Draven with Season 6 Items

I've played Draven almost exclusively for 2 years now, and I've always thought he was balanced. Sure he hits hard, but he has no real escape, and does significantly less damage if his axes are down. The new items on the PBE change this. He's crap now. There's no reason to play him over other ADC's. Now he's the ADC that doesn't have a role (all others seems to have a role now; control marksman, hypercarry marksman, tanky burst marksman, etc.). He's just the guy that throws axes. I think he could fit in really well as the "snowball" marksman. Make him even more high risk high reward. He needs something. Riot even nerfed his base AD. Draven has always stood out as the marksman that does insane damage, but now none of the items allow him to keep that title. The BT->Sword of the Occult->Essence Reaver->LW build on the live server truly makes him feel like a high risk high reward champion that depends on snowballing. I'd like to keep it that way. They could try increasing the AD scaling on his axes by 5-10%. I think that's reasonable.
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