[UNOFFICIAL] League of Legends Discord Server

Wait, what is Discord?   Discord is a high-performance text and video chat program that is under active development by the folks over at Hammer & Chisel, the same team who did OpenFeint for iOS4, back when the iPod Touch was still popular. But I already use <insert program here>!   Trust me, it's SOOOOOO much better than most if not all other programs out there. Discord has an extensive comparison table on their [website](http://discordapp.com/). Creating your own "Server" is easy, you click a button, type in a few things. BOOM, you have a server that you're an admin on. Want to invite people to your server? Create an instant invite link, no install required. So you've convinced me, how do I join? The easy way: Open the [link](https://discord.gg/0T8zCRzGTxXBZA5d) in your browser, start chatting away. The better way? Download the desktop app for global PTT and better resource usage. I'm @Quinton, @qmarchi, or @Preefix on there, and I'm snuggly with the devs. So if you're having issues, I can direct you to the proper authorities. Checkout Discord's [website](http://discordapp.com) for more information. > I am not a representetive of Discord, merely a user showing my opinion on a great service.
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