It is time to celebrate, and rekt each other!! What a big day!! Finally getting the cinematic out to you guys!!!!

Turn on show private games at bottom of client when you go to join game.

Search for -

game name - RiotBamDragon's game
password - yasuo
Good post. I'm not good enough to write the corresponding, "Tips on how to be the support that you carry hopes for" but would love to see that as well. Morvrannis
I'd love to see this as well! 1. Don't be my caboose. U HAS SPELLS USE DEM PLSKTHX!
8) Bush control is your friend. You have a trinket. Help me help you by maximizing our vision. 9) I'm watching your health and cooldowns. You should try to be aware of mine. 10) Respect my use of my abilities. Yeah, I know you would love for me to throw out that shield/root/stun/heal/etc., but I might be reserving my mana or not wanting to have everything on CD if something bad happens. Ulanopo
COOLDOWNS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER IMO besides positioning, CS, and winning the game ofc. A good carry knows approximate support cooldown timers.
Nice post :) It's always good to try to understand the other roles especially when you have to lean on them so hard. If you're an ADC knowing this stuff can make laning so much smoother on both of you. Though Supports do need to understand that sometimes their actions and playstyle is not always clear. One thing I find that works well when playing support is being able to inform my ADC when I'm harassing VS when I'm going deep to make some plays. I play a lot of support Karma so I harass nonstop. I realized not long ago that it can be VERY hard to tell what is harass and what is me attempting to capitalize on bad positioning for a kill. I try to drop a ping on my target when I'm going full in now. That helps considerably and I find I have a lot less situations where my ADC doesn't help and just farms the wave. It also helps to communicate with your ADC to try to get an idea of their play style vs yours. Knowing your adc would rather play safe and farm up at the start helps prevent situations where you run in and he runs away. Riot Whist
Ohmygod this is me too. I am a Karma main (mid and support, even top and yes--jungle) with around 300 ranked games with her. The number of times I've died alone in bot lane because I go full on aggression but my carry has no clue what's happening are astounding. The only other two supports that I feel LOOK similar in initiating are Thresh and Leona, and they are tanky all-inners, so because Karma has so many strategic options it is actually really difficult to tell if my tether is just to scare them off the cannon minion or if I'm running down lane with them to drop a full combo on their faces. #KarmaMechanics2014 #KarmaStruggleIsReal
The answers to these and all your other questions will be answered in time, friend.

(He looks kind of amazing. Graceful, even).
Howdy! You will want to send in a support ticket for something like this and see what they say.

I like your drawing :)
I am aware that the point of a featured game mode is to be something new that comes along to "freshen up the game", something smaller and enjoyable, but not as resource heavy as something like Dominion, TT, or ARAM. That's fine and all, and I do enjoy the rotation aspect of it, but honestly, while some of these modes are fun little experiments to play maybe once or twice or maybe a few times with some friends (Hexakill, Doom, others seem like they have a ton more "staying power" (ex: One for All, URF) and would only serve to make the game a lot more enjoyable overall by providing more options for relaxed play in between Normals and Ranked games. So, my question to Riot (even though I probably already know the unfortunate answer), will we ever see a Featured Game Mode come and stay for good? And no, I don't mean rotate back in only to rotate out in two weeks. When I say stay for good, I mean stay for good, permanently. Noctes setcoN
It could happen! The problem with game modes is that we do some specific one-off stuff in code, scripts, and other things to enable the alternative rules that are so fun. For example, to make Syndra work for OFA we had to work hard to make sure the game understood what to do with so many Sydras and balls that previously were considered to "belong" to other Syndras, etc. This works great inside a given patch but as things progress, are changed, balanced, etc, they have to be done such that it doesn't break any of our game modes. So in a world with permanent game modes there is a serious commitment to maintaining those modes patch over patch. For now, we are focusing on making new fun game modes to keep things fresh, and iterating on older game modes to attempt to improve them when we bring them back. Eventually we may have a mode that is so well polished and popular that it's time to make it permanent, we're open to that possibility, but we aren't there yet.
Hi everyone, I wanted to outline some of the important parts of my favorite forum moderation system of all time as I feel it could be valuable for the development of these Boards. JaGeX is the company that develops RuneScape, and I feel that the way they approached their forums during the time I played was *brilliant*. --- #JaGeX moderators (J-Mods) had their own individual identities * JaGeX did not believe in canned responses; every moderator was an individual person and had autonomy in how they dealt with problems * J-Mods were community figures first and mods second; they were people that players loved to interact with that also happened to be able to moderate * J-Mods constantly set up little forum games and competitions with players, such as a "fight" between three J-Mods where players sided with their favorite J-Mod * They were able to do this without needing to consult with other teams; the J-Mods would just decide to set up an event and follow through on it --- #Every moderation action was publicly visible * When a J-Mod moved a thread, a locked ghost copy of the thread was left behind and clicking it navigated to the new location * J-Mods never deleted threads; they posted on the thread with their reasoning and locked it to prevent further interaction * J-Mods were able to edit specific posts, and when this was done it would show a visible notification on that post with the name of the moderator --- #Player Moderators were massively important in the system * JaGeX would pick out the absolute best community members and offer them the ability to volunteer as a Forum Moderator * These F-Mods were trained by JaGeX and had all the same abilities and restrictions as J-Mods * F-Mods functioned as a bridge between the general player-base and JaGeX on important issues such as balance, stability, and discussion * EDIT: It seems as though Wrenchmen currently fill a very similar function to JaGeX's F-Mods. This could be interesting to discuss --- **TL:DR** - JaGeX moderation was all about individuality and player-developer interaction. It seems like these two concepts are what Riot is all about, and it concerns me a bit that the current moderation solution is, for the most part, behind closed doors. I have no idea if this will change or I'm misinterpreting the system, but that's my feeling on the current state of things. - Daen Daen
Thanks for posting this. I'm actually fairly familiar with how moderation is done at this, and other companies in the gaming industry, but given how different the Boards as a platform is, our approach is going to be different over a few dimensions. ---- **Moderators with individual identities** I'm not opposed to moderators having their own unique identities, but until we're comfortable with the team, we're going to be keeping the footprint of the moderators to a minimum. We think that you having access to more Rioters is more important. Keep in mind, that our moderators are currently contractors, not Rioters, and though we spend a lot of time training them so that their actions are consistent and player focused, this hasn't always been the case, and we're in the middle of improving that. **Moderation actions publicly visible** No. We've seen this request on and off, but this approach would not benefit the Boards, or most players. It creates a lot of unnecessary noise, would require development work, and the benefits don't outweigh the problems it would create. Individual players that have their content removed will get a moderator message, that's a pretty big step from what we used to doe may do something more down the road, but I can't see us doing what you proposed. **Player Moderators** Absolutely! We're planning this down the road, but not in the ways you would expect. I can't go into a ton of detail, but we're putting a lot of thought into how this will work, and should have more information for you about this year. It's going to be badass. ---- Would be more than happy to go into some more detail if you have specific questions. I'll check back on this thread later tonight.
Hey, at least we age gracefully. :D DocRedgrave
RIP the 90's.
Urgot is love Urgot is life Speaking of Urgot, is Mafia Urgot a plan anytime soon? I think he's in the background of Mafia Jinx's splash, no? Dear Urgot
I can't confirm or deny that one, but you think Mafia Urgot could be a cool idea?
Reminds me of Nano-Breaker. Dunno if you've ever played that PS2 game, but it had you fighting orgamechs (creatures made of nano-bots instead of cells), and when you hit them with your plasma sword, you'd liquify the nano-bots and they'd fly off as black 'blood splatters'. But you could change t he blood color in the options, including one option that made every blood splatter a different color. It was hilarious. Khodexus
I haven't heard of this, but I feel like I need to check it out now. That sounds amazing!
Awesome! Any chance you could check what content of mine was removed in this particular case? I'm still really confused O.O If it's a pain for you, it's no big deal; since I haven't figured out what content of mine was moderated, it can't have been *that* important ;) Hyrum Graff
I'd need a lot more information, and some time from one of the developers who is crunching on bugs. :/
***Who doesn't love Poro? Everyone loves them!*** One cute little Poro decided that he wants to cosplay someone! So he asked me for help. ***"What costume you want me to make?" "I want to cosplay Ziggs! Because he is so cool and funny!"*** So yesterday I've made costume for my little buddy! He was so happy about his new costume that he wanted to share his joy with **Mr.Cupcake** but he was looking just like **Ziggs** so **Mr.Cupcake** was a bit scared! Only Jinx was not scared of him because **Jinx loves** boombs, explosions and **Ziggs**! Now she even loves Poro's! ***Come on! Does this look dangerous to you?* ** Ziggs Poro plush I made is dangerous and sweet :D LilpwnD
... #WANT

