@Leah Jackson "Origen never let KT stay ahead for long, and **from the outside**, the game was a see-saw -- one team grabbed a lead -- the other snatched it back." Did you mean "from the outset"? Otherwise nice writeup
M T Mindtaker
I meant from an outsider's perspective, as in-game, xPeke told me he didn't seem to think so. But in any case, thanks for bringing this to my attention and I've edited it a bit to make that a little more clear. Thanks for reading, and enjoy Worlds! :)
I get that you can't spoil anything, but as a Rioter, do you know what's coming next? I just am curious about how closely linked different departments are.
Support GG
> [{quoted}](name=Support GG,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=beVXAwip,comment-id=000400000005,timestamp=2015-10-04T20:54:08.859+0000) > > I get that you can't spoil anything, but as a Rioter, do you know what's coming next? I just am curious about how closely linked different departments are. I hear about stuff a little bit before players, yes - but most often it's in the timescale of a week or two - while they've been working on them for months. My future sense is a bit short sighted :)
I think she mostly does it in her spare time because she enjoys it, not actually part of her job. The actual narrative team has too much they are not allowed to talk about till it's out. So for her, it's fun to speculate and talk with community about "what if's" and the like. For the lore people, it's hard work to reply with useful information, but without giving away information too soon. Lot of editing, proof-reading, and thought into their posts. Bio can just drop in and say (more or less) what's on her mind. If you got to go to NASA and play around in the training pool and pilot one of the mock-space shuttles, it'd be fun as hell. For the people actually working at NASA, it's all hard work and grinding and number crunching and getting things just right. Not fun as hell. Sure, they probably still enjoy their job (and I think most Rioters/narrative people do too), but it's *much* easier from the outsider's point of view. Everything is. So, yes, Bio will probably end up posting more.
> [{quoted}](name=EvilMerodach,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=beVXAwip,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-10-04T15:48:06.678+0000) > > I think she mostly does it in her spare time because she enjoys it, not actually part of her job. > The actual narrative team has too much they are not allowed to talk about till it's out. > So for her, it's fun to speculate and talk with community about "what if's" and the like. For the lore people, it's hard work to reply with useful information, but without giving away information too soon. Lot of editing, proof-reading, and thought into their posts. Bio can just drop in and say (more or less) what's on her mind. I think Impetual is operating under the assumption that the 'Great and Powerful Riot' issues an order for me, Bioluminescence, to go to the Boards and communicate with people. That this order is obeyed and in some way, Riot will tick some 'talked to players' check-box and consider it job done. That is **absolutely not the case**. No-one has ever asked me to go to the Boards and talk here - as you say, EvilMerodach, I'm here on my time off because I love chatting about lore and story and Runeterra. To a pretty big extent, having a red name is a disadvantage for getting to have the sorts of conversations I'd like to have. * I want to speculate wildly about how utterly f***** Bilgewater is due to the bloody power vacuum pre-Harrowing. * I want to talk about solving 'The Serpentine Problem' in the map threads. * I am UTTERLY FASCINATED by the idea of what the Shadow Isles residents were/are wearing (and the cultural ramifications thereof). KING OF MASKS and I had a chat in client, afterwards, about the map thread. I wanted to apologize for not being able to answer the question at hand - especially as it seemed like any more posts on my behalf would just piss people off more. It kills me not to be able to participate in threads like that, but if doing so feels like a slap in the face to you guys, then I just can't. My intention was never to troll. I'm sorry. So I open it up to you guys - do you, as a whole, want me to try to back off a bit? Would you rather I didn't interfere? I can't control the actions of other Rioters, of course - all I can do is modify my own behavior. What's everyone's take on it?
