Thank you for the clarification.
I Blame Adam
Welcome. Tag me in a thread after the changes have been out for a bit if you'd like to discuss them further.
Currently on PBE: Sunlight (Passive) damage lowered to [20 + 5 per level] from [20 + 15 per 2 levels] Shield of Daybreak (Q): Cooldown lowered to 9/8/7/6/5 from 11/10/9/8/7 Damage lowered to 30/55/80/105 from 40/70/100/130/160 Eclipse (W): Damage now 60/100/140/180/220 from 60/110/160/210/260 Zenith Blade (E) root duration increased to .5 from .25 Solar Flare (R) Damage lowered to 100/175/250 from 150/250/350 New Effect: Leona's sword remains charged with Incandescence, causing her next 3/4/5 basic attacks to gain 100 range and deal 30/50/70 (+ 15% AP) bonus magic damage on hit. Incandescence also now applies Leona's passive, it did not in earlier iterations. Why exactly are you significantly hitting her damage and backloading some of it onto her new ultimate effect? Leona's job is one of a peel tank without any disengage. Once she goes in, shes stuck in the fight. Meaning she is more likely to die than many other champions. You aren't providing her with anything more than a shorter cooldown on a single target stun and a minimal increase in zenith blade root duration. What is the goal here? From what I see, she does significantly less damage on every basic ability, including her passive, to the benefit of slightly more frequent use of a stun. Is that a fair tradeoff, or are you intentionally nerfing Leona? I ask these questions because I used to play Leona religiously until I discovered that every other tank support does her job better than she does. ** EDIT: Wow, I was not expecting this much feedback, thanks! In response to some of the comments, I want to make it clear that Leona losing damage is not my real concern, it is what she is getting in return. Is the reduced stun cooldown worth the amount of damage she is losing? Zenith blade cooldown is unchanged as well.**
I Blame Adam
We're looking to give Leona more stuff to do in a teamfight. At present she blows her combo quickly and then can't contribute much meaningfully until her CDs are back up. Given she's putting herself in the middle of the fight by necessity we'd like her to have things she can do there that matter, hence the auto attack reward on the ult and the CD decrease on the Q. It's also worth calling out that the Q change is a pretty substantial buff. At max rank with 40% CDR it's a difference of a 4.2s CD versus a 3s CD. The stun's got a duration of 1s, so that means the time a target's unstunned drops from 3.2s to 2s. Finally Leona's also looking very strong in the current patch (6.13). There'll be a mixture of things contributing to that, one of them though's the changes to XP that affects supports in particular. Leona's pretty level dependent to contribute, much more so than most other supports, so it looks like she may have benefited more than most. Fairly confident as a result that even if we're wrong about the power (as opposed to play pattern) impact of these changes that she won't end up too weak in the next patch.
Because it seems like he learns new spells every season
Maybe he gets a new book? EVER THINK ABOUT THAT?!
My client has been stuck at "Applying Patches..." on 39% for hours now. What, if anything, can I do?
Meep Gang
If you're stuck at 39% or around there, you'll need to run through the [Connection Guide]( to get it going again. This is the point in the patching process where it's downloading files- so they are either being blocked or the network is dropping information/disconnecting completely. Let me know if it gets stuck again after that and I'd be happy to help!
I'm having some issues after I updated my client, now when I go play a game, before it launches the client crashes on me. It has never done this before.. And because of this too, I have to wait 20 minutes in que to play a game. I try restarting my computer too, but it just did it again to me..
the negro rocky
If you're crashing then it's likely that your game files have corrupted. This can happen sometimes after a patch if it doesn't download properly. You'll want to work through the steps in the [Crash Guide]( This will get your game healthy and free of errors! Let me know if you need any help after trying that! :)
well I got the update but when I try to login it gives me a 24 minute login wait and I have no idea what to do
Can you give me some more details as to what you mean by a login wait? Are you in a login queue, or is the patching taking a long time to patch? I'll be able to give you a better answer with a little more info! :)
I finished patching and I logged onto leagues. After logging on the whole league screen was black. Nothing happens. Why did this happen?
Ahh, so the screen is black in the client? That's usually an Internet Explorer issue. If you don't have your settings configured properly then it won't be able to display content there. Good news is that we've got a [Store Guide]( that should get it back to normal! Try those steps and let me know if you need any more help!
