The Eye of God as it's called allows Illaoi to function as the truth bearer; it's not an idol of worship but an instrument of Nagakabouros's power.
+1. It is rare, but it is only a "tool." Like a hammer or saw. It would be replaced. The power comes from her connection to Nagakabouros, the Eye of God just helps her focus.
Basically some things in Illaoi's religion, such as Nagakabouros, the maelstrom and the nature of souls have similarities to elements of Hinduism and Buddhism. Nagakabouros draws parallels to Brahman, who in certain schools of thought fulfills a similar role as the binding force behind all things in the universe, the maelstrom is very much like the cycle of reincarnation, and the way souls work is similar to the concept of Atman, again in certain belief systems within said religions.
Yep Pretty early on i started playing with the notion that she was preaching a flip side of buddism in particular. What if nirvana wasnt being taken out of the cycle of desire - but embracing it? From that idea we got a couple key religious tenents that seemed logical or at least plausible for runeterra. Illaoi accepts that life is hard, but assumes value is in the journey.
Definitely loved the lore. It was cool to get a bit more Gangplank loving after he didn't show up in the Harrowing event and I think this is one of the first mentions of Bilgewater's surrounding areas. I do have a question - I noticed with Kindred that they had a "related reading" or something to that effect with links to stories involving Kindred. Will other champs get this? Not only does Shadow and Fortune add a more light hearted, well rounded side to Illaoi's character, I also feel like it would just be more convenient to find these old stories if there were links to them on the corresponding character profiles. Just a thought!
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fnetv8hx,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2015-11-25T06:55:45.525+0000) > > Sion level's the plan for Taric, though without the shift of class that Sion and Poppy went through (he'll still be a tank support primarily). OMG is taric gonna become an assassin? I don't really trust the part about no shift of class, because you sure said poppy and sion would keep their "identity," which I guess doesn't include playerbase and playstyle in your opinion.
Our intent with Sion and Poppy was always to try and preserve their thematic identities while addressing the major kit problems they had. We didn't feel that 2 button click stun burst mage fit giant undead warrior, nor that low counterplay assassin with an extreme power curve was the right way to do valiant yordle warrior, hence the class changes. In Taric's case by contrast a tough support who heals/buffs allies is a good fit with Taric's core theme (gem paladin effectively).
Ah okay So then you have reason to believe Brand and Swain are out of line disregarding the masteries? Out of curiosity I have to ask what determines to Riot if a champion is overloaded or if its an external factor in a case like this (such as Jax with rageblade, Yasuo with crit changes, Mundo with new defense tree, etc).
Yes, we think they're too strong and have got to the point where, even with mastery changes, we need to trim some power from them. For champions versus masteries/items/whatever we start with an assessment of how the other element's performing overall. Rageblade for example's definitely too strong on Jax, but it's also just too strong across the board compared to other items. Similarly Warlord's Bloodlust was too strong in general compared to where T3 keystone masteries should be (though it's also possible Yasuo might be too strong as well, still watching that).
Hey, Leaving aside my personal opinions about the Morde rework, this kind of insight into specific design projects is really interesting to see and helps me feel like I understand what the Riot balance team is thinking as they make changes. I hope you guys keep making this type of post in the Dev Corner.
Thanks for the feedback. We'll likely try out a couple more of these in the moderate future, probably starting with a Tahm Kench one sometime in the next couple of weeks.
I think they said it wouldn't be later than february or march at latest but the end of january or middle of february was expected after they work on the preseason changes
We haven't committed to a specific time for Taric yet. It's highly likely he'll be the next full scale rework out, but beyond that can't give any specifics until we're closer to a firm launch.
> [{quoted}](name=Sonnington,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fnetv8hx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-25T03:02:31.640+0000) > > Taric is on the list and is coming up soon. Not sure how reworked he'll be, but every year they alter his kit significantly and it never balances him. I'd like to see Taric get a good kit for once. > > WW is also on the list. Morello would talk about him on the hitlist from time to time. From what I understand, Taric will be a Gangplank-level rework, no?
Sion level's the plan for Taric, though without the shift of class that Sion and Poppy went through (he'll still be a tank support primarily).
Now instead of nerfing Brand and Swain directly while also most likely going to nerf the masteries soon too, can you hit the real problem (the mastery)? Don't understand why you would take two vastly different approaches on a similar problem
> [{quoted}](name=FalconPawwwwnch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BVst6cij,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-25T05:43:30.788+0000) > > Don't understand why you would take two vastly different approaches on a similar problem In short, because we don't believe they're exactly the same situation, hence the nerfs to both DFT with DoTs and Brand, Swain, Anivia. DFT being too strong with DoT/sustained damage effects doesn't mean some champions aren't also out of line.
If new Poppy uses her R while the enemy in within her W do they not get sent flying?
Blazing Tenshi
Poppy's W only stops effects that her enemies apply to themselves or their allies (so it'll stop dashes, jumps Thresh W pull etc). It doesn't affect displacements applied to enemies however, so if you're playing Tristana with an allied Poppy her W won't interrupt your ult's knockback.
> [{quoted}](name=rand0mredneck,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=utTcNYlY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-25T00:13:47.109+0000) > > Make it as wordy as you like, but we all know this translates to: > Well, yes, I do dislike change, when it comes in the form of a blank-slate retcon. An established universe relies on continuity to hold it together. When you reach into a living universe and retcon some significant part of it, you damage the continuity that keeps it feeling immersive and "real". As noted above, though, I have to yield this particular argument. I hadn't actually been able to listen to the VO first-hand until after writing this post. Now that I have…I don't see a huge problem. She sounds a lot like Poppy, or at least, Poppy in her youth. This is one time when I'm glad to be wrong.
