Is it me or do amumu mains/players always seem to be highly emotional and passive aggressive.

So im playing ranked and i see a xin about to stick his spear in amumu's head down at red buff. So im like "me and amumu can lock him down before talon follows me and i'll even engage the fight because i have more health." I knew amumu was well aware of xin because he to the bushes the moment he saw him. So I engage the fight, the amumu watches me die and then decides to go in and gets killed by my enemy mid laner. Amumu then tells me "why would you go in we should have waited for him?" "because we had vision on him and the cc to lock him down plus its better to 2v1 than 2v2" Ever since then hes been doing things like walking into my lane throwing his Q in the direction of talon then clearing half of my minion wave before running off back into the jungle, he obviously did this multiple times until i finally asked him if he had a problem just tell me. his response? "???" then ever since then he just afked jungled until our team basically lost. What is up with these amumu players?
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