this.
I got my mystery gift but I haven't got the icon and it is 9/24 rioter help?
102 airborn
A lot of players have received their gifts now, but we're not done just yet! Per our current [support banner](, we're still distributing gifts, and you may not get everything all at the same time. Hang tight until this is all wrapped up!
After new patch I have started crashing and this has never happened before. My ping is 23 and i usually get 116-160 fps. I know my computer is slow but it has been slow for a very long time and this is just happening. Is my computer dying or is it the patch? Overwatch runs fine.
Twerking Kitsune
I'd like to help you out but need more details on what's actually happening. What do you mean by crashing and where specifically is it happening? Are there any error messages? Let me know!
I currently have 1 token from getting at least S- with Zed and then I played all random urf today and got S- but I did not get another token. Please help.
ARURF is not eligible for champion mastery tokens, as *Zombiemaster* mentioned. As mentioned in our [Champion Mastery Guide](, you'll want to play Summoner's Rift in normal or ranked matches in order to gain tokens. Let me know if you have any questions.
So I recently got to silver 4, got deranked back to silver 5 got back into silver 4. Now I am in Silver 4 I win 23lp to 26lp I do not understand why I get so much to be honest. But when I lost one game tonight I lost 18 lp, and for some reason the game before I got awarded 23lp but only 18 showed up on my account? I am very confused as to why I am losing so much, for 1 match to where as before at most I only lost 6-12lp. if someone could help me understand this system or tell me why climbing is becoming so difficult that would be nice.
The LP adjustments can vary depending on the matchup and average MMR of each team. If you are matched against a team and matchmaking determines that you have a good chance of winning but lose, you could lose more LP. On the other hand, if matchmaking determines that you have a good chance of losing but end up winning then you can earn more LP for that game. More details on how matchmaking works can also be found in our [matchmaking ]( Best of luck in your games!
Everytime it get's to a high percent it says "check your log" something like that, help me pls :c
When the patching process fails at a higher percentage of the progress, it's usually caused by the patcher losing connection to the patching server. I strongly recommend you ensure your local network settings are compatible with our [network guide.]( Let me know if this issue persists through those changes.
To say that gameplay is healthy when two teammates leave at 7 minutes and FORCE the other 8 people to play that match for a minimum of another 13 minutes before the option to surrender comes up is awful game design. The excuse "people will abuse it" holds no weight. If that's actually your excuse then it's apparent riot is aware the penalty for leavers and afk players is very lax and easy to be taken advantage of. Either increase the penalty for leaving games and make leavers penalized like you do in remake situations, or give us the option to surrender whenever we want.
Schrute Farm Fan
We've been looking at early surrender options a bit recently. There are definitely some games it'd be good to allow people to get out of quicker. At the same time we don't want to create a lot of extra games where some of a team chose to give up too early, when other players are doing well enough it's still a winnable game they want to keep playing. What we're thinking of as a result is testing out an early surrender option, but only if the entire team unanimously agrees to surrender. Something like 100% agreement between minutes 15-20 and then normal surrender rules after that. Ensures that no player gets forced out of a game they want to keep playing, while giving an option for things like the 2 people DC'd for a while case, or the 24 to 0 by 14 minutes game that's effectively decided. Again, that's something we're interested in testing, probably just in a single region to start with, not a committed plan or anything. There are likely other improvements that could be made to the surrender system to, that looks like one of the clearest wins though, hence work on it being tested first.
Hi there! I am stationed on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN70). We are going on deployment at the beginning of next year and a bunch of us were wondering if it were possible to get a server for us to play during our rare free time during every once and a while?
Infected Turtle
I'm not entirely sure I'm understanding what you're asking. Can you clarify a bit more? Are you not able to connect to the League servers from PC's on the ship?
From last 2 days i cant login lol i have tried all techniques but no use i reinstalled lo also but no use cans omeone help me
Login issues can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from Internet Security features to network settings. I recommend checking out our [Login Issues guide]( for the consolidated list of the most frequent fixes. Let me know if this issue persists after taking those steps.
I haven't gotten riot kayle or the poro birthday hat, and I've played games, so can someone help me?
Ultimate Deadpoo
As *Zombiemaster* mentioned, we're still getting these gifts sent out until the 30th. We're sending these out in batches to confirm they get out properly, so let me know if you don't have anything after the 30th.
Just got a nice 5 match lower priority queue due to me not being able to connect. Thanks rito.
You'll never get a 5-game LPQ for disconnecting from a single match. It takes a trend of disconnections to gain this specific penalty. I strongly recommend we troubleshoot the cause of your disconnection, which is likely an incompatible local network configuration. I recommend working through our [connection guide]( as a first step. Let me know if you continue to disconnect from matches after taking those steps.****
I cannot connect to the game, it keeps saying that my internet has connection issues which is in fact not, is this something like hacks? Will I lose any IP for this?
Even though you may be able to use the net without issue, you can still have problems specifically connecting to the game server. Your best bet would be to use our [connection issues]( guide to troubleshoot this, and maintain a stable connection in-game. Let me know if you have any questions.
I recently got my account hacked and I need some help. I want to get my account back and I have told the person who has my account to give it back but he/she refuses to talk back. My account name was DragonSlayerSmrf. It was a bought account but I have had it for about 6 1/2 months now.
Lvl 18 Magikarp
Unfortunately, Riot doesn't recognize account sales, as they're against the [Terms of Use]( and can result in an account's permanent suspension. If you have any other questions, let me know.
Can Someone from Riot please help my brother. he has forgotten his password on his account and hasn't gotten a response in 2 days. The Forgot password thing has been clicked and no emails have been sent. he sent an Email to service support and they sent blitz bot who asked for info he gave the info and now its over 36 hours later and still no help. He asked me to post this because he can't even get on here. Please he hasn't played in 2 months because stuff was happening he just got a new job and wanted to play and mystery gift with his friend. Please this is ridiculous its an honesty mistake and he hasn't been able to log on for 3 days. can a riot employee get in touch with us thru phone or email this shouldn't take more then 1 min to fix he has his original password he has no idea why it isn't working and he sent like 20 pieces of info that "blitzbot" wanted. This shouldn't be something that takes 3 days to fix and There should be a way for people to check their tickets on here when they have forgotten their passwords.
Gentleman ADC
It can take a bit for our account team to investigate the case and respond. The ticket with the information requested by the auto-reply was escalated to our account team. They will review the case and respond as soon as possible. Your brother will be in good hands!
I recently moved to Korea for my first duty station. US Armed forces, and obviously I can't play on Korean or NA servers. SO I tried to switch to Japan's servers but due to my location I wasn't accepted into their servers. Is there another server I could join that would allow me to play?? I get 400 ping on NA servers from Korea, so I'm kinda desperate.
Are you looking to transfer your account or create an entirely new one? Accounts from NA can only be transferred to specific servers, which is listed in [this guide.]( Let me know if you have any questions.
Fire of Green
That's quite a bit of ping, and something that's usually caused by network problems like packet loss. I recommend running a [log reader]( to get an overview of what's going on. The results will also provide you with a list of steps to troubleshoot and get this fixed up. Let me know if you have any questions!
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