XD nvmd worked after messin around for 12 hours <3 league
Hurray, you got in! See ya on the Rift! :)
So ever since the patch came out my client has not patched all the way and I even let it go to 30K files still nothing it has been like this for 2 days. It has not happened in previous patches. I've restarted the client and my computer and still stuck on %33. Help please.
If it's making progress on the scan, let it keep going. It sounds like the patcher is actually stuck though? If it's not progressing past 33% then it's unable to download the patch files. This can happen due to packet loss, or a firewall/anti-virus blocking the patcher- to name a few! Luckily a lot of the solutions are covered in the [Connection Guide](, so you'll want to work through that first! Make sure to do all the steps, and let me know how it goes, I'd be happy to help you further! :)
Everything that I have tried hasn't worked in programs on the computer and solutions in real life wont work either.
That's a tricky one, since it's hardware related. While this guide is for FPS, it does have a lot of steps that are good for optimizing hardware and keeping your computer from overworking itself. I'd suggest [giving it a try]( first! Sometimes all they need is a good cleaning on the inside, make sure the fans aren't being blocked by dust. After that, you can hop into a custom match with a bot to test your fixes, and that will prevent you from getting any more LeaverBuster penalties. If it's still shutting down after you try those steps, go ahead and [send in a ticket.]( Our tech team can look at your PC settings and see if they spot anything unusual.
I am stuck at 33% because it started scanning files when it hit 33 so I should just wait for it to scan all the files right?
Yup, yup! If it's scanning files then the best thing to do is let it keep going, even if it's a little slow. If it seems like it gets stuck at 33% then you'll want to work through the [Connection Guide]( to get your network settings in order. That way it'll give your OS the permissions it needs to download the files and your connection will be in the best condition to do what it needs to do! :)
HELP! Recently I just started playing again after 4 months (problems with my laptop). I tried to get it repaired and the guy said i just have to be patient. So I give LoL a try on my laptop and it crashes. So I asked my brother if i can download LoL on his computer since he is dorming for college. I start LoL and last night (6/29/16) it was working perfectly fine. Today I somewhat had to download the latest patch again and it is stuck at 33%. I tried to reinstall the game 2 times, turn of firewall, and the "just wait for like 2 hours and the patcher will do stuff on its own" method....STILL DIDNT WORK! It may have to do something with my brother's computer being not genuine (my uncle built it). Oh yeah...i forgot to mention when i leave the computer idle it freezes and it has a pop up saying "Unspecified error occurred. Please check the logs for more information" Please help, all i wanted was to just play one game of LoL
Hey there! You sure have gone through a lot of effort to be able to play, so let's get this fixed! Getting stuck at 33% indicates a network issue. Usually there's a firewall blocking the patcher from downloading files, or you're using a non-public DNS. So work through the [Connection Guide]( and that should get it patching just fine! If you have any questions about the steps or get stuck again, just let me know!
hi there i have 1 problem with the shop store its to much down cant se items when the patch was 6.12 the shop store was fine but after the new patch 6.13 my shop store its down cant se even my items only litle any one how to fix it i reinstalled everythink and i updatet all drivers didnt fix
Hey Sinteksa, usually this happens if your IE settings aren't set up properly, or you don't have the right permissions. It'll block content from showing through on the store. So I recommend working through the [Store Guide]( and that should get everything displaying properly again! Let me know how it goes, and if you need further assistance! :) Since everyone is talking about the new pool party skins... i want to point out that Fiora BRUTALLY KICKS an INNOCENT crab that only wanted to play with her. Gods... that is HEARTLESS... Even Dark Star Thresh, an evil creature that wants to destoy the universe, doesnt hurt animals on purpose... in fact, he wanted to be friend of that little frog... But Fiora? SHE IS A MONSTER. Just LOOK AT HER, she kicks Kelly with HATE and FURY after disarming the poor little guy. ... Is that a good example of the demacian ideals? I DONT THINK SO. Please, think about Kelly
Ebonmaw Dragon
Demacia can be a harsh place.
I wasn't involved in making this - just wanted to say I love the Demacian symbol sunglasses! :D
Thanks for noticing >=)
> [{quoted}](name=Bioluminescence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=PuqZYeZU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-30T20:24:25.868+0000) > > I wasn&#x27;t involved in making this - just wanted to say I love the Demacian symbol sunglasses! :D Was it done by Michelle Hoefener by any chance?
