Regarding Fizz Nerfs

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Regarding the Fizz nerfs, I feel like you nerfed him in the wrong way. All you did was lower his w % missing health damage but that wasn't what was making Fizz "OP". Of course, his w was really useful for securing some kills but his q proc with lich bane will still do tons of damage. Something you should focus on nerfing on fizz is his e land radius because I think his e is a really strong part of his kit because not only does it make him invulnerable to incoming damage that hasn't been applied yet but also does damage when he lands. His ult is mostly just used for cc and chase when he is fed and is barely combo'd for the extra damage. I was a Fizz main in the jungle and I got to level 7 mastery before reaching 30k mastery points because his mobility and damage are outstanding in the early game.
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