A list of every active League Podcast I could find

Hey guys, as an active podcast listener and podcaster, I thought I'd make a list (and hopefully find more) of all the league podcasts I could find. I believe podcasts are one of the most underrepresented mediums of League content that have so much value. Enjoy! * **The Trinity Force Network** (the biggest guys out there): http://trinityforcenetwork.com/#/home. These guys have been around forever and have grown from just a podcast to a network of podcasts. The **Trinity Force Podcast** has high level analysis on patch notes. They also bring in great guests that are content creators, sports psychologists, artists, Rioters, etc. * **The Fourwards Podcast** is part of the TFN (Trinity Force Network) that focus on improvement for their listeners. They touch on more of the basics and cater towards lower elo players. They currently are on a hiatus though so I'm not sure what their future plans are as they are restaffing. * **LCS Rundown** is a group of guys (part of the TFN) that break down the weeks of the LCS. Long episodes with good trash talking, strong opinions, and entertaining conversation. * **Leaguecast**: http://leaguecast.podbean.com/. These guys have been around for a while. They have high rated hosts and are a bunch of guys that really have fun together. They go through all the patch notes, breakdown champions, and have discussion about news and cast questions. * **Ranked Edge Podcast**: http://www.rankededge.com/. A new podcast with a steady host and a new guest every week. Very well produced show that is basically a 1-on-1 interview where the focus is to pull as much knowledge from the guest and how to apply their success stories (and low points) to the listeners' gameplay. A newer thing Ranked Edge is doing is having a high elo player breakdown the patch notes in a quick and easy way to really point out what is important in each note. * **League Podcast Network**: https://soundcloud.com/leaguecommunity. This is the Riot run podcast where they do their Patch Rundowns, Inside the Development of new/reworked champions, and discuss the State of the Meta. Good way to get inside Riot's doors and see what's going on. Fun and charismatic hosts and guests. * **League of Legends Radio**: http://www.leagueoflegendsradio.com/. This is a one man show. Run by probably the youngest league podcaster out there. High elo jungler that talks about whatever topic is on his mind for the week. The one man show might not be for everyone as it might be awkward but there is some really good content and the humor might fit your liking. * **League of Legends Anonymous Podcast (LOLA Podcast)**: http://www.lolapodcast.com/. I run this podcast so obviously it's my favorite. This podcasts focuses on having entertaining conversations to help listeners learn how to get better through applicable steps in their gameplay. Also, explicit tag (like most of the podcasts). * **Just OK Gamers**: http://justokgamers.com/. These guys are casual league players that also talk about general games they want to talk about. Long episodes where they really just shoot the shit and enjoy each others company while talking about games. High entertainment value. You've might have seen their host Gweedo on /Allchat. * **Tower Dive Podcast**: http://towerdivepc.blogspot.com/. These guys are similar to how Just OK Gamers are but more focused on League. They mostly focus on their strong League of Legends eSports opinions but talk about general Riot/LoL news as well. Let me know if you have any others I can add to my list! Sam - JustCasual
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