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I've noticed silver/gold inherited a lot of the toxicity that plat has this season around. It's getting to the point I will have two stupid mexicans who can barely speak english shit talking the ever living fuck out of me because I'm not mad camping them and their 90 cs down boots with triple dagger build despite being "plat 2" Or my favorite, the 0/10/0 fervor Garen "plat 1" turret diving Camille level 2 and then flaming the fuck out of me. The quality of silver has reduced to an all time disgusting low, but at the same time, this just goes to show how terrible a lot of the upper mmr players were last season. Though, I will say a lot of the players were blatantly boosted up there, and just never really fell back down due to only playing once a month, and or outright bought accounts recently.
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