You who's heart is filled with warmth

I am here in my room waiting for something to come soon waiting for a gift from a unknown guy waiting for him to hear me and reply Rioter or a player it doesn't really matter I just hope that my dreams won't scatter Can someone please gift me riven I'm short on IP and none is given And if you happen to be rich and care about me And admire poetry and love what you see You can also gift a dawnbringer Riven skin So that you can relieve me from my sin The sin of spending IP here and there On champion shards without I care Please you who's heart is filled with warmth Open up your heaven's doors , your garth ! I just spent sometime making this I hope someone cares :') . And if anyone's interested I might make a second one :D The point is : please gift me riven and if possible also dawnbringer :') please :'')
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