It was painted by [Pan](!
> [{quoted}](name=Kindlejack,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=cm8i8hhw,comment-id=000100060000,timestamp=2016-06-29T17:30:08.556+0000) > > The illustrator for PP Fiora even requested I bang out a rough concept for a certain champion so he could feature more prominently in her splash art It's Tryndamere, isn't it? :D
> [{quoted}](name=Kindlejack,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=cm8i8hhw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-27T22:29:34.096+0000) > > There&#x27;s been a few threads lately asking how champions are chosen for skins, and this is a good question for me because I helped worked on this patch. > > It&#x27;s generally difficult to answer in a satisfying way without giving away information about future releases. For example; last year, for pretty much the entire year leading up to the event, we already had the skins for PROJECT locked in and were working hard on them. This meant for all that time when players asked &#x27;Why no Pool Party Lucian!?&#x27; and &#x27;Why are you ignoring Zed?&#x27; we had to stay quiet, when I would love to have said &quot;Don&#x27;t worry, they&#x27;re coming and they are awesome!&quot;. I&#x27;ve talked in the past about why we choose not to talk about future plans or make promises when our work and goals changes so often - so keep in mind that at all times we are choosing champions in a very in-depth way and have a lot of information to drive our decisions we can&#x27;t share at that time. > > We ask questions like; > - are they scheduled for rework or roster changes? > - are we already working on a skin for that champion? > - has that champion recently had a skin? (not counting World Champion skins) > - does that champion have a skin that is similar? (I&#x27;d say it&#x27;s unlikely we&#x27;ll do PROJECT: Lissandra after Program) > - does this theme play up the things we love most about this champion? > - does this theme have global appeal? (I discovered Pool Noodles are not well known in China, so we did some follow up on Fiora before committing to it) > - do we have the bandwidth to complete a skin for that champion before the event? > - do their champion pillars have overlap with the theme? (eg. &#x27;Pop Star Gnar&#x27; would be a hard sell, not impossible though!) > - does this theme provide a strong alternate fantasy? (eg. &#x27;Soulstealer Thresh&#x27; would just be his base) > > Then we choose a short list and do some exploration sketches to see which ideas are working best in a visual medium, from there we choose the final champions and get to work! Are we getting 5 pool party skin this year or just 3? We are still missing a mage and a jungler, previous tear we have gotten one for each role
3 skins for pool party this year. The nature of the thematic requires that all the skins be mid tier, and there are other sets this year we also want to hit!
Marauder Gragas sounds pretty badass tbh
Tidal Tyrant
It does!
Male vi day 3 comin! XD
Ooh, haha will be on the lookout! {{champion:254}}
Look for a cheezy ezreal cosplayer on day 4 ;p Its my first time cosplaying ever, I hope it turns out well.
BMLord Tahm
Awesome, did my first cosplay recently at PAX East. It was a lot of fun :) Look forward to your cosplay!
Will be Red Card Kat Days 1-4 !
Awesome, Kat is one of my favorite champs! :)
Will the clg booth be with you guys or on its own?
hanzo holiday
CLG booth will be on its own.
The original article about the Finals being hosted at the ACC in Toronto said that more details to come late June. It&#039;s late June, and I&#039;m curious if I&#039;ve missed something. Thanks :)
Although Sunday is sold out, we still have tickets for Saturday! There's also the Riftwalk community event if you'll be in Toronto around that time: Here's the promo code blurb that's on the Ticketmaster page if you end up needing it: > Hold onto the promo code NALCSRIFT6 as we'll announce an additional experience in Toronto on June 23rd. Stay tuned to the League of Legends website for more information.
