If you want special treatment for being female, go play WoW.

Here, we don't care about your gender. We care whether or not you're a good/friendly player. Your gender has absolutely nothing to do with how well you play this game or your attitude towards other players. Shouting to the world that you're a "female" here is nothing more than a plea for undeserved attention and praise. There are female league players who don't get harassed 24/7 and that's because they don't use their gender as means for views/support. They use their ability to play the game and their bright/friendly attitude for their followers. If you want everyone to get down on their hands and knees because you're a girl, then WoW is the game for you. Here you wont get the same treatment. The only special snowflakes here are the ones generated by Nunu's ult channel.
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