> [{quoted}](name=CupcakeTrap,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=utTcNYlY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-11-25T00:27:00.242+0000) > > Well, yes, I do dislike change, when it comes in the form of a blank-slate retcon. An established universe relies on continuity to hold it together. When you reach into a living universe and retcon some significant part of it, you damage the continuity that keeps it feeling immersive and "real". > > As noted above, though, I have to yield this particular argument. I hadn't actually been able to listen to the VO first-hand until after writing this post. Now that I have…I don't see a huge problem. She sounds a lot like Poppy, or at least, Poppy in her youth. > > This is one time when I'm glad to be wrong. Hey, CupcakeTrap I just wanted to pop(py?) in and say that I admire your strength of character to say that you'd changed your thoughts on her after getting new information. It's often really difficult for humans (though apparently not traps of the cupcake variety) to publicly change a stance on something. All too easy to dig in the heels and double down. So - mad props to you. Thank you for remaining both vigilant _and_ open minded. Tough combo. "_You will be tested..._" --- As per the guidelines I created [here (if you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do)](, judges will need to be selected for the upcoming Illaoi Champion Auditions. This thread will be for selecting judges that will preside over the auditions in the case that the community votes alone can not select a clear and valid winner of the competition. Judges will also run the auditions and set forth the means by which the people auditioning will present their portrayal of Illaoi. In this thread, people will make suggestions for, and or offer their services as, judges. Once we have a list of Judge Candidates, another thread will be made with a Poll so that votes can be cast to select judges, which will require each voter to state who they voted for. No less than 3, and no more than 5 judges will be selected. Each person is allowed 2 votes. One primary, and one secondary. **NO MULTIPLE VOTES WILL BE ALLOWED**. That counts for smurfs too, folks...seriously. Regardless, please toss up your selections, or offer your services, here. **NOTE:** Remember that being a judge is based on your ability to judge who can most accurately portray the personality of the champion(s) in question based upon their canon Riot Lore. It isn't necessarily about writing ability of the applicants, but the personality they will portray to the community. Keep this in mind before you decide to nominate yourself or others. >**Addendum:** It has come to my attention that people are learning who owns the Champion Smurfs before they have a chance to post their auditions. I would ask ANYONE who wants to audition for Illaoi to **_PLEASE KEEP YOUR INTEREST A SECRET, AND TO NOT TELL ANYONE WHO YOU ARE, EVEN HINTS_**. This is to eliminate favoritism and bias in the voting process, and will make everything much more fair. Thank you in advance! In addition, refrain from RPing on the client (if that still goes on) as Illaoi until AFTER the auditions are over. **Judge Candidates** Ryugi Kazamaru AskKarthus NapaIm -- -- -- -- -- ---
Ryugi Kazamaru
If anyone making a smurf for Illaoi auditioning purposes has trouble with the Boards taking too long to detect your level, I can try to help! Contact information can be found in the Community Rules, Culture and Etiquette sticky thread. I can only force a level-detection update from the office, though, so if it's over the break it might be faster just to wait for the Board to work it out by itself. (Sometimes it can take a couple of days to update.) Good luck to the judges and the candidates! She's quite a personality.
I guess I'm the only one here that wants to see that over confident power hungry Sarah Fortune destroyed by Gangplank.... On another note, It was never his desire to be reaver king. Illaoi convinced him to do wut he wanted. To see Bilgewater in order, and he did it the best way you could with Bilgewater- - With an Iron Fist. I still can't wait for Sarah's and Gangplank confrontation.
It's not going to be pretty. For anyone.
Currently available on NA. Take a gander folks! I'll transcribe in a sec. Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess “Wisdom is frequently a kick in the head.” Illaoi’s powerful physique is dwarfed only by her indomitable faith. As the prophet of the Great Kraken, she uses a huge, golden idol to rip her foes’ spirits from their bodies and shatter their perception of reality. All who challenge the “Truth Bearer of Nagakabouros” soon discover Illaoi never battles alone - the god of the Serpent Isles fights by her side. All who encounter Illaoi are struck by her presence. An intense woman, the priestess is fully committed to the experience of living. She takes what she wants, destroys what she hates, and revels in everything she loves. However, to truly know Illaoi you must understand the religion she has devoted her life to. Nagakabouros, the deity of her faith, is usually depicted as an enormous serpent head with tentacles spiraling around it in endless motion, with no beginning and no end. Also called The Mother Serpent, The Great Kraken, or even The Bearded Lady, Nagakabouros is the Serpent Isles’ god of life, ocean storms, and motion. (The literal translation of its name is “the unending monster that drives the sea and sky.”) Central to the religion’s theology are three tenets: every spirit was born to serve the universe; desire was built into every living being by the universe; the universe only moves toward its destiny when living creatures chase their desires. Lesser priestesses are tasked with maintaining temples, calling holy serpents, and teaching people the ways of Nagakabouros. As the religion’s Truth Bearer, Illaoi’s role is to serve the god directly by unblocking the flow of the universe. To this end, she has two sacred responsibilities. The first duty of a Truth Bearer is to be the spearhead in the war against undeath. Having fallen outside of the normal flow of the universe, the undead are considered an abomination against Nagakabouros. While it is the responsibility of every priestess of the Kraken to protect the indigenous population from the Harrowing, a Truth