@RIOT MIRHI "with a (KDA score)"? Also for Turtle. Perhaps you forgot to include the KDA's? Great article! Hoping TSM can place second in groups.
Major fail on my part trying to get this out the door, but it's been fixed! Thanks for reading and letting us know!
I am a Music Composition Major and am looking to invest in various software such as a Digital Audio Workstation and what not. I am wondering what the Riot Sound and Music Team uses in this area. The post-college dream is to be a member of this team, and I think knowing the software to which I should be accustomed is ideal. Thank you for any help with which you can provide!
Great to hear about your goals TheElamite! Everyone at Riot uses the programs that they're most comfortable with. The composers on the audio team use Nuendo exclusively. Some sound designers do as well. Other sound designers use Pro Tools and Reaper as well. A few others have Ableton Live as a secondary application. But those first three, Nuendo, Pro Tools, and Reaper are the main DAWs that the Riot Audio team uses with Nuendo being used by all of the composers. Hope this helps! Best of luck to you!
{{champion:44}} Victorious' Secret
...GDI +1
But if you say, for example, "This Gnar is fucking me up" and get reported for Offensive Language, will the system punish you? There's a Tribunal? I thought that was disabled before I even started playing back in March.
> [{quoted}](name=Vekkna,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=yFLxpAcV,comment-id=009700010000,timestamp=2015-10-02T22:15:32.853+0000) > > But if you say, for example, "This Gnar is fucking me up" and get reported for Offensive Language, will the system punish you? > > There's a Tribunal? I thought that was disabled before I even started playing back in March. It's hard to say without looking at an entire chat log. If that was the ONLY thing that you said all game, you probably won't be punished for it.
http://link.email.riotgames.com/t.d?QYGt_fgWHdyqwF=/@HTML_2PREVIEW_2LINK_0a=sCCT8-tp7RozEvgtqm0BHDrW&msgVersion=web I am diamond elo on the acc and worked very hard on it and was very surprised to see a ban after this game. I think Riot messed up here and that this didn't warrant a ban. When I said things like 'holy shit' it was because the team was happy that we won at the end and when I say things like 'u will die' its because our top laner overextending so I'm telling him he might die. Please review this again it doesn't warrant a ban I posted on reddit a lot do agree with me. Riot said since I got suspended in the past this was escalation but I don't think this even warrants a ban and I have avoided using negative and bad language since my suspension in the past.
We looked into this: You have multiple accounts that have been permabanned, and your current account is on track to being permabanned. The actual e-mail/Reform Card you're posting is a bug in our Yesmail system that we'll fix. That's not the chat log or the e-mail that should have been sent to you. If you like, I can post logs for all your bans on your accounts.
If i can respond to a question with a question, how are the victorious skins determined now?
> [{quoted}](name=sixdogman,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=MFmilzXi,comment-id=00060002,timestamp=2015-10-02T20:48:44.049+0000) > > If i can respond to a question with a question, how are the victorious skins determined now? Right now the main criteria is impact in professional and ranked play during the season. We also look to fill out team comps if possible, so not picking two jungles two seasons in a row. As others have stated "impact" in the season can vary from person to person, so X champion may not feel like the right choice to some number of players.
Lyte, here's some feedback: ANNOUNCE Q&As please. I was asleep, and you know if you don't post as soon as it goes up, you have almost no chance of getting a response. I know you probably didn't want to sit there and write 800 answers, but then don't hold an "official" QA. We appreciate you answering the 16 questions and no doubt reading quite a few others, but it kinda sucks. 1. I wanted to ask why I DON'T have a chat restriction, for the first time this year. I'm notoriously toxic, and I think I'm being even worse lately than I was before 5.18. I feel like I'm reported every single game, yet still no restriction. Don't you think this system is a little too conservative? 2. I feel like my reports do nothing. Is my report health just shit, or is this an effect of the system being too conservative? 3. The last time you addressed pre and post game lobby chat was not considered for punishments. Has that changed at all, or is it still "eventually"?
