I got promoted to Kitchen Manager/ Head Chef today

Don't upvote, it's already terrible. **Long Story Short:** My last manager fucked up so bad we may close shop for good, and I got promoted to fix it before that happens or were all out of a good job **Short Story Long:** The guy before me became a nazi dictator and made some really lame ass rules and decided he wanted us to log the temp of every dish we put out. we had to log... Food Product final cooking temp cooking method ingredients used Doesn't seem like a lot till you realises you are putting out nearly 500 dishes daily on a regular day, that added up to alot of paper work and alot of extra time before we could get food out to the customer, which means more time to get to the other tickets, which in turn added more time to their order, ect ect. none of this of course is required by state but dumbass mcgee for whatever fucking reason felt it was necessary (again not even a requirement by inspectors) for us to get 100% on inspections every time. Then came the changes in food product. He wanted to minimise cost and maximise product. so instead of getting the freshest of ingredients like any high end restaurant should, he decided to go for the cheapest glued together boneless garbage fake ass meat products, and freezer burnt vegetables that were frozen for so long I can only assume they were from the Arctic circle that were frozen over from the last ice age to save money thinking the customers would be okay with eating glorified dog food. After we lost about ooooohhhhhh 60% profit revenue (I know because I'm currently trying to un-fuck his handy work) the owner got wind of it (shocker) and he just so happened to walk in the kitchen while I was.......how to put this.............. losing my fucking shit with this jackass, and and of course the was making up all the excuses he could muster and trying to blame is on the staff for "sabotaging the food to make him look bad" then he pointed the finger at me saying I was behind this so called mutiny. Now the owner who knows me pretty well for the last 2 years held a meeting with all of us without Slappy Mc Fuckhead. where we explained what was happening during the last few weeks of his absence. I then had to go through all the floorstock paperwork, computer orders, to prove that it was not our fault. He expressed that he liked my understanding of the operation and offered me the job under one condition.... I fire the old guy I'd be lying if I said I did not enjoy this momentous occasion. I even asked If I could hire a barbershop quartet to assist me with this task, to witch he naturally said no too. but it was nice nonetheless. the owner called him in told him I'm taking his job. He wasn't happy, I fucking was though. then pulled out all the proof of his fuck ups told him I know have to Un-fuck everything he did to prevent us from shutting down, then gave his his last check and before I could say more (and I wanted to say a lot more) he already stormed out the door. Now here the hard part, we all got to take pay cuts (including our insurance) in order for us to afford to stay open till we fix everything and bring the money back in. If we don't there's a good chance we go out of business. now the mistakes aren't necessarily hard to fix, we may have to wait to get our old product back in but we can do that. but this fucking idiot hurt our reputation, BAD. So if we can't restore that and get customers to return it doesn't matter what we fix. Even if we get back to normal, the regulars and word by mouth from the people that had a bad time during our cluster fuck of management gives us a bad name, and I fear we may not get them to return. **TL/DR** My last manager fucked up so bad we may close shop for good, and I got promoted to fix it before that happens or were all out of a good job
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