How come Darius is still allowed to be stronger than Nasus late game despite being a lane bully?

{{champion:122}} can just build {{item:3071}} and proceed on going full tank and yet still murder a 600+ stack {{champion:75}}. Darius has built in armor pen (plus more from the Black Cleaver), has his bleeding effect for additional damage, and his ult just lets him shred through Nasus's tank build as it is a bursty true damage. Also, even if Nasus has built in life steal, Darius will heal himself with his Q, which has a very low chance of missing since Nasus is extremely kiteable even with wither (just hook Nasus and slow him). Not to mention, Nasus's stacks won't be doing much damage considering Darius has built armor to mitigate a lot of the damage.
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