20 minute low priority queue

So I went afk a few times and I get put in a low priority queue. That's fairly reasonable. What isn't reasonable is the 20 minute wait time that came along with mine. So now i have to wait for 20 minutes just to play a 20+ minute match of league like really? There already goes 40 minutes of my life. I would rather just be banned than have to wait 20 minutes to play league. And it's not like it pops up to remind you that your match is ready either, so if you don't babysit your client 24/7 it looks like you're never getting into a fucking match. Whats also not guaranteed is that the other people in the queue with you will accept the match. Now I have to do this for 5+ times to get back into a regular queue. This probably won't change my fate or even be seen by Riot but I know i'm not the only one to think this is unreasonable.
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