RIOT The Multi-Billion Dollar Conundrum

Do you ever feel like your hard earned money that you spend on Riot points isn't properly utilized? Is support constantly beating around the bush and not properly answering your questions? Have you spent countless hours of your life on a game that has no respect for the average person trying to get by? Do you win 8 out of 10 promotionals and get placed in Bronze 5? After having many back and forths over the span of several days with support (Which resulted in no real answers or solutions) i was promptly swept under the carpet and was told i no longer had the option to voice my case. After this I went on a mission to find a more personable way to contact them, of course there was no support line on the website so i performed a simple Whois on the domain name. Luckily RIOT is required to have some form of phone number associated with the domain and i was able to call them, It took me about 5 minutes but i finally got a receptionist on the line. When i asked to speak with a Head of Support or another corresponding position (after my request for my support ticket to be moved up to higher authority was neglected) she informed me that there is no directory and that the phone number is only for employees and that she couldn't help me even though i had the name of the person i wished to speak to. How is it that a service company that has 1.6 Billion in sales in 2016 doesn't have a phone system in place? I believe RIOT must go back to its roots and realize that the past and future success of this game is directly dependent on the players who have been playing for years and wouldn't be at the level they are today without them. What I am proposing is not only to put a phone support system in place but to also enhance the current placement systems to take in account veterans of the game whom have been playing for years whether on and off throughout the year (College Students) or constantly.
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