"Rioters don't feel comfortable going to GD" -Wookee

Y'know, generally you can expect him to say some pretty dumb stuff that's off base or misinformed. Now, I can't pretend to know how true this is because I don't work at riot, I don't frequently chat with rioters but I do know GD and its history. And let me tell you about that: Rioters used to frequently post on GD. Morello would spend time there, IronStylus would spend time there, even Pendrafon and others would post. Damiya (rest her soul) posted so frequently there that she just felt like a regular. We also had GhostCrawler, who would spend a lot of time there himself and post (he even responded to a story I made about him lol). Some of these guys still posted even on the new boards as well. It's funny because the only time Wookee ever really posted was to smite someone, so naturally he'd be dealing with the worst of the worst of the league community (and many of them weren't even GDers). So his perspective is probably a bit skewed as well. Here's what I know: Tamat moved GD and there was a lot of backlash. Some still hold it against him, and though I think that's foolish, I do get it. But even then, people came here and tried to work on fixing GD and they were generally interested in keeping the community alive. Quite frankly, Wookee hasn't ever been a part of GD and the only time he comes here is to basically smite folks, not uncommon for him to put his foot in his mouth either. You know why people have become especially hostile? Because there's been terrible moderation and only on two occasions did you guys interact with the community to work with us to make it better, both times Wookee and Keyru just ended up antagonizing the posters and confusing the shit out of everyone. When it comes to dealing with the actual community, history tells us Wookee is legit the worst rioter ever at dealing with GD, even worse than Tamat who tried his hardest but frankly bit off more than he could chew. So when you talk about GD and its "terrible" culture and the bad things that come with it, understand Wookees perspective is extremely bias, misinformed and lacking in any real understanding or dare I say research. Yes there have been problems, both from posters and moderation but in the past, there was always efforts to fix it and it'd improve. Most of us don't care if you consolidate the boards and basically push more of them into GD - we are totally fine with that. We just don't want the vote system the rest of the boards use or nested comments (discussion view) because we always posted on GD because it wasn't reddit. Now you're going to rename it All-Chat and go to reddit 2.0 and you wonder why people are mad. We don't want that, we never wanted it and here you are, because of your failures to be interactive or informed on what the actual community is and blame us and even Tamat because you're terrible at your job. I realize this will go ignored, maybe even deleted. Whatever, I'm glad I said it. I've spent a lot of time trying to make the community work too so when we just get ignored like this and have things go against our wishes, yeah, I'm ticked off. But whatever, we know riots love affair with reddit and how they want to be reddit 2.0 because hiveminded low elo popular comments and nuthuggers can just outvote anything to the contrary and validate you rather give you the criticism you need and deserve. Rip GD, it's been real.
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