Making League more female friendly

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Syndra has gotten tired of life on the Rift. After many years of fighting, she's ready to retire from the Rift and settle down. She's toned down her look into a beautiful evening gown and has become a great artist!
As a female who plays League I feel like there are certain elements of the game Riot could make more appealing to female players. No, I'm not suggesting a cooking simulator or something that comes off as OFFENSIVE to a female audience. As surprised as you may be, women now make up more than HALF of the gaming audience, 48% precisely. I find it offensive that League of Legends doesn't consider it's female audience whenever they are coming up with new concepts for the game, as females make up almost half of the audience. I think that the gaming industry overall, is moving in the right direction. But I can only furtherly urge Riot as one of the most popular games in the universe right now to start considering an audience of females who want to play their games. RIOT PLS YOU HAVE TO SET THE EXAMPLE. Additionally, I have came up with some of my own concepts. And a list of things that I think can help: - Change the skin on your League of Legends launcher. I think that they should provide a few more skins that are a little bit more "girly". - Further customization of characters. I think it would be very easy for Riot to implement a champion customization screen. - More elements to the game that a female audience would find to be fun. Perhaps on the loading screen, have an option to play some mini games such as Bejeweled Twist or Candy Crush or other games that are more "casual". - League of Legends profile customization, whenever someone searches for you on League of Legends why can't you customize your profile to include pictures of yourself and some of your likes and dislikes, like facebook and other social media websites has done? ONE LAST THING!!!!! As a female gamer I have to say that one of my favorite games of all time that no other gaming franchise can compare to is the Sims. Thought I think League of Legends has done a great job of including pay to play content, I think that there are a few more things that you can do: - Choose a champion as your main champion. Your main champion will also have a moodlet, on this moodlet you can put your champion in a better mood. Green is best mood, if you champion is in a green mood for the day, add a 20% increase to all of their stats in game. (maybe even an RP BOOST?) - Your champion can socialize more with other champions using in game commands. - MORE SKINS! User submitted skin concepts. Some skin concepts I have made that I think are more female friendly (includes Lore): (Future, may take more planning) - Customization of the Rift and more interaction with objects on the Rift. - More pay to play objects to buy through the store. - League of Legends expansion pack!?!?! - Remove my chat restricted.

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