Very Toxic Jinx
This wasn't an official timeboxed Q&A. It's just a single location that me and other team members can bookmark and visit on our free time and answer a few questions each time. 1) If you've been super positive most of your account, you are unlikely to get hit for just one bad day. 2) Why do you feel like your reports do nothing? 3) We have access and can review pre- and post-game chats, but they are currently not implemented into features like Reform Cards. There's just higher priorities right now, like getting the Tribunal voting system back out.
wtf was that onomatopoeia
Treasure Goblin
And when he revived he yells "MY TIME IS NOW!!!" And turns into John Cena.
Billy VoHagen
BLBLBLBLBLBLLBBLBLRBLBRLBLRBLBLBLLB YABAAA DOOOOoooo _yaba dooo_ http://i.imgur.com/Mu6tckb.gif
Can a player really bypass the system by intentionally feeding but keeping their behavior in chat positive? More specifically, I decide that my team needs to have a bad day, so I walk down mid and "tower dive" the enemy laner, then commend them for skillfully outplaying me a few times.
No, intentional feeder detection doesn't ignore in-game behaviors just because chat is positive.
> [{quoted}](name=GroundedEagle45,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=yFLxpAcV,comment-id=002a000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-01T22:20:00.618+0000) > > Right there Lyte explains how you get out of the system But your not out of the system because even if you are neutral or postive because you were punished before you get escalated to to a higher tier of punishment...
LCS DoubleVision
This isn't true. It's possible to go from Tier 3, and fall back down to Tier 1, or even Tier 0 (clean record).
1) I cuss like a sailor. **Does the system flag generic, non-derogatory curse words in chat if you happen to be reported that game for an illegitimate reason (eg, you picked Teemo and laugh sometimes)? ** 2) **Can we get access to our scorecards so we can improve our behavior before we're punished for it? **I would rather reform if I need to reform, but I don't know if I'm alright or heading for trouble (see point number 1). 3) I send a lot of reports because I think it's a way to improve the community. **Any chance we can get access to the figures on whether our reports are substantiated?** Not case by case, just figures for total reports, actionable reports, and false reports. If, for example, most of my reports were considered invalid and behavior I dislike is considered acceptable, I'd rather be aware of that and adjust my settings accordingly from the outset.
1) No, the system doesn't flag words if you aren't reported for verbal offenses. 2) To us, the first tier 10 chat restriction is the warning sign that you should begin reforming. It's a light punishment, and you get a Reform Card for it. 3) In the Tribunal voting system, you can see the effects of your votes. We'll see how those features affect voting behaviors, and see if there's something we want to do with reports in-game too. But for now, no plans.
Why Sivir? She's honestly really boring to play and not fun at all. I'm pretty disappointed, not gonna lie.
Catch This
Yo! I just wanted to pop in an say some things! I can understand people being upset because a champion they play didn't get picked or that they feel another champion deserved it more. That's the issue with these types of skins there are multiple valid opinions on the issue, but in the end we can only choose one champion. If we choose X champion then players who like Y champion will be upset and vice versa, either way we make someone unhappy. I'm curious as to how you guys think the Victorious skin should be determined, what criteria is important to you?
As you make this up as you go?{{summoner:6}}
Nope. Kindred only have one friend: each other.
Nice! Can't wait for Kindred, give my thanks to Riot for making such a cool champ. Do you know the day that Kindred will be released next week or is that yet to be confirmed? Sorry for all the questions but I really would like to know, got my rp ready and waiting.
We haven't announced an exact day just yet. Keep an eye out. :3
May I ask if you can tell me when Kindred is coming out? Is it next week, or in a couple of days? P.S. I'm very, very excited to get Kindred.
Next week!
