2/0/1 Ezreal buys a tear and boots instead of Sheen

Now, this isn't all Ez's fault, the jungler was stupid and did go in on a big wave, but the Draven ended up at 130 health. 130. Imagine if Ez bought Sheen. At level 4 (which is what Ez was at) he has a base AD of 61. It would've taken 2 empowered autos to bring Draven down to 10 health. And that 130 is AFTER the health Draven regained from Dangerous game from killing Ez and Kindred. If you have an advantage freaking get damage. If Ez had, he could've gotten one more, maybe two kills, and with the gold he gets from those could get tear just a few minutes later. Like tell me, does it make sense, on ANY OTHER ADC if they rushed a QSS because they were playing against Malz? Sure, it doesn't help at that exact moment, but hey, when Malz hits 6 at least they'll have it. See how retarded the reasoning is? Sacrifice getting your Muramana 2-3 minutes later and still being that mid-game powerhouse to control your lane instead of just giving it up.
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