Bearer directly engages its most powerful spirits and drives the Black Mist back. Second, Illaoi is tasked with seeking out individuals of great potential and challenging them with the Test of Nagakabouros. This task is the burden Illaoi’s title reflects. With her massive, holy relic, The Eye of God, the Truth Bearer strips the subject’s spirit from their body then forces them to stand against her to prove their worth. She does this knowing those who fail will be completely annihilated, for the great Kraken has no tolerance for cowardice, doubt, or restraint. But destruction is never the goal. Survivors of the ordeal are forever changed and often find the will to pursue their true destiny. Though Illaoi is the most powerful and respected Truth Bearer in a hundred generations, it is where she has broken the traditions of her faith that speaks the most about her. Having completed her training as a Truth Bearer, and at the height of her power, Illaoi left the golden temples of Buhru for the squalor of nearby Bilgewater. The pirate city is the only place foreigners are permitted on the Serpent Isles, viewed as a fetid gutter by Illaoi’s people. Previous Truth Bearers ignored the city and viewed the arriving foreigners as little better than untouchables. Illaoi broke with tradition when she chose to protect residents of Bilgewater from the Harrowing, or even more controversially when she decided that some of its residents had souls worthy of the great test. Despite this, only a handful of temples have been opened in the city, and very few paylangi (islander slang for residents of mainlander descent) have ever been permitted inside. Regardless, it is Illaoi who has brought the widespread awareness of the Mother Serpent to Bilgewater, and it is her indomitable spirit that has brought her religion into favor there. Rumors persist that Bilgewater’s most bloodthirsty and infamous pirate had his heart broken by the towering priestess. To anyone who has ever met her, this is no surprise. Illaoi’s rough manner belies subtle intelligence, strength, and a magnetic confidence. Many seek Illaoi’s favor and welcome her to Bilgewater... yet everyone fears being tested by the Kraken’s Prophet. “There can be no rest. We are the motion.” —From The Twenty Wisdoms of Nagakabouros The Burden “Truth Bearer, this is why we must retreat to Buhru. We cannot save the paylangi,” the Hierophant said. The heavy-set woman grinned, obviously pleased by the prospect of leaving Bilgewater. “You’ve mentioned that before,” Illaoi said, walking around the stone table in the center of the room. She rolled her shoulders, loosening the muscles to fight off a yawn. Beside the Hierophant, an elderly serpent caller stood. He wore a vestment made from ropes. Each indigo-dyed cord had been woven to curl; their varying thicknesses and faded kraken ink gave him the illusion of being draped in rough-hewn tentacles. His face was completely covered by a black tattoo depicting the endless teeth of a leviathan’s maw. Monks and serpent callers were always trying to look scary. It was an annoying habit of most men. “The greatest beasts won’t approach Bilgewater,” the serpent caller said with a wheeze. “They stay out in the deep water, away from the stench of the Slaughter Docks. At best, a few half-starved younglings will heed our summons.” Only the greatest children of Nagakabouros were strong enough to consume the mists and defend the city from the Harrowing. The rest of the Serpent Isles didn’t have this problem. It was yet another reminder of the ignorance of Bilgewater’s population. The mainlanders and their descendants didn’t give time for fresh water to flow through and clean their docks. Instead, the paylangi settled permanent anchorages around every shore in the bay. It was so foolish. Many of the priesthood asserted it was proof the paylangi actually wanted to be consumed by the Black Mists. “Crap,” Illaoi said. If she was going to stay, she would have to find a way to defend the city without serpents. She picked at the food from one of the offering bowls around her, before selecting a mango. She needed a plan, and these two fools were useless. A loud crack interrupted her musing. A heavy, wooden door had slammed open downstairs. Gangplank’s voice howled, the words were unintelligible, echoing around the stone walls. “We pulled him from the water, as you commanded,” the Hierophant smiled, adjusting the jade collar of her office. “Perhaps it would have been better to let his energy return to Nagakabouros?” “You do not judge souls.” “Of course Truth Bearer, it is for Nagakabouros to judge,” he said, implying that Illaoi’s opinion was biased. Illaoi walked between the two clerics, dwarfing the pair of them. Even for an islander, the Truth Bearer was tall. It had always been so. She was taller even than the largest Northman. As a girl, she had been self-conscious about it, always feeling like she was stumbling into people, but she had learned. When I move, they should know enough to get out of my way. She lifted the Eye of God from its stand. The golden idol was larger than a wine barrel and many times the weight. Her fingers tingled against its cold metal. It had been placed next to the giant roaring fire, which illuminated the room, but the Eye of God stayed forever cool and damp to the touch. Illaoi deftly shouldered its massive weight. In a dozen years, the Truth Bearer had never been more than two strides from it. “Hierophant, I remember my duties,” Illaoi said as she headed down the stairs. “We will not be retreating to Buhru. I will stop the Harrowing here.” The high priestess had done little but complain since arriving from Buhru, but there was some truth in her words. When Gangplank’s ship had exploded, Illaoi’s heart had jumped. It had been many years since they had laid together, many years since she had ended the relationship... but some feelings still lingered. She had loved him once… stupid, old bastard. Surrounded by tall walls of interlocking stones, the courtyard to the temple was shaped like the fanged mouth of a leviathan. The entrance looked over the blue waters of the bay far below. Illaoi stomped down the stairway toward the front gate. She assumed she would have to smack Gangplank in the mouth; he was prone to arrogance and rum. But still, it would be nice to see him. She was unprepared for the snarling