Perma Banning New Champs In Ranked

Every time a new champ comes along someone decides to try and play them the very first day in ranked and almost every time they either feed or get unbelievably fed this has got to stop. I feel there are many reasons why new champs should be perma banned for at least SEVEN days after the launch of said champ. 1. the champ in question is broken beyond belief in some way and may need some extreme tuning in some case and makes ranked play very unfair . 2. it is my belief that you should not play a champ in ranked you are not familiar with even those who have played him in the pbe and try to play him in ranked have not had adequate time to practice. 3. the champ may be bugged in some way that has not been seen in the pbe and may need to be worked on more to fix the issue and only allowing him to be played in games other then ranked can help sort out any new issues that arise without costing 5 people their rank. 4. the champ is really under powered and needs fine tuning. 5. It is impossible to create any kind of synergy with a new champ because the rest of the team has more then likly not had time to play with the new champ thus counter picking becomes very hard. sure you could say well just dont play ranked for a few days after release or just ban him every game but this is just dancing around the problem as apposed to adressing the problem.
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