Q. What is in the champ mastery formula A. Uhh... just play normal That seriously doesn't help the people asking this question. I don't think it has occurred to Riot that the reason why this is such a popular question is that the grade you receive at the end of the match almost never matches expectations and seems arbitrary. Which is why people want to know what categories to perform well in because playing normally doesn't equate to you getting an S. Now Riot can keep saying they won't tell anyone because then people will try to play for stats (as if playing for good stats isn't a good thing), but the alternative is people play for stats based on popular theories on what helps. So Riot believes it would be problematic for someone to pick a champ and know what averages they need to beat in order to get an S, and then work toward that goal in game, because maybe someone decides to afk farm for a bit to hit a cs quota. The problem is Riot gives people incentives to care about the ratings and so people will go into games with the end goal of getting an S rather than winning anyway. Only instead of knowing what averages they need to beat, they do the same thing Riot thinks people will only do if they knew the exact formula, which is play for stats that are popularly believed to increase rating. An example of this is a recent gbay video where he is trying to get mastery level 7 on irelia. After failing to get an S by playing normally, he looks around for popular theories on what gets you an S and decides to afk farm away from his team as much as possible, and ks at every given opportunity because to the best of his knowledge kills contribute to your rating far better than assists. So instead of giving people the rubric on what they are being graded on (like any actually legitimate test giver who wants to be taken seriously), people resort to playing for stats regardless if their goal is centered on mastery rank. Only instead of trying to beat an average of 8 kills or something specific for their champion, they will just attempt to ks all game long, or extend the game to farm kills/cs. Good way to encourage unhealthy gameplay.
There's a legitimate argument that the transparency of the feedback is too opaque at the moment, especially for players who don't have enough game knowledge to understand where they had a shortcoming. Frequently, when we see 'I don't understand why I got a (grade)' posts, we'll open it up and see the first response is someone outlining where they fell short. The fact that the player doesn't get this feedback directly is a shortcoming of the system and something we'd like to improve on. We've discussed a few approaches to this, such as possibly showing grades in performance categories. We are not locked into any particular solution yet, but none of the solutions would involve revealing specific stats. For the most part, we're pretty happy with the grade outputs. In the case of supports however, the grading system is just not great at evaluating game factors correctly atm. We are targeting improvements to support grading with 6.14 and a general upgrade for other positions grade accuracy.
How do you feel about Lux's overall state. She was one of the few mages to be left out the mage update and item changes weren't particularly beneficial towards her. There also seems to be very split opinions from the community when it comes to her; there are those who love her long-range burst playstyle and those that find her too oppressive being long-ranged and burst. You've etched out her weaknesses by reducing the strength of her shield, but do you still find her problematic to balance (it's been stated before that she's been difficult to balance), do you think she is suitable for a light-Ryze style update?(get it? :D) What were some of the other changes you were/are considering? (This latest one is the only one to be PBE'd)
I think she and a couple of other artillery ish mages are a bit overlapped (Lux/Vel'Koz/Xerath). Overall though her design seems pretty solid to me, can't see the sense in a Ryze level update. We looked at things like lowering E mana cost (felt ok, made for some oppressive lanes) and decreasing E missile speed while putting more power elsewhere (improved playing against experience significantly, felt really rough for the Lux player though).
What are the thoughts behind those changes. Any further changes planned?
Fiora - early game's a bit too punishing after our last changes. She's still very powerful, and sometimes hard to deal with, late game, so looking to add a bit of early power that doesn't translate directly into late game power. Lux - Slight buffs intended, with power also being shifted a little bit towards riskier play (being in AA range versus fishing with Q). Should be quite small changes. Both could still change, Lux especially has had a number of different tweaks in testing over the last week or two (not sure how many of those were PBE'd?).
Champion pool has grown to more than 140 Champions, still only 3 bans a team New champ select gives only the bottom 3 people one ban each Can we please have one ban per person.
a dessert dog
P.S. One of the questions I addressed on Ask Riot was "Since we are having more and more champions, are we thinking to redesign the amount of bans in champ select?" and that is definitely not the first time I have heard that. The TLDR answer is "We are thinking of changing the number of bans, but not because of the number of champions." [Link](
> [{quoted}](name=Postal Badger,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Amfv4GyQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-30T21:28:51.057+0000) > > Because Assassins silencing you during the half second they&#x27;re bursting you is what they don&#x27;t want to happen. Yes {{champion:1}} how dare champions with burst {{champion:63}} have cc so you can't fight back while they're killing you {{champion:103}} I mean imagine how lame {{champion:134}} if many champions with burst could do that {{champion:90}} wouldn't it be a scandal {{champion:157}} so outrageous {{champion:143}} holy crap the game would be unplayable {{champion:45}} I swear {{champion:34}} it would be unbearable {{champion:112}} . At least with pre-change Kass and pre-changes LB you could run away since you were only silenced.