creature in her temple’s entrance. She knew he had been injured, but not like this. He was limping badly and bent over from shattered ribs. He cradled what was left of his arm. He swung a pistol around the room with his other arm, in a half-mad attempt to force the monks and priestesses to back away from him; oblivious to the fact that these were the very people who had pulled his drowned body from the bay only a few hours ago. Worse, his pistol was clearly empty and completely useless. “Where is Illaoi?” he bellowed. “I’m here, Gangplank,” she answered. “You look like crap.” He fell to his knees. “It was Miss Fortune. Had to be. Working with those two alley whores. They sank it.” “I do not care about your warship,” she said. “You were always telling me to move on, to head back out to sea. I needed a boat.” “You need only a canoe for the sea.” “This is my town!” he screamed. The monks and priestesses surrounding Gangplank tensed at this outburst. That Gangplank was foolish enough to make such a claim while standing in a structure thousands of years older than his city, was dangerous in itself. But a paylangi shouting at the thrice-blessed Truth Bearer in her own temple? Any other man would’ve been dumped into the sea with broken knees. “It’s my town!” he roared again. Spittle flew from his mouth in rage. “So what are you gonna do about it?” Illaoi said. “I, I need Okao and the other chiefs’ support. They’ll listen to you... if you ask them. If you ask them, they’ll help me.” He lowered his head in front of her. “What are you going to do about it?” Illaoi said, raising her voice this time. “What can I do?” he said hopelessly. “She took my ship, she took my men, she took my arm. Anything I had left… I used to get here.” “Leave us,” Illaoi told the other priests as she walked toward the gate. She looked down on Gangplank. It had been ten years since she’d last seen him; drink and worry had taken his dashing looks. “There is nothing for me but this town, and without your help…” his voice trailed off when he met her gaze. Illaoi kept her eyes as hard and unforgiving as the Kraken. She gave Gangplank nothing. The priestess of Nagakabouros could show no pity or sympathy, even if it tore at her chest. In despair, the old captain’s eyes darted away from hers. “I could do that,” Illaoi said, “and with a word, the tribes and Okao’s gang would join you. But why should I?” “Help me, damn it! You owe me,” he snapped like a child. “I owe you?” Illaoi rolled the words in her mouth. “I keep up the rituals. I offer the sacrifices,” Gangplank snarled. “But clearly you did not learn the lesson. Rituals? Sacrifices? You speak of things for weak men and their weak gods. My god demands action,” Illaoi said. “I suffered for this town! Bled for it. It is mine by right!” Illaoi knew what she had to do. She knew it before Gangplank had spoken. She had known years before his ship had sunk. Gangplank had strayed. For too long, he had festered in the hatred and self-pity his father had beaten into him. Illaoi had ignored her duty. She had ignored it because she had loved him, once, and because she had led him down this path when she left him. He had been content as a killer, a corsair, a true pirate, and never interested in his father’s title of Reaver King. He had only set anchor in his bloody quest to become the lord of Bilgewater after they had parted ways. Illaoi felt a dampness in her eyes. His time had passed. He had been unable to move forward. To advance. To evolve. And now? Now he would not survive the Test of Nagakabouros. But he needed to be tested. He was here to be tested. Illaoi looked at the old pirate before her. Could I send him away? Trust that he still has some sliver of strength or ambition that might see him through? If I send him away, he might live, at least… That was not the way of Nagakabouros. That was not the role of a Truth Bearer. This was not the place for doubts or second-guessing. If she trusted her god, she must trust her instincts. If she felt he had to be tested, then it was her god’s will. And what fool would choose a man over a god? Gripping the Eye of God’s handle tightly, Illaoi lowered the heavy gold icon from her shoulder. A familiar lightness replaced it, yet somehow she could still feel its weight there. “Please,” Gangplank begged. “Show me some kindness, at least.” “I will show you the truth,” Illaoi said, steeling her will. She stomp-kicked Gangplank, her heel smashing into his nose with a crunch. He flew backward like a drunkard, blood pouring down his lip. He rolled over and looked up at her with furious eyes. “BEHOLD!” Illaoi intoned. She reached out with her mind and called forth the energy of the Mother Serpent as she swung the giant idol forward. A glowing mist vomited from the icon’s mouth and swirls of blue-green energy formed around the Mother Serpent’s face, solidifying into ghostly tentacles. Touched by gold, these tendrils were as beautiful as the sunrise over water, and as horrifying as the darkest undersea abomination. More tentacles grew from the icon, replicating around the room as if born from some unknowable mathematics. Exponentially they grew larger, and somehow each one’s growth seemed to hold all the promise and horror of the world. “No!” Gangplank screamed. But the whirlwind ignored his cries as the storm of tentacles took him. “Face Nagakabouros!” she yelled. “Prove yourself!” The tentacles grasped at Gangplank, then dived into his chest. He shuddered as ghostly images of his past lives shook around him. He screamed as his soul was ripped from his body. His doppelganger stood unmoving before Illaoi. The spirit of Gangplank smoldered an almost blinding blue, its body crackling and flickering through his previous lives. The mass of tentacles attacked the wounded captain. Gangplank rolled and stumbled to his feet, dodging what he could. But for each one that missed, more and more appeared. Reality twisted and churned around him. The swarm of tentacles crashed against him, pushing him down, pulling him further and further from his soul—toward oblivion. Illaoi wanted to look away. More than anything, she wanted to turn her eyes. It is my duty to witness his passing. He was a great man, but he has failed. The universe demands— Gangplank rose. Slowly, inexorably, and unrelentingly he forced his broken body to stand. He ripped himself from the