So does Riot even give the slightest shit about balance anymore?

Or the game in general.. I have to completely give up on ranked due to massive amounts of trolling and feeding. And the report for that doesn't do a damned thing. On top of that a lot of OP champions are stupidly easy to balance, but it seems RIot is actively ignoring the things that are needed to be fix by using a bad workaround that ends up either making the champion more stronger, or doesn't fix the issues at all. On top of THAT, they haven't even attempted to consider the Risk/Reward of each champion, and that's after 5 years of this game being active! AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT! They still attempt to force Casuals to play with Hardcore players. This is a major nono. It forces players that don't attempt to play the game in the slightest bit, to play with those that want to win, get better, and play with better players. Seriously Riot, 5 years is enough time to get your shit together.
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