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> Applications: **CLOSED** Heyo GD! With the pilot of Arbiters in PB&M, we are looking into expanding volunteer player moderation into General Discussion. It’s been a hot request since the beginning and now we’re taking the first step. The deadline for applications will be at the **_end of 5/15/2017_** and continuing with phase 2 which will include voice or chat conversations. We will be selecting qualified candidates who possess all or most of the following attributes we are looking for. > [Moderation Application](https://goo.gl/forms/N3dGt9Xn89IsJt6Q2) **Qualifications** * Active amount of engagement and history in General Discussion * Does not have an excessive history of breaking the Universal/GD Rules or in-game punishments * Open to taking constructive direction in moderation and working collaboratively with Riot * Thick-skinned and the ability to detach personal feelings from moderation activities (stay calm and diplomatic in any situation) **Moderator Privileges** * Name color, moderator title, and icon * Visibility to reported content in General Discussion * Delete discussion and comments * Disable commenting in a discussion * Pin a comment * Sticky discussions **Moderator Expectations** * Be active in the community and facilitate discussions * Keeping the sub-board clean per General Discussion Rules * Be fair and distance from favoritism * Escalate discussions or comments as needed to Riot * Be the voice of the community and share those concerns to Riot

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