GG means "Good Game"

And that's it. I don't know when or how saying GG became something bad 9/10. It can literally mean it was a "GOOD GAME" or it can be a form of sportsmanship telling your enemy "You played a Good Game!". You don't say "you played a gg" cuz people will instantly think you are insulting them, and that's sad. When did it bother people saying "gg" early on. Doesn't matter if it's a win or lose, right? If the game is close and and I go "man this is a gg", why is it someone always has to go "Wow stfu reported". Really? Does tilt make people this dumb?. Or after a big teamfight a couple people in all chat say GG to eachother. It's just saying it's a good game, not that it's over. Why do people misuse the context of this now? Seems over 50% of games saying GG makes people tilt.
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