To have the community backing with your new system, we really need clarity. I read the chat logs provided by you, and slumber jack and I personally do not see anything I consider ban worthy. If your system is based on an escalating punishment based on other players experience, then theres a strong potential for community rejection. If chatlogs were provided on specific actual toxic behavior in this particular situation that would change my opinion. But in the current state of the matter, excuse me but "...there were enough examples of toxicity between punishments to justify the final ban" isn't quite what the community needs to get back your system. I certainly do not wish to be a negative aspect to this community, but I would definitely like clarity on what it is you're looking to exterminate from the community, and I would like to know that this system is banning the appropriate people, and not just anyone who was unfortunate enough to be caught in a report happy team. EDIT: How will Riot provide transparency to the community?
Over the years, we've been implementing a lot of features to help with transparency. For example, Reform Cards showing chat logs is something that almost no game studios ever do, **because** of the risk of a false positive. When you have millions of players, there's bound to be a few cases where the chat logs seem tame, or are actually false positives, and we just have to fix those issues ASAP. But, as an overall system, the accuracy of something like the Instant Feedback System is extremely high. For RawEchoes specifically, there's a few future features that will reduce the confusion in the future. We'll be including multiple chat logs in Reform Cards in the future so you can see a range of behaviors instead of just one potentially tame log. For example, because RawEchoes already gave consent to post chatlogs before, here's some logs that led to his final permanent ban. As you can see, there were plenty of reasons to give him a straight permanent ban a long time ago but the escalation system gave him a few extra chances and he was on a **very** short leash at the final tier. [4:09] RawEchoes: kys [4:42] RawEchoes: im afk [4:43] RawEchoes: tx g [4:44] RawEchoes: g [4:55] RawEchoes [ALL]: report skarner for toxic [4:57] RawEchoes [ALL]: pce [5:02] RawEchoes [ALL]: enjoy the freelo [5:14] RawEchoes [ALL]: he said i suck [5:27] RawEchoes [ALL]: i didnt lose, this stupid fuck gave rengar a free kill **[6:07] RawEchoes: suck a cock [6:12] RawEchoes: stupid %%%%** [6:57] RawEchoes [ALL]: this is so fucking dumb **[7:14] RawEchoes [ALL]: %%%gots **[7:31] RawEchoes [ALL]: Are you that fucking desperate for a goddamn win? [7:36] RawEchoes [ALL]: pathetic. [8:07] RawEchoes [ALL]: same ^ [9:05] RawEchoes [ALL]: i didnt quit you stupid fuck [9:10] RawEchoes [ALL]: i just lagged out =D [13:15] RawEchoes [ALL]: youre such a whore [13:40] RawEchoes [ALL]: i hope you get aids **[8:41] RawEchoes: fkin tree %%%%... **[9:48] RawEchoes [ALL]: W0W [9:52] RawEchoes [ALL]: WHAT A BALANCED FUCKIN CHAMP [10:20] RawEchoes [ALL]: ignorant. [10:37] RawEchoes [ALL]: idiot [25:08] RawEchoes: stupid fuck [25:14] RawEchoes [ALL]: cause im bored of this game [25:42] RawEchoes: naw ill just go play osu [25:46] RawEchoes: pce out guys [26:45] RawEchoes: sorry if im a college student and i dont have time to play multiple games [0:58] RawEchoes [ALL]: im going to commense to destiny behind you and shove my dick up your butt trist [18:40] RawEchoes: pussy [24:57] RawEchoes [ALL]: baddie [25:51] RawEchoes [ALL]: yi is trying, you just suck too much dik [28:27] RawEchoes [ALL]: u kids need to take this game seriously [35:07] RawEchoes [ALL]: im trolling so fking hard [35:43] RawEchoes [ALL]: uh ive been faceplanting your fucking team with bluecards [37:40] RawEchoes [ALL]: i mean thats pathetic [26:04] RawEchoes: god jax [26:06] RawEchoes: yur so bad [32:43] RawEchoes [ALL]: (ur garb) [33:38] RawEchoes [ALL]: ur garb [35:31] RawEchoes [ALL]: how many times can we tell you that youre a shitter noob? **[3:49] RawEchoes [ALL]: im trying to eat %%%% **[7:02] RawEchoes: that was pretty fucking free [10:27] RawEchoes: wtb new jg [10:45] RawEchoes: youre gold 5 nid [10:53] RawEchoes: want a cookie? youre barely even gold [10:56] RawEchoes: probably got carried [13:02] RawEchoes: gold boyz [16:10] RawEchoes: dank heal slut [46:08] RawEchoes [ALL]: mao if you believe that you must suck at soloq [47:36] RawEchoes [ALL]: outskilled [47:50] RawEchoes [ALL]: its a joke [47:52] RawEchoes [ALL]: lmao [48:39] RawEchoes: what the literal fuck are you doing ez