Aeolian Melodies
It's the combination of mobility, CC that stops you reacting and burst. The champions you've listed there don't have the same positioning power that assassins do. Ahri's an exception, with strong reposition on a long CD and soft reposition regularly. She's got one of the least reliable CCs as a result (skillshot that stops on first target, giving a lot of counterplay in lane especially).
Champion pool has grown to more than 140 Champions, still only 3 bans a team New champ select gives only the bottom 3 people one ban each Can we please have one ban per person.
a dessert dog
> I wish Riot would stop using this argument. It's not going to be a slippery slope - all we're asking for is that the last two members of each team have an option to ban someone they don't want to see in their game. The argument made on one of the podcasts was paraphrased as "Well, if we give them 4 more, pretty soon, there's gonna be 100" or something along those lines. It's purposefully over dramatic for the sake of the idea, I get it, but it remains to be a poor argument with the current roster and their kits. The counter-argument of "we wouldn't demand more bans if the champions were both balanced and healthy for the game" works here was well...just something to keep in mind. Ten is a good even number, and everyone gets to ban one champ - that's about as fair as you can make pick / ban. I don't agree with you that "all we're asking for is the last two members of each team to have an option." I get that is what *you* are asking for, and as I said, that position makes a lot of sense to me. But frequently we get requests for more bans under the argument of "but look how many champions there are now." We don't think that ban numbers need to scale as a function of champion numbers. That doesn't mean that 6 (or 10 for that matter) is somehow a magic number, and obviously we are talking about changing it. Or put another way, if we do end up changing it to 10, I would not expect it to change from 10 for many more years, if ever. > I thought diversity by means of strategy and strategic banning was something Riot wanted? Ultimately, yes. But there is some risk of driving players to just embrace generalist champions who play well in any comp rather than strategically trying to build a comp that is very reliant on getting certain picks. We like champs with strengths and weaknesses, and the weaknesses in particular encourage teams to build comps where someone's strength can offset your weakness. We want to reward strategic thinking like that. If it is too easy to kill certain comps by locking out a few champions, that would be a risk we'd want to avoid. I think this is a solvable problem, but I am offering it as an example of a negative consequence if we aren't smart with the design. > Shutting down one trick ponies...oh how awful. It's their fault for not knowing how to play more than two champions. I agree that true mastery of the game should mean you can play more than one or two champions, or even roles. But there is also something exciting about a pro being able to play their signature champion - the one that some fans really want to see them play - without it being instabanned. ^Like this. I've always believed making obnoxious champions pretty/adorable makes them slightly less of a pain to play against. I know the assassin update will include some new animations, so there&#039;s the chance!
Cutest Vlad EU
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Rainslight,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Ecbh3128,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-06-29T21:40:57.062+0000) > > I always used Flash to get back to lane quicker. > > On the bright side, I got really good at Flashing over the nexus ^^&quot; I used to just walk straight up top lane and {{summoner:14}} my opponent. To 'gain an advantage over them.' Like not even all-in or anything, just level 1, walk to lane, ignite, continue to lane as normal. This was back when there was a mastery that gave like 5 ad/ap while ignite was on cooldown..but still...holy crap old self, Y U DO THIS?
YES. I used it on CD too. I always "won trades" that way
How do you plan to disincentiveize tank-sassin builds in a world where assassins take longer to do their job? Quick EDIT: or rather, do you plan to disincentiveize tank-sassin builds at all?
Not certain yet. We haven't started on the item side of things. If I had to guess it would be stuff like creating items targeted at assassins and then balancing them around needing those, changing defensive itemization to be more around amplifying the existing defensive parts of champions who should be tanky etc. ^Like this. I've always believed making obnoxious champions pretty/adorable makes them slightly less of a pain to play against. I know the assassin update will include some new animations, so there&#039;s the chance!
Cutest Vlad EU
I think I'd legit become a Rengar main =^.^=
Title says it all, are champion mastery tokens earnable on ARAM yet? They should be.
Fudg cicles
No, Champion Mastery Tokens cannot be earned on Howling Abyss. As indicated in the [Champion Mastery Guide](, the Mastery 6 and 7 tokens can only be earned on Normal and Ranked Summoner's Rift games.
