[Spoilers] Got done watchin' the final episode of Re:Zero - discuss it thingamajig

I myself enjoyed how the 'final battle' of sorts went down. Some interesting things did happen, yet at the same time it didn't do nothing too fancy ether. However considering the character's strengths and whatnot, it's fine and well done given what was there. Nothing to utterly praise endlessly for being just a majestic masterpiece (That goes to the 15th episode). Also, Patrasche is MVP. However. . . that's about it. Subaru's moment with Emilia was not really. . . how do I describe this. . . "emotion-educing"? There just wasn't enough time spent with Emilia and Subaru to build up that romantic and emotional connection more throughout the anime for me to be invested in what happened at the end and care given what else the anime has shown. It just felt too illogical for Subaru to keep that 'love in first sight' for her after: having so many things happen to him throughout the anime, get much more development and emotions/trust built up with a different character, have said character literally pour their heart out to him, reject said character, and still have said feelings of love in the end of it. Yet Subaru still was like "I don't care about anyone else, I love me sum Emilia, gotta fakin' save her! . . . And my dragon buddy Patrasche too cuz why not? :D". It just wasn't done well. I understand there was plot-lines yet left unfinished, other paths of story not even shown, as well as some sort of cliff-hanger not shown cuz it would've been a real cheeky low-blow of sorts. . . but the ending that was given just wasn't really satisfying to me at all and just a bait out to get people whinin' for another season already. Nonetheless it was still an good anime, I can't really nark on it due to such. While the popularity it is receiving is a bit too much. . . it is still deserved as overbearing as it might be. I give it a alrighty/MY BRAIN TREMBLES!!1!
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