Yes, Shyvana vs. Mundo AFTER the laning phase is over often boils down to a slap fight.

But the Shyvana - Mundo slap fight is exactly the concern.

It's mind boggling to me that anyone who has actually played fighter vs fighter matchups can believe that ranged champions have to deal with creep manipulation and all in judgements to the same extent as fighters do (maybe he hasn't, wouldn't shock me).

No, that's not really my point. Apologies if I distracted the conversation too much around dealing with minions. The original question I was trying to get at is what is interesting about two melee duking it out that some of you really enjoy? (Or alternatively, why are ADC or mage duels generally more fun given that they are also dealing with minions, ganks, etc.? Or do you disagree that they even are?) Feedback on that helps us determine what kinds of changes we need to make as we update melee champions and itemization. I can get behind the idea that dealing with minions as melee is more interesting for you than when you're ranged.

What do you say to that?

I'd say it's awesome. Some of these last few pages of responses are what makes forum posting for me worth while.

They don't mind melee's. They might have a hard time balancing melee top laners, though, but that doesn't mean they hate em.

Exactly. We are trying to formalize (for want of a better word) what strengths melee should have to help them offset the huge advantages that ranged champions have. The traditional solutions have been that melee are hard to kill, or they really mess you up if you fail to kite them. Both of those cause a lot of balance problems though. The first means melee slap fights are boring. The second means that melee vs. ranged encounters can be binary -- either the melee zeroes the mage, or the latter escapes.

I literally HATED reading Statikks QA because he basically said "We have no F***ing clue where the renekton bar is SORRY NO POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS ATM"

