Remake is great! Can we change something small as a QoL change tho?

So I love the remake feature!! It allows players to remake a game when someone afks before it even really starts!! Its such a great idea.....BUT it has some very very minor flaws that I would say are more related to quality of life changes. For starters, a remade game does not give any LP/IP gains at then why do we lose the "Autofill Protected" status after a game is remade? If nothing is gained from it why should someone be punished for another's actions? To further that point if a game is a /remake I think it would make more sense that players get one "Autofill Protected" game just so that they don't lose out on anything if they weren't already "Autofill activated"....what if someone waits in queue gets their role instead of getting autofilled only to have the game end 3 mins in due to a remake on the other team then they queue back up and get autofilled in a role they are terrible at??? They just wasted 20 mins between lobbies and ques only to lose a game cause they got stuck with autofill after someone doesn't seem like that was the way the system was intended to work
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