Lmfao Trump doesnt stand a chance jesus christ

These are the electoral college predictions. http://puu.sh/rXvhz/2d90df9b12.png http://puu.sh/rXvjN/fda98b338a.png http://puu.sh/rXvkK/592fe14916.png http://puu.sh/rXvlY/68198bbcab.png http://puu.sh/rXvmY/4780a00d7b.png http://puu.sh/rXvoh/b221792316.png http://puu.sh/rXvpT/3de4791f5a.png http://puu.sh/rXvqT/1882ac2b56.png http://puu.sh/rXvsO/a35054f2ae.png http://puu.sh/rXvug/2fc4157153.png
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