The Renekton "bar" came about, IIRC, because we were just nerfing whoever the dominant melee was at the time and the next melee would come take his or her place. We realized this was because many melee were just ball of stats without interesting interactions (I exaggerate, which I often do, but you get the point). We decided that Renekton actually had some interesting gameplay going on, so rather than nerf him, we'd make him the bar for how melee should act. That doesn't mean just giving his abilities to all the other melee and it doesn't mean buffing the stats for Mundo or whoever else to help them pass Renekton. It means trying to find unique ability and item hooks for those melee below the bar. (Also to be clear, the bar doesn't mean we nerf all other melee to have worse win rates than Renekton. It's just a target for power and kit.) Unfortunately, that does take some time and exploration which is why we haven't delivered on it yet. I hate that we haven't delivered on it yet, but that's the story for how it happened.
Well, I may just have to sketch them up then. I'm still not finished with my Shyvana or Taric redesigns, 4 new Champion Concepts, or, well anything else I've been working on recently. Khodexus
Please do! Lemme know when you do! I love concept art, especially fan-created stuff!
Glad you liked the idea! ^^ Actually, it was an idea I had a long time ago, and I posted it on both LAS and NA. The LAS one got a lot of love (although the LAS Art forum is a bit slow), the NA one... not so much (the NA Art forum is fast, maybe too fast), so I guess I'll post it here on the boards too. DI The Second
Haha yeah, the NA forums move wicked fast. I'd post it again and see what happens! :D
As a Draven player, I would have to say my favorite skin is Primetime Draven. I really feel that the skin's VO and visual changes really show Draven as he was intended to be seen: a badass axe-throwing warrior who takes pleasure in the destruction of his opponents. "Draven does it all." Overall, I appreciate any skins that either embody the theme of the champion, or change it completely. Hope you enjoy working at Rito! Xènto
Thanks so much! Primetime is my favorite Draven skin. You're right ~ it really encompasses his personality really well!
My favorite was Redeemed riven when it was actually blue in the Champion preview as opposed to the teal that it is now. Now it is Championship Riven, though Aether wing Kayle is a close second. Wintermaulz
What draws you to Aether Wing Kayle?
Hi, my favorites skins are Blood Lord {{champion:8}} and Eternum {{champion:56}}, but i think those skins needs some love, the vlad more, cuz in the splash art he looks to be blonde but in the game the model looks very white. plus a recall animation would be good.. Mannysmoker
Good points about Vlad ~ what makes you think Noc needs some love?
I beg to differ he is not fabulous. He is outrageous. Wullf
Truly, truly outrageous.
I think something like a Pulsefire Urf and a corresponding Battlecast Warwick would be funny (and awesome.) Other ideas: Urf-nivia Urf-chucking Yorick (different colored Urf-ghouls) A river-based Braum with an Urf shield. TerraRising
D'awww, little Urf ghouls!!! So sad! :c The thought of Urf-nivia makes me laugh a lot harder than it probably should.
It's hard to pick, but my top 3 favorite skins are Arcade Hecarim, Armor of the 5th Age Taric, and Nunu Bot. I don't like all of the silly skins, but I think these pull it off pretty well. In general though, I like the Mecha, Battlecast, and Dragon Slayer skin lines. I am still dreaming for Mecha Nautilus and Dragon Slayer Akali - and a Poppy skins that is more appealing to me - something that more closely resembles [White Knight Poppy]( or something actually cute. 2xHero
White Knight Poppy reminds me of Lux. :3 I agree, I'd like to see something with a more girly feel to her ~ something that's not ... Lollipoppy. xD Oooh, a Mecha Naut sounds really, really cool.
bump this irritates me, it'd be nice to get a red post or a hotfix Best Cho LoL
Hey Best Cho LoL, Thanks for posting this bug! We've found the issue and will have a fix in for it next patch. If you find anything else, please let us know.
Skarner is fun as hell to play! It feels so good running super fast after people from the bushes as a true predator! When i finally get to stun the enemy, i feel rewarded twice! However, it takes a bit of time and patience to get to play him good, but in the end, it's a good experience! Runic Skarner is nice, but it looks too much "good guy" for me. I'd rather the evil Sandscourge muahahah :p! At that point, Battlecast Skarner will be just epic! EnolaGay45
The splash for Sanscourge looks so good! Whenever I get Skarner in ARAM I feel useless until I ult. xD Honestly, I'm not super amazing with melee champions. I'm all about the long range / support.
I LOVE IT! Obvious I bought that skin but... I can't play Syndra XD! but the skin is really awesome so far, the splash art my god is really cool I bought Glacial Malphite today XD SO BLUE, SO GLACIAL, SO EPIC Captain Gian
I wouldn't say you *can't* play Syndra. She just takes some practice. It took me forever to get her down ~ same with LeBlanc. Keep at it! :D
Eternum Nocturne. I've never actually played a game with Nocturne's regular quotes. 1227Jacob1227
Haha, really? That's amazing.
Blood Lord Vladimir granted its old and in need of a massive overhaul on the particles etc its so outdated., battlecast kogmaw ( please be his legendary :3? he got gipped of his :/). idk other then that I would say mecha khazix, I love kha zix and rengars models for stuff. On another note Lightning Syndra would be AWeSOME. ColdMiller
I agree, Vlad needs some love. I will always be okay with more Kog skins, he's one of my favorite champions. :O Lightning Syndra!~ That's an amazing idea!
Exactly! It's also probably why they are all priced at 750 as well. ZeonCapren
For sure!
None, actually. I seriously don't see how anyone could make a skin for KZ that looks better than mecha. There are other champions that do need something new, though. Zeralyos
Fair enough. :]
Refreshing works. They're not hidden after 1 refresh now. Do you still want me to clear cache? Ginga
Not necessary if you're seeing it correctly now!
KateyKhaos, Congratulations on your new job at Riot, that must be exciting! :D {{champion:103}} My absolute favorite skin in the game is **Foxfire Ahri**. The particle animations with the fire is amazing, I love the heatwaves that are above her tails. It's an incredible skin. {{champion:21}} {{champion:222}} My other favorite skins off the top of my head are **Mafia Miss Fortune** and **Mafia Jinx**. **Mafia Miss Fortune** because she looks badass when she throws her hat during her taunt. And **Mafia Jinx's** dance with the gramophone is amazing. I also like the **Secret Agent Miss Fortune** Skin. She just looks so classy. (I played Miss Fortune almost exclusively for a year when I started playing so I have a soft spot for her.) {{champion:96}} Also **Monarch Kog'Maw**. This should require *no explination*. {{champion:102}} The **Ice Drake Shyvana** Skin is also really cool, the frost effects are awesome. With the visuals and the sound it feels like she has a blizzard around her when she casts her burnout. {{champion:57}} **Haunted Maokai's** spawn animation makes me love that skin so much. I am always tempted to watch it instead of run off the fountain platform. The details of him pulling himself out of the ground are so well done. {{champion:69}} I want to love **Desperado Cassiopeia**, and I did back before we had all these other amazing skins in the game. However, the skin really needs a visual upgrade. Sadly, I love the splash art, but not the model. **Mythic Cassiopeia** however is awesome visually. She looks like the beautiful temptress scary Medusa snake lady she ought to be. {{champion:25}} **Ghost Bride Morgana** is hauntingly scary. That scream when she is recalling makes the skin worth every penny. {{champion:15}} **PAX Sivir** is so fun, I love the Tron look. I was actually really lucky, I got the skin while attending PAX before I knew what League of Legends was and found it a few weeks after I started playing. {{champion:103}} I probably missed a few, but that is what I can think of off the top of my head. **Foxfire Ahri** takes the win hands down though. --- {{champion:21}} Kao Atlantis
Thanks! I'm really excited to be here! I've actually been rocking the MF Mafia skin recently! (MAGE FOTRUNE FTW). I agree ~ Cass needs some lovin'. Congrats on getting PAX Sivir, she's a rare flower. I got her at my second PAX East ever. I was wayyy too excited to get it. :3
well jarvan black and white of course cause after all he is a refferee then Lee...would most likely be red and grey maybe? dukethespartan
I can get behind that!
Well there are a few examples in Statikk's QA thread. One was from a guy named Gartoz with a positive 26 rating talking about AP mids. And the other is Statikk answering a question I asked, which had a positive 8 rating. Both were hidden despite their positive ratings. in the world do you even add file attachments in this new system? I see a paperclip symbol, but I can only do one file at a time. Let's see if this works. It sorta works, but how do I do TWO files then? Ginga
Could you try two things for me: 1) Navigate to the thread and refresh a few times. Check to see if this resolves it. 2) Clear your cache in your browser. For attachments, you can only attach one file per comment currently.
I recognize your thoughts Affordance, but feel that time framing is less impact-full than you think. This grouping is definitely something that should be implemented as it would clear up the tracker when a discussion is receiving multiple red responses. I would like to give kudos to the original posters work on their mockup I don't feel it is the best approach. While I cant make such an elegant mockup myself I will attempt to describe a much similar way of having it appear in the tracker but be much easier to read rather than tracking each red post, track the thread that a red has posted to. Make it similar to how it appears now and functions, In that clicking on the entry creates a drop down of what was posted. When other red posts occur, add them into the drop down up to the last 3 posts and add a show more button to reveal the next 3 latest post. This would prevent an instant page growth spike that would occur if all red posts were listed at once depending on the volume. The time stamp should simply track from when the latest entry is made. hovering over the time stamp could reveal when the first red post was made to the thread. In place of the OP's show link and following numbers to each post replace it with a count of how many red replies are within the post. The post designator at the far right of the tracker should stay how it is except be updated with whomever the last person to post is. So as not to lessen the contributions of the previous reds who have posted to the thread hovering over the name would create a bubble to appear that lists all other reds who have posted to the thread with a number next to their name that identifies how many posts they have made as well. This could be taken even further and have each name be a link that opens a page that only shows the posts that particular red has made to the thread. Coldmanj
Like the input, there are more than a few ways to implement an elegant solution based on what you're speaking to. Grouping by thread versus individual red posts is closer to what we're aiming to reach. Again not 100% on the final solution but I am really enjoying all the ideas that are coming up here.
Initially I though it meant said post received enough downvotes to be hidden away just like in the older forums. Except when I look at some posts, I noticed that the ones with these messages were in the positive ratings. For instance, when I attempted to search for one of Statikk's comments in his recent QA, I wasn't able to find one of his replies by scrolling around till I noticed he has one post with this message on it. Upon opening it up, sure enough it was just that post I was looking for, and it had a POSITIVE 8 rating. Does "Comment is below threshold" imply something differently than the old forums? Ginga
There was a bug where some comments with positive ratings were being hidden. The devs have pushed out a fix for it since. If you are still seeing this somewhere could you provide a screenshot so I can verify? Appreciate your help.

Putting aside champion specifics there's general play based around judging all in potential to make favorable trades, monitoring the position of creeps to know when you can fight or not based on the extra incoming damage, punishing someone for positioning without enough creep support, etc.

But aren't those all issues that any champion has to deal with? It feels like ranged champs have to deal with all of that, plus the additional challenge of managing things like range, area effect, skill shots, rapid target switching afforded by range, and kiting. What additional parameters do melee characters have that ranged lack?
Today, I got the following message: >Greetings Hyrum Graff, > >We have removed your content due to a violation of the following board rule: Adhere to Board Guidelines > >This content was posted in the wrong board. We'd like to encourage you to repost this in the "Help & Support" boards. Also, please take some time to review the Guidelines for each board before posting. These can be found in each board on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. > >Don't worry; you're not in trouble! This is just a heads up, and a reminder to become more familiar with the Guidelines for each board so you can ensure your content is appropriate. If we don't keep things organized, the boards will become less useful and a lot more cluttered. > >Sincerely, > >Riot Moderation Unfortunately, the message *didn't* contain any mention of *what* content was moderated. I'm a very active poster, so I've got a lot of content and can't figure out for the life of me what post of mine was deleted. This post serves two purposes: 1. I'd love for a rioter to drop by and let me know what content of mine was moderated. I try to be pretty conscientious about posting on the correct board, so I'm rather confused about what I misposted. 2. I'd like to suggest that you at least include the title of the post in your moderator message, to avoid confusion. Cheers, Hyrum Graff Hyrum Graff
Hey Hyrum, Sorry for the delay in this reply, and for the confusing experience that you had. If you didn't see the [Change Log]( for this week, then check it out. Specifically, the part about Moderation quoted below. > Moderation is an on-going effort, and we’ll continue to make small improvements. For this first week, we’ve added the ability for a player whose discussion has been deleted to still see that post. This way, if your post is appropriate but in the wrong place, you can copy and paste or otherwise save the work you put into the post and find the right spot for it. > > -Tamat > > * We made it so that the author of a deleted discussion can still view their post. > * Discussions that have been deleted are still viewable by original author Something we didn't include in this change log is that within each Moderator Notification, we will be including a link to the discussion or comment that was removed. This should remove the confusion that you experienced.

Have you ever thought that some top laners liked melee vs. melee? Have you ever thought that is why they played top lane?

Of course. That's why I asked the question. A lot of the answers are "Because then a ranged champ doesn't shut be down," which is a reasonable concern, but doesn't really get at the issue of how to make melee banging away on another melee interesting. In team fights, we think there is more for melee to do, whether they're trying to block the front lines or dive past them to hit the softer nukers in the back. But slow, top lane duels feel like they need some help.

What I find mildly annoying is that riot seems to ignore constructive and friendly threads like many Olaf suggestion threads I've seen, but responds to an attack thread filled with trolls. It seems the only way to get riot to respond to a thread is if you fill it with toxicity and verbal abuse instead of constructive criticism and feedback with players who are friendly and just want to think of new ideas for the game. Just seems a bit messed up to me.

That's a reasonable concern. My personal experience from a decade and a half of trying to communicate to players is that if you step into a good discussion, you risk derailing it. Devs can still read and appreciate the discussion, and we do, but if we try to "reward" the thread with our appearance, it ends up attracting a lot of folks who want to make "Rito where" posts or troll or whatever. Troll threads are in essence already ruined, so a dev jumping in can't make it much worse. :)

This may be 'Obvious Question of the Day', but what EXACTLY does the design team do? Is it only champion work? Or do you help with events like the Frejord one we saw way back when? At what point does it stop becoming a 'design' and start heading over to 'balance' and the other teams? Basically, what makes the design team the design team?

Design is a discipline. The "big three" disciplines in game development are design, programming and art, though there are others as well (production, sound, QA, etc.) At Riot, teams are multidisciplinary, meaning that the champion team for instance has a lot of people on it that are not designers. Not every team needs a designer on it. Some are focused on say engine refinements. Others have someone with enough design skill that they can fill in for not having a dedicated designer. Most teams that touch the game directly do have designers though. There are designers on the Live team who do balance the game. (It's more accurate to say that they are accountable for short-term patch-to-patch changes that can't wait for a larger update or rework, but that's a Riot technicality, not something you need to understand to have an opinion on LoL.)

Fortunately, while your question sounds like you're just curious, it isn't necessary to understand how Riot (or any game developer) is structured in order to give feedback on the game. In fact, I often say that if your post is focusing a lot on the people making the game and not the game itself, that's a good hint that your post probably isn't super helpful in terms of providing us feedback. "I don't think Jax is competitive in this situation," is what we call actionable feedback. That's the kind of feedback we can discuss. "Ghostcrawler nerfed Jax," doesn't provide us much actual information. Maybe it helps you feel better by venting, but as I pointed out, since you don't really know how we structure our teams internally, your statement is likely to not even be correct.
Hi, So as we know, when Rioters post on the Boards they don't have their unique GD icon nor is their position in the company immediately displayed (yes I know, there's mouseover text for it). In the Red Tracker, where you can see Rioter posts on both GD and the Boards, this is the difference between a post made on GD (top) and a post made on the Boards (bottom). Is it possible for this to be how Rioters are displayed when they post on the Boards as well? It looks much cleaner and is completely unique. IronStylus actually looks like...IronStylus when he posts on General Discussion, but he looks rather un-birdlike when he posts on the Boards! TL:DR - Rioters lose a lot of their identity when posting on the Boards that they have on the current (non-beta) forums. Daen
We're going to have some internal conversations about this soon and we should be able to have a stronger opinion in a few weeks one way or another. It's not technically difficult to do some of this it's a bigger question and there are strong arguments for and against special visual treatment for Rioters
Hey y'all, MrBuffington here to bring you a breakdown of the game-changing teamfight in Riot's new cinematic, ["A New Dawn"]( Check it out if you haven't already, since there will be spoilers in this breakdown. So the key theme I want to emphasize here is teamwork. This is probably the biggest factor that determines the outcome of the fight. Anyways, on to the action. On the Blue side, Darius is in the top lane, with Nautilus jungling, Katarina mid, Draven as ADC, and Zyra as support. On the Purple side we have Jax in the top lane, Rengar in the jungle, Ahri mid, Graves on ADC, with Leona supporting. The play opens up with Leona and Ahri coming through the jungle. We see Katarina bait them into an ambush with Darius and Draven, a great play that catches both Leona and Ahri off-guard. Leona is able to block most of the damage from Darius, but here is where the play turns. At this point, Katarina has left the fight in what would have been a 3v2 where her team had the jump on the enemy. They could have easily won this fight and continued, but instead, Katarina chooses to leave the fight, presumably to search for other kills. Instead, we see some great teamwork from Leona and Ahri that is vital to the ultimate outcome of this fight. Leona is able to tank Darius' ult and survive, importantly denying him the reset and saving Ahri. Here, Darius and Draven switch focus to Ahri anyways, though Ahri lands a great Charm onto them, allowing Leona to escape. Darius and Draven continue to chase Ahri, leading her into another ambush as Zyra throws out the Grasping Roots to catch Ahri out. Instead of letting Zyra clean up the kill, though, Draven gets greedy and tries to nab it himself, giving time for Graves to toss out the SmokeScreen, blinding Draven and denying the kill. After this, both teams are grouped in a 4v4, but importantly, Ahri's team is grouped. Zyra *could* have landed a great Stranglethorns to combo with Katarina's ult, instead, their hesitation allows Rengar to jump on Draven. Draven gets absolutely no peel here, and gets flat out Rengar'ed, without even using Rengar's ultimate. At this point, Katarina's team is in a 3v4, with their ADC down, and should try to disengage. Instead, Zyra decides to try to finish the kill on Ahri, but squishy support vs. mid lane assassin is really a bad match up for Zyra; she gets outplayed and loses her life in the process. Jax manages to lock down Darius while Graves and Rengar hunt down Katarina, which is Blue team's last major damage threat. Again, indecision on the side of Blue team forces Katarina into a 1v2. After being taken low by Rengar, Katarina tries to make a play on Graves instead of Shunpo-ing away, and ends up getting turned on. Remember, Graves is one of the few ADCs that excels at close range, due to the burst damage on his Buckshot. All the while, Nautilus has been farming jungle, which highlights another flaw. Nautilus is the main tank for Blue team, and although Blue could have turned the fight earlier, having Purple team's main tank in Leona too low to fight means having a tank would be a huge advantage in the fight. Moreover, Nautilus has one of the lowest base speeds in the game, in addition to being a utility jungler over a carry jungler, meaning his presence in a teamfight is even more vital. At this point, Nautilus decides to jump into what is now a 2v4, and while Nautilus appears to be very fed, they have no carries to provide damage. While they do manage to pick up the kill on Jax, they are still caught in a 2v3, a tank and bruiser versus two carries and a Rengar. Nautilus *is* able to chunk Ahri very low, but because Purple still have their ADC, Graves is able to shred through Nautilus' defenses. Nautilus does manage to outplay Graves a bit, and they end up mutual-ing. At this point, Ahri is incredibly low, but Rengar is also nowhere to be seen. We know he still has his ult up since he didn't have to use it to kill Draven. At this point, Darius should just disengage because he is outnumbered; Ahri is low and will probably just back to base, and even if he manages to pick up a kill, Rengar will still be around to defend any objectives that Darius could take. Instead he chooses to chase the kill on Ahri, who is far more mobile than he, not to mention she is ranged. Ahri is able to kite Darius around, stalling for Leona to find a great Solar Flare opportunity. Rengar ults into Darius, chunking him for a good amount of damage, and Ahri is able to clean up with her ult for the ace, and opening up Blue side's base. Despite some positional errors on Purple side, their teamwork, in addition to the lack of coordination and greed for kills on Blue side, is the major factor that turned this initially equal teamfight into the one sided 5 for 2 that we saw. Back to you, Phreak. MrBuffington
I love this!

Also melee vs melee lanes aren't boring to the people who like playing fighters top lane. Believe it or not there's more to laning skill than "dodge the skillshot".

Can you give me an example or two of what you consider an interesting melee vs. melee encounter in top?

Such small changes can seriously affect a champion, and it's worrisome how much of a change could turn Urgot, Mordekaiser, and Soraka back into the menaces they used to be.

I'll be totally frank here. I think it's playtesting. The logic the designers use to make every change is typically pretty sound and we have a culture of beating up ideas. By that I mean, nobody is changing anything without getting a lot of input. We also try to leave room to react to player feedback when you guys see the patch notes or even our initial thoughts on potential changes.

We also do have some very strong players who work here (i.e. Challenger tier) and we rely a lot on them and a whole bunch of other Rioters to put these changes through their paces. But even if we played 200 games with every balance tweak, that is far, far fewer than the bazillions of games that get played when a patch goes live. Yes, there are plenty of unintended consequences that we really should have caught, but there are others that we just never realistically could have predicted until some smart player tried out something wacky and a bunch of other players adopted it.

One idea is to try and leverage the PBE better. Most participants just mess around to get a feel for any patch changes, but aren't really trying to exploit a change the way they will once it goes live. We have some other ideas as well.


I mean I ultimately understand that's what's going on, but I don't mind expending a little bit of energy to address player concerns, even if the concern is about how I roll.

I just wish you guys would just balance **** all the time and not cater to Professional Players. At all. Professional Players will adapt because they're godly at this game. You don't need to baby them.

And not balancing a champion immediately just because they're popular is also really aggrivating.

We don't balance the game just for the pros. We do pay a lot of attention to how they are playing because A) they tend to influence what a lot of other players are playing, and B) their skill is such that they are very sensitive to small balance nuances that many other players might not notice.

As far as champion popularity, the issue isn't that we are afraid of player wrath if we nerf popular champions. Sometimes the champion is popular just because they're overpowered. But sometimes they are popular because they are fun or because others in the same role aren't as much fun. We try to be very responsive to players, and that includes having a game that is balanced but also a game that is fun to play. If you keep slapping players across the wrists for playing fun champions it's really easy to send the unintentional message that we don't want them to have fun.

We have been told by RIOT employees numerous times that although this is a multi-million dollar company nearly all of the departments consist of like 3-4 people.

The balance department in particular has only shown to be 4 people, in any discussion that asks why everything takes so bloody long. Now you could defend this and post some number about how many of you are actually on the balance team, but that would be even worse PR then you create by taking the blame yourself, because then we know you have the resources to do things much quicker, with higher quality, and you are simply bad at your jobs.

So which is it? Are you a low staffed team, and therefore the blame rests on exactly what these forums think it does, or have we been mislead and your actual team is just lazy?

Riot tends to have small teams, but it depends a lot on what that team is working on. The live team has more than 3-4 people, but that's really not the whole story. A lot of Rioters contribute to balance, from playtesting, to live data analysis, to assimilating community feedback, to "Hey this experience happened to me last night, maybe we should look at it." There are also risks to having too many people working on a team -- it's hard to keep in tight communication and make sure two groups aren't trying to solve the same problem in different ways. In any case, "design" is my team. I don't tell the balance team what to do, except at a very high level. I talked a lot about WoW class balance, which led to this persistent myth that I did it all myself.

The slowing of champion releases may be one way Riot is trying to help get the game balanced. Introducing a new cog to the wheel affects the whole thing....but what happens when league reaches 200+ champions. What is Riot planning to do at this point?

There are some solutions to having a huge champion roster. Yes, the game would probably be easier to balance at 100 champions or even 5, but that would be boring. One of the things that keeps League fresh (by which I mean it contributes but isn't sufficient to solve the problem all by itself) is a constant stream of new champions (and some updated old ones as well).

With that in mind, what does riot want to do with other roles? Support has changed a lot with season 4's gold income, and there is currently a large gap between utility mages, tanks, and 'traditional' pure utility supports, what identity to you want supports to have, and how are you going to try to give all supports an equal opportunity to meet this identity?

Utility is fun. We don't want supports to just be warders, nor we want them to just be the dudes who don't get any kills in order to funnel all the gold to their carries. We also don't feel that we nailed the season 4 gold income, so it's something we're going to have to keep working on.

The bruiser rework was promised for season 4, but we haven't seen much other than the Skarner and Rengar reworks, both of which were controversial. What is riot going to do for bruiser itemization? What are they going to do for making immobile bruisers viable? Will champions like Darius or Sion ever get a chance to be viable in higher tiers of play?

Promising anything is dangerous, because it implies we should ship changes that we aren't happy with just because we said we would. The game still needs a fighter / bruiser rework. Some of that is itemization changes. Some of it is just giving melee champions some interesting ways to interact with other champions beyond just smashing someone with an axe or be kited endlessly.

And finally, where does riot want to balance League of Legends? Around the professional scene? Casual? Somewhere in between? What demographic of players is most important to the company when it comes to champion balance decisions?

Ultimately, we try to balance for the players who are playing the game, which means all of them. I know that's a tall order, but we wouldn't be happy with a model that was to only balance for the best players or to neglect them. We do want LCS to be fun to watch, but we also want League to be fun to play for the Bronze player who is still finding their way. Sometimes those directions are contradictory, say for a champion that is only good in organized team play but not solo queue, and in those cases, balance gets super tricky.

What are your thoughts on pigeon holing a champion to a certain role vs letting them be able to go multiple places. Alistar is a good recent example of this, back in I think season 2 he was buffed up so that he could be a jungler as well as a support but found his ganking power to be super strong so he was nerfed so that he was a much less appealing choice as a jungler. Now he's gotten some buffs to be a better support, and even more nerfs to be less of a jungler.

All things being equal, champions that can fill multiple roles are cool. There are two big footnotes to this. First, we haven't always been great at supporting novel use of champions. In the past, if an AD Marksman started to get played as an AP, we'd sometimes stomp it out quickly because it was unintended without really establishing if the play pattern was healthy (e.g. did it have sufficient team play and counterplay) and if players would be able to come up with strategies to counter that play. We are trying to be less reactionary to those opportunities. Second however, game health still is a thing we have for which we have to be mindful. Jungle Alistar tends to be pretty frustrating for the other team, so it's not something we're likely to support without some fundamental changes to his abilities. Support Annie, Mid Lulu, AP Ez are champion roles we have no fundamental issue with, as long as they don't eclipse the champion's performance in all other roles.

How would you respond to accusations that your design goal is to make sweeping changes every now and then in order to drastically change the game to try to artificially keep people interested?

It isn't our philosophy to constantly reinvent the game. We think the core games is pretty compelling. There is a risk that League can get stale though. New champions and alternate game modes can help offset that, but you do see players who just get bored if they think the meta is too rigid or each game just feels too similar to the last. So in that sense, we do think it's healthy for the game to evolve. I think I am reacting most to the subtext of the accusation (which I realize isn't yours per se) that the changes are sweeping, arbitrary or thoughtless. There is a happy medium between the extremes of ossification and the wild, wild west.

Is there truly no room for melee DPS? If it is because they have no outplay, how much outplay does an autoattacking ranged champion have? You can't block them, you can't peel them, they don't use skillshots and some ADCs such as Quinn can even build semi-tanky. Do you think that fighters should be buffed, and how would you do it?

There is room for melee DPS, but we're not there yet. It's harder to give melee skill shots. It's harder to give melee a reason to go in, do damage, then break off the attack, since they are designed to do damage in a small window (when they are in melee) and spend the rest of the time gap closing / being kited. It's harder to keep the distinction between fighters and tanks, since fighters have to be fairly survivable to even get to melee. We think we can address all of those issues, but they will take time, and sadly longer than we originally thought. Some of these changes are champion updates to give them more to do than just whack at an opponent. Some of these changes are more systemic, such as making sure fighters and tanks build items differently.

How can we speak with the developers when they so rarely speak up or have discussions?

We are trying to get back to that. There was a time when more Rioters were all over the boards and Reddit. For a variety of reasons, that has eroded somewhat, but it doesn't have to be that way. I personally always loved that about Riot, and it's something I am passionate about trying to get back to.

I did err on making skirmishers and dragons cool

Dragoons, not dragons. Thanks autocorrect. AOE3 had no dragons. Which is bull**** if you ask me.

While you're here, do you mind speaking about Statikk's response in the Q&A about how you guys want flashier, "exciting to watch" champions to be more LCS-viable? Is that unanimously the balance direction you guys are heading? Is there a particular reason for this?

We believe there are champions that are more fun to watch than others. That is absolutely not our sole balancing criterion or design direction though. I would say that over time we want to make more of the champions more exciting to play. The guys with fewer exciting moments and just several varieties of "hit that other dude," are the kind we want to update.

If you guys cant change lee because of worlds

I'm not sure if this was from me or Xelnath, but that wasn't the message we intended to send. Rather we try to be careful as we approach the end of the competitive season not to make radical changes to the game. Preseason has been our traditional time to upset the apple cart. That doesn't mean we won't continue to try to balance champions going into worlds, and that includes Lee Sin.

Look at it this way, you're being a team player and tanking aggro for everybody. Every party needs a good tank.

Totally, and I have no problem with that aspect of the internet. It's the other half that bothers me. Imagine you've worked on say Braum for months, whether you were the designer or the writer or the artist making particle effects. Then the champion that has consumed so much of your life goes live... and some high level designer gets all the attention for it. That's really unfair at almost any company and it's particularly unfair at Riot. We really try to avoid the rock star thing. I'm fine with you blaming me for anything (and most Rioters would feel the same way) because I also don't want anyone to think I'm trying to pass the buck, but be aware there are a lot of people that work really hard on this or most games. Don't boil down the company to just a few people whose names you might know.

By any chance did you help with the original AoE or 2?

I joined after AoE had shipped (and it is why I joined). My first published game was the AoE expansion, Rise of Rome.

Ghostcrawler, how are your plans to turn all champions into OP frost mages going along?

Or is that a secret plan that I shouldn't be discussing?

It's no fun if they are all frost mages. You need someone for them to dominate.

What is the high level direction of the league as far as riot is concerned?

That's a big question, and probably beyond the scope of a single forum post. But since I kind of asked for it, I will say that we want to improve champion diversity (both which champions get played and making sure they feel as different from each other as possible), we want you to play with friends (because that's often a better experience), we want to explore strategic diversity, and we want to look at those areas of the game that are starting to feel a little stale (not just dated like SR, but stale mechanics as well). I know that's vague and arm wavy, but like I said above, preseason is a better time for larger changes, and we'd rather socialize these ideas to a lot of you guys in different regions to make sure we have plenty of feedback. It's something we'll start to talk about more. Stay tuned.

Do you have any intention of changing TP? As it stands, its almost always just toplane who takes it, and thats because you have to take it if the other person takes it, which in the past balance team has said they dont want people to have to do. It also promotes passive play which is anotherthing riot has said they dont want, lane matchups toplane have become irrelevant because TP CD was lowered so much that you can pick a horribly losing lane and still come out nearly even.

You touch on a couple of different issues that have a strong interaction. First, we agree that top melee vs. melee does get a little boring. Strategic movement (versus say just having short-term speed boosts) is a way to get those guys interacting a little more with the rest of the map, but we agree there are risks of passive play and having no consequences for bad play. Just increasing the cooldown might help with the second part but does nothing for the first part, and meanwhile means the summoner spell could just be dead. We don't have any changes to announce but we recognize the problem.
Out of felting wool of course and thought I'd share! They were gifts for some close league friends, of which two are from Riot and have been mailed out ^.^ Claire
I CANNOT WAIT I CANNOT WAIT I CANNOT WAIT! International Poro Exchange commencing!
Hey buddy. I'm your support. Odds are, we're a couple of strangers who have never met, and will never speak, and we're going to be expected to act as a perfect unit for the next 20 odd minutes while we duke it out against two other guys in the same situation. It's often hard to know what to do, and what the other guy expects, so I just want to give you a few friendly tips so we can go ahead and crush these other schmucks as hard as possible. These are things that, as a support main , I either really love, or really hate to see, in no particular order, that can make you a higher quality of right click warrior. 1) If I am being attacked, you should be attacking someone. If you are being attacked and I am peeling people off you, you should be running until you're out of danger. DONT run away if I'm being whacked on (I will die ) and DONT try to turn and take a kill if you're low and I get someone low (I can kill them, no reason for you to put yourself in danger.) 2) please practice your CSing. Go into a custom game and make sure you can last hit nearly every creep. There is nothing more frustrating than losing a lane for no reason because a guy who's been basically free farming is 40cs down on his opponent. If I fed two kills for no reason would you be annoyed? Being outfarmed is the same thing. 3) I give you all the gold in the lane so you can spend it wisely. Please build items that make sense. DONT: -Build early crit chance before AD -Rush BT as a first item -Build boots, especially Zerkers, before you have your first big item You should pretty much be bee lining to get IE (when in doubt), Bork (If you're someone who uses that), or maybe TF (situational.) if you have spare gold, buy something towards last whisper. AFTER that first item, get boots. Too many carries get super lost when they can't build BF on their first back. ADC itemization is pretty darn easy and we both worked hard to get that gold, don't come back to lane with a shiny pair of bezerkers on your first back. 4) if you're taking tower aggro, 9 times out of ten that's a bad idea. Supports are made to cc. If the enemy support is around, odds are they can keep you under that tower way longer than you wanted to be there. Tower aggro: not even once. 5) when you're ever in doubt, next to me is NEVER a bad idea mid/late game. The closer you are to me, the easier it is to peel for you in a fight. I'm positioning like a squishy too most of the time, so unless I'm a Leona who's actively licking the nostrils of the enemy team, stick with me and we should be golden. MrSc0tty
Nice post :) It's always good to try to understand the other roles especially when you have to lean on them so hard. If you're an ADC knowing this stuff can make laning so much smoother on both of you. Though Supports do need to understand that sometimes their actions and playstyle is not always clear. One thing I find that works well when playing support is being able to inform my ADC when I'm harassing VS when I'm going deep to make some plays. I play a lot of support Karma so I harass nonstop. I realized not long ago that it can be VERY hard to tell what is harass and what is me attempting to capitalize on bad positioning for a kill. I try to drop a ping on my target when I'm going full in now. That helps considerably and I find I have a lot less situations where my ADC doesn't help and just farms the wave. It also helps to communicate with your ADC to try to get an idea of their play style vs yours. Knowing your adc would rather play safe and farm up at the start helps prevent situations where you run in and he runs away.
Thanks for letting us know SkullScout! We should have a fix in the next patch.
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