Xin Zhao is the most unhealthy champion in League

someone necro'd this xd Yes he is an early game champion, but every xin zhao game follows a pattern... 1. get kills early, get like 14 kills by 20 minutes if you're doing really well 2. get cc'd 3. die repeatedly after you dive in 4. throw game, feeling 100% useless in anything except a 1v1 he has way too much early game power, but mid game he is a dead weight to the team unless the enemy /ff20s late game it is the same issue. early game: stupidly strong mid game: horrible late game: horrible most champions have a power curve, Xin Zhao has a power cliff. he needs some desperate attention and has largely been ignored my last game the enemy top lane xin zhao was 12/2 by 15 minutes. they lost incredibly hard after about 20 minutes because all of their gold built up was sunk in a champion that falls off the face of the earth even if he builds items if he builds tanky, he does no damage if he builds damage, he is an assassin with no escapes aside from ult/flash, and often times that isn't even enough. if he builds bruiser he can't instagib, and he can't live long enough to be useful ffs he can't even wave clear well because his kit is almost entirely single target AA based, even udyr gets a shield/lifesteal, ms boost, stun, and aoe magic damage while still being able to be tanky.... most people remember when he was a menace due to items synergizing too well (sated + guinsoo) but now there is no optimal build path, there is no route that leads to success.... he is outdone and outclassed by countless champions in every niche he could fill. in his current state, he is the most unhealthy, impossible to balance, piece of garbo. major changes need to happen to him to make him healthy again Xin Zhao needs a full rework. /discussion
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