Gotcha. It seemed weird to me since this screen isn't accessible through the store, but is through the champion mastery page on my profile, where Kindred's picture is currently {{champion:32}}.
Yup, that's normal. :] There are some issues with Kindred's icons, and we're working to get 'em fixed before we launch Kindred!
Is this a bug?
Hey navarreg, This is intended behavior. Shadowfire Kindred isn't available for purchase, but since Kindred is coming out this patch, the content is already loaded into the client. :]
**Riven's tooltips in the PBE are broken after the Edge mechanic was introduced. They do not update for any changes to her AD.** I believe, but am unsure, that in some cases they only update when the skills themselves are leveled up but I have not tested that theory. I tried in two separate games before and after the maintenance. * In the first game (before the maintenance) I first observed the bug. Her basic skills _seemed _ to update even at level 18, and it was just the R damage boost that never updated (stuck at _+16_) even at 400+ AD. The actual buff seemed to be functioning properly as I was gaining about 80 AD upon activation. The Wind Slash damage bonuses also seemed to respond somewhat, but I did not write the values down to test if they were on par with my AD or they just updated to my AD when I last leveled the skill at 16 and stopped updating after that. * In the second game I tested against bots during levels 1-3. Here's what I got: ---------------------- |**Stats at lvl 1:**| |- |**AD**:| 91 _(56 + 35)_ |**Passive bonus damage**:| 18.29 _(that's correct, 20% * 91 = 18.2)_ |**Ultimate bonus AD** (20%):| 16 _(this **should** be equal to the above value -- instead, it's 20% of **81 **AD, which is my AD when I spawned **before **buying a Long Sword. It did not update when I bought the item)_ |**Ultimate min, max damage**:| 80 (+14) to 240 (+43) --- I'm unsure if 10 Edge Wind Slash does the same damage as a max damage _live _ Wind Slash, so I just calculated from the minimum damage which should logically be unchanged. |So we have:| |- |60% of my bonus AD (**35**) =| **21**| |60% without item (**25**) =| **15 **_(which is much closer to 14 so apparently it's also bugged -- it also did not update when my AD increased at lvls 2 and 3)_ ------ Also, in the second game the **Q bonus damage also did not update**, remaining stuck at _+32_ which is 40% of my AD **before** I bought the Long Sword. Leveling up the ability did not seem to fix it.
N0rth Wind
Hiya N0rth Wind! Thanks for the report! In the future, please use the [PBE boards](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/) to report issues occurring on PBE. It helps us keep track of where the issues are happening! :]
maybe have a riotgames twitter account for merch :P? so u can promote new items and give updates?
@jingofalltrades posts a lot of the new merch. :]
How often will you guys be able to restock CS Thresh? Until now it's been the only figure I've wanted...
He'll only be available until the end of the month. We're working to restock now - not sure if it's the only time. (I'm just the messenger on this one!)
I was listening to the butcher's bridge music and it struck me how much it reminds me of traditional Quebec music. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QShZSiu9Mio It got me thinking about whether certain pieces in LoL draw inspiration from specific styles. Tahm Kench's theme is another good example, being obviously based on the folk music of the southern states.
Nice! Glad stuff is resonating with you. Honestly, what you've just highlighted is what I love about working on Champion Team and at Riot in general. Every Champion is so unique and different and each one has their own unique identity and sonic pallet to explore. Doing the sounds and voice for Rek'sai and then go immediately into doing the sounds and voice for Bard is completely crazy. So completely different in every way. It's one of the more challenging (and fun) things about my job as a sound designer.
http://i.imgur.com/n9sQ0QB.jpg And nobody has made a thread yet? I mean, I didn't check, but fuck. I DREW THIS FOR YOU WITH MY MOUSE, CAP. I'll make you something better when I figure out what the fuck is wrong with my tablet. But for now, happy fucking birthday.
Happy Birthday! :D
Out of curiosity is it against TOS to change your files to Korean voice overs? announcers, champs, but english text. Im just curious cause if it isnt Id like to do it. Ive looked at how but when I tried to follow through there were hiccups, and I realized the guide was a year old. So if it is acceptable to do this does anyone know how?