I absolutely love the Fiora Splash Art, its hilarious and so well done! I cannot wait to see what you guys do for Miss Fortune &lt;3
I wasn't involved in making this - just wanted to say I love the Demacian symbol sunglasses! :D
Using 4g hotspot, but it will drop my wifi when i recieve and call.
Greencard 1
What an interesting question on our Boards. I'm guessing you're asking this because you're using the hotspot to play League of Legends. Luckily, I use Verizon Wireless too so I know a little bit about what technology they've implemented (I did some research when I was looking for a mobile network provider), but first of all I'd like to point out that playing via hotspot has its own challenges. If wi-fi can be prone to packet loss and higher latency, then hotspots definitely increases the riskiness. The reason being you're using a wireless connection that is also wireless connected to cell towers instead of wirelessly connecting to a router which is physically connected to a modem that's hard wired. So even if you fix the dropped data when calls come in, you might still experience network problems that will cause frustration on the Fields of Justice. With that out of the way, a short history on Verizon Wireless' technology. There's two type of wireless technologies for mobile phones back in the day, CDMA and GSM. CDMA was used by Sprint and Verizon and one of the limitations of it is the inability to transmit both data and handle voice calls. Fast forward to now and we're basically all using LTE technology for our mobile phones now and it can handle both voice and data, so... why is your hotspot still dropping when you receive a phone call? Well it's because--as a fail over--it has to go to their CDMA-based network when their LTE-based network has a hiccup or the coverage isn't as good. So it elects to use the legacy voice technology by default. However, you can use their VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology which they call "HD Voice." More information can be found on their website here: Definitely check it out if you want to know more about simultaneous voice and data on Verizon Wireless' network and keep in mind the warning I mentioned earlier because you definitely don't want to find yourself with high packet loss, rubberbanding throughout Summoner's Rift. As for the legality of it... I don't know enough about our legal system to know one way or the other, but I imagine a some people would be miffed if their 3G network went down prematurely lowering their overall coverage or making older mobile phones obsolete.
> [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZWT3dQNP,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-06-30T15:07:21.662+0000) > > > > I fucking love this ult. Wait I thought Repertoir said that wouldn't work because Sion gets an invisible "unstoppable" buff that prevents him from getting CCed while ulting (like Vi, Malphite, and Hecarim) that would prevent this interaction.
That's definitely true of Malphite and Vi. Sion doesn't use it I guess. I'm kinda fine with this. Will probably consult a few other designers to see what they think.
I often play with a diamond adc main and he seems to think that jinx is not the late game carry she is supposed to be. According to him and data from a few different sites jinx's winrate actually drops from 35 minutes onwards. Is it similar for riot's data? And if so, is this something that should be changed or are you happy with that?
LongHair Fox
So something interesting about win rates after ~35 minutes is that they all actually trend towards 50%. A lot of that is due to the fact that 1 misplay can end the game either way, and those misplays far outweigh the relative strengths of a champion. Regardless, Jinx has a LOT of potential damage relative to other ADs late game. So assuming a player can access that potential, she will be more impactful than other champions
o_o who checks the chat logs to see if people are being toxic or not? because im one of those people who sometime wants to go out of meta and try new things(but never in a ranked game), today i got a 14 day ban for being &quot;Toxic?&quot; in game but the chat logs dont match at all. It showed me 3 game chats and all of them i went out of meta (won 2/3 of those games ) and it does not help that i play solo (#ForeverAlone no one plays with me cuz im bad XD) so most of the time i get placed with premades and they get mad because i dont follow the meta and they report me im mad but im not too mad because i have a second account thats like lv12 but all my friends are on the lv30 account (the account im on right now) i know there is not a report tab for &quot;Playing a champ in a role it was not made for&quot; so why do i have to get punished for it. to be fair one of the games i did use some dark humor but nothing intense **Main questions ** 1. Who checks the chat logs to see if people are being toxic or not? 2. Does riot even check the full game chat log of other players in the game?(not just the person that got reported) Well i thanks im just gonna sit here and wait because league is basically my life and the reason i haven&#039;t drunk this lemonade flavored bleach
> Who checks the chat logs to see if people are being toxic or not? You were not punished for off-meta play. I took a glance at only the first chat log provided in your reform card and I can tell the punishment is deserved. You are welcome to post the chat logs here for the community to weigh in on them. > Does riot even check the full game chat log of other players in the game? No, they are irrelevant. Each person is responsible for what they type.