mass of tentacles and advanced step by painstaking step, roaring through the agony. Bloody and exhausted, he finally stood in front of Illaoi. His eyes bulged with hate and pain, but full of purpose. With his final ounce of strength, he walked into the glowing visage of his spirit. “I will be king.” The wind fell still. The tentacles ruptured in bursts of light. Nagakabouros was satisfied. “You are in motion,” Illaoi smiled. Gangplank stood inches from his former love—glaring at her. His back arched and his chest swelled with the sweet air of resolve—he was the proud captain once more. Gangplank turned and walked away from her, no less injured or limping, but his stride now held its familiar boldness. “Next time I ask for help, just say no,” Gangplank growled. “Do something about that arm,” Illaoi said. “Was nice to see you,” he said as he walked out of the temple and down the long steps toward the water below. “Stupid old bastard,” she grinned. As the monks and hierophant returned to the antechamber, Illaoi remembered there were a thousand things she needed to do. A thousand little burdens she needed to carry. The Truth Bearer would have to meet with Sarah Fortune. Illaoi suspected Nagakabouros would soon need to test the bounty hunter. “Tell Okao and the chiefs to support Gangplank,” Illaoi said to the hierophant. “Help him retake the city.” “The city is in chaos, many want his head. He won’t survive the night,” the hierophant grumbled, looking at the injured captain struggling down the steps. “He is still the right man for the job,” Illaoi said as she hefted the Eye of God onto her shoulder. We can never be certain if we’re doing the right thing, or how things will happen, or when we will die. But the universe gives us our desires, and our instincts. So we must trust them. She began walking up the steps from the courtyard to the inner temple, the Truth Bearer’s idol on her shoulder. It was a heavy burden—but Illaoi didn’t mind it. She didn’t mind at all.
One day I will be able to proudly proclaim: "INB4 Sharjo!" But not this day... (We hope you enjoy Illaoi in all her wonder, including her extended intro).
Is Illaoi what people from Buhru typically look like? Are the women as built as she is or is she the exception? Does she have any family?
Chromatic Eagle
No she is exeptional. Like Braum or Garen.
How about giving him ad scalings on w and r and slightly lowering ap ratios? As long as his ap ratios are decent there will always be incentive to build straight ap which I assume you want to discourage. Perhaps other people may not agree with this, but I would like to see usage of q incentivised over the use of e for damage, kinda feels weird to still have morde trying to mage you down even when he has a big mace. I also recall mention of buffing his base stats, and the slight lowering of his attack range, mind elaborating on both?
I think more importantly than nerfing the AP build, we want to provide alternate build paths that allow Morde to truly live out the Juggernaut fantasy. I can talk to the Live team / CertainlyT about the base stats situation.
{{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3001}} to name a few items Maybe {{item:3100}} {{item:3285}} to improve your mobility and go for riskier damage builds that should be more rewarding than building tank items Maybe {{item:3135}} to deal damage to tanks and squishies alike in order to actually survive Maybe {{item:3115}} to increase your DPS, but Morde would need some sticking power to actually use this item (which other AP items can provide) and he'd need an incentive to not just care about his last Q hit Maybe {{item:3146}} {{item:3152}} to have more sustain (this should be a CHOICE, an option, not something that is entirely suboptimal or mandatory). Note that the choice between WotA and Gunblade itself is interesting enough. One's cheap and has CDR while the other has an active that can enable Morde's kit to function better and taps into his dual scalings. Some AP/Armor item that doesn't currently exist but that would allow you to itemize against physical damage while still going for damage. Closest item that comes to mind is {{item:3068}} but this item has several issues IMO Definitely not {{item:3157}} because the active goes against what Morde should do, which is stick to his targets and constantly smack them while making himself tanky. I don't mind not building {{item:3089}}, but it should be an option if you want to go for very high risk high reward. Probably mostly for very stompy games. It would be cool to have choices. AP itemization in general is fun and diverse, but the rework doesn't allow the players to tap into that diversity. It forces you into weird builds that include mage and bruiser items that barely function together. Note : The way I see it, Morde's tankyness should come from a healthy mix of health, resistances and shield generated through high damage (something I believe old Morde had more than this current iteration), not just shitloads of health stacking. You can still incentive players to go for very durable builds with the max health ratio on E, but you should also add the option of having less RELIABLE durability via damage focused builds.
If AP itemization is what Morde should be buying, I really like the idea of hybrid defensive / AP items being his mainstay (like you stated above - Rylai's, Liandry's, Abyssal, Zhonya's make sense). I think it's a lot trickier when Morde's optimal builds make him a glass cannon - so I'm pretty personally weary of pushing him into items like Nashor's or Deathcap. Would a build like Rylai's + Gunblade + Tank items make sense for Morde?
You highlight inconsistent tankiness. Fixing the Shield decay rate from almost immediate to more prolonged duration would help. Not last forever obviously
Well if we made this change we would probably have to reduce how fast it generates as well, otherwise that would be a pretty significant buff especially in the lane phase.
Hey, Leaving aside my personal opinions about the Morde rework, this kind of insight into specific design projects is really interesting to see and helps me feel like I understand what the Riot balance team is thinking as they make changes. I hope you guys keep making this type of post in the Dev Corner.
If you guys find it useful, we'll definitely keep doing them and hopefully improving them.
