I didn't stay up to watch TSM vs RNG

Just looking at the draft, I really would like to know what TSM's coach or whoever's in charge of their draft was thinking. If the Draft went as I'm seeing it it was TSM went 1) Lee, 2) Jhin/Nami, 3) Orianna, Kennen. RNG went 1) Rumble/Cass, 2) Hecarim/Sivir, 3) Alistar. Now, after RNG's first 2 picks I don't get why TSM would go for this comp, Cass herself is already really strong counter-engage, so why did TSM go with Kennen later on who's all about that engage? I mean, looking at all their picks, RNG just has everyone who's good at controlling an area and denying that Kennen ult. Cass ult, Rumble ult, Hecarim ult, Alistar combo, Sivir ult all can be used to counter-engage a predictable Kennen rush. The only way this Kennen pick would have ever worked is if he got the worlds greatest flank from an unwarded spot. At which point, even then Sivir's got spellshield and ult to get everyone out quick, Hecarim has his ult to get himself out, Alistar has his ult, I assume Rumble and Cass got Hourglass at some point. Not to mention that if Kennen's flanking from behind it's much harder for Orianna to get the ball on him for that wombo combo. Then there's the fact TSM is against such high damage AoE from Rumble, Sivir, and even Hecarim and they're tankiest member is Lee which isn't that tanky at all. I just really don't understand this draft at all.
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