no, it means that they no longer want assassins to 1shot people, which means that assassins will have to build tankier to survive the time needed to kill somebody. which will in time mean to tanks being picked over assassins or assassins building tank.
venomous frost
We're still expecting assassins post changes to kill squishy targets in one ability rotation generally. We'll be looking to extend how long that takes a bit though from extremely fast to just fast, say from 0.2s up to around 1s (example numbers only, but that style of change). Damage is also likely to be less guaranteed on average, that should give us some power budget to offer assassins somewhat broader toolsets in exchange though (e.g. better out of combat mobility to flank, vision tools to find targets etc).
No, to the contrary. They want to increase the time an assassin needs to kill you to open up opportunities of counter-play. A silence would remove any possibility of counter-play.
Yup. A silence on a melee champion with a much longer kill time, or much more limited target accessibility would be fine (e.g. Garen). Big issue with some assassins is the limited ways for enemy players to respond to them, which correspondingly means we have to then restrict the amount of other stuff assassins can do because of that fast, reliable kill pattern.
Link broken for me.
Which link? Just tested and they look fine to me.
Ugh well make that 45k and climbing....
That means that it's repairing a lot of files, usually it'll scan about 15-20k files and that's all it needs to do. Once it gets higher than that, it signals that there are corrupt files that are being fixed. So yeah! You'll want to let it keep going. If this is something that is happening every patch, then you may want to [check your HDD for errors](
> [{quoted}](name=Jaredan,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=UcjRz5mR,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-16T03:28:12.087+0000) > > Hi Engrailed, > I can&#x27;t share specifics on that front yet, sorry. We (and by that I mean Riot as well as Narrative in particular), are developing teams, pipelines, and content with the aim of delivering high quality stories in various media. We want players to have something great to consume on a regular basis. That doesn&#x27;t necessarily mean the same story, or even medium, but content that will get you excited to see what&#x27;s next, then deliver on it. Hey, I just wanted to say I miss seeing you around Boards and on I wish you'd take up Brian Feeney (feralpony)'s style of Ask. He answers ~1 question per day, almost every day.
Hyrum Graff
Fair feedback Hyrum, thanks. I've been out and about a lot lately, but I'll be around more now. Good idea on the ask approach, plus I usually take whatever Mr. Feeney does as a textbook approach to life anyway.
Something in the patch is constantly crashing when loading the game after champ select.
What kind of crash error are you seeing? Can you give me a description of what it says or a screenshot? That would help me out a lot! :)
i cannot log in lol logo disapears as i open it what can i do ?
That sounds like you've got a firewall or anti-virus shutting the game down. Usually when you see the logo and it disappears, that's your security software going "NOPE!" and forcing it to close. Try the steps that you can do in the [Patching Guide](, that should get it running!
i tried to send url but they are invisible i dont know why... at the first url it shows the reconnect to the game and i think u know which one at the 2nd url is that one thats shows the game has crashed and i think u that one too thanks
Still Virgin xD
Are you stuck on a screen with a message that says "The game has crashed. Please try to reconnect to the game." with an orange reconnect button that doesn't do anything? If so- this means that the game has crashed from the server and it no longer exists. The good news is that it clears up after about 2 hours so you guys should be fine now! :)
I'm at 33% and 15200 files scanned and still going do I keep waiting or restart... I need help
If you're stuck at 33% then that signals that there's a connection issue going on. Possibly a non-public DNS or a firewall is blocking your connection, as the client is trying to download files for the patch. Go ahead and work through the [Connection Guide]( first and let me know how that goes! :)
hey. i'm getting that unspecified error. I know it says that it may be because of my internet or a firewall. but I do not have a firewall. I even asked for help to find said firewall and it's turned off. I reset my computer and it finally went past 33% but when it got to 82% it gave me the unspecified error msg again. my internet is completely fine and nothing wrong with my computer. can you please tell me what I should do? or if you need any more info to help me ill be glad to answer everything to the best of my knowledge.
little sociopath
Since you've already tried some solutions, it would be best to [submit a ticket]( to contact the Tech team! They can take a look at your logs and see where things might be going wrong.
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