I just want to ask is why is Illaoi stepping on the Nagakabouros idol, the god that she's being Priestess of? (sorry, Eng is my 2nd language) Because from my culture background, I could kind of relate to her but when she was revealed.. after seeing this splash art, it confuses me... Thank you for your time.
Yami no Beast
She hits people with it too. For her and her religion it's a useful thing --built to last -- objects and symbols are to glorify motion -- they have no value outside of that. If it breaks it was meant to break and has reached the end of its use.
It's difficult to build tanky with Mordekaiser when AP itemization doesn't support him very well. He doesn't have a lot of options for health without gimping his damage, and while CDR would help him keep his shield up his options for that got hit pretty hard with the pre-season changes to masteries and lucidity boots. How do you plan to remedy this?
This is an open question. In development, we didn't think that Morde would continue to be so reliant on AP itemization. We envisioned him having access to the new Juggernaut items in addition to the hybrid AP / AD items. What do you WANT to build when you play Mordekaiser? I think this would give us a better idea of where to push his itemization incentives.
so your plan with dragon is to scale it with his ult? say it does less damge and duration is shorter type thing at ranks 1 and 2?
Well we're not married to this exact solution, but overall we feel like an early / mid-game Dragon can be pretty overwhelming to deal with. As the game goes on though, the Dragon Ghost eventually just melts to the exponential late game damage scaling. We think this mostly has to do with survivability tuning.
Hey all, We're going to be trying out methods of making our internal design reviews player-facing. These reviews are mostly done on major champion releases, updates, and systems tuning that we roll out. We may dig into our archives for recently released champions as well. These reviews will probably not be very 'polished' in their presentation, rather, they're meant to be a way of showing how we examine our work. By looking back at our original goals and then examining what's currently working (or not working) in the present day, we can be more transparent about followup changes while also being able to discuss what 'good' looks like. This is very much an experimental process, but hopefully it proves valuable in the long run. Our first trial is going to be... **Mordekaiser**. **Goals** * Solidify Mordekaiser in the Juggernaut space (low mobility, high close-range threat) * Offer a different non-Marksman duo lane experience * Add new strategic meaning to Dragon **What's Working** * Strengths / Weaknesses profile aligns with Juggernaut space * Provides a different bot lane experience and has unique ally synergies * Dragon creates unique and memorable moments **Concerns** * Extremely early / mid game dominant - lacks true, exponential late game scaling * Both Morde and Dragon follow this power curve * Too difficult to interact with in lane, due to sustain on top of sustain * High AP ratios (especially on R) still leading to Morde being potentially too bursty * Q damage ramping is extreme and readability is poor - leads to weird "what happened?" moments on Q3 hits * Tankiness is extremely inconsistent (unlike other Juggernauts) due to Passive's scaling with direct damage output - increases snowball dependence * Dragon / pet controls are still clunky * Experience bonus passive may not be the optimal solution - it is effective and functional, but low in satisfaction and hard to understand **Next Steps** * Lower sustain early, better damage scaling late * Dragon needs more late game relevance and potentially less early game power * Flatten Q damage out (more on 1, less on 3) while still preserving the 3rd hit as a big, high moment * Increase the importance of effectively utilizing Passive / E to survive in lane and fights Hopefully this gives you guys a bit more insight into our current thinking on Morde and helps explain the direction we're moving him in with the recent patch. Feel free to chime in with any thoughts, questions, or concerns.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Gharris,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=syk73GXO,comment-id=001100010000000000010001000000080000,timestamp=2015-11-25T01:41:56.191+0000) > > I've tried. It's mega hard, but that was my original intention. I wanted to see if I could proxy two waves at once with good positioning. I wonder if Sion could do two lanes. With his passive, he wouldn't care if he took a tower shot or two. Or you could just do what I do and execute on the enemy jungler's top side buff, then tele to lane with double cloth (or a bracer, or nmm depending on the matchup) and pots and be the bully sion is supposed to be. Blue buff sion is the epitome of no counterplay. Start shield, always shield, never die. *shares evil laugh*
Hyrum Graff
That's freaking genius!
Gharris, I have no idea which department you work in, but I've tried to Sated Bard since the start of 5.22 and I couldn't get the double proc to work. Either I'm doing this wrong or there's a bug (which I've posted on the bug forum, but I don't have a reply). I'll charge my 4th hit, Wait till I have 2 or more meeps, I have Wit's end, but when I hit something, I wouldn't see the proc animation, the enemy I hit would just have 1 wit's end proc, it would only consume 1 meep. I look at the damages, I'll be doing 1 physical dmg (AA), 1 magic dmg (1x devourer + 1x meep proc). I'll do my next hit, still no proc. But I'd proc 3 hits later. So on my end, it looks like this: 0-Proc) 1 Meep dmg + 1 Wits end dmg +1 Devourer dmg, 1 AA 1) 1 Meep dmg +1 Wits end dmg + Devourer dmg, 1 AA 2) 1 Wits end dmg + 1 Devourer dmg, 1 AA 3) 1 Wits end dmg + 1 Devourer dmg, 1 AA 4-Proc) 2 Wits end dmg + 2 Devourer dmg, 1 AA The proc would be "comsumed" everytime I have a meep, but not actually proc. I am using Thunderlord's Decree as opposed to your Fervor of Battle, not sure if that makes a difference. I want to know how you got yours to proc and what it looks like when it procs :( If it is a bug, would you be able to nudge the team that is responsible to take a look at it? I want to play sated bard with Thunderlord's ... I really want to :( -Kei, *a sad bard jungler that can't get his sated to proc*
Sated does not proc with the meep, sadly.
