Dragon ball is an over rated piece of crap, and it's time to face the truth!

I remember when I was a kid, running fast from school so that I could watch Dragon ball Z. those were some great times.. point is, it was great for it's time, but if you have never watched it, and you were forced to sit for the first time, right now. you would probably hate it, it looks like shit, it sounds like shit, and the plot is just.. below avrage at best. "planet Namek is about to explode in a few minutes" - 10 episodes. you know why Naruto and Bleach started to fail near the end?, because whenever you have a starting power creep line, and you go over the red line on the other side, your world needs to end. anything you will write past "someone has the power of a god" will be shit, Naruto worked because no one could blow up a plant. people actually thought about weakness that enemies had, and they used different and interesting abilities to counter. **Dragon ball Super is shit because those dragon ball/Z fans are not children anymore, a bigger smarter brain requires more than just yellow man screaming for 5 minuets in order to gain power.** http://new4.fjcdn.com/pictures/Oh_789903_128554.jpg and yes, Superman always wins, it's been done like a millions times now, even after Goku got his "god" powers
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