Are metroids really extinct in the series now?

First thing to say is the official timeline starts with: Metroid/Zero Mission The Prime Triology/Metroid Prime Hunters Metroid 2:Return of Samus Super Metroid Metroid Other M Metroid Fusion I must of forgotten a game what was it? ............ Metroid Prime Pinball! My question is they say all the Metroids went extinct in Metroid 2 where you go on a genocide hunt to kill metroids but they come back in Super Metroid mysteriously. Metroid Other M had a metroid queen but that died as well. Metroid Fusion had scientists secretly making them but you destroyed the lab. But what about the metroids on Tallon IV and Aether? The phazon infected metroids were killed after 3 but some weren't infected by them.
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