Did you reach your ranked goal this season?

1 week to go before the season ends, and I can't wait to get my shiny border and ward skins! I started playing ranked this season, and I reached my goal to get to platinum. Played {{champion:222}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:236}} , I only knew how to play Nami when I started (placed in silver III after the 10 first matches) but felt like I couldnt make much of a difference as a support so I played some normals with Lucian and when my support spot was brutally taken away from me in ranked by one of those "supp or feed" trolls, there was no way back and I have preferred adc ever since. Lucian was great for laning, but unless I got fed (and let's be honest, i don't think that happened more than a few times) team fights felt very high risk, so I started practicing Jinx and she is now my most played champion. I also tortured myself to make 3v3 teams with random people found on the forums, for the 75 point ward skin. I'm horrible with all jungle/mid/top champions, but somehow the very forgiving {{champion:99}} and my high plat friend carried me to victory! Next season I really hope they wont make the 75 points ward skins, or if they do I really hope it's only 75 and not 250 or some wild 9000 number. I want to learn how to play more adc champions, get better at last hitting, and hopefully I get a new monitor for christmas (mine is tiny!) so that might be able to help me get better as well. Oh and I really want to learn how to "orb walk" properly with that click keybind thing I have yet to figure out. Would be fun to hear how this season went for the rest of you! Did you reach your ranked goal? Did you have fun playing? What champions did you play? What do you want to get better at? What annoyed you the most? When did you have most fun?
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