It Means Something.

To co-exist among peers of differing opinions is the return of individuality. To scold those who think too differently leads only to homogenize the human race. Whittling away at the individual until it's hard to tell them apart from the conglomerate of opinions with which they side. Red vs blue. Me vs you. Right vs wrong. Humans are amazing creatures - with belief systems, music, art, and phenomenal ingenuity. Each and every one of you hold within you the power to make a difference. You can destroy the world or you can break it. Who are you? Are you the red team? The blue team? Neither of these answers are correct, for you are you and I am I. I am not you, though I can respect you and celebrate your contribution to the greatest cast of real life characters in the world. The robotic apocalypse may very well be a reality - but the robots will be us. Trained to pick a side and sacrifice our individuality, what will be left of "us"? Be you. Be tolerant. Life and humanity need it. It means something.
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