STR Faker
this might work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01TemOgRuXc
im in eune i want korean voices because it turns me into faker please help i wanna challenjour gameplay & balance since korean voice improves gameplay nvm riot removed it but im too lazy to backspace so now its in sound
Will this work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01TemOgRuXc
Hi, i want to listen to music on pandora/spotify while playing lol.. I always try it but the sound doesnt fit me. im wondering if you guys can share your sound settings with me if you listen to music while playing and stuff. Thanks!
What do you mean by the sound doesn't fit you? Are you looking at LoL audio settings so you can hear a good balance of in game stuff and your out of game music?
I was listening to the butcher's bridge music and it struck me how much it reminds me of traditional Quebec music. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QShZSiu9Mio It got me thinking about whether certain pieces in LoL draw inspiration from specific styles. Tahm Kench's theme is another good example, being obviously based on the folk music of the southern states.
Yeah, everyone on the audio team at Riot is certainly influenced and inspired by tons and tons of different styles. We use references when we're communicating to team members from other disciplines when we're trying to convey our vision by showing pieces and saying "something similar to this style but with these instruments instead of these and with these differences and these similarities". It's the best way for a composer or sound designer to convey the vision and style of what they're trying to achieve. Sound Designers do this as well by pulling references of cool sounds from games and film.
YES! Thank you very much! I feared it would be limited time availability and as soon as Worlds ended so would the shirt and it would only be available in women's sizes. Rest assured, I look forward to wearing that design.
Hype! :D
Title, I have no clue.
Hey JarJarvanBinks, Championship Kalista is a legacy skin. She'll be available in the shop through November 5th!
Riot only produces this shirt in a women's t-shirt and I am very disappointed. I was really interested in purchasing this shirt, but was hit with a brick when I realized that they weren't offering a men's shirt with the same design. Anyone else share similar feelings? (Apologies if this is not in the correct section, new to the boards)
Hey Zetetic, As [@jingofalltrades](https://twitter.com/jingofalltrades/status/646412710570098688) mentioned, we're looking into a unisex version post Worlds. :]
By participating in the World's Pick 'em, you get a poro summoner icon. If you acheive at least 34 points from your picks, you acheive a second poro summoner icon. If your picks are 100% correct, you receive Championship Riven (and Riven if you don't own her).
Yup, this is correct! To add to this, if you own Championship Riven already, you'll be given RP instead.
were will this message be posted at :p?
We're still working through the best spot, aside from the merch page, of course. :]
So I was hoping to change my name soon, but the name I want is taken. The player "Sloth" has not been active since January 1st, 2015. Not sure why I cannot have the name. Help me.
TimmyJ the 1st
Hey! As others have mentioned, there's a grace period for inactivity depending on the level. [This support page](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751914) givees you a better break down of how we handle Summoner name clean ups. **TL;DR -** * Each Summoner name will have 6 months of inactivity protection upon creation. * Each Summoner name will earn an additional month of inactivity protection for each Summoner level above 6. * Inactivity is defined to be a period in which no games of any kind have been played on the account. * When inactivity protection expires, your name will be available to be claimed through the Summoner name Change service in the store.
{{item:3070}} {{champion:412}} {{item:3073}}
Hiya! He's a pretty popular dude! We're working to get more in stock soon, and we'll be letting everyone know in advance when they'll be available again!
Just tell us there will be championship riven this year or not i dont know what to think since petition to riot just hit 15k supporters https://www.change.org/p/riot-games-re-release-championship-riven
We don't have plans to release Championship Riven at this time.

