EPIC Poppy Top replay (Silver elo)

http://www.replay.gg/search/na/MysteriousBootie#2215198377 I JUST had this game, this win got me back into my silver 4 promos (hurray!), I thought it was a pretty awesome game. Very back and forth, got REALLY REALLY close at multiple points, and sick plays are made! I just wanted to share it in case anyone was interested. I was playing into an Illaoi lane, I don't play it too well but nocturne camped top and had my back. Bot lane get's wrecked and feeds hard, but our malzahar got a little big so it's me, nocturne, and malzahar trying to rock the boat against a fed as shit ezreal, zac, illaoi, morgana support with barrier (OP), and a veigar. This was a solo game btw, or at least for me. It's a long one too, like an hour and 7 minutes long o.0
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