FACTIONS ā€” General Discussion Thread (Nyroth arc)

http://i.imgur.com/6M3IiVZ.jpg I've been trying to make **[/r/leaguefactions](http://www.reddit.com/r/leaguefactions)** the primary discussion forum for **[Factions](http://LeagueFactions.net)** for a while now. This works great for some people, but I keep hearing other Summoners say that they just don't like the Reddit style. What with the Factions chat often being filled to the maximum limit, and chat in general being a teensy window due to the new UI changes, I think it's pretty important that we come up with some place to have general Factions discussion. But the Boards are basically Reddit as well, so that's not going to work. While considering a place to hold general discussions of Factions, it occurred to me that General Discussion might be a good start. So here you go! Any and all Factions-related discussion is okay here, from joking around to debating the latest lore event to working on faction teamcomp strategies. People who are interested in Factions can also ask questions here.
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