So _that_ is why they nerfed the ever living hell out of that AP ratio xD
It was fun. Rip in piece, burrowing ladybug support.
So just curious, what if we already have an open ticket, but the email it's connected to is different than the one your League account is connected with? I suppose I could just open a new ticket, but I'd like to think that keeping the same ticket (Since it's related to the same problem) can give the support team the logs and files that'd help them figure out the issue.
One possible solution is to access your account on the website and simply change your email on your account to the zendesk email. Once that ticket interaction is done, you can switch the email address back if you want. If you do open a new ticket, the agent can always merge your new ticket with your old ticket, so you don't have to start over from scratch. Lastly, you can always just reply to your ticket through email without ever logging in to the support site (for an already existing open ticket).
Thats actually really smart omfg
I like breaking games. It's why I'm in QA :P. There's a lot of opportunities out there for exploration, and while they might not be strong once the enemy learns to play against them, the discoverer's advantage is a real thing.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Gharris,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=syk73GXO,comment-id=0011000100000000000100010000,timestamp=2015-11-20T02:35:04.224+0000) > > Okydoke - here's the secret: > 1. Pick Garen (because someone else is already Jungle Barding). > 2. Get outside the enemy base all sneaky-like: > > 3. Flash over the wall when minions spawn (Your incredible tactics will blow the enemy team's collective minds, and they will panic): > > 4. Herd the minions together and kill them with that E: > > Note: you need to wait to the last second to aggro the ranged minions, so all five are in range of your E. > 5. TP to top when the enemy top laner teleports to come gank you: > > 6. Be Garen and regenerate all your health, be level 2, and pummel top lane when the other guy eventually gets back: > > > Fortune favors the bold {{champion:432}}. you are advocating a level 1 proxy to get early lane advantage? but in exchange for that you blow both summoners. and that works? Props man.
Who dares, wins.
Do you get double points if you can proxy both mid and top waves?
Hyrum Graff
I've tried. It's mega hard, but that was my original intention. I wanted to see if I could proxy two waves at once with good positioning.
Why do you hate humanity soo? do you enjoy watching the world burn?. I'm jk this is genius, i had my siblings giving me weird looks because im laughing my butt off at this mini guide...i don't have garren...but i want to try this with another lulu or something, this looks too hilarious xD
Do it. Don't tell people I told you though. This is secretly the most OP thing since Roaches in SC II beta.
If I do this tomorrow and it blows up in my face, I'm coming for you! XD
With your Garen proxy? We'll Garen proxy each other until the {{champion:12}}'s come home.
You've successfully derailed a Negative Nancy thread about quitting League with your off-meta shenanigans. I'm onto you, Gharris. By the way that Garen proxy is genius and I will now do it every single game.
It's the best. Hard to pull off, but once you get the rhythm down and successfully fake out their team with it you're in the BUTTER ZONE, man.
you are disgusting like, really and horibbly stinking piece of meat and i like that
I prefer to think of myself as something akin to stinky cheese. Offensive, yet an amazing delicacy.
I'm literally laughing my ass off, this is so dirty. I love this kind of stuff, always play like this in normals. You are amazing bro, all the adc sona, top tanky kat/yasuo/vn ,hybird xin, ap Janna mid and support ap panth I played are nothing compare to your geniusness
Holy hell - AP Panth. YES!
facing the same issue here, a few threads are around of folks who have followed all the steps (myself included) with logs. Let me know if I can provide anything
If the Permissions Guide didn't seem to help, then this seems to point to a type of Network Issue. Once the patcher is launched, it needs to connect to our Patcher Servers. If this connection is blocked or stopped from occurring, the patcher simply will not appear. In an effort to resolve this, make sure to complete all of the steps in our [Connection Issues Guide]( Let me know if it doesn't allow for the patcher to appear!
Could you shed some light on her "E" during game play? I'm curious to know what a melee is to do against her top lane as it seems you can stay and fight where your soul is getting crushed (literally) or you can run where she gets free damage on you as you run, you are denied xp & gold from last hitting and you are slow to come back.
> [{quoted}](name=Irishfury,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=FXAooE3r,comment-id=0086,timestamp=2015-11-24T23:38:56.092+0000) > > Could you shed some light on her "E" during game play? I'm curious to know what a melee is to do against her top lane as it seems you can stay and fight where your soul is getting crushed (literally) or you can run where she gets free damage on you as you run, you are denied xp & gold from last hitting and you are slow to come back. Keep in mind that if Illaoi is hitting your spirit, she's not hitting you directly (unless you line up for a Q...). The damage the spirit echoes to you isn't 1-to-1, so you should be able to win those trades if she focuses the spirit. Plus, the damage you deal lowers the spirit duration, making it less likely to get turned into a Vessel. And don't forget that it is a skillshot, and gets blocked by minions, so use that to your advantage too!
I've completed all the actions in the Permissions Guide. The other processes associated with lol seem to run now as well as the patcher, but i still get no client.
Just to clarify, are you saying that you are able to patch normally, hit launch, but then the Login Screen never appears? Or are you able to login, but the main client doesn't appear? Reply back and let me know!
