TFW you cant forget a song so you just keep listening to it...animu/waifu thread

Yeah i wont post that song since i already posted it a few days ago I still think that song is relaxing and sounds great also help when you get mad at your teammates for doing noob stuff, not like i get mad tbh in fact im usually the noob sooo Anyway, since sundays are shitty days for everything lately i decided to just sit, watch the world burn and eat some chocolate, man everything is fucking crazy lately and talking about crazy i cant fucking that there is going to be a recap from the first 4 episodes of Long Riders, that anime is really boring so far and then they decide to make a 4 episodes recap!? holy shit this people are crazy And now its time for me to sit and wait for the KanColle aka Waifu Collection movie that was supposed to come out this year but since it is still november it should be k, fucking delays and stuff made this a poor animu year, btw we still need a scythe girl champion hmmm im not sure if she should be assassin or melee dps and now some music
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