[POLL] Calling all adc mains: do supports actually CARRY?

Well, everyone knows in League, there's this ONE role that you don't need kills and lots of money to do well, and something that often people wait *forever* in teambuilder to wait for one: **the support.** Legend has it that it is, perhaps, the easiest role, because all they do is *"ward, ward, and f**king ward-- what's so hard about that?"* To some, it isn't, as they are to constantly babysit not only his/her adc, but the entire TEAM. With the fear of having to gamble every once in a while. However, a LOT of bans were supports (remember when during Braum release, he was permabanned? What about that Morgy ban that persists--- even 'till today? What about that low-elo Blitz or Leona bans? Oh, and don't even tell me about those unusual Janna bans once in a while), so that pretty much means, **they are important**. In fact, sometimes in games when there was NO support, you probably *wished* you had one (this excludes low bronze tiers), you probably *wished* someone could peel for you and didn't have to share gold w/ that one extra person for the sake of a "kill lane". What do they *exactly* do, other than warding (hey, that's everyone's job... I'll be nice, do *at least 40% of warding*)? They babysit adc in lane, and everyone else after lane. They manage lots of cc, from locking enemies down or just running around giving out buffs and debuffs. They plant wards and deny enemy vision, with the penalty with facechecking and getting jumped on 1v5 at *anytime*. They do (almost) everything... that doesn't involve with killing or dealing damage as their main job. People feared being forced into that role, yet they need it. So, now to the main question... do they actually... *carry*? In this case, since they don't deal damage or take kills, they carry by doing other means, such as "making plays". As an adc, for whoever you have been working with in lane just to (hopefully) keep you safe, do you think supports are important? As for non-adcs (especially mid laners, ahem.), do you think so too? What about supports that DON'T initiate, but acts as the team's backup in terms of peeling, can they carry as well? This question is mainly intended for plat+, but anyone can answer this as well. Not an adc main, but would like to drop by for thoughts? Welcome! So what do y'all think?
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