> [{quoted}](name=dArtagnan,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=EE0tnXs5,comment-id=00140000,timestamp=2015-11-24T23:36:18.161+0000) > > Yes! Just let it keep scanning. I have seen it get as high as 30k before, and the best step to take is to simply let it scan. Once it finishes scanning, it should move to download the patch normally. > > Let me know if you eventually get any type of error or if it just closes on itself! what? I'm talking about the patcher itself. It's not opening at all. Is there anyway we can fix this beside the ways you already mentioned?
> [{quoted}](name=FIat,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=EE0tnXs5,comment-id=001400000000,timestamp=2015-11-24T23:52:37.323+0000) > > what? I'm talking about the patcher itself. It's not opening at all. Is there anyway we can fix this beside the ways you already mentioned? FIat, I think you are misunderstanding the thread. I am responding to specific players in "nested" view. I think you are viewing my posts in "Flat" view (ironic, given your name), and therefore making it confusing who I am responding to. Make sure to switch to that view so you can more easily see which people I'm responding to!
I have tried everything now :( because the Game parches without any problem and then I would click Launcher and no Logan screen would sopear so then I uninstalled the game and made sure no registry data was left over, so now I reinstall and after I install the window pops up and it says Launch but I haven't installed any patch and the Game in It's directory is less than 200 Mb, what is happening here? :(
Do you happen to have multiple directories where League of Legends was installed? Maybe a really old installation in another folder somewhere on your harddrive? It is extremely weird that the patcher would not install the latest patch after a fresh re-install. Let me know if you are still experiencing these issues!
Ah, by any chance, does it look like her arms are too small? It's like she only has sticks underneath her coats sleeves.
They're the same as her base, but she's lacking the shoulder/arm armor in Snow Day.
Patcher keeps bug splatting?... ;/ It got to 99% then yea... now it doesnt even load to that point. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Hi Im Trashsu
Consistently getting a BugSplat error seems to point to some sort of odd hardware/software interaction that is causing the patcher to crash. The best step you can take right now is to complete all of the tasks in our [BugSplat Article]( I know there are quite a bit of steps there, but they are all crucial in hopefully resolving this error. Give me a heads up if you are still seeing this error!
> [{quoted}](name=dArtagnan,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=EE0tnXs5,comment-id=00120001,timestamp=2015-11-24T23:29:55.607+0000) > > Hmm...this is definitely something I'll keep an eye on. There are two steps you can take though: > > 1) Make sure that you have added the [proper exceptions to your anit-virus/Firewall]( to future proof this. > > 2) Contact the creator of your anti-virus/Firewall directly to let them know their software does not properly work with League of Legends. They should be able to resolve this on their end! > > I hope that helps! This didn't work either. Is there anything else?
Just to confirm, are you running Ad-Aware anti-virus? The steps I replied to were specifically for users with this software.
Hey everyone, Here’s the straight and dirty: on Dec 1st when you submit a ticket to us here in Player Support, [you’ll need to enter your LoL credentials first]( If you haven’t verified the email on your account, you won’t be able to log on. So make sure to verify your email address! On the other hand, you won’t need to login if you are submitting a ticket about: * Account Recoveries * Chargebacks/Unauthorized Charges ***NOTE: If your account is banned/suspended, you ***CAN*** still sign on to submit a ticket*** > #***WTF? Why?*** Because Stone Cold said s-- Actually, because having two accounts is stupid. There is no reason to have a special support account when we all already have a League of Legends account. This should make things easier for all of you as well as us. If you have any further questions, feel free to drop a reply!
I know you said to leave the client to scan files, but it seems that once reaching 25k there might just be a problem with the patcher... should I just keep letting it sit and scan?
Master Heidegger
Yes! Just let it keep scanning. I have seen it get as high as 30k before, and the best step to take is to simply let it scan. Once it finishes scanning, it should move to download the patch normally. Let me know if you eventually get any type of error or if it just closes on itself!
I have the "Patcher never pops up" issue. There were no problems with my client or patcher up until today, when I tried to open it as usual, the patcher just does not show up. In the task manager, the processes for launcher and client are showing as normal, but if I try to kill them and open LoL again, it's the same problem. Please fix this error as it is very annoying that the game is not playable. EDIT: Turns out that disabling Ad-Aware fixed the issue.
BC Next Door
If the patcher never appears, there may be an issue with the patcher itself. In an effort to dig a little deeper and hopefully resolve the root cause, make sure to complete all of the steps in our [Patching Issues Article]( Some of them may seem very simple, but they are crucial in hopefully resolving this issue! Let me know if it doesn't help!
Hey guys, for those who have Ad-Aware, this patch has apparently been having compatibility problems. If you're running Ad-Aware, disable while the client patches. Worked for me.
Hmm...this is definitely something I'll keep an eye on. There are two steps you can take though: 1) Make sure that you have added the [proper exceptions to your anit-virus/Firewall]( to future proof this. 2) Contact the creator of your anti-virus/Firewall directly to let them know their software does not properly work with League of Legends. They should be able to resolve this on their end! I hope that helps!
At first I want to agree with you here, but then I realize that if I hear that a Talon skin is in process and gets scrapped, I think I would flip shit. So I would have to agree with not doing this
This is a pretty hilarious line of thought.
Every other Syndra's skins have the facial animation, base skin too, but this skin doesn't have it. 1. Select in champion selection Syndra 2. Take her skin Queen of Diamonds 3. How you can see in game she doesn't have any facial animation I don't know if riot missed the facial animation or they didn't wanted it in Syndra Queen of Diamonds but I thought was better report it.
Hiya! Thanks for the report! This is working as intended.
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