Hey guys, welcome to this week’s 'Meanwhile in Top Lane...', your one-stop-shop for great conversations from the last 7 days (with hawt banner courtesy of Crazy Boris).

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In light of Devourer being disabled, folks debated whether its absence has had a notable impact on how their games have played out.

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Back to school, prove to dad that I’m not a fool

Folks discussed the return of the NA Collegiate Championship after we shared details on this season’s changes and how you can get involved.

Also graciously included pictures for dummies like me

LockedWalrus proposed adding a player-labeling system and appointing moderators to promote positivity and discourage negativity in-game.

Meddler’s corner TM

Meddler jumped into YumaS2Astral’s post about the state of Vayne to share our take on her and changes that we’re currently testing.

For hard mode: communicate with only smileys

/u/Voortsy posted a thread in which he airs some frustration with text chat being the primary means of communication in LoL, despite the game being centered around teamwork.

Not that climb

The Climb is back again with a video from Diamond ADC Phylol in which he breaks down good ADC teamfight positioning.

The roffles

Crazy Boris made a champ spotlight for John Cena, /u/OscarCalm posted a guide for those going to London for Worlds, and Laughing Fish asked folks what would happen if their favorite champ suddenly became their roomie.

You may have missed…

Worlds has officially begun! Check out our microsite for articles, schedules, and more, or head to the very spoiler-free /r/loleventvods for VODS of the matches (which get posted as they happen).

Thanks for tuning in, and feel free to point out any great conversations we may have missed!
"Zero context" also happens to be his core philosophy when he comes to me with an idea :)
Riot SapMagic
Hey, whatever works! :-D
Also, you guys can see chats from both in champ select and in the after game lobby right? Just wanna clarify
Yes, we can check chat logs from pre-game and post-game lobbies.
A question for you Lyte, have you ever had to talk to a Rioter for being Toxic in game? No need for names, I just find it hard that all of them are positive every single game.
Yes. Sometimes Rioters have bad days too, and go a bit off rails. We take it pretty seriously though, so there haven't been many cases.
Talith PA
Yeah I'm with you on Ascension. <3 I'm in that other thread voting for it lol. :P
> [{quoted}](name=Lyte,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=yFLxpAcV,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-01T21:45:09.687+0000) > > Basically, RawEchoes had received numerous penalties and punishments and was still _**not reforming to a degree other players were happy with**_, so in the new escalation system he hit the 4th Offense Tier. "Not reforming to a degree other players were happy with." That sounds like an issue for another day. Also I hear you never lose the strikes against you, is that true? If so why is that a thing and players are treated eternally like excons? If a player has been good for a year they should lose a strike obviously since they "reformed."
As mentioned in the original post, it's definitely possible to improve your account standing and basically fall back down to a "clean" account.
I hate seeing such great game modes disappear for MONTHS at a time, whether they&#039;re polished or not I think we can all agree we love them when they come out, they give us an F5 to the typical summoner rift grinding. I&#039;m curious to see what mode the community loves most
Frodo Swagginns
+1 on _Ascension_ for me. Man.. that one was funtimes.. [wistful stare]
Why doesn&#039;t RIOT try a regular cycle of game modes on a monthly or weekly basis? Then ppl could play modes like URF, hexakill, or brawlers casually then they wouldn&#039;t become the main thing played for an event, and would be criticized as harshly.
This is something we've been considering for a while (many of us like the base idea of rotating modes). I think some time would be needed to hammer out the specifics, but we're certainly not opposed to it.
Out of curiosity, would you be able to tell me the percentage of games in which I'm reported? You have my blessing on posting it publicly.
You're reported in about 4% of games, which is pretty awesome because most of the reports are false reports and don't even count against your account. The average player is reported in about 1-5% of games for reference.
> [{quoted}](name=Lyte,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=yFLxpAcV,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2015-10-01T21:39:24.065+0000) > > Unskilled Player reports are used by the matchmaking system to tune the system and help us figure out weird cases where a player was accidentally propelled to an inappropriate skill level. Does this have any effect for ARAM? Given the complete randomness of champions, some people end up getting champions they rarely ever play and don't always do too well with them.
No, matchmaking in ARAM isn't tuned as aggressively for competitive as the other queues.
As a side note: I LIKE having a way to "vent" my frustration that isn't actually taking it out on a player. Is there a way to leave something like this in when you make the new system, or find a new way for this to happen? If not, it's not a big loss, just figured I'd ask.
We definitely understand the need to "vent" and how filing a Report helps resolve some of the frustration of playing in that particular game. We have some elements of the new system that help players understand more about where their reports are going and their